Presidency: I wish you well but want the best for Nigeria, Makinde tells Tinubu - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

Makinde, Nigeria

1/15/2022 10:34:00 PM

Presidency : I wish you well but want the best for Nigeria , Makinde tells Tinubu - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

15 January 2022Governor of Oyo State, ‘Seyi Makinde, has wished the former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu, well in his quest to become the president of Nigeria.While wishing Tinubu well, the governor noted that he wants the best for Nigeria.He said this when Tinubu visited him over the demise of a former governor of Oyo State, Otunba Adebayo Alao-Akala, and two prominent traditional rulers – the Soun of Ogbomoso, Oba Jimoh Oyewumi Ajagungbade III, and the Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Saliu Akanmu Adetunji, Aje Ogunguniso 1.

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I love GSM response to Asiwaju's interest in the presidency.We want the best for Nigeria Normal normal, una know say una no dey ok. Like, there's no hope for you guys at all to be ok. Why so evil, hateful & deliberately mischievous? Good advice Nigeria don't need old leader again. Because putting old wine 🍷 inside new bottle🍾 it's still the same thing

While wishing Tinubu well, the governor noted that he wants the best for Nigeria. seyiamakinde na man you be 👍👍 What a stunt! AyibiowuOyinda1 We making progress, at least some people knows what's not best for Nigeria. I didn't call names o😎 💯💯✅👏♥️✌️ Mankinde sef no get joy. Lol The best for him is never to be president of Nigeria. God forbid. This man that has taken over the destinies of Yoruba people.That elevated agbero such that a tout in Yoruba land can send his child abroad for school while a prof can barely feed his family. Police now deh fear dem

Nice one What uncle seyi said is perfectly OK and pleasing. Pa Tinubu has nothing remain to lead Nigerians. Before they start telling us that ear is paining him too. Toiletpaper

Insecurity: Makinde's aide slams UI students over 'harsh' complaints - Punch NewspapersThe Special Assistant to Oyo Governor on Students Affairs, Victor Olojede, has faulted students of the University of Ibadan Students' Union over the open letter written to the Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde . Candy2Swit jose supereagles ManCity chelsea wizkid 🇮​🇫​🇴​​🇱​🇱​🇴​🇼​ 🇧​🇦​🇨​🇰 🇮​ 🇫​🇴​🇱​🇱​🇴​🇼​ 🇧​🇦​🇨​🇰 🇮​ 🇫​🇴​🇱​🇱​🇴​🇼​ 🇧​🇦​🇨​🇰 🇮​ 🇫​🇴​​🇱​🇱​🇴​🇼​ 🇧​🇦​🇨​🇰 🇮​ 🇫​🇴​🇱​🇱​🇴​🇼​ 🇧​🇦​🇨​🇰. 🇦🇷🇦🇴🇧🇫🇦🇹🇦🇽🇦🇴🇦🇲🏳️‍🌈🇨🇻🇨🇭🇪🇦🇮🇨 Dem say we harsh Olojede is a moron! It's people who are way in over their head, grossly incompetent, that blame the victim. seyiamakinde is the CSO of oyostategovt so he should do his job. FeedbackOYSG secure life and property. That's the 1 role and responsibility of a CSO!

I quite support his Excellency,we wish you well,but nigeria is beyond turn by turn leadership.This time around Nigerian will not afford to repeat the mistakes of the past. JajaPhD God bless you GSM This is deliberate misinformation. No wonder you are useless online and offline JajaPhD Best wishes That is from the quintessential Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State. You can read whatever meaning you like to those well crafted words on marble.

Wisdom seyi Meaning that he's not the best. Savage of the year Let me add to this; we Nigerians wish Tinubu well on his presidential bid but we deserve the best this time around, and it's obvious he is very far from being the best. If power comes from God why are politicians sponsoring election violence and sponsorship the theft of ballot boxes. It’s obvious power doesn’t come from God, it comes from compromising the system.

