Lai Mohammed

Lai Mohammed

Police detained me for eight days because my husband criticised Lai Mohammed – Wife

Police detained me for eight days because my husband criticised Lai Mohammed – Wife

5/26/2020 11:20:00 AM

Police detained me for eight days because my husband criticised Lai Mohammed – Wife

In this interview with ENIOLA AKINKUOTU, Mrs Dorcas Jolayemi, the wife of a journalist detained for criticising Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed , recounts her eight-day ordeal in t...

May 26, 2020Kindly Share This StoryIn this interview with ENIOLA AKINKUOTU, Mrs Dorcas Jolayemi, the wife of a journalist detained for criticising Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, recounts her eight-day ordeal in the custody of the Kwara State Police Command

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A human rights organisation claimed you spent eight days in police detention because of your husband’s poem, which was critical of the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed. Can you narrate the events that led to your arrest?On April 29, 2020 policemen came to my house in Ilorin, Kwara State, but I was not at home. I had gone to visit my brother-in-law. I was told that when they realised I was not at home, they came to my brother-in-law’s house in a Hilux van. They were about four policemen altogether. They said they had come to arrest me and I stood up. They kept asking me where my phone was and I told them it was with my son.

They said I must follow them to their station with my phone. Eventually, I got the phone and we left. On getting to the State Criminal Investigation Department, they began to interrogate me. They asked why I obstructed the arrest of my husband. I asked them what they meant by that.

They asked me when last I spoke with my husband and I told them I spoke with him in the morning. They said they wanted to arrest my husband and he fled to Maro in Kwara State. They said I was the one who advised him to run away and switch off his phone. They played a recording of my phone conversation with my husband.

Apparently, they had bugged my phone and that of my husband. I admitted that, indeed, I told my husband to run away, but it wasn’t a crime because I didn’t harbour him. I only asked him not to come home, which is what a typical wife would do. I heard the police wanted to arrest him and I didn’t know the reason why they wanted to arrest him. I told him to run away because I wanted him to be safe. They said for that, I would pay for it. I was brought before their boss and the man insulted me, calling me a stupid woman. He said I shouldn’t have advised my husband to run away. The man said I would pay for it and they took my statement. I was there from April 29 to May 6.

What exactly was your husband accused of doing?While I was in detention, they played a recording of the poem that was recited by my husband. They asked if I could confirm if the voice belonged to my husband and I said it was his voice. They said how could my husband be insulting Lai Mohammed, a minister. They said it was Lai Mohammed that ordered them to arrest him.

When you were in detention, were you tortured by the police?My experience in police custody was horrible. It was my older sister that was bringing food to me. I wasn’t allowed to communicate with anybody. They didn’t let me speak with my son. I slept on the corridor of the toilet. The place was horrible. I couldn’t sleep most of the time because of mosquitoes. I would stay awake most nights to ward off the mosquitoes.

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READ ALSO:Did you have access to your lawyer during that period?No. They didn’t even allow me to talk to anyone, not even to my lawyer.Did the police also arrest other relatives of yours?My husband’s younger brother, Mr Joseph Jolayemi, was arrested on April 28. He was arrested because of my husband. At the time of his arrest, he was accused of possessing a stolen cell phone. However, on getting to the SCID, he was interrogated. The police asked him questions about my husband. They subsequently played a phone conversation he had with my husband. It was obvious that his phone had also been bugged. My brother’s older brother, John Jolayemi, was also arrested.

Who took care of your children in your absence?My brother-in-law’s wife was the one that took care of them.Did you bribe the police before you were released?When my husband finally presented himself a week later, we were released. He came with a lawyer. So we signed some documents. I can’t really say what happened afterwards. I don’t know if the police were given money or not. My brothers-in-law may know.

How has your health been since your release?My two brothers-in-law and I were all hospitalised after we were released. We spent about a week in hospital. We had severe malaria. It was a traumatic experience.Have you had contact with your husband since his arrest?

