PHOTOS: Chinese doctors arrive Nigeria – Daily Trust

Chinese medical team arrives Nigeria

4/8/2020 8:28:00 PM

PHOTOS: Chinese doctors arrive Nigeria

Chinese medical team arrives Nigeria

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They need Isolation first of all, After 14 days then they can start, And May Allah protect us from known and unknown Evil Act Let them go back..... to Wuhan, this are not doctors, these are Chinese virus 🦠 loading! Let's take notes of the statistics at which people get infected/discharged of COVID 19. Then we can deduce if this people can be trusted. Who's with me?

These may be engineers and undertakers . Mission and time will tell They should be placed on quarantine to certify their state of health. Nigeria government are so shit wallahi And they want us to stop eating foreign rice and you are bringing foreign doctors to our country Our leaders just display their foolishness to the world, and the inferiority complex and non trusting in their ability. God, help us raise leaders that will transform Nigeria

Medical officers coming to guide consultants.... Can u imagine What a fuck is dis? We simply don't need them. This guys might make our death toll increase just to make huge amount of money. Don't trust d Chinese. Since China people enter Italy many people have die can't Nigerians see 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️😭 Nigerians my people run for your life's oo many will die if not Somalia will be better then Nigeria

We don't need them here, well it's all part of their plans of cashing out 😂😂 There is a conspiracy theory going on china Doing what? Chinese!! Hundred of thousands dying in America but Chinese decided to come to Nigeria, human business and Govt enrichment ! Billion must change hands at our expense When we have better doctor in this country ! In united of American’ A Nigeria 🇳🇬 by origin is there number one doctor in USA 🇺🇸 New York City even in United Kingdom as well let us appreciate our own

So all these medical experts, Doctors, nurses etc are waste ? Hmmm, is this really going to help Nigeria? If the covid19, escalate after arrival of this doctors from china, nigerians should be ready to hold federal govt responsible. A debtor is always at the mercy of the creditor Nigeria is a big time debtor of China.

More corona Are we safe!!! Nigerian government shine your eyes. why do we like FELLING AMONG. To whom it may concern. I will personally not forgive any laxity on the part of Nigerian government that will affect any Nigerian. Better chase the bloody bastards out of the country Let me see how NMA will react to their arrival.

Don’t accept any thing from this Chinese doctors ... this people want to kill off Nigeria’s WELCOME!! Same people who cause the panic sell the pills Hope they didint bring the main corona to Nigeria ooo This is insanity on FG part 🙄 my worries and fears has just begun. 2018 it was USAID, now it's China AID. At least USAID did some survey!

Question basically is y did the govt insist on bringing them after strong resistance from Nigerians. 😎 fishy Intelligence officers probably. Nowizo I don talk am e don happen They came with the virus Hi. If you're interested in Twitter Advert placement, Big shout-out to your love ones, Birthday shout-out, Event awareness, Music promotion, Hype man & Dj shout-out, and lots more. KS ADVERT STUDIO can give you the best you want. Follow us now by one tap 👇🏻👇🏻 KSONLINEMARKET1

Do we really need these guys? All we needed was PPE for medical personnel, ventilators and more isolation centers and not these Chinese Can the Chinese people loan Nigeria their government leaders because president Buhari and his APC party members are clueless and short of ideals. Hope they go to our bigmen poor are been heal by God

If the Corona virus increase by 10 know that this midgets are the cause. God helps us. Time to go and stone them. This is absolute rubbish This is serious, how did we get such illiterate leaders in this country, we have about 200, just 200 cases and they are already flying in doctors from the same China to help out. I mean what 'help' are they bringing?

I know one thing for sure, these people are here for a different mission unknown to you and I but the federal government is doing so many things undisclosed to us. May God deliver us from the hands of these people! Hear me oh yea Chinese doctors, if any of u came with any evil agender... I promise you people that you won't leave Nigeria alive.... Ur corpses shall be returned to ur country..... I don't just feel right since I heard of there arrivals JackMa

Can't we be serious for a moment? Lmao.....we actually brought the virus into the country. Y must it here,the cases here is it too much to compare to other places, they never talk there mission Who is ready to get married incase something goes left Wetin there come do oooo We are welcoming Chinese doctors into Nigeria while the Chinese government is chasing Nigerians out of their country. And Nigeria is full of Chinese. It’s high time we defined our boundaries and protect the Nigerian identity. Can they do this to Americans?