Fayemi's meeting with Tinubu had nothing to do with presidential ambition —Gov's aide - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Let's focus first on the victory of Nigeria NGSuperEagles then politics will continue NGSuperEagles and coaches has been promised a plot of land each if they can bring the trophy 🏆 home. Let's support them So why are they meeting? 💓💓💓👈

So Una slf knw say For those who can read between the lines. Lemme just say that ọ̀mọ́ dádá ní seyiamakinde lọ̀dọ̀ mí. Àdàn looking for cheap point to score! Most time try to give then the real true oga me I don't wish u well ooh buhari better pass u 👌🏽 Thank you Gov Makinde Sir! Standard reply to Tinubu...

As simple as ABC. Tinubu is NOT THE BEST for Nigeria.... Truth is bitter alhajitk obi_of_oba I love this man Say NO to Tinubu, NO to PDP, NO to APC. For a better Nigeria. Please retweet. Rhido001

2023 Presidency: We won’t support political parties with northern candidates – Southern, Middle Belt leaders - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria And me, I Iwont support any liar that put us in this mess. You don't need to sound any warning MoghaluKingsley is our candidate for 2023 simple They have the right, because Buhari fall our hands

bolu_ay Fire 😭😭😭😭 IStandWithTinubu Irresponsible Journalism! I dey PaskiSTAN this Makinde till tommorow ✌🏾 I wish who ever that will come out for good to lead Nigeria as president this time well , we need good presidency not the one that will filled up all his family in the positions of come and carry money and go again

Does he have the best to offer nigerians? Because you can't give what you don't have . Bitter truth If that's how he really said it, then the man is an honest leader. Too much wisdom Him talk d truth so..

2023 presidency: Not an easy road for South-East - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria So crushed Not so easy for the easter part to win president, but 2027 is sure for then. Says who?

Wise man After 7 years under Buhari,nigerians are living in deeper poverty,higher unemployment and cost of living. In 2022,nigerian streets still have gates. This is how safe we feel under 'next level'. I suppose Tinubu,is bringing 'another level' of corruption ! Report well, there was no “but” in his statement.

This kind answer isn't straight and it can turn person head keep thinking, if he supports or not 🥵 I no dey do bigger person again mofe toro followers ni. 1 seconds I don follow back Your favorite Elder Only the best please Pure madness 😂😂 Make Makonde tread carefully oh... nobody like anybody for politics

That statement simply means that he's not in support of Tinubu's candidacy for president. If he was in support, he would have said: 'I wish you well because I want the best for Nigeria'. Em wish am well cause em know say em no well 🤣

Presidency: ACF demands medical evidence to stop Tinubu | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsArewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has called on Nigeria ns to come out with convincing evidence that national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu , is not fit to contest the Presidency in 2023 on health ground. In a sane Cline no one will be talking about this man. Anything goes in Nigeria. Baba tibubu please retire Nvestor you are the real mumu here... You and your household will die in captivity. Your head dey reject good thing Nobody or group people to stop Jagaba, if God said' he became d next president bcs everything was written.

Anyone could be the best for Nigeria bt not Tinubu Whoever's to be govern the state, we just want the best for Nigeria i pray JajaPhD Spot on Shameless can of Worms This is the reason they open Twitter to campaign for him .... Affliction won't rise second time..... Those packaging another London hospital customer for 2023 are Nigeria greatest enemy. I believe 9jas are tired of this mess.

PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS | How I make Money online passiveincome sidehustle howtomakemoney Tinubu advised HE Seyi Makinde that it was best going back to the sense of value of people and their lifes because Oyo State lost prominent people in the state. But the same Tinubu didn't value the people's life he took at LekkiMassacre because they aren't prominent. He's worse.

pikaso_me screenshot this Nigeria as a whole too wish him well. We all want the best for ourselves because our destiny is in our hands and we will choose wisely this time around. We don't want to continue in the same circle of hardship. God bless Nigeria.

I’m glad I married Adeniyi Johnson, my best friend –Seyi Edun - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Nice Weldone

Smart seyiamakinde. His parents spent good money on him to be educated and he is making them proud wherever they are Indirectly telling AsiwajuTinubu that he is not the best for Nigeria. God bless seyiamakinde Honestly Nigerians deserve a better president, not an incapacitated person. A sick old man who should be playing catch with his grand and great grand children wants to run for president......May affliction never befall Nigeria the second time🙏

He went to threaten Makinde’s re-election thinking he will bow. If you like visit the whole states, it will still not work All na politics, he non go work Pregnant with meaning Klaudij25437708 I follow back fast and have great crypto opportunities for you. That statement is deep Trust Oyomesi descendant. Too smart.

