Pastor Paul Adefarasin Under Fire For Apologizing To Lagos Government “On Behalf Of Congregation”

#EndSARS: Pastor Paul Adefarasin Under Fire For Apologizing To Lagos Government “On Behalf Of Congregation” After Youths Booed Sanwo-Olu’s Representative Ove...

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12/4/2021 12:09:00 PM

EndSARS: Pastor Paul Adefarasin Under Fire For Apologizing To Lagos Government “On Behalf Of Congregation” After Youths Booed jideSanwoOlu’s Representative Over Planned Peace Walk

#EndSARS: Pastor Paul Adefarasin Under Fire For Apologizing To Lagos Government “On Behalf Of Congregation” After Youths Booed Sanwo-Olu’s Representative Ove...

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Ten Persons Dead, Others Trapped As Newly Completed Church Building Collapses In Delta

jidesanwoolu Ment jidesanwoolu sendvidbot jidesanwoolu Pastor Adefarasin, you can’t train your congregation to fight against injustice and then blame them for expressing their feelings of outrage against your guest. Gov Sanwo right now is not popular with youths and you should have anticipated that reaction YeleSowore akintollgate

jidesanwoolu Pastor Adefarasin owed Gov Sanwo an apology: He should NOT have invited him at all! However the Pastor can’t legislate against the outprouring of the true feelings of his members. He should have used the opportunity to preach on “Whatever a Man Soweth, He shall reap”segalink jidesanwoolu It is unscriptural to invite a politician to the altar of God.

jidesanwoolu He is part of the beneficiary of bad system in Nigeria. If Nigeria becomes functional their Church business will collapse . jidesanwoolu jidesanwoolu Na this kind of pastor go arrest youth wearing BuhariMustGo t-shirts in his church! jidesanwoolu This is exactly how pastors enable the subjugation of the people by corrupt and unscrupulous politicians! All he is saying is ' do not challenge the politicians! Remain timid and fearful! Remain fools!'. They should have booed him too! He is a wicked 'god of men'

jidesanwoolu Rubbish talk. jidesanwoolu Pray for leaders ordained by God not by fraudulent ways

35-year-old pastor, others arrested for abduction of Catholic priest in ImoImo State Police Command has arrested 35-year-old Pastor Izuchukwu Anoloba of Apostle Church of Christ, Eziama Osuama, Isiala Mbano

jidesanwoolu _bukunmmi what he said jidesanwoolu As the envelope reach him. He can't act sensible. Naija 😂😂😂 jidesanwoolu 'The Faith and the Crown are the two pillars that hold up this world. One collapses, so does the other. WE MUST DO EVERYTHING NECESSARY TO PROTECT ONE ANOTHER.' -Cersei Lannister-

jidesanwoolu Which fire? jidesanwoolu No pastor Adefarasin. I know that your parents left a good legacy at the Lagos judiciary and you also benefitted from this yet woe unto him that call evil good and good evil jidesanwoolu All this pastors are also a problem to Nigeria. They are not hot or cold, they just want to be the Mr nice guy. Martin Luther king Jr was also pastor but he stood again many govt policies. here pastors are friends to evil leaders,they go cum find one lie use support their actions

jidesanwoolu Since pastor Paul invited the Lagos State government, there's nothing wrong apologiasing. jidesanwoolu Mr Plan B pastor. jidesanwoolu You can vote for them but can boo them? Seems like he would’ve apologized to Pharoah for the Jews opting to leave their “Leaders” jidesanwoolu These so called private-jet pastors are part of the problems Nigeria has... How can you pray for someone who is not ready to change. Because of cheap political favours, they mount pulpit and utter rubbish. I pity the folks they deceive...