The last time I saw or spoke to my husband was on May 5, 2020, the day he turned himself in at the SCID. On Thursday, which was May 7, he was taken to Abuja and since then, he has remained there.Do you know if he is alive and well?Sincerely, I don’t even know if he is alive or not because I have no access to him. Even his brothers are getting information about him from third parties. I don’t know whether he is sick or well. I worry about him every day.

READ ALSO:Bauchi hotel patrons beat guard to death, missing phone foundHave you made attempts to plead with Lai Mohammed to drop the case?According to my brothers-in-law, they sent representatives to plead with Lai Mohammed to drop the case. They said the Oba of Ilala in Kwara State and some other traditional rulers had gone to the minister to plead with him, but he has refused to respond. Some even went to the minister’s hometown in Oro to plead with elders in his community, but there has been no positive response.

Who has been providing for your family since your husband’s arrest?At present, we are staying with my brother-in-law. He is the one that is taking care of us.Copyright PUNCH.All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

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And so I think you want to use Lai to become star continue Take Police to court for illegal arrest What a price to pay No, that's not criticism, your husband defamed Lai Muhammed, so let me congratulate your husband for not spending more that 8days in the prison But he was the leader of groups that was criticizing all he was looking for was power not to serve Nigeria as there use to claim...karma will come soon

This same Lai Mohammed? Watch The Video Clips How can police have access to someone's phone calls without a court order esp when the person's action isn't a threat to the nation. Or is it that my knowledge of police operation or human right is rusty? I need to be enlightened. Again, why are they begging lie Mohammed?

😡 Who has the lyrics of the said poem? I want to check something Cchharm Taiwolv2 Nigeria 🙄 doctoryaga This is Nigeria. Lai Mohammed that went beyond politics to insult the person of GEJ and 'body shamed' his wife, Patience. Sometimes we forget too quickly. Lai Mohammed loves criticizing people but hates people criticizing him

Banana Republic on Black Mamba Island. BJ should detain everybody in the UK then. So Lai mumuhead have turn to God abi? One day hand will touch all of them This is abuse of human right, Nigerian government should re tress its steps cchukudebelu MBuhari OfficialAPCNg fkeyamo God will punish lai Mohammed LaiMohammed2

Did he lie Mohammed not criticised GEJ This is madness 💔💔💔 The one other person whose government did this was Abacha. This is what we are talk about No freedom of speach no where Naija I tire ooo👀👀 Lawless people. This government an their agencies are full of corruption. I won 2 Million naira in a lottery promo licensed and approved by NLRC and LSLB lslbng and they want to pay us 120k and even gave some winners dud cheques since last year, we want justice .kindly retweet till they pay us

He and the entire Nigeria Police should be sued for illegal 🚫 Detention and Abuse of Powers infact we demand his removal / Summary Removal Resignation. A lai Mohammad that never allowed GEJ rest is Arresting people for insulting him. They all follow their leader steps Bubu. No wonder why Punch newspaper they refer to bubu Major General first.

Lai Mohammed is a scared coward at this age. Unable to reap what he sowed. Sir you taught us this nonsense your vomit What did he say in the first place This is Nigeria Pls are we practicing democracy or something else? This man is evil. And it amazes me that they forget that one day they will die like every other human being. Consequences of having a bad conscience.

It seems everybody in MBuhari admin is a government of his own. Such can only happen when the centre is weak. Consequences of hate speech, Hmmm I think you have be free now So sorry Every APC member have suddenly become a mini tyrant, forgetting that they have only 3yrs left How can this happen in a sane country. APC have returned Nigeria to Military regime.The truth is PDP isn't doing well as the major opposition party in Nigeria. I know APC would have stage a protest if something like this happens during PDD govt.