PDP should do the right thing and present a viable candidate like Makinde or Peter Obi, Atiku is a No No... There is no way you can support Tinubu without sounding stupid, even his supporters are aware of his record of corruption in Nigeria. That 'BUT' says it all. The message is crystal clear and unambiguous. On a very serious note, anybody who wants the best for the country will not look to the direction of Tinubu, unless the person wants affliction to arise a second time in our lifetime.

Makinde is a wise man This is touching, what a way to tell the bitter truth. DanielValantine this will not work 😂😂 Man like Seyi Makinde 🙌 Indirectly telling Jagaban to the truth. Nigeria deserve the best, are you the best?

Meaning Tinubu is not d best for Nigeria... Punch line Tinubu is certainly not the best for nigeria, he will be the best for his family and cronies I wish him good luck 'Your story is touching, but no trf' Why are people ignoring the “but” ? MizCazorla1 Savage beautiful metaphor No be small thing oohhh we want the best for naija

Wisdom The type of person that Nigeria needs if serious progress including restructuring is to occur. Not all these tired hands associated with APC or PDP who are all wolves in sheep clothing.

Straight to the point no cut corners, kudos makinde JajaPhD Dear Nigerians, in 2023, if Tinubu is presented to you, even if you don’t remember anything, remember LEKKI TOLL GAT MASSACRE. Short word is enough for the wise Makinde simply seeing Tinubu doesn't seems best for Nigeria. So you too know say the man no well

Which when translated meant, he is not the best. Good respond from Mr governor I have learn so many bad things about Nigeria to make me dislike that country and the way you don’t take care of the people shame on the government over there plus the way your police officers treat people . It's impossible to win all the same time win some and lose some loro ile aye .

If Tinubu get sense, he should ponder on those words JajaPhD

A former Lagos State governor and All progressives Congress, APC chieftain, Bola Tinubu, is under fire over an old newspaper comment in which he said ‘I don’t believe in one Nigeria’. I don't why glo Nigeria will divide ones data plan and tell you to use some at day and some at Nigeria, when it's not a bonus data. It totally wrong. Imagine! If u finish d day data, d night expired automatically. It's totally wrong.

why is it that only criminals like tinubu will declare his interest for the post of the presidency comes 2023. God forgive, another eight years of sufferings in Nigeria.may God save us. chosensomto The people supporting bullion van have got to be the most awarded morons on earth. I have seen first hand what good,people oriented policies can do to change people's lives for the better But you guys allow sentiments to blind you,despite just living to the end of a disastrous

Fact Seyi Makinde is one of the best and wise leader I ever known.. He knows how to use necessary tones of words politically. Na C'mon sense fill in the blank. 'But' dey that statement, just too quiet. Anyone in his or her right senses will know that tinubu can not and will not be voted as president... terrible option.

JajaPhD Tomatoes! 👍

Oga I respect u buh go home u r old mbok Hello I'm.neno Bryan from Atlanta USA 🇺🇸 live in munster city of Germany 🇩🇪 am in financial growth institute, also a trader in binary/Bitcoin mining and other crypto currencies, are you interested in Binary options investment 🤣🤣🤣 so u expect him to tell u what they say behind closed door? Ori awon eleyi o pe rara.

If BAT isn't stupid, why will he go to meet a PDP governor and tell him of his intentions? Trying to play the tribal card huh? What does that mean? Comment of the week 😇😇 olaoluwakintan_ This one enter him ear wella Point blank Emarged Tongue-in-cheek meaning: 'You aren't good enough for Nigeria'

pikaso_me screenshot this Kindly letting y'all know he is the worst option in quote Baba Audune ElZamani19 😂😂 Brainy If truly that was his statement, I’m indeed short of words This is what we call upper cut, lol 😂 A right answer ... Men!!!! This 1 na direct message to BAT If him wise him go know wetting makinde is trying to tell him

Everyone knows he’s not coming to do anything. What a brig catastrophe!