Can the police please attend to the unrest in ifo ogun state,as the police in the Area have refused to help the citizen thank you segalink RuggedyBaba dabiodunMFR burnaboy fela nairamarley COVID19Nigeria Chinese Drs arrived as ' superior beings' but the Nigerian govt left their own citizens stranded on the streets of China....what is the rationale behind this magnitude of stupidity?

To install 5G antennas abi? Wetin they come do nah? ☹️☹️☹️ They are ready to list up 🤦🏻😂😂 That man with white paper is holding the list of people they want to infect 😭 Watch them closely 我们结束了 艾比 艾比 艾比 艾比 艾比 艾比 艾比 艾比 Is it just me .... I’m having this itchy feeling that something will go wrong soon!! See them orderly, if it's Nigeria you would be seeing old men with pot belly not even orderly

Chinese virus indeed.... So now, they're exporting doctors? ChinaMustExplain Just saw this on NTA What do we need Chinese doctors for exactly.... Have you applied Herbs (Agbo) and it didn't work? I think we should appreciate what we have as nation, Great Nigerian Doctors Well done job Nigeria Big shame on us

I think the Chinese Doctors are here to indirectly effect Nigerians with the most suitable virus that marches our gene. One that can kill us in high numbers like what is currently withnessed in the U.S, Italy and Spain. They should write their last wish b4 they attempt to touch one of my finger. Nice The truth is our domestic medical practitioners are doing very well. Our COVIDー19 figure isn’t so terrible. Why exactly are they bringing this people in. Hospitals are understaffed in Nigeria but is it this 15 terrorist looking doctor that will fill the void ? I fear for us all

These ones don't look qualified.. They be like auxiliary doctors If there's something like that drpenking This one with paper, stuck in, black band looks wicked ooo.. Oh Lord of Africa put eye on him... Why do we need Chinese doctors? I don't understand...are we short of doctors in this country? When did they start caring so much about us

This one they are not observing social distancing We don't need this scavengers..... please Nigeria fine the way it is....let this not be the beginning of Dead9ja please let them return and tell us what to do using online communications after all it's the computer age we have no problems understanding them from afar...

danielthemayor Why the Chinese doctors please ?These people are the course right from time they are almost back on their feet’s up and running things smoothly like nothing ever happened while the rest of the world is dying They should self Isolate first!! Allah Ya tabbatar da Alkhairi amin FG una pour fuel inside fire...oh

What Chinese doctors can do. Nigeria doctors can do also. Well, To God be the Glory! Trouble don enter Naija OOOO😲😲😲 Spies spies spies!!!! God take control. Bad news Hope they’ll quarantine them too? Abi na covid-19 test them go do on them first? 🤷🏽‍♀️just asking abdulahmed332 Aaahhhhhh! 😣😣 E don happen 😢😢 Won ti de oo 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

This doctors will spread this disease please isolate them for 14 days to know maybe they are at fault... Nigerians government are stubborn and stupid at the same time,what a trash and if I may ask Nigeria government what's their problems, lack of sense or stupidity. As long as NigeriaGov are indebted to their govt, they don't have a say. I see this as a fulfillment of a hiden signed MOU or conditions given to this ineptitude govt b4 their loans was obtained or transferred. So I don't think there something Buhari government can do about it.

After the closures of our airport I hope they have been screened for Coronavirus? 🤡 this ? Pls let them be in Abuja our PH border is closed. Shit To do what exactly they just brought to Ngeria The Virus itself The Chinese are now in Nigeria to spread the corona virus. Let Nigerian take note of the amount of corona virus before the dead president brought the deadly corona virus spreader to the country. Chinese treat nIgerians in China like animals. What is China aims of coming?

The real coronavirus just arrived U have more than 33,500 active cases of corona virus, and u are coming to offer help to country with less than a thousand. There was a country! SERAPNigeria ShehuSani MobilePunch Govshina Is a pity... Looting avenue after now na to pack money give dem useless government una no get sence for this africa God suppose to let covid kill all una

oh African's are so useless wetin Chinese doctors wnt come do no b just the antidote dem go jst send abi na only dem fit use am Welcome.. We hope is for gud I can see the goalkeeper at the last edge Let the spread begin... We are in God's hand now.. it's really a torture being a Nigerian...😔 Doctors my yansh!