So now freedom of speech in Nigeria again May Hod help us hhmmm 9ja ma nation🤔🤔 Almajiri and agbero mentality they believe presidency is a blank receipt to do what you like nothing is going to happen, until Nigeria remove their set from the corridor of power, Nigeria will remain the way it is or get worse.

They can't hold on to power for life , very soon this government will be thing of past.... They should ask Babaginda now for his present situation. Only in the zoo🇳🇬 HOW DO WE ESCAPE THESE EVIL MEN CALLED LEADERS?THE FUTURE OF THIS COUNTRY IS IN DANGER AND ALL THESE OLD BRAINS WILL ALL SOON DIE AND LEAVE US ALL IN THE SHIT...

When will PoliceNG be a part of justice or even conduct themselves intelligently? Even in a regime, journalists aren't harassed like; the freedom of Independent press is always bridged. THE RESULT OF WHAT WE ARE SEEING NOW IS BASE ON THE STATUS OF LAGOS. !THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FAILURE.. LAGOS APC HAS DISSAPOINT US ON STATE LEVEL AND NATIONAL....

Ogun go purnish that Lai Mohammed I cant wait to see these lots in opposition again someday...we have seen how devilish they they deceived ppl and rode on their ignorance to power. One day...just one day. Before then...God watch over us No one dare criticize this administration and go free without been illegally prosecuted. This is an attack to silence unbiased journalism in Nigeria

What a Country ThisIsNigeria. Alhaji Lai, o ma se fun yin o. Terrorists in governance, may God deliver this country. What a nation! Wicked leaders. Biisi96 Typical of a tyrannical government as that run by the APC. Where instead of leaders and caregivers of their subjects they’ve morphed into overlords treating their subjects as slaves forgetting that power is transient and whatsoever a man Soweth, the same shall he reap 7 fold.

I cringe whenever I read about such wanton alleged abuse of power, and office in Nigeria. The parties involved should seek redress in a competent court of law. Or is/are there no competent court of jurisdiction in Nigeria? So nigerian police now bug people’s phones What did I just read 🥺🥺🥺🥺 this country is a big joke

Yourhusband’s sin should not be extended to the wife se? Rubbish article When you have the opportunity to keave this country...Go and never look back That man is not biological mistake who and misplacement of public representative What is really going on? The entire thing is distressing. Treating citizens like people in concentration camp. We need to react in a way and fight for the oppressed. This mess is depressing. Lai Mohammed is not different from Joseph Goebbels. History will not be kind to him.

The ZOO must fall Nigerians....You are practising Military rule indisuges as Democratic rule. Audio Democracy. Lawyers were forcefully arrested at the middle of the night. Journalist wife arrested for 8days. Even the Police Officers that carried out the mannerless arrest shld be brought to book Common man always in trouble with them.

Hmmmmmmmmmm Nothing meaningful will be achieved in this present dispensation as per fundamental human rights. Maybe after this regime one can seek for redress. 😂😂😂 As a Nigerian I would say, thank God it's not more than 8 days. Some people I know spent 3 months for coughing on the president. This is Nigeria!

This is so unlawful... What a Country Don't worry...what goes around comes around. Only in Nigeria 🇳🇬 you have just been upgraded from Change to Nextlevel The man should sue lie Mohammed... Freedom of speech is human rights. ayemojubar So Lai the liar has upped his game from being a government liar to also illegally detaining people. Na wa O. Lai, take am easy O. Political power is very transient and that is not a lie.

ARE WE REALLY SAFE? CNN CNNAfrica BBCWorld should take a look at this. This kind of nonsense should not be happening in a democratic government. Lie Muhammad that told many lies against then president on a daily basis without being touched is today aghast to common poem 😄😄😄 “I am the most abused and insulted President in the world but when I leave office, you will all remember me for the total ‘freedom’ you enjoyed under me.”GEJ 2014.

