Polygamy causing poverty, backwardness in North – Sanusi


Polygamy causing poverty, backwardness in North – Sanusi

Published Kindly Share This Story On Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II Maiharaji Altine, Gusau The Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido, has warned that unless the people of the North change their culture, they will continue to be backward and in abject poverty. The emir made the comment in Gusau where he moderated a paper titled ‘The role of universities in nation building’ presented by Dr Usman Bugaji at the maiden convocation of the Federal University, Gusau on Friday. The emir argued that the culture of marrying more than one wife by those who could not even properly take care of a single wife and producing many children was the main reason why the northern region would continue to remain backward and in object poverty. He said, “There are people who cannot afford to feed one wife but are ready to marry three wives and have more children than they cannot feed, talk less of paying for their school fees?” He stressed that unless this negative attitude was changed, the north would continue to be left behind by other regions. According to him, “The poverty level of the North is 80 per cent; while in the south, the percentage is 20 per cent, simply because of the culture of marrying many wives and producing many children who, at the end, are left on the streets to beg for what to eat.” He lamented that some of the wives would be divorced by their husbands, living them with the children to take care of, a situation which he said was also responsible for producing hardened criminals. “The issues we have today such as drug abuse, Boko Haram, banditry and unemployment would be nothing compared to what we will be dealing with in the next 20 or 30,” he said. He urged northern universities to come up with solutions to the issues. CopyrightPUNCH. All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH. Contact: DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

True talk You are completely right That's true. But what's the way out or what will be the remedy? POLYGAMY is more of benefits to, men and women,particularly in Muslim communities, than what you ascribed to it. I think what you should is to encourage the government,and-well-to-do individuals to empower them.

No! Poligamy is solution to many societie in our societies,particularly,Muslims' societies. What's important is the privileged ones to help the less privileged. Who force them to get more wives! Allah controls everything that has life not government no nothing many do you have nah? Sir how many wives do you have? Also how many unmarried people are now millionaires?

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‘Why North cannot retain power in 2023’ - The Nation NewspaperBut, talking about global Nigeria, the North has ruled for over 40 years. The West has also ruled for almost 12 years, while the East has ruled for six.. I thought the South are deaf dumb,so someone can speak out like this,ok let's tossed the piper this time,Apostle Dave Ovrere U are mad Sẽ ra sao nếu các bạn thành công . Hãy bình tĩnh chờ tôi tìm cách tổng thể nhất để có kế hoạch giúp các bạn đạt thế cân bằng

They say that in a WORLD astray more people go polygamy to play... idk... TRUE OR FALSE? I suggest Stop eating animals. Stop Spanking Children for punishment Stop doing forced psychiatry drugging Stop 'criminalizing' people when there is no victim. and go from there... Absolutely right You are going against Islamic roles by that suggestion.

Gandudollars like it or not, You will continue to rule over your kingdom and wisdom will never depart from you I_Magaji Allah yasa saka da Alkhairi Kano Emir That should not be a surprise.rather it should be expected. Not polygamy causing poverty in the North, it is abuse of the polygamy! But u're a serious polygamist.

Allah ya shiryeshi

Shagari's grandson speaks on North, South break-up - Daily Post NigeriaThe grandson of the Second Republic President Shehu Shagari, Bello Shagari, has warned Nigerians calling for the breakup of the country. Bello on Friday Why won't he support the idea of Nig as presently constituted? Is he not one of the prime beneficiaries of the corrupt Nig system? His fulani ethnic group perfectly fits into the picture of the imperialists he painted. They rapaciously allocated our resources to themselves. (2) they employ divide and rule, exactly as the imperialists to destroy other Nigerians in order to perpetuate themselves on power. They employ terrorism and hijacked all the security apparatuses of Nig in order to subjugate and frighten Nigerians. (3) besides, did his fulani people actually fought the war? If yes, what % of their men died compared to others? If those who are calling for the disintegration of Nig are not fair then, how fair is his fulani terrortist regime that divide Nig along 97/5% lines, is to others?

Uncontrolled polygamy sir. Please louder abeg... The Emir of Kano starts getting concerned with Polygamy and backwardness in the North. Is he afraid that the country is about to disintegrate? Very correct, northing Elites should educate the masses simple Polygamy aint really a problem if done strategically. For example 2wives 2-4 children

Who say so? We shouldn't believe you, Islam say Yes You say no why? Talk to the issue not the man! This is your believe,and you are from the POLYGAMY FAMILY TOO.And FUNICATION does it cause POVERTY? Your Royal Highness what effort have you made to tackle this problem even in Kano, as everybody knows whenever u are given an opportunity to talk in public gathering u often speaks about the matter.

You have just spoken the first truth this year.

Nigeria'll end North-East insurgency just like Civil War -- BuhariPresident Muhammadu Buhari has assured that Nigeria will soon see the end of the insurgence that has bedeviled the North-Eastern part... But civil war is far from being end as you keep executing/prosecuting all fronts war against Biafrans. It shall end in praise. But the civil war has not ended. And the Jihad of 1800s is still on. Please don't deceive us. Wtf!

If that is the case,what is the impact he brought in the Kano and North at large. 👉👉👉 Uhm, What did you expect? The first man Adam failed to manage one woman. Are you okay? Pls always reason before you say something Absolutely true. But whether they will accept it is another one sir. I salute your courage Sir

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Ok Please reduce your volume before your people will come for you

Why I attended NEC meeting with Osinbajo - Sanusi - Daily Post NigeriaThe Emir of Kano, Mallam Muhammadu Sanusi, on Thursday, attended the National Economic Council (NEC). Sanusi fielded questions from newsmen and said he

The emir is known for speaking the truth. Facts 💯 You are dead right your majesty. Enlightenment is the solution. Some practices that are not beneficial should be discarded. Some people just be saying rubbish....without understanding the whole point. Hmmm.... mama peace the truth is gradually coming out. I think this is self indictment. MAYBE WE SHOULD START ASSETS DECLARATION (U STATE D NUMBER OF WIFE ) WHEN SEEKING PUBLIC OFFICE. THE IRONY OF LIFE: Polygamist agitating 4 monogamy: is it genuine?

What those single guys that are very poor? Listen to this keep giving birth like pigs. We'll soon breakout from you and you will enjoy your poverty and terrorism very well. Awon ode Rozapepper Only few can get the in-depth meaning of his statement Practice what you preach please!!!!!

Burundi Approves Life Pension For Ex-Presidents Amid PovertyBurundi Approves Life Pension For Ex-Presidents Amid Poverty. You only see and hear such in this continent of ours Is everywhere it happens here in nigeria also This Africa eh!!!!!