Tinubu, remember M.K.O . SimplyTEEWHY People are not kind at all When there's 'But' in a statement it means the preceding word(s) are irrelevant hence.....'I want the best for Nigeria'...would mean Tinubu isn't the best for Nigeria according to Gov. Seyi.....wise saying! Simple put, 'I wish you well in your presidential ambition. But more importantly, I want the best for Nigeria' Omo, deep words!

Whether Makinde wishes Tinubu well or not it doesn't make any difference Class is eternal. 🤭 Tinubu coming out for presidency is the biggest joke of the century. Talk about going from frying pan to fire.smh Gov seyi makinde ti ja Baba tan, when last has he say hello to the man , now he want to become the president he went on a visit, 😃😃😃 they will show you pepper.

thebiggergeek Gbemi Trabaye 2023🤲🏼🇳🇬

Abeg our next president, we want 24 hrs light, if not No president will be elected Se e gbo 💯 Good bless you seyiamakinde Did he use the train? This is what the Gov said :“Let me also use this opportunity to wish you well in your political quest to govern this nation. We want the best for this country and only the best is good enough at this particular time.” where is 'I wish you well But want the best for Nigeria'

Thank you Makinde 👏🏽👏🏽 That's some crazy .......... Shit I want to rebuild this great country NIGERIA make me the president instead of Tinubu. Deep!! “Let me also use this opportunity to wish you well in your political quest to govern this nation. We want the best for this country and only the best is good enough at this particular time.”

Well said. He is not the best candidate for Nigeria Makinde 2027 whether he wants it or not Distress Sale 2 plots of land with c of o & old structures at woji Town Port Harcourt. Price: 70million location. woji town, rivers state Title: c of o For more enquiries or inspection please 07065409909 Dontee___

You know is alwz bias in their caption of news like this, pls read the story and Makinde's quote. The caption is lazy journalism that does not really connote what the speaker meant. Why you dey wish am well,why can't you tell him that place is not meant for people him Me too, I wish him well but want a younger, vibrant and intelligent president for Nigeria

Ewoooo😂😂😂😃😃 Simple truth

Thank you sir, Governor seyi Makinde. 😂 😀😀 Wiseman Answer😎 Governor Makinde has given Tinubu the best answer. However, Makinde didn't endorse or support his presidential bid. Yes you should want the best for Nigerians. No sentiment. As e dey hot That's how real men talk without fear... Best govt Loving this.

Best response

Best answer True talk Better pill.

Published 15 January 2022 Governor of Oyo State, ‘Seyi Makinde, has wished the former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu, well in his quest to become the president of Nigeria. While wishing Tinubu well, the governor noted that he wants the best for Nigeria. He said this when Tinubu visited him over the demise of a former governor of Oyo State, Otunba Adebayo Alao-Akala, and two prominent traditional rulers – the Soun of Ogbomoso, Oba Jimoh Oyewumi Ajagungbade III, and the Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Saliu Akanmu Adetunji, Aje Ogunguniso 1. A statement by Mr. Taiwo Adisa, the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Seyi Makinde, quoted the governor as saying that the national leader of All Progressives Congress stood for politics without bitterness. According to him, politicians, may fight, struggle for political positions, but power can only come from God. He said, “I want to welcome you to Oyo State. We are really grateful for this visit. This is the year political parties will elect their candidates towards the election that is coming next year. So, what this had demonstrated to us is, you stood for politics without bitterness. “During this political season, you may have to question yourself on why you need to come to the Government House because people might have another interpretation to it. But you sent a message to me and I was delighted to host you in Ibadan. “We lost two traditional rulers almost in quick succession. First, it was Soun of Ogbomoso land, and we were planning for the burial when the Olubadan of Ibadanland also joined his ancestors. We were still in the middle of that when former Governor Akala also died. I can see that in Oyo State, we try to take politics out of what we call ‘omoluabi’. “We may fight, struggle for political positions but we know power can only come from God and He gives it to whomever He will like to give it to at whatever time. “We really thank you for this visit and want to let you know that we have taken proper notice that you have risen above politics and all that is going around here to come and share with us at this moment that we are grieving. We say thank you. “Let me also use this opportunity to wish you well in your political quest to govern this nation. We want the best for this country and only the best is good enough at this particular time.” Read Also