Until We have a respectable judicial system, this kind of impunity will continue. Are you talking legal action for illegal detention. Sai baba. I hope those of you that voted in these fools are satisfied? Hmmm IFB though What is Lai Mohammed? Get ur instant follow back when you follow me Nigeria under wicked mass murderer tyrant MBuhari

Madam, this an opportunity to be rich Just sue the nigeria police We can all see why they really want the SocialMediaBill so they cant lock up anyone that criticize them. Imagine using a state apparatus to invade someone privacy? Mehn we are in a zoo. After fkeyamo will say it badm while he insulted GEJonathan OOFoundation yet small insult

She should file a case against the police and Lai Mohammed under the Fundamental Rights Enforcement Procedure Rules! She has a good case. She cannot be held liable for an alleged infractions of her husband. There are decided cases on it. She should ask for N500million. Lai Mohammed as graduated from his deceitful and lying skills to full tyranny mode by unlawfully arresting & detaining people because of criticism, this is a big shame and disgrace Mr Lying Mohammed

Those that dished out all manners of insults on past govt. Can't take small criticism. But this too shall pass away one day. They won't be in power forever Lie lie! Lai lai! Lie-Lai! These were the same people shouting about corruption, abuse of power and insecurity during PDP era. We were waiting for change but this is what the Kwara people voted for. This is APCs definition of democracy and change.

Ppl can’t take half of what they dish to others.same lai Mohammed that called GEJonathan unprintable names is arresting ppl because they abused him 😂😂😂change indeed. Where did MBuhari ministers get the power to be directing police on how to do their jobs.If lai Mohammed feel he was defamed;he can sue for defamation & assassination of character

Can we have a print copy of the poem..... I don't mind to join the man in detention in Abuja..... Lawless country.... To even imagine that Osi.... Banjo, a professor of law is the vice president is absurd... Same Lai Mohammed Chai Get a good lawyer, cash out SERAPNigeria This is the changing to next level of general MBuhari, una never see anything yet

Useless government Lai of all people,even an unborn baby in Nigeria knows that Lai is synonymous with lie. Useless set of police What kind of nation is this APCNigeria MBuhari. U guys insulted GEJonathan you think Nigerians are fool? Smh. *MTN Data Prices* 1GB 👉 N400 2GB 👉 N780 3GB 👉 N1150 4GB 👉 N1480 5GB👉N1880 6GB 👉 N2,200 8GB👉N2880 10GB👉N3400 Contact them via: Higher bundles and other networks also available

Lai's mentor should be proud of him The likes of Lai Mohammed are just machines running tracks to impress Buhari at all cost, my only pain is, this will only trend for 24hrs and go down. MBuhari PoliceNG AmnestyNigeria ProfOsinbajo CNN SERAPNigeria, NGRPresident See your minister of information & Culture, someone who should be defending journalists, turned to be their nightmare.

This lai mohammed LORD OF LAMBA you too do and you too can you instigate terror on someone because of a poem 🤣🤣🤣....Nigeria don Expire o 🤣🤣🤣 and huriwa is telling buhari to arrest his cartel man aka SPENDING MONEY..Shey una de whine me Ni 🤣🤣🤣 Total bullshit ... same Lia Mohammed was the one ranting during previous administrations 🤦‍♂️

Me just passing by 🚶🚶🚶cos u have to remain silent in naija ,& die in silence, for whatever you say shall be used against you in court of law, SMH🤦🤦🤦 naija I hail o🤫🤫🤭🤭 And some people will say Lai Mohammed was a good man when he dies. I hope Lai Mohammed remembers that power is transient Ok now congratulations to the PoliceNG

Sigh This Government Sha Thank God that he is killed. When will Lai Mohammed trend for doing right? Mini Importation is a big business where you can make up to 100% bonus. Join this whatsapp group now to learn mini importation and other things Training begins on Sunday 31th May MBuhari your house boy is a big fool.