What he said has an air of truth,but polygamy is not the only reason for higher rate of poverty in the north, lack of creative leaders,bad gvernance and higher rate corruptn. Man-power is the best assets that every country need nd the north hv it,our popultion can be use for devt True talk sir To some extend

Well said my king hmmm. Emir way dei talk anyhow I agree but lack of education is the more reason for backwardness People will only read the headline and start dragging HRH Sanusi Lamido. Hypocrisy I hope those concern will learn and effect changes immediately. And where was this man all this years that the practice had been going on in there community that they been putting religious before education

I don't think Polygamy is the actual cause of poverty.Poverty has major causes,like lack of skills to do any job, lack of education lack of cash at hand to pursue a business venture and laziness..

Emir Sanusi sends message to Nigerian leaders, politicians - Daily Post NigeriaMuhammadu Sanusi II, the Emir of Kano, has called on leaders and politicians in the country to protect the interest of the poor and less privileged in the

The Qur'an is clear about polygamy. U must have the backbone and wherewithal to practice it. Polygamy is not for the poor. But the uneducated poor practice it the most. They will soon get the reality. Some people just don't understand simple English.. Just try and understand his point ppl b4 attacking him...Haba

💯 100% absolutely right, but u as one of their leader, wat ave u been doing to help alleviate d problem. apt 😎 U said polygamy cause poverty but don't forget HOLY QURAN BACK IT UP, but many of u rich people do u pay UR SAKAT (CHARITY) AS QURAN SAID? and do u pay SADAKA OFTEN AS QURAN SAY AS WELL? NSYCAN Just barely 7 days, I have been justified. God bless you Sanusi.

But you need to lay example to other to follow.. prince Charles in uk have only one wife, Africa leader like to preach good things but not practice

Poverty and wealth are from Allah SWA you have accept this, Sanusi Irresponsible leadership and parenting are the major cause of poverty and backwardness in the North. True that Thank God you guys are now awake It is only in this country Nigeria or Africa continent I see people preach what they don,t practice. Before u tell me that this thing is bad that mean u don't do it no matter who u are or position u occupy. At least king can decides to marry one wife.

And he is a bad example with 4 wives ...... This is incredible! The courage of the Emir of Kano to say this is commendable. He must have gotten to know the truth because of his giant exposure. It's totally divorced of religious sentiment. It's a bitter truth that the Northerners wouldn't want to hear.

There we go again.Attacking him from simply stating the facts that have been staring us in the face. It seems dat you HV started making wise use of ur educated brain. Keep it up and leave dat former Zamfara gov dat was advocating for infant marriage Before go back and eries the Allah command in vasech 151 chapter 6 of the holly Qur'an, we knew before, is Allah how feed you and your child.

Hope Emir Sanusi has not lost the track? Yes I totally agree with you boss.and how can it be readout. Don't blame polygamy Sir, be bold enough to talk about the loots and poor leadership, when the resources meant for the people is being controlled by few and is only beneficial to few, Blame the leadership not polygamy

Polygamy is not causing poverty Oga. How many single people and monogamous family are poor ? In a country where one man loots what thousands can benefit from, a country where the leaders are concerned about their well being and benefits The problem is a debased Fulani ideological tool embedded in these words: “...We use the minorities of the north as willing tools...” leaving them uneducated like the almajiri: Boko Haram. It is only education that will set the North free. Otherwise they will self-destruct!

Sanusi level of Education and enlightenment is far far above his subjects and as an elite I believe he has what its take to inform, educate and enforce his subject to adjust to a better and balance life style that will reduce polygamy, poverty and illiteracy. ... matter devastating the minds of nigerian youth

.... making us believe that if not from politics, corruption, there is no other way to get life better and I really mean it. When we observed the rate of statistical analysis of youth today is to engage in any way or the other to politics. And ths is well a crucial matter much... Sometimes I don't blame u. But I dunno whether u have any idea that bad leadership skills and mentorship are the real courses that ally to hinder growth and development of Northern part of this lovely country. Forgetting that u guys lead us towards luxury of life making us....

Blessonate Tell them the truth HRH

You can increase the volume. Marry in direct proportion to your resources. Gaskia _akeusola Sanusi blaming poverty on polygamy while having multiple wives himself as to be the biggest flex of the year It is the sunnah of the Prophet SAW, if we dont add what happens to other women and girls in the society, by the way how wives does the Emir has? We will and produce so the PBUH will be proud of us.

Another evil that pisses me off is the high rate of divorce in the north. You marry a lady at 16, she gives you 7 children, you divorce her at 27 after infecting her with HIV, HBV etc and stalling her education, where the f**k do you want her to go Shea evil if you ask me😣😭 Igbayi laro. Jahilci ke kawo talauci, ehhenn. Asake tunani

The religious permits polygamy, with condition you must be able to take of them equally. But reversed is the case ugwunnaezeh But bros nah youna what am so nah? Majority is the mission! How far development? Make Nigeria divide ooo make we how rotten be the fowl yansh? I think bad leaders, selfish ones are the people causing poverty, your majesty has ten wives and 21 children but you're the emir of kano

Read the article before commenting rubbish.

Emir is talking sense buh himself and other rulers have lots of role to play to curb the menace Marry and give birth to what u can cater for, many people chew more than what their stomachs can contain. What a pity Also, government should ensure even distribution of resources... Well saiď He is not right entirely though, do you mind reading the content not just the headlines? Thanks

Na today? Many persons are blaming him for such comment. Sanusi worth his onions for a polygamous marriage financially , even before becoming Emir. Nigerians blast, divided over Emir Sunusi Lamido comments on Polygamy Download Now Hahaha, coming from emir who married an underage girl himself? 🤷‍♂️🤣 I think everyone got it wrong including Sanusi. The religion says, marry 4 'if' u can satisfy n love dem equally. Now, that's a condition I believe no man can fulfill in reality. Intentional misinterpretation of the scriptures by religious leaders plus blind followers everywhere.

Sanusi is absolutely right with his statement

It's unfortunate that SLS message is misconstrued and interpreted malignly. The earlier the North listen and accept his messages, the better for them Hmmmm I thought it's part of Islam One of the liberal minds in the North. Little wonder why he got the sticks always He just realized this Is true As a way of improving the economy Federal Government empowerment loan is out to full time business men/women , Note loan are from the minimum of (200,000.00 to the maximum of 10,000,000.00). Contact Hon, Adams ON, +2349034957596 for more details about the loan program).

Polygamy without money is what the emir is talking about. Bad government cause poverty . in develop country population of people it matter's . so I disagree with your ideology . emir Mo_Atiku Someone once said to me that sanusi is self centred i don't believe that till now.

