PHOTONEWS Fwd: President Buhari Swears-In Justice Olukayode Ariwoola as Acting Chief Justice of Nigeria in State House

27/06/2022 6:18:00 PM

PHOTONEWS: President Buhari Swears-in Justice Olukayode Ariwoola As Acting Chief Justice Of Nigeria | Sahara Reporters

16 Views 6 Months Ago SaharaReporters.Justice Olukayode Ariwoola has been sworn into office as Acting Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN).Justice Ariwoola of the Supreme Court on Monday took the oath of office as the acting CJN..

com is an outstanding, groundbreaking news website that encourages citizen journalists to report ongoing corruption and government malfeasance in Africa.Using photos, text, and video dynamically, the site informs and prompts concerned African citizens and activists globally to act, denouncing officially-sanctioned corruption, the material impoverishment of its citizenry, defilement of the environment, and the callous disregard of the democratic principles enshrined in the constitution..Search.Ariwoola, 62, takes over from the outgone CJN, justice Tanko Muhammad, and is expected to serve in an acting capacity till further confirmation by the National Judicial Council (NJC).

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Why are they always carrying bag The man came with his looting bag already..loolz What is that bag Haba! See face of who is swearing in CJ. He doesn't look happy. Lol. But then, why are they always carry nkenke akpa ka dibia That bag must contain afose. If you know, you know. He for put another foolani there and let's know how far

This practice of Swearing-in CJN in the Aso Rock Villa has got me thinking. Is the Judiciary still independent, or an appendage of the Executive? Come to think of it, the President has never been sworn-in in the supreme court. Just thinking. Lawyers, please come to my aid. 'Acting chief justice' till his aboki replacement is found.

This man is the head of the Judiciary and Buhari is the head of the executive. He’s not supposed to travel to Aso Rock for him to be sworn in. He’s just like the The President and the Senate president. But Nigerian Judiciary doesn’t want liberty 🗽 I no understand. Why these justices dey carry this satchel follow body for their swearing-in?

Failed state

JUST IN: Justice Ariwoola takes oath of office as Acting CJNJustice Olukayode Ariwoola has been sworn into office as Acting Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN).............. Blackhex147 This bag go soon upgrade The question is: whether or not there is a will to effect a change by my Lord Justice Ariwoola ACJN? My Lord cannot afford to let down the judiciary and shatter the smouldering vestige of our hope, we the poor Nigerians, who are continually losing faith in the judiciary.

Failed nation If he is the next in the hierarchy, why appoint him in acting capacity. As usual, he is looking for one Fulani man to elevate and make the CJN. A man who doesn't have the disposition to hide his bias, nepotism, tribalism and stupidity. But why now , Fulani man was there for 7 years.. southwest knows the game.

So proud to be among the great families of Ariwoola, am happy for you sir... Look at his face 😂😂😂 he might be thinking about MMK They just brought in this one to favour his Yoruba brother - Tinubu. See him red eyes like blood sucking demon Extinguished Shotman Segalink overlooked again Congratulations new CJN

Wetin be meaning of the hand bag dem dey carry? Naso former one take carry en own during swearing in Why do they always hand a bag?

Buhari swear in Justice Olukayode Ariwoola as CJNPresident Muhammadu Buhari on Monday swore in Justice Olukayode Ariwoola as the acting Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN). Had it been the man is Igbo or South south drags would have entered. Nigeria don't belong to you Igbos and SS know this and have peace

All of them na thieves They want to unleashed evils through this man and said he is from South fulanis will never give you something good in life. Baba no happy because leg Don dey pain ham he no wan stand strong again🤣🤣 lawyer can use the whole world write note and still call it JUST A TIP😉 solubobo

Buhari is not happy he couldn't find another fulani man. Look at his face in both pics. An opportunity for the south to correct the wrong done by malami and buhari ELECTION IS CLOSE AND BUHARI IS NOW SWEARING IN A NEW CHIEF JUSTICE! NIGERIANS PRAY FOR THE BEST, BUT EXPECT THE WORST I dont know you sir, but I congratulate you..I love your look

He is so excited 😊. Which one is acting again? This one wey dey carry side bag like marlian..

JUST IN: Buhari to swear in Justice Ariwoola as Acting CJNPresident Muhammadu Buhari is expected to swear in Justice Olukayode Ariwoola as Acting Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) today (Monday). Old men again Jesus Baba don run 90min finish with him Fulani squad wan use these ones for extra time. That is before he gets a fulani that will take the seat 💺 and do their will. The judgement of God has already come down upon evil leaders in Nigeria 🇳🇬 in Jesus Mighty Name

Why acting? If this country na action film u go trip for CGI and stunts. The only problem be say suspense no dey for Nigerian film. See buhari face Omo na ancestors dey rule this country now they have set a Yoruba man who will deal with Peter Obi 🤣 😂 better set up in supreme Court game is over Tinubu 🙄

This game is getting interesting. Check!!! Anything done by this govt in a hurry. check am well oh... Hmmm. The rush, swearing in as acting CJN get why oh🤔🙄👌. Mark this tweet oh Hello everyone I make and sell footwear your RT n patronage will go a long way for my brand whatsapp no:08090916669 And youth are the leaders of tomorrow 🤡🤡🤡

One thing about Buhari is his inability to hide his feelings. These pictures speak his mind Yes no more Sharia law chief justice

BREAKING: Buhari to swear in Justice Ariwoola as CJN todayBarring any last-minute change of plans, President Muhammadu Buhari is expected to swear in Justice Olukayode Ariwoola as the new Chief Justice of Nigeria Our Mumu no too much? So he just knew that the Sharia court judge he appointed as CJN is a joke abi? Who cares Change of game. It's well

Na so Good for us oooooooo Just like that someone will just ascend throne immediately without ……. Pls what's d bag for? Why are they always hanging bag during swearing in? That bag is apo - ofin ( law bag) It's mobile bag Congrats our own Now that Tinubu emerges, bubu can pick someone from southwest Justice Olukayade Ariwoola do not trust the current location him is ,his bag 🛍️ fit disappear at any moment

PMB is not happy honestly bcos people he trusted have really really disappointed him his facial look. Table too don dey wear skirt for Nigeria🤔 This man resemble Chief Zebudaya 😂😂😂 It's like carrying a bag (pouch) is an emblem of the CJN position...

Olukayode Ariwoola: 5 things to know about the new Chief Justice of NigeriaBarring any last-minute change of plans, President Muhammadu Buhari is expected to swear in Justice Olukayode Ariwoola as the new Chief Justice of Nigeria Nothing good about him and to those we had in past, Nigeria judiciary is the no1 problem we are facing

This man looks like no nonsense man. Maybe another kayode esuo Congratulations new CJN Why are there always short...those species of people too de get mind. How old is he? Why does he looks so much like Gambari. Deep down he is not happy. This man is trying to balance his appointment late in the midnight before his hand over. He spend 7 good years doing nepotism snd tribalism on his appointment.

This bag! What's that bag there 🤣🤣 Tinubus Doings

I hope he is sworn in as the substantive CJ and not acting. After which they must go after that criminal, tanko Mohammed, who wants to evade accountability by resigning only after a little of his criminal deeds has been exposed

Them dey swear this one in he still hand bag for shoulder 😂 That bag Una sure say this man dey pls sha 😩😩😂 see as buhari dey frown. 😁😁😁😁 E be like say this one go give am wahala My reason for respecting Lawyers. You NEVER hear them having problems with appointments because they are very organized. Congratulations to the new CJN (though on acting capacity).

What is with that bag?