Quarantine them please 😂 They came to increase the discharge rate now I don’t trust this Chinese people, why don’t they go to Uk, US, Italy, Spain that have more cases than Nigeria, something is fishy isn't the colored part of the mask means you sick, except there's more to it What are they coming to do? We don't need them,let them go with their evil plans

This country tired me but!! all will be well Honestly I don’t trust this people in our country As for me, I don't see a reason to bring in Chinese doctors. We have lots of qualified doctors here in Nigeria, they lack facilities for treatments... Get more equipments and they will do exactly what we thought Chinese doctors will do. One Nigeria let's open our eyes

This is really an odd move from the FG. Praaaa!!!! Shun!!!! You Chinese people will die What is the benefit of promoting other country and live your own country to perish? When are we going to realize our mistake? Wonders never end shaaa May god nt shame us This APC regime has become the biggest laughingstock of the world. Chinese are busy humiliating your citizens in China over coro, and here you are, welcoming their citizens over coro.

To do what? Spread the virus Quarantine them please........I believe in our Doctors 😢😢 We will definitely hear the amount of people that will die in Nigeria after one month of their staying. Nigeria has minimal cases compare to South Africa and other part of the country yet they didn't invite Chinese ok ooo

We hope their coming brings a positive change and not otherwise... God won’t shame us in this country every evil plan back to sender in Jesus name They should be tested first 😎😎😎 Game changer ..... Number might begin to rise ... Quarantine them When will Nigeria stop hiring from abroad? What a Nation!!!

To add more corona cases abi? Our doctors are also good oo I thought the NMA were against it What are they here for?

[BREAKING] COVID-19: 15 Chinese doctors arrive NigeriaGreat. The real doom is about to begin Okay😂 I knew it. I knew China would wanna deal with the giants of Africa. They can’t exempt Nigeria!

COVID-19: Buhari govt gets warning over Chinese doctors' trip to Nigeria - Daily Post NigeriaA former United Nations Diplomat, Oseloka Obaze, has cautioned President Muhammadu Buhari government over Chinese doctors' trip to Nigeria amid the They should first remove the huge firewood from their eyes before they looks for someone else let them remain in their country and save their people first, Nigeria will overcome this pandemic. If the 14 Chinese doctors are coming here for help as FG claimed... The help or their services are not for ordinary Nigerians but for the top government officials and politicians as the case may be... Nonsense and selfish government! Who cursed us with this leadership sef? 🤔 Why did nature punish us with imbecile as a leader? Is this mans brain even functional at all, why do they always believe that anything that is not from people of another color is not helpful? Can't we mobilize our docs to help fight this? Why

COVID-19: Dino Melaye cautions Buhari against inviting Chinese doctors to Nigeria - Daily Post NigeriaA former lawmaker representing Kogi West Senatorial District at the National Assembly, Senator Dino Melaye, has warned President Muhammadu Buhari against He Will still invite them without our notice, jus as he has been doing☝☝ Tellam oooh Loud am

NUAHP condemns FG’s move to invite Chinese doctors – Daily TrustThe Nigerian Union of Allied Health Professionals has condemned the move by the Federal Government to invite Chinese medical doctors in to Nigeria. NUAHP President, Dr. Ogbonna Chimela Obinna and General Secretary, Comrade. Egbanubi Martin Adekunle in a press statement on Monday said the health professional in Nigeria are qualified and capable to deal with … Nor harm in shearing experiences Why invite the Chinese?are our medical personnel's not competent?black Man exposing his self by himself.

Gbajabiamila to FG: Quarantine visiting Chinese doctors – Daily TrustThey’re coming to train our medical personnel — SGF The speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gabajabiamila, yesterday asked the federal government to quarantine the invited 18-team of Chinese medical doctors for 14 days on their arrival. He said this in Abuja at a meeting between the leadership of the house and the Minister … Very true They shouldn’t come at all They should go where they are needed the most please, by God's grace we can handle our situation.

Coronavirus: FG insists on Chinese doctors – Daily TrustThe Federal Government has insisted on the coming of the 18 Chinese doctors to help contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the country. For crying out load, what is the agenda of this Chinese doctor's? Is there any idea they want to share with us that can not be done online? 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 I don't know if this foolish nation leaders thinks, if you quarantine the doctors what about their equipment they wanted to use? Will FG govt have the sense to test then too? Una no really get sense, so stupid A typical Huase man is dumb, when you don’t value your own due to your inability to provide the basics you rather invite a nobody from abroad as this has been yo ur culture aimed at stealing money through this medium block head APC government 🚜