Polygamy is not the main cause of poverty in the North. The rich and the elite, Sanusi included are the main cause of poverty in the North, they have immense wealth and their heart is full of greed. Why can't Sanusi follow the example of Bill gate and co? Coman hear this Kano clown AbdulTrw This guy Emir Sunusi has phycological problem. He is not the first who's domain was reduced. He should take heart so he will be able to think welk

Rubbish I/3 of what d Nigerian Government is making end up in d hand of Northern, they are d problem that draw us back 4rm any forms of development & advancement. This unholy marriage of Nigeria from Lord Lugard must end as soon as possible. This is a Clarion call my people This is something I wud have love to see alot of women commenting.

Wannan fada da Allah ne wlh The Northern Nigeria are d problem of Nigeria & they will b d same till Jesus come. But why can't we in the South separate 4rom these people who don't want u to grow? This one Nigeria is over due. Let's go out separate ways so that we can develop at our place. And the earlier we understand that Emir Sunusi is telling us the truth the better, People in the North here enjoy polygamy more than the five daily prayers, we just go into marriage without studying the conditions

What's our business?

strivingoukhtee he is right for what he said but do you also know that Northern elites contributed to the high rate of poverty in the North also? Sunusi you just wasting your time, iam polygamous,all dis your jargon wouldn't have stop us from marrying so many wifes. Emir Sanusi is perfectly right, & he is also wealthy to take care of more wives However, I know that by human nature, people learn & adapt faster by what the see, than they hear. The Emir may well demonstrate the example by putting away his extra wives No disrespect intended

You want your people to cursed you again ko mallam? You're right dai, amma, harda addini ma ai. How many wives do you have? SLS only said what the Holy Qur'an said. Those who cannot take proper care of one wife should not add another wife or give birth to many children. I thought we would all agree with this but!

So what hav u n other elites in d north done to correct this madness of poverty and backwardness? Nothing. The best you are good at is embezzling funds meant for d growth of the region n intentionally subject the population to extreme illetracy so they will not be enlightened SheriaMai The real causes of poverty is the selfishness,greediness as well as the incompetency of our leaders, tell the truth.

People must do it to avoid divorcing the one at home,do to their habit of not caring their husband I believe with you sir in the other hand.

Says the guy with 4 wives ayemojubar It is even the highest contributor of poverty in Nigeria. Marrying the woman or men isn’t the problem, but the dozen of children you can’t feed. This guy should also talk about Islamic radicalism which I think is at the root of the insurgency in the north but they won't because it is the vehicle on which the stranglehold on power is sustained in the north

AjammaS Is better you tell them because they think marrying 4 wife's is the best thing they can do. That Quoran said Marry 4 wife's does not mean it is mandatory. And yet you still have 4 wives mister man.......😂 Truth is bitter and kudos to him because he is courageous enough tell his people the naked truth but the northern political class, president Buhari inclusive like the system because they use the unproductive population to win elections. It's a ticking time bomb.

I wonder how the leaders in the north talk about poverty while as almost everything in Nigeria goes to North. Political crying Una Neva see anytin, marry 20 if u want, poverty no get broda. africaupdates 𓂀 can't 🤣🤣❤️ According to your perspective, the irony of it is,people without family are not doing better than the family men.

How sir? How many wives does he have? Before you throw stones, move away from the glass house they say. You people just get to know.... after the world has change since all this while🤔🤔🤔 ManlikeMiller What about bad governance? Misplaced priorities of leadership? Unequal distribution of resources? Neglect of education? How much do those contributed to poverty in the north? Don't mention our bad entrepreneurial senses.

I’m pretty sure that those saying he has no point cos he also practice polygamy didn’t even read the article one bit but went ahead to bash due to the headline they read. If you don’t have the means for more than one wife and the kids they’ll beat don’t venture into it. Simple! Oga how many wives do you have?

Return that teenage girl you married recently. Am now getting confused! Is Sunusi Send to fight Polygamy? Or what!! Hi there, I'm a fashion designer /designer. RT show some support style fashion Fashionable

Well it goes beyond Polygamy Mr Sanusi Even in south west Sir IS only northern man will married 4 wives B 4 leaning work, and he master will B bachelor, just imagine.? Definitely, the thought that polygamy causes poverty is not sourced from Islam. It is a disbelief kind of thinking. Freethinkers are not Muslims

If you take statistics of married and unmarried men in Kano, from the age of 18 to 40, you will definitely discover that the number of unmarried men wallowing in poverty is humongous compared to the married ones in poverty. Apart from the fact that this shows that having a wife We should learn to read beyond the headlines before reaching conclusions more especially on sensitive topics like these one..SLS is right this time around.

His Highness is playing outside the field wo! I disagreed with you ideology emir With this headline. I think punch newspaper misled alot of people. His speech wasn't summarized by above headline. I have noticed that what he is good at is talking, call me ignorant or whatever but I don’t see what he does to help with these issues that he keeps on talking about... incessantly

elrufai complement this with your earlier statement. Are they just realizing it? Nothing short of the truth Why a think able human being earning 20-30 a month n have more than two wives n more than 10 children...how can he take better care of them Obviously So it's now he knows? Far from it, poverty is every where in Nigeria. The issue here is greediness, insincerity, and corruption on d side of public office holders. They see no crime in embezzling public fund and cover well for each other at the detriment of the populace. Polygamy is never d problem

lolajaey May all these truths you’re saying sir set you free. But you have more than one wife This man always strikes a debate with his seemingly controversial views not minding the table he is shaking whether religious or cultural

To b sincere with each other, aside d north this practise common in islamic religion nd they we said is SUNNAH meanwhile in d holy Quran( Surah Nisah) Allah said marry one wife, two, three or four IF U AV D CAPACITY TO EQUALISE AMONG THEM . Meanwhile in holy Quran One of the biggest problem of the Emir is that; he talks too much. There some issues that are better left for some other persons to say.

It is good to practice polygamy but it comes with condition, which is, 'can you adequately cater for your family without them doing almajiri' Hypocrite talking Please help me tell them armajiri every still yet they have been in power for years poverty is their portion. Beggars everywhere in Nigeria. Though one can go for 4 wives only if capable to.