Pastor, others arrested for kidnapping Imo Catholic priest, collecting N5m - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Punch is sending news at 3am? Hope we are safe. Why am I not surprised 🙃😕

jidesanwoolu Useless pastors using a white man's dictionary to deceive people jidesanwoolu Chai! jidesanwoolu And his congregation sat there and took it? jidesanwoolu Shame. From someone who already has his own plan B. Big shame jidesanwoolu The bible say we should do all things without complain shay you see this mad man that is protecting what will be given to him after the service using religion to scam us mad man

jidesanwoolu When a so called man of God can't take a strong stand on what he believes jidesanwoolu It's disgusting that they have refused to accept their mistake, apologise to Nigerian Youths, those who will resign has to resign, those officers has to be penalized, that's all, so you can move&talk in the society where you will be accepted.

jidesanwoolu A TÈNUJÈ Business-Pastors Everywhere lol jidesanwoolu So after killing youths, then they set up a committee who said youths died, then they turned around 2 say 'their' same committees findings were wrong thereafter! So pastor u say what again? How many times have u condemned d Killings sef? All ds political Pastor sef!!

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Pastor abducts Catholic Priest in ImoThe police have arrested Izuchukwu Anoloba, a 35-year-old pastor, over the kidnap of a Catholic priest, Fr Fidelis Ekemgba, in Imo State. Anoloba, who

jidesanwoolu All these political pastors are making people to loose respect for christiandom. jidesanwoolu Why did Jesus flog people in the temple.🤣😂😂 jidesanwoolu Biko this one doesn't bear the sword, this one is in disguise........ jidesanwoolu LASG will definitely react against the Church, don't be surprised when it happens, that's their M.O, always has been. Bad governance must always be vehemently called out. Pst. Paul did the right thing to clear any idea of incitements, that won't be enough though, THEY'd come...

jidesanwoolu Even the bible that instruct us to honor and obey our parents equally said parents should not provoke their children to anger, Whether Pastor Paul apologize to them or not, Ogun go still punish our leaders jidesanwoolu Same man that advised people to japa is telling people not to boo their so called leaders. Pastor, you are so wrong here

jidesanwoolu He no watch video has Jesus scatter synagogue jidesanwoolu Sango go knack evil leaders. Their evil deeds will be reaped by them and their families jidesanwoolu Not surprised. You want make Lagos state government shutdown their business? jidesanwoolu Una go just Dey twist Bible for Una use…

Lagos Pastor Kidnaps Catholic Priest In Imo, Gets N1.5million Ransom | Sahara ReportersThe priest, 45, was double-crossed and whisked away by his abductors. Nawa oooh Please help retweet my hustle I sell lingerie Confusion breakie bonu, yepa- in Fela's voice My chest... 🤣🤣🤣

jidesanwoolu That pastor Paul reprimanded was not from his deepest mind. Read his lips and you will see a kind smiles there. He is happy and proud that boo happens. jidesanwoolu Lmao. Religion in Africa is messed up totally... Martin Luther King dey serve different God I guess... Pastors and our political leaders will get a free pass to the hottest and darkest parts of hell on the last day

jidesanwoolu Joker 🤡🤡🤡🤡 jidesanwoolu Nigerian youth jidesanwoolu But what's the difference between the boos and Pastor Paul's regular criticisms jidesanwoolu I really feel that Pastor Paul enjoyed that reaction from the crowd. The smirk on his face when he was apologising tells you his heart, beyond the words on his lips. The booing was a good report card for Sanwo Olu and his wicked administration. TheExperience2021

jidesanwoolu Apologize on ur behalf not the youth plssss😡 jidesanwoolu Who send dis Ozuor message! Na even Pastors be Nigeria problem jidesanwoolu Later they will say religion is not our problem.. is this not pastor conditioning the people not to speak up in bad leadership? This pastor should be ashamed of himself.. the people must remain useless so tithes and offering and keep coming in.

jidesanwoolu The way y’all twist the bible to fit every situation is just appalling. Did the bible encourage killing? Did the bible encourage the authorities maiming the masses? Speak the truth always! TheExperience2021

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jidesanwoolu Nini and Saga were hosts for WhiteMoney’s Listening party for his single (Video), jidesanwoolu religion in Africa is worse than a pandemic.......tufