Police Arrest Former Lagos Governorship Candidate, Gbadamosi, For Attending Funke Akindele's House Party | Sahara Reporters

The Nollywood star was arrested for violating the government's order restricting gathering of 20 people. She was arraigned and sentenced to 14-days community service with a fine of N100,000.

4/7/2020 1:32:00 AM

.PoliceNG Arrest Former Lagos Governorship Candidate, BOGbadamosi, For Attending FunkeAkindele's House Party | Sahara Reporters The Nollywood star was arrested for violating the government's order restricting gathering of 20 people. READ MORE:

The Nollywood star was arrested for violating the government's order restricting gathering of 20 people. She was arraigned and sentenced to 14-days community service with a fine of N100,000.

Apr 06, 2020The Lagos State Police Command have arrested former gubernatorial candidate in the state, Babatunde Gbadamosi, for attending Funke Akindele's house party.The Nollywood star was arrested for violating the government's order restricting gathering of 20 people.

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She was arraigned and sentenced to 14-days community service with a fine of N100,000.Gbadamosi was spotted in a viral video shared by her husband, Abdul-Rasheed Bello, in the party that held in Amen Estate, Ibeju-Lekki.He would also be arraigned in court.

Gbadamosi also risks similar fate as Akindele.  Read more: Sahara Reporters »

Please spare us those nonsense, she should face d law she isn't above the law. She should Quit the crocodile tears. In a state of emergency she is hosting a party of more than 20persons. Like her hubby will die if She didn't host the party on a low-key. Daddy Amen Gbadamosi, why? So, sense for campaign is different from social life? You don't even think of your political career. Your enemy will bring this up to haunt you down during subsequent elections in Lagos State. So sad!.

To take him to another crowded court again? ☹️ NaughtyBoss1 He suppose go jail Lol he is the target originally but he will come out of it stronger they just made him more popular come 2023 he will be a force to reckon with save this. Funke akindele was arrested for violating the law nd get punished.The IMAM of AGEGE CENTRAL MOSQUE is yet to be arrested for violating the laws gathering abt 80+people at mosque on a Friday.They even attack lagos state task force.They only lock the mosque. Do the usual arrest nw

Now we know the 'specific' reason funkeakindele case was used as scapegoat. I wonder why all these men that are seeking to be lawmakers end up becoming law breakers in crucial time like this. kalebzon He should b given 14days community service too Their love for Owmbe party is greater than bubu's grip on the Oil Ministry. 🤣🤣🤣

We saw it coming PoliceNG BOGbadamosi funkeakindele Highest level of irresponsibility... oluwaloninyo PoliceNG BOGbadamosi funkeakindele Meanwhile Imam of Agege is free Police better keep the same energy when we learn that the president's children had their own party too They already convicted the organiser while going after the attendees, naija governt is a joke

Always obey the laws and rules of the land This is the kind of case Imohimi Edger would have loved to handle. He will parade them like they were the people that brought Covid19 to Nigerian No wonder she had the courage to post the party video online. As pa say baba isale is around PoliceNG BOGbadamosi funkeakindele We watching the police on how the rest people will be handled. The main culprits have been arrested and tried. Same should go for the rest with minimum santions as they are not the major. The judgement that will be given on them will expose fairness et all.

I know this is where they're headed. I know! PoliceNG BOGbadamosi funkeakindele BOGbadamosi you are a leader that can not lead. PoliceNG BOGbadamosi funkeakindele Also arrest everybdy in court too. Did a party in her house. We raise alerm on SMedia about hw it is inappropriate, irresponsible and lawless. She gets arrested and sued to court. Pple showed up in court to gather as a crowd- breaking d same law she broke. Now i no hw mad we are

Hunters are getting hunted No Idoits He was arrested for not obeying d rules Well wen u are as stupid as ur owner wat do I expect The judgement was under 50hours all against BOG not funke akindele. BOG is a constructive critics which is against APC ideology. He just decamped to PDP PoliceNG BOGbadamosi funkeakindele Dear dairy according to Jenifer!