It is a good one coming from a person like Emir Sanusi Attention seeker. May you please lead by example

Very true NaijaFlyingDr Where there’s polygamy, there’s witchcraft. Egocentric governance over decades has deepened illiteracy, poverty and inequality. True progressive governance encompassing the political, religious and traditional can surely redress this. God bless Nigeria 🙏 Says a man with 4 wives and 22 children Wonder Why's he not living by example

Northern Nigeria especially core North is the definition of poverty in Nigeria despite being the major beneficiary of our national wealth. Your religion which strongly encourages polygamy is the cause Probably he's just realizing 🙄🙄 Is this for real?😯 no shit 🤦🏾‍♂️

Coming from someone with this army as a family Sunusi sabi talk nonsense Polygamy is in their DNA,the can stop Leadership by example or exemption? For us or against us? But he is polygamous too. He’s not practicing what he preaches. HRH is absolutely right DolapoAbideen Following the series of replies under this report, I hereby conclude that a lot of people do not read stories or articles, they just conclude from the headlines

The Emir has always pointed this out but his people would rather want him off the throne rather than hear the truth. OK now

Because they need populations Good morning Mai fadin gaskiya Arewa Someone finally said it Pls add illiteracy Coming from a polygamist. Musa has suffered at this gate. What has he done when he was a CBN governor then? in order to alleviate/reduced the rate of poverty line Sanusi does not get it at all I agree with you! It is devastating the north more than boko haram! Infact, it's one of the root causes of boko haram & one of the factors sustaining boko haram!

Polligamy is really a cause of poverty especially in the North side.

Let every man know his strength of marriage. Is not about the fvking but the responsibility attached to polygamy GovUmarGanduje don Allah ka cire mana wannan mutumin a sarkin Kano. 🙏 Food for thought. For those who have ears let them hear. We are in 100% in Support to Emir What our North people hate always is to tell them the Truth North we have problem Serious problem Shi malam bahaushe ya fiso kullum yaji abinda yayi masa dadi koda illa ne gareshi

Religion, hatred, greed and bad Northern elitism kind of leadership are the leading causes. lol...coming from a man who believes in polygamy... Remin Bless sir Sunusi 🙏 I am confused. Is this not from am Emir who added an 18 year old to his retinue of wives? SaturdayMotivation Lack of primary Education.. An average northern man in southern Nigeria can't speak pigin talk more of Good English..

The number of wives a man has is a status symbol in northern Nigeria. Both the men and the women perpetuate this culture. It fosters insecurity and poverty in a lot of circumstances

Le_POUE a lu ça? 😹 😹 😹 😹 tu va voir flou 😹 Before you say anything please endeavor to read the content of the story. Perhaps you'll be missing some key points. I just hope it is not the media that is misleading us, how on earth will Sanusi said that. Emir you be muslim.... Dont tell us that your prophet didnt know what he was saying when he said a man can marry four wives....

he is right. but alot of northerners esp from kano will disagree. The truth is bitter. Bitter truth👌 💯 Some of you lacks common sense. Instead of you to agree with the truth in his statement, you are accusing him of having many wives. Truth is,When you are poor, polygamy triples your poverty level and that's what he means. I bet some of you don't even knw hw many wife he has

Emir Sanusi is right , but this people have agenda , more children, more slaves to use fo their terror WhatsApp us 09076831195 Why not try our services ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Name: Kiki Location: Lagos Ig: Work: ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ If you like what you see or you still want to find out more while not Dm now or contact us at 09076831195 on whatsapp

Hmmmm.... When Sanusi speaks,any governmental organization that has the love of Nigerians at heart needs to listen bcos the man is smart and he knows what he is talking about which is the main reason why he is a torn on the side of this regime bcos this regime is based on bad foundation. I dont understand, this Emir has 4wieves🙊

Hypocrisy gat nothing on SLS What shocks me is the no of seemingly sensible Nigerians who still rate this dude. Shocking Yet u are not leaving by example Useless emir 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 U wanted more population for power & political reasons. Now ur region tired 😴 to the populations created through polygamous practice

bababah_ pls explain. He is an enlightened Moslem. The reason he understands, well, ... Hmmm

Oh...really? Who knew? True Continue to pepper dem emirofkano Still the best emir of Kano, he's talking fact💯 TheOpemz Na today you know? And the negligence of family planning A lot of people missed the point in this article Let's read beyond a caption before commenting please, it is a common place for Media houses to twist a caption just to gain audience interests. And even after that, lets comment with knowledge not ignorance. North, Religion, etc, if you don't have the knowledge, please shut it!

Truth is polygamy used to be an African thing but now you don't need someone to tell you that marrying more than one wife is marrying lots of problems because of the lack of peace, jealousy, hatred, fights and commotions among the wives and children. My people read the content before commenting rubbish u just hate him for bo damn reason incase u scared of data I brought u the pic of what he said

This man! Please ask him how many wives he has. Ohh now you know don't worry Saudi Arabia gods will see u all fools Another banger 💣 May we have many more children that cannot be fed, clothed, educated, keep healthy because its numbers that matters and nothing else lol Me self I don't even who convinced northerners that they have more poverty than South. People wey keep running from their state and have place in North without looking at their villages abi na rocket science. Jigawa self I am even surprised. Abi stop this madness.

What about him, is he not a polygamous? So how could he preach what he does not practice...it is called hypocrisy! (with them), then only one or (slaves) that your right hands possess. That is nearer to prevent you from doing injustice” [al-Nisa’ 4:3] 1 – Justice or fairness 2 – The ability to spend on one’s wives:

Emir Sanusi has said nothing wrong considering the below text of the Quran 'And if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with the orphan girls then marry (other) women of your choice, two or three, or four; but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly Nothing but fact 😔😔 No my Humble Emir. The cause of poverty is the excessive GREEDINESS OF OUR LEADERS.

With all due respect to the throne YH u are disrespecting me and my ancestors. You dig your grave with your tongue and we'll surely bury u in it. Nothing is wrong with his statement. What he's simply saying is that if one does not have the capacity to cater for the needs of four wives and their children, why should ypu marry them? He's has the capacity to cater for more than one and that's why he married more than one.

Poverty has nothing to do with polygamy in relative terms. The capitalist solutions you proffer have been the cause of abject poverty all over the world. Do you then blame polygamy for the inequality all over the world!? How irrational of you!!! Stop redirecting your failure. Please tell them Ahhahahahahahhahaha

This table you’re shaking so🙄🙄🙄 Because u hv money & educated,lead by example how many wife's & children do u have,u ppl system is like that & it cannot change,u ppl will remain like that till die kingdom come. For this statement alone, the hate the northerners have for him will increase, because they hate hearing the truth Marry within your means Give birth within your means Live within your means Simple

Somebody finally said it You're still on the track as you've particularly specified it as InTheNorth

Polygamy and education. Education the children of northern Nigeria and we all shall be free. He said men who cannot cater for end up marrying more wives. What is wrong with what he said please? I'm not understanding? I may not like your personal trait but, your consistent moral analysis of issues of importance regarding Nigeria as a community, is what I admire mostly in you. you are not far from the truth HRM.