When Mr Lie Muhammed was being screened for confirmation as minister 4 d 2nd by the Senate in 2019, he told a story of how his 7yr old grandson asked him why people call him LIAR MUHAMMED. This is an evidence that he has no integrity even at home,under his roof. This is the change they promised. How sad it is that in a democratic society such as ours the justice system serves only the high and mighty. Where is equity and Justice in Nigeria today? Rights are now privileges that can be withdrawn at any slightest provocation. Shame

Now I begin to wonder whether there is a difference between this government and military government. People's rights are just being trampled upon any how. Once you are in gobernment, others are under your feet. This people should fear God. Is like weare back in thedays of darkness we are not different from dictatorship time

We av said it that there is no democracy in Nigeria what we av is autocracy or militaricracy When you are criticise for doing the wrong thing it always hot you. This govt has no plan for Nigeria's Is he God that won't be criticised..if he is doing the right thing will he be criticised...mad people everywhere..

Tears, pains, hunger, deaths, is what you get for being an ordinary Nigerian. Lie Mohammed is an evil man we all know Lying Mo, you know I warned you April last year at Abuja airport to refrain from your evil path and you promised to be doing good, what is this you have done? You deserve to go and join Abba Kyari now. What else are you waiting for? If you are bold enough reply to this message.

There's time and season for everything shittu10 Imagine this in a democratic nation A dictator will always be a dictator Look at the wholesome evil Nigerians gave validation to. Then they became a wrecking ball, that could not be stopped, in their second coming. Whenever I see people maltreating journalist,seriously I don't feel any pity for them because I was once a victim of their bad and poor investigation I don't know if I should wish all of them bad for a crime committed by just one person.

This too shall pass buhari and his henchmen can't be in power forever This country is a skit.😂😂😂 please stop this rubbish,there is a big difference between criticism and peddling falsehood. Did you bother to listen to the tape.more than 90% of people saying rubbish here didn't listen to the tape. Why did he rush back to apologise.

Using tax payers money to bug phones of citizens who pay the tax over an insult is miscarriage of justice Everyone misbehaving under this government... Nigeria is lawless country if that that useless and rubbish so called Lai Mohammed won't be using his position to enforce power on reporter. He's rubbish ministry😠😠 who doesn't care about poor masses

Is part of democracy, humm Why can't Lai be sued..... immunity no dey na... Unlawful detention ! Who believes that lai Mohammed will b jailing somebody for criticism some years back. God bless Nigeria Car: 2014 Toyota Highlander Limited Edition Price : Selling 6.8M Condition : Full Option With Thumb Start, Navigation Screen With Reverse 📷, Panoramic Roof, Original Duty Paid. Location : Abuja Call/Dm: 07060907308.

There is one small bird in Kaduna 😂 I can work as graphics designer in your company ayemojubar Sometimes I wish they can just reset the country so we cann all return to colonial rule... cos the oppression is too much Welcome to the Zoo. In a sane society, Lai Mohammed would have been invited for questioning & possibly arrested. If the allegations are found to be true, we would have been charged and further resign. The human right of that family has been infringed upon

That's what we see when your are not supporting their evil ways.truth is bitter but it will make our life sweeter.keep saying the truth and don't be like liamohamed Who bi lie lie Muhammed sef? Nigeria doesn't run Democracy, Nigerians should wake up It’s just unfortunate that Same person that killed GEJonathan’s image can not tolerate criticism. Disappointed but not surprised...

There is a free training on animation and voice over videos coming up soon. It's FREE!!!! Send a message to and get a spot. Their days are numbered. They shall reap all their atrocities. The Irony now will be that PoliceNG and Lie Lai Linus Mohammed will lie about this case. Major General Buhari = Tyrant

Once upon a time, there was a country called Nigeria 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Egungun be careful na express you dey go 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.. Motor don jam am UKinNigeria USEmbassyAbuja amnesty Sure? Highest level of cruelty and primitivity! lai Mohammed that constantly and consistently denigrated GEJ as a sitting President and even called his wife unprintable names is locking up a journalist for a mere poem! hypocrites in power!