PoliceNG BOGbadamosi funkeakindele Naira Marley and this man MAY be Jailed Tomoro, it won’t be easy. This man will never plead guilty! I bet they will go into - Full Blown Trial He was the target. The magistrate lacks jurisdiction to try him as all courts are closed. Funke's trial is a nulity because the Magistrate lacks jurisdiction. Lagos state government is acting a script. How did they know that the people at the party were more than 20

It that so Please, send this broom to him. He should go sweep the third mainland bridge for 14 days. No story I know Funke and her husband actually were actually prosecuted bc of Gbadamosi. They are going to silent him politically forever. He goofed for attempting that party PoliceNG BOGbadamosi funkeakindele See how this man just messed himself up. As an opposition figure, shouldn't he have known better? This is to say that lawlessness is in the blood and genes of Nigerians. They'll convict him and give him a very ridiculous sentence. His political career might just gone to the wind

PoliceNG BOGbadamosi funkeakindele Well, we need to find out if BOGbadamosi was present throughout the whole house party and also find out if he wasn't only present as the time the house party gathering was less than 20 people PoliceNG BOGbadamosi funkeakindele FG should construct a longer one for Funke and co

PoliceNG BOGbadamosi funkeakindele And this is the guy who wants to rule Lagos state ...not setting a Good example at all See wetin free food and drinks dey cause Rice and orijin don land am for law enforcement hands mad ooooo Very dumb of her she should 'av seized all phones if she was gonna goall the way but nah 'celebrity virus' caught them all.😳

PoliceNG BOGbadamosi funkeakindele This one is more of a social closeness than Jenifa's ...... PoliceNG BOGbadamosi funkeakindele We knew wat was at stake. The whole dramas was just to get him. He's a stronger opposition than Jimi A. He's a threat to dem Jagajaga ass-kissers. PoliceNG BOGbadamosi funkeakindele He should go sweep the third mainland bridge for 14 days ooo, with short knickers

Untop ordinary house party Cut the BS PoliceNG BOGbadamosi funkeakindele PoliceNG BOGbadamosi funkeakindele dosbeldot Told ya When was stayathome signed into law ooo Who sign am? We as a state/ country should stop all theses. Fine them as other developed countries did not arrested,charged to court & convicted! Haba naaaa.

PoliceNG NGRPresident Why was tinubu not arrested didn't he throw a party or his he above the law NCDCgov But dem no gree arrest imam for agege 🤣. Naija people LifeOfLade Kikiki PoliceNG BOGbadamosi funkeakindele BOG, why?! This is too hard to chew. Equation balance All because of rice. .lol Them dn dy carry them one one oooo

PoliceNG BOGbadamosi funkeakindele Did he dress as nurse or doctor those those are the two who has the right to go out during this lockdown PoliceNG BOGbadamosi funkeakindele The real target actually. PoliceNG BOGbadamosi funkeakindele They got him where they want him. PoliceNG BOGbadamosi funkeakindele A so called Politician also flouted the law

Let him pay 100k. But he will not serve community again. Over sense dey worry me Share food for us una no gree, na useless matter na en una come dey disturb people with. I don't have ur time Nigeria 🚶🚶 PoliceNG BOGbadamosi funkeakindele BOGbadamosi played into their hands oo..why this time.. Just for a sight seeing, political dreams may be over..that is if he isn't convicted

Here we gooooo E don happen.. Countdown don start If convicted. He is gone politically.. I saw that coming , baba should have sit at home jejely🤦🏾‍♂️ Who else at the part guess Police have arrest 2 people apart from the wife and husband who still remain Nah Bravo! Nawa o Ahh Bring it on... They better continue this trend and get to agege ASAP

Lol! Spot on!

Police arrest Funke Akindele for defying lockdown order – Daily TrustThe Police in Lagos have arrested Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele, for defying the government’s lockdown order by hosting a house party. 🙄🙄 She didn't defile it oh, ask your source for a proper information. Let's not cause problem in people's heart Good

Police arrest Funke Akindele for defying COVID-19 lockdown order – Daily TrustThe PoliceNG in Lagos have arrested Nollywood actress, funkeakindele, for defying the NigeriaGov's COVID19 lockdown order by hosting a house party. followlasg PoliceNG funkeakindele NigeriaGov followlasg It's only in Nigeria we have FOOLS masquerading as celebrities who don't obey laws PoliceNG funkeakindele NigeriaGov followlasg The Law is the LAW PoliceNG funkeakindele NigeriaGov followlasg You guys have already posted this like four times already. We have heard, thanks for the update...... Next!

Police Arrest Funke Akindele for Violating Restriction Order - THISDAYLIVE*Declare husband, Naira Marley, others wanted By Chiemelie Ezeobi and Rebecca Ejifoma The Lagos State Police Command has arrested Nollywood actress Funke Akindele for violating the stay-at-home restrictions imposed on the state by President Muhammadu Buhari to curb the spread of coronavirus. The police also advised her husband, Abdul Rasheed Bello, popularly known as JJC … This is serious She should be beaten like the guys on the street too Are the participants up to 50. Let's do our findings

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