Let's just blame everything apart from the main reason. The hypocrisy of Northern elites is disturbing. Say no more, Emir. You cldnt have been more true on this. Its baffling to know that a financially average or struggling man in the north marries about 3 or four wives. I know a Hausa guy here in the south who deals in scrap metals, he has four wives and 25 children. He told me he plans to marry one more wife because his penis still works. For those of you who will come after Sanusi, this is exactly what he is talking about.

Will they hear? Sarki is from polygamous family and has built his own polygamy family but he is not poor either, our mindset and orientation is what causes poverty in Nigeria and believe me it was those who enjoy free school with feeding from govt treasury that hatched us this bad Tell them if they will hear

the beginning of poverty, insurgent or insecurity all these came from religion misunderstood

Sir that's your opinion certainly no mine and of people like me Lordoye1 Even if you can afford to marry three, it would have been nice if you have only one and said this...: Practice what you preach Sir It's worse down south I tell you. Not polygamy in it’s entirety, but the incessant and irresponsible one.

This night be the most civilized Northerner. I seriously think there should b a law restricting amount of children one can have. Some people dont have any business having kids. U see alot of unwanted kids roaming d streets. Alot end up being almajiri. Alot of dem under Oshodi Bridge. Child bearing is a game to some people.

I disagree with the polygamy as root cause ATTITUDE is abigger culprit. There are still polygamous families with highly successful members and monogamous families with a clan of loosers. Well spoken Sir. Who is afraid of breakout and independence of others

Birth rate does not cause poverty!!! Rather indiscipline, gross ignorance and unwillingness of past leaders to support the entire country lead us to poverty. At the edge the masses are at recieving end. Tnx to the past looters 🙏 Shoemaker having 3 wives only in the north 😪 U jst realize am now abi Population is a driving factor for northern leadership in Nigeria. I for see this man been dethrone soon

Una never see anything. What about child marriages? From a polygamist. Double standard How many wives you get sef God bless you, the sane emir.please tell them because they know not. Foolishness, Sickness, you are fighting what you are practicing. Can you imagine? For this statement's,,this man would be the most hatest king in the north.

Emma, Aba, tell them Says a polygamist They will not even hear you. Geometric proportion multiplication is the strategy to dominate Nigeria. Shigaba!!! No, it’s Illiteracy. research has proved that illiteracy has a strong correlation with polygamy. The educated leaders in the north should be aware of this fact but most of them have chosen to keep their people in complete darkness just so they can serve them forever. Peace

Do as I say and not as I do syndrome. He's right People in the north will not understand you sir I'm listening to 'hypocrites' by Falz We need a town crier round the north and to the ears of their political leaders rather than insisting on monopoly of governance. Thank God you know

Naked truth. But will they pay attention? This man remains one of the beacons of hope for the north. That region is heading towards disaster and ruin. These things must come to pass. Little or no wonder he has been boxed to a corner and his influence diluted. I think gross failure to empower people from onset cause the large poverty in the North. Not Polygamy. Polygamy is also practicing in the South

Lazy men are Very Sexually Active! They can impregnant 100 women in a month!! ....but the religion allows up to 4 wives and several temporary wives on contractual obligations. Keep saying d truth even if no one listens Raising a child with no parental love n care,in abject poverty,left to fend for him/herself from 7,is just like breeding vipers. One day it will surely bite,either d breeder or d whole nation

One wife or ten wives that's not what causes poverty. It's poor leadership coupled with lack of creativity and inequality in the distribution of wealth. I don't agree with you man... It's bad planning and bad governance (money laundering and excessive salaries for government officials). If you doubt me, ask China, India or USA.

Sanusi/ Peter obi This is true because our gateman has three wives, how is he going to cope? He can’t train any of the children. They will all become beggars and a menace to the nation.

People want to be angry. Apart from the fact that the institution of the monarchy demands multiple wives from different kingdoms, Sanusi can afford multiple wives. He is talking about the average mallam that has 4wives and his plan to take care of them is begging. U v sense na You are right Emir but not only in the north but also in some Yoruba’s family. The saddest pasty of my Yoruba people is their children that suffer the consequences. I’m a Muslim and i think it’s high time our clerics preaching about this, polygamy is better with the richest ones

Dear Emir, Please come and rescue our economy,we seriously need you in Abuja or at the center.I beg you sir. Too late for this truth Not only polygamous, if you have just one wife and give birth to more children than your capacity it's also increases poverty and backwardness Fix your website Those archaic street urchings will come for his head.

Truth spoken! The real problem is lack of proper up bringing, education, joblessness and misinformation of what religion is really about! Plus, the I don't care attitude of the elites that needs the numbers during voting period! Very untrue. It is unlawful sex that is causing myriad of poverty.

Polygamous has nothing to do with poverty in the country but the government, legislative has not put the proper measures and favorable laws for the citizens of nigeria The whole truth is here Your highness. Then try and discourage polygamy! This man has undergone northern mentality deliverance Monogamy causing prostitution, the spread of HIV and infidelity in the south.

I bet 90% didn't read beyond the headline. That being said, this is true about the North Power and Money is most important in this country. Humanity is not their concern. The Emir His Royal Majesty is well aware of this backwardness. This will pass the usual way and end on a Silent note. Give an order has the King, the right thing will be done.

Yep ..... you are also part of the problem (causing poverty). How many wives do you have? Is a lies corruption causes poverty not poverty.

ayemojubar Bitter truth💯💯💯 Thanks for the truth, hate it love say it Problem of north is their politicians don't have the political will to educate children of poor masses, who the consider as a willing tool during crisis, naturally north (Fulani) love enslaving others, 19 million almajiris in the north are all core Hausas, no Fulani.

Yes ooo and if only they can heed to your advice and stop bearing kids like pigs Abubakar_Mhmmad Please. Anyone want to say something should first read what Sarki said. A very important and alarming massage to all. I say yes to this ArewaTwitter will crucify this man now! Just wait. Always be careful with Punch Newspaper headlines. Most are deliberately misleading.

I'll say this today even in nigeria and Africa many women dont mind being second wife if they are well taken care of. Not being a second wife when a man can't even feed himself. Just having wives all in the name of having different sex partners and kids. Help us ask him how many wife did he have? Polygamy has been in existence since our fore father. It might have its own disadvantages the way it is also advantageous but has nothing to do with poverty or backwardness. So, in this case l disagree with you Mr Emir sir.

Tell your people and their leaders are the problem, poor orientation given to them because of selfish interest I beg to disagree, Sir. Polygamy exist in other Islamic nations without perversive poverty as here. Inspite of d greed & dominance of your people in govt hardly anything is allowed to pass to d masses. Check out any other nation on earth whr black ppl are majority & in control.