The Nigeria we strongly warned Nigerians against but unfortunately, the Nigeria majority went for in 2015! In 2019, they used the instruments of the state to perpetuate themselves in office! We will have to live with it for the next 3yrs or more if we have not learnt our lessons! These ppl, all of them are tyrants. Then look at them bugging the woman's phone jeez.

Mr minister of information you are closing ur political future in Nigeria we are waiting for you Between you and your husband who voted for APC? It is usually in dictatorship you read of: 1)Police bugging phones. 2)Wife arrested or detained in place of the husband. 3)Citizens detained, no lawful court order or charges 4)Journalists/poets detained for writing stories/poems. Are we in any doubt where Nigeria is at?

leespanyol Zoo country lead by animals “This too shall pass away” This present government is filled with tyrant. Mohammed_Lai resign now and face prosecution. This is a democratic government not and authoritarian government. We never had democracy this bad in Nigeria. This is totally ludicrous. This is not democracy.

Because you are in the zoological reporblic called Nigeria so everyone can do what pleases him Homeleopard This is madness, sheer insanity. Unfortunately, there will be no consequences. segalink AbdulMahmud01 DrJoeAbah is it right to detain a suspect's wife for 1week while sleeping in a condition not fit for an animal?

For those that don't know, the only remedy for the APC to live us in peace is for all NIGERIANS should prepare for the Worst. They want to remain and make all of us their slaves. They have converted all our security agencies and the judiciary as APC members. We are in trouble! The rate of political impunities is skyrocketing! Cross River, Ebonyi etc have detained journalists as well as gagging them and nothing happens! Dadyata and now this Lai Mohammed scenario is seriously disturbing! We’ve really retrogressed as a nation! Sad!

Who is lie Mohammed? Anybody that criticized such name should have an award for good job Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts Absolutely! They should be sued God punish lie Muhammed and the rest of the devils in APC. A party from the pit of hell. MBuhari ProfOsinbajo OfficialAPCNg AsiwajuTinubu . They have borrowed almost $100b in 5yrs nothing to show for it.

Back to military region Am following everyone that likes this tweet babyZiion_ kindly follow back Vagabonds in power. What goes around must surely come around. Lai Mohammed as never said anything true for once..his a lying lagend...Lai Lai Mohammed Dictatorship! Such has become the stuck in trade from this Evil civilian Military Junta! Everyone in it just behave as they like in the most cruel ways

The IG of Police stands to educate whoever that sort for any arrests in respect of the matter brought before them but to have acted otherwise, specifically on the as accredited, highly culpable. Where are those BMC's? Over to you guys! 🤔 This is just funny 😁 Lai Mohammed will not make Heaven or hell Follow for follow likes for likes

Good for u mr criticizer Mtcheww zoo Abba Kyari is is waving at him 😋 hit the follow button biko, I follow back asap Mr Lie Muhammed, if GEJ was as mean as you are now, by now you must have spent up 4years in prison for hate speech. No iorta of lie in that poem. I grew up knowing my brother as a speaker of the truth. You been deceiving us in Kwara for years. Release him now...

Learn to Create Mobile Apps that Runs on both Android and IOS. Join us now, register with just 3k, class to starts soonest. Or send whatsapp message to 2348034436977, also follow us on Smarttechschool iokeakwalam flutter education science Abuse of Power What else do you expect from an old lying man who has spent most of his life on lies & propaganda? Such people are usually unethical, vile, evil & without conscience. Tueh!🚶

No doubt, PoliceNG and Chief Lai Mohammed have violently breached the fundamental rights of Mr. Jolayemi, as such, will be liable to sanctions and apologies as imposed by a court of competent jurisdiction. The fundamental rights of the Nigerian people are non-negotiable. This fuelless generator is a new source of power that is completely safe, free and efficient, the durability and design is Top notch. This generator, unlike every other generator doesn't have an engine which consumes fuel/gas and makes noise. You can contact us on (09053597845)

In this country, freedom of speech is guaranteed but freedom after speech is not certain. So sad! Only those who had never criticized people before should be justified for punishing those who criticized them. If the Minister for Information is doing a good job there wouldn’t have been any need to criticize him, but our people in government are allergic to sound reasoning and constructive criticism. holding this in custody without trial is just not right!