Tell ur people to abolish early marriages to under age that is the first step The north hate this man because he peaks the truth they don't want to listen to chidiisjohn How many wives does he have. Lack of proper education, twisted use of religion cause poverty and backwardness in the North. And yet you have more than one wife. Although I agree with you that Nigeria men need to limit the number of children they have to a maximum of 4 in the face of lack. Give your children better life by having just few.

You know that it's based on religious teachings YRH. There will be a further 70 virgins awaiting ardent practitioners in the hereafter that's why progress on earth is inconsequential!! A fact we're yet to come to terms with 🤦🏾‍♀️ I totally agree with this statement.

Bitter truth my emir,,are saying Allah made mistakes.i totally disagree with you It's lie poverty is from God Toilet paper How many wife do you have? Is this guy against the teaching of his religion or what? Each and everyone is guided by his/her own religion ideology. Please do not bring complications for you to hype your interest.

They will come after him again My dad gave birth to 27 of us with 4 wives and we r living finer with better opportunities than even majority of those who have only one wife with 1 or jst 2 children....it's Allah who provides n sustains. Are you in a hurry to post this or what? Some of the grammatical errors in the text are below your standard. BTW, the Emir spoke the truth though in a wrong way. I shall elaborate on this on Facebook, in sha Allah.

It's a great advice coming from a learned and erudite traditional ruler nobody is saying one shouldn't practice polygamy as a culture but we should carry responsibility we can be able to manage

Looooud it Since 19cocoro🙄 This man will always tell them the truth in their face ..Whether they listen is another thing .. Fact but he is referring to those who are not well ok to take care of the burden of many wives, let us read the news in detail before engaging our selves in a comment section. How many did he has? You guys should ask him jaree.

iyke_nwabuko This is the only northerner with a voice that speaks the TRUTH 2020 is a great year No, that's not true...it should be Poverty of the brain that is causing polygamy. Thank God o Backwardness and poverty in Nigeria as a whole, is as a result of bad leaders, leaders without vision, direction or purpose. It has nothing to do with polygamy. Is it only in the north that polygamy is practiced? Let’s call a spade a spade.

GbemiDennis You would've said the religion that they practice in the North that permits polygamy, is what is causing poverty, backwardness. Those in the north shud re-enlighten on reality and stop living in sentiment n hypocrisy. goodluck tho! An educated king, very articulate and realistic. God bless you sir.

before you go against what SLS said read the news in detail. he is referring to those who find it difficult to even carter for one woman, it is sickening to see a shoe shiner who earn 300 daily marrying up to 4 wives, islam never say that! Na now you know 🙄 Even you is practicing polygamy What is the solution?U are a Polygamist too!

As 3rd richest emir how many have you lifted out of poverty? it is also giving you political leverage ,isn't that one of the reasons you guys marry more than one wife? It's a very big poverty in the sense that the budern of all the members financially, materially and also core moral values will be lacki. Therefore it's adviseable to stick to woman and man

But sanusi is a polygamist

Very proud and rich emir👍 Truth Is this one not a polygamist? Thank God 🙏 finally someone has sense to speak up Dump!!!You missed the point Sir,your mind is somehow poisoned with Western ideologies. You are not speaking the truth. I so much respect this man because of the truth he speaks and how he is using his office to tell the world what the Nigerian and the Northern people are suffering. Respect sir

Emir, louder pls FineafricaQ This man dawisu will soon attack him Emir, you talks are against the teachings of Islam Louder r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r

The day I met a guy and he told me he has 56 siblings shocked 😲 me! I was forced to ask him how? And somehow somehow he told me his dad married to 13 wives including his mum. From his look and the way he talked shows that they are POOR. STUPID MENTALITY SanusiLamidoS are we safe?🤔🤨 Them no go hear word nau.....loud it sir📣📣📣📣

Well said, Emir. I salute you, Sir! abchiroma__ Na family business Thank God you know But why promoting under age and forced marriage? This is hypocritical message. You are just telling the truth unfortunately anytime you do, your kingdom is further divided by those who dispise the truth. is that what Sanusi said or you have another motive .

He should learn to lead by example. Affordability should not be the clause from someone that is polygamist and still married recently when he is that old and still lives with wives. chosensomto They will soon remove this man finally 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 It’s the political elite and our free-wheeling capitalism that is responsible. When a politician or bureaucrat steals one Naira, society loses at least five Naira due to economic multiplier effect!

He’s not the right person to discuss such cos he’s guilty Lemme be your design expert 💯 hit me up if you need a professional eye-catching artwork. Reach me on whatsapp Kindly retweet my clients might be on your TL. Thanks 🙏🏽 chosensomto Valid point Sir!!! Thank you sir you always say the truth Practice what you preach

People read what he said not just the caption before commenting. I think I begin to like this man for what he stands for. This is the only Emir that speaks the truth. Now ,let others emulate him and discourage polygamy

That's the bitter truth but your people won't listen. Marry 15 and above wives is part and parcel of them. Imagine someone in IDP has 32 wives... What a world we found ourselves The other elites will never agree to this. Not like they do not understand the analysis but the increasing populate living in poverty are needed for votes to enable them wield political powers. Another reason they don’t want them to be educated.

*Polygamy' was the'divorce' of those days Yo contradict yourself cause you're it's product and still practicing it, this proves nothing good comes out of your believea, polygamy povertybackwardnes, Jehad terrorism, the faith of the North. QuotedReplies Why don't fight poverty at your time? na lie oh! Northerners are using polygamy as a political tool because politics is a game of number.

Onye eze Sanusi🤣😅, how many do you have, I saluteoo🕺🕺 And it's is affecting entire d country bcus many of the children from this uncontrolled libido often find their ways to other parts of d country creating nuisance in some areas $ security threats in others There ought be sensitization on raising children 4 good other than votes

But you're a polygamist. Just give the north western education and all these nonsense of polygamy will stop. The quaranic school is not working down polygamy. That's not exactly true, it's only a symptom. SLS has more than a wife but is he poor and backward? NO! It is exposure, state of mind, IQ, intelligence. An inability to discern, to know what works from what you 'hope' would work because of 'faith' is self destructive.

Gashi kai polygamy bai talauta ka ba No that is a big lie,The reason is this,He who eat much hungry much that’s just it. The north try to eat more than other tribes in Nig but God put them hunger ahead of every other tribes in Nig .UN UK US AU EU World BK .Everything goes to the north but why are they still poorer?

That's the reality and a lot of so called Northerners will disagree saying polygamy is sunnah, but what about caring and catering for ur children. Is it not sunnah? Plenty children is not the same thing as polygamy. Let's get our issues right. Its one of Nigeria's quantum and silly-avoidable issues. Compare; UAE, Denmark...Nordic countries standard of living w/population density as against; Pakistan, India, Nija, Indonesia! Its about scarce resources vs many mouths. Ever wondered whats about China's one-child policy?

Exactly I can't believe he just realised

Goodmorning HRM. If I hear. Errrrrr that's not entirely correct Ooh . u just knwing ? Finally this message needs to get across way down to the grass roots. The next occupation of the Muslims (north) is marrying wives and raising children who are mostly beggars. If sanusi were not under protection, by now, with this position, would be a dead man. Let them continue to marry to satisfy their urge.

Polygamy,religion and culure are the main causes.. The Northern leaders must no be forgiven for northern generational poverty & wretchedness I won't necessarily blame polygamy, instead I'll say polygamy with out planning is the cause, so let's just say lack of family planning is the major cause of poverty in the North.

The Bible said 'Be Fruitful and Multiply'.It did not say be Fruitless and Multiply. How can you be poor, struggling, economically & financially fruitless yet be multiplying your poverty stricken self around. Imagine a tree has sick fruits and spread it around. What will we eat?

True Very right May your days be long. Amin. The leaders should lead by example too and not rhetoric. Very bitter truth AnthonyEhilebo For those who don't read beyond the headlines, the Emir said, “There are people who cannot afford to feed one wife but are ready to marry three wives and have more children than they cannot feed, talk less of paying for their school fees”

So you have now known...... I've been in the North for a while and I completely agree with him. Here, a man with two wives earn more respect compared with a man with just one wife. There are many cultural believes that increases fertility rate exponentially in the North. There is a huge problem people.

Polygamy is not the problem if one can cater his kids. This man has at least three legally wedded wives the last time I checked! And he is stinking wealthy!

Yet he is a polygamist High birth rates Illiteracy. And these affect the entire nation Our major problem is leadership. Our leaders take away 90% of our national resources to sustain their expensive lifestyle and turn around to blame their victims. Equitable distribution of resources will solve the problem.

Louder !! This is the only Fulani man that have good conscience. Really true There's need for polygamous marriage in every society based on some reasons that arise: such as barrenness, rates of female higher than the men e.t.c It's important to note that it's not compulsory to marry more than one wife islamically. I disagree with Emir.

Is there poverty in the North? I think he means irresponsible polygamy by those who can’t afford it Just say it direct that your religion is causing it, cos it's your religion that supports polygamy,you need to start the enlightenment from the right place which you knows well. Though I really like you sometimes cos u do say truth.

A man who has many wives and recently married a very young girl is the right person to speak about evils of polygamy. 'Who have no sin should first throw stone but if everybody decide not to throw stone, sins will be a norm. Think about it.' Goodluck John AnthonyEhilebo He said, “There are people who cannot afford to feed one wife but are ready to marry three wives and have more children than they cannot feed, talk less of paying for their school fees”. Please how is this relevant to your headline? Bunch of stupids 😔

This guy talks too much. What concerted effort has/is he making to correct the situation when he himself doesn't live as an example. Good morning Sanusi africaupdates Sensitive topic raised by leadership of the North but true. One of a handful of truthful northerners, he says it like it is, speaks the truth,but they vilify him speaking the truth , good for you Emir.

Noooo....it is solving it. You northerners should just continue giving birth to children anyhow, shebi it is giving you people political advanta SanusiLamidoS EmirofKano but thou act a man of many wives Candid and true fact but dogmatic religious beliefs will not allow most persons to reason well and align to realities.

Most people on twitter hate reading. They read only the headlines, click reply button and post illogical responses. Emir San us I should lead by example here. He is a notorious polygamist himself! This guy is confused, u'r practising one and u'r blaming it. No wonder Gandollar wanted to gag him for his unguarded utterance

Biko don't speak against our religion. Our religion allows us to marry FOUR wives. 😂😂🤣🤣 Arewa twitter tantrum begins Adunni_Achebe King of the north ! Shi de burin sa ya zubar da mutuncin arewa a idon jama 'The emir argued that the culture of marrying more than one wife by those who could not even properly take care of a single wife and producing many children was the main reason why the northern region would continue to remain backward and in abject poverty'

So what should happen next now? Nobody's listening to you mallam. Not even Gan$$ Whose fault then sir? Should the whole country continue to pay for a kind of lifestyle you've chosen for yourselves? Because its affecting everyone today

How many wives does he have? But sanusi is a polygamist You are absolutely right. Educate your people on that. How many wives has SLS? If only the North will listen.👂 Loud it .. Kai Alaji, karyane! Emir Sanusi is Polygamous. *Is he causing poverty in the North? *Is he causing backwardness in the North? Please tell Atiku

Una just Sabi now abi....... ZA oza room mentality people

dondekojo The northern leaders and elders should emancipate their people from mental slavery..it’s not polygamy You are supposed to say poverty is stricken northern people because they marry without taking care of their kids Laughing out loud.. This man is sick in the head. If government shares the resources adequately.. Population isn't a problem. E. G China..

nikscletus212 We are getting close. dondekojo 😂😂😂😂😂 Create more schools for girls till they are 18 But you have many wives How many wife you get? The Emir of Kano has a point.However, we also have polygamy in d South. D lack of quality education is d bane of d challenges facing d North. An educated person can reason to make rational decisions like planning d size of one's family.. Fund quality education for d North.

Thanks to islam for promoting poverty and terrorism to d extreme level in d north

How many wives have you malam? Even heaven knows his right Can northern Muslims change from polygamy? Polygamy is not the problem. Religion and Iliteracy are the main problems facing the North. africaupdates “Marrying more than one wife by those who could not even properly take care of a single wife and producing many children was the main reason why the northern region would continue to remain backward and in object poverty” - Sanisi

Practice what you preach Mr_i_Am_elkay2 Ganduje would soon narrow him down to Emir of only 1 street in Kano.😂 Thank God no be me talk am! A bill to limit the number of children per family should be passed into law. At this point in our nation, we need it and we need it urgently. Tell them the truth but this is mostly common with Hausa tribe

The real cause of poverty in d north is wickedness n hatred for Igbos I think people are missing the point he raised in the article, the summary of the article is ' cut your coat according to your cloth' if you can only afford to take care of one wife and two children, then stay within that range....simple

You have not helped at all! As leader show them good example Una neva sabi anytin The only way forward is for Igbo and Yoruba to team up and take power away from North. After that change the constitution that gives north much power and Restructure the country and give every region autonomy otherwise we don't have any future with those ONES from the Nort