There is supposedly a rule of law in Nigeria 🇳🇬, how come a journalist's wife got detained in lieu of her husband? Why should a journalist be detained in the first place, that sounds more like a military junta. Is Nigeria not a democracy? Of a truth, there was a country Even the chief Linus himself can also order police to arrest citizen just because he recite poem on radio . Every body in this admin have turn to Emperor Czar. Wonderful 🙆🏻

Hnmmm! May God deliver us in Nigeria. Amen Could this be a country Lawless country. Zoo 🤔🤔 Lai Mohammed Jobless fellow. Lawless and power abusive country.... God will keep fighting our battle 🙏🏾 God will fight for you Empty work portfolio makes personalities that get paid with our taxes harass us. God is watching the oppressor of the poor

Some don't understand why Nigeria are zoo. He lied against Lai Mohammed. That's ridiculous anyways🤣🤣 You see? Some idiots will still open their dirty mouth to support this government If this was how goodluck did to all of them would they still be alive...smh Lie Mohammed wouldn't have been criticized if he is doing good.him illegally detaining this woman for 8 days simply means he is really bad

This is vile and appalling... Complete Abuse of power. Karma has heard, karma will act

HURIWA blasts Lai Mohammed, Police, DSS over detention of Carter, Jolayemi, OgbonnaThe Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has deplored the arrest and detention of Nigerian journalists, Rotimi Jolayemi (aka Oba Akewi), Kufre Carter, and a legal practitioner, Gabriel Ogbonna The body, in a statement on Monday, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to act on horrendous violations of citizens' rights to freedom of expression. HURIWA,

Police charge journalist for anti-Lai Mohammed message after 17 days in detentionAPC and the Rule if Law Wonderful. E Dan finish ooooo The Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2015 hath criminalised some conduct and comments transmitted over a computer or an electronic device but PoliceNG has no powers whatsoever to detain a citizen for more than 48 hours in a non-capital offence without being charged to a court.

HURIWA Demands Arrest of Lai Mohammed Over Arrest, Detention Of Journalist | Sahara ReportersThe rights group also condemned the police commissioner in Kwara state for being used to carry out the illegal arrest. Sure When wike, ben ayade, and now anambra governor dey do there own where was this HURIWA? Abi na Hippocrasy? HURIWA is an hypocritic organization.

Police charge journalist for anti-Lai Mohammed message after 17 days in detentionAPC and the Rule if Law Wonderful. E Dan finish ooooo The Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2015 hath criminalised some conduct and comments transmitted over a computer or an electronic device but PoliceNG has no powers whatsoever to detain a citizen for more than 48 hours in a non-capital offence without being charged to a court.

HURIWA blasts Lai Mohammed, Police, DSS over detention of Carter, Jolayemi, OgbonnaThe Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has deplored the arrest and detention of Nigerian journalists, Rotimi Jolayemi (aka Oba Akewi), Kufre Carter, and a legal practitioner, Gabriel Ogbonna The body, in a statement on Monday, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to act on horrendous violations of citizens' rights to freedom of expression. HURIWA,

HURIWA Demands Arrest of Lai Mohammed Over Arrest, Detention Of Journalist | Sahara ReportersThe rights group also condemned the police commissioner in Kwara state for being used to carry out the illegal arrest. Sure When wike, ben ayade, and now anambra governor dey do there own where was this HURIWA? Abi na Hippocrasy? HURIWA is an hypocritic organization.