E don tok am They will come for him for this statement..... Unfortunately there are not many sanusis in northern Nigeria otherwise North would have been liberated in few years to come. Sanusi is very intelligent and educated. I don't even understand why he chose to be an emire when he can be Nigerian president Mtchew

DJay_illfingaz No. The problem stemmed from Gideon Akaluka. North is Nigeria's problem North is Nigeria's problem North is Nigeria's problem North is Nigeria's problem North is Nigeria's problem North is Nigeria's problem North is Nigeria's problem

A polygamous advocate of monogamy? Too late. This is wrong conceptions how many people that have one wife yet suffer from poverty. THE MAIN PROBLEM THAT CAUSE BACKWARDNESS OF NORTH IS DEVIATING FROM TEACHING OF ISLAM That's one of their major problems in that region. Plus the fact that the only form of education they value is Quranic recitation and not the formal conventional education. Sanusi seems to be the only elite among the northerners that is bold enough to always tell them the truth.

Some people did not even read the article before commenting.. he is not against polygamy, he is against poor people going into polygamy. Someone saying the truth with no fear backlash. FACT sir He who has 👂 ear should hear Shago nbugo This man needs deliverance seriously. Alagba, iyawo melo le ni sir?

When poverty meets polygamy, the need for privacy during marital coitus becomes a big issue. You can't leave in a 2 room hut, marry 3 wives, raise 10 children and still find privacy for coitus. The boys are sacrificed. Almajiri proliferate. Our leaders in the North will start bashing him for saying the honest bitter truth cos if only our pple 4Rm d north will follow the doctrine of the Holy Book sincerely ,we will not be in this situation that we are right now. A kola nut seller has 2-3 wives haba it’s not nice now

Is just sayings, but Allah allowed his muslims to do so if there is opportunity. Don't seems polygamy would cause penury, but nope. That 'Negative attitude' is a massive tool the North never cease to deploy when it comes to politics. I think they just need the numbers, regardless of how well they are doing, for political reasons (Elections and Census). Simply my opinion

And leaders like you From his own point of view Marry the wives u are able to cater for and breed offspring you are able to cater for. Simple! It very sad to hear this from an economist u shud have understood the concept of causation, correlation and casual inference ... NaijaFlyingDr If I have power to change or reform anything in this country, I would start from marriage institution.

True Talk!

Baba chatap, greed is the problem I have maintained that this man, SLS, is a higher hypocrite than the average in the North. How many wives and kids does he have? Can he just live by example? This Emir will always talk true his people. That's why they don't love him. The truth shall set you free. Loud it.

Says a man that has more than one wife. Them no deh tell blind man sey rain deh fall. How can a shoe maker have 3 wives with 20+ children. Boko Haram and poverty can never end in the North without a change of orientation Polygamy is a cardinal law in Islam. So they should live with it. Hypocritical lots

Very true... But that's jus one of the reasons ....🤷 Says a proponent and partaker That find a way to end it nau, its very simple, work towards ending it

I want someone to remind me of D number of wives HRH has.🚶🏾 The only sensible northerner leader i know. Etubom_Olushola Ademdem87 fernadosubar omitade01 The masses go soon revolt against this man and they will get the support of the elite but they won't know that the elites are their enemy not Emir Sanusi.

Boom another trend from his Highness.. let hear more People believe having plenty wife’s could be way of enjoy life and create more extended large family, the end is failure. Do organized training for them to learn about the consequences of having plenty wives.God bless Nigeria. Shebi when they brought up the bill of limiting children per family, the northern elders brought it down, the bill never saw the light of the day, if you don’t limit the birth rate by force, these guys are not ready to stop it, they keep slowing Nigeria’s growth

Yes, Polygamy is not for any random person It's a new dawn, finally you are waking up The truth is always bitter. Always speaking the truth

This is very true, measures should be taken. The hard truth they will not want to hear. Yes. We are all suffering from the North uncontrolled birth rate. Those useless children are used for Boko Haram, Banditry and Herdsmen attacks. As he said No lies💯 I think Sanusi should be impeached completely from the throne because he is such a disgrace to Islam

What did he offered to pple Emir Danusi is also a polygamist. What makes him different from others who practice polygamy ? But you are married to more than one wife too. However, you are a rare gem among the northern extremist. Your perception on national issues is beyond the borders of your kinsmen imagination

Their leaders cannot even enlighten them cuz there in the same situation.

the only elite with functioning brain in the whole North!! This man always says the truth about northern Nigeria Lies..... Corruption olodo Sultan Sanusi should just practice what he preach. that's some time studying Economics is kind of restriction. I like this guy 😂 Sarki You have gotten what u want with all these statements about polygamy, Move to the next slide

End of the world. Not only that, it's also causes insecurity. Many of the children take to crimes. It is also one of the causes of population jam in Lagos as many of your people are now running to Lagos for survival. Hausa people should nip this in the bud Wetin concern me....u people should marry on

I agree with you completely sls Don't say he's also a polygamist. He can cater for the women in his life. The poor can't emulate the rich in some aspects of life So your religion is causing it cause Most of them said Marry 4 as long as you can carter Clickbait! He's clearly talking about people who can't take care of a single wife and yet marrying more. Don't be swayed by the headline.

Well it’s the northern elites causing poverty in the north, give them education and they will be liberated Very true. Keep it up Arewa on fire They think of political power by having many. They never thought of consequences. Now some are seeing the lights. And you are one of the chairman of polygamy Same way backwardness also cause polygamy. North embroiled both ways.

Also a source of banditary, robbery and kidnapping. Polygamy being done by people who couldn't even feed a wife not just polygamy. Stupid media outlet But come to think of it here the Islam belive you must have four wife's so in this case is a costom and tradition for them.. no matter how you wash the back of pot you must use it in fire.. 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

For those with a taste for lush and fashionable decor. For those who have affinity for exceptionality,durability and elegance. Give your interior an added touch of beauty with TOLU INTERIORSDM OR CALL MOBILE 08096999208 PLEASE help me RT My customer on might be on your TM The only issue with Sanusi is his religious zealotry. Aside that, he’s one of the most progressive northerners. If there’s a northern Nigerian region, he should be the president.

ShakingTables SLS is not a northerner. Very very few of the educated ones reasons like him. Na today you know abi Because gandolaers is about to give you fight, so you want to get public attention again. NEVER AGAIN. you people are the same. How many did you marry ? He has only 1 wife I guess.

So they're just knowing? When you have like 20+ children, what do you expect Last man standing. How many wives does he even have Are they just realising it😕😏 The only reasonable fellow that says the Truth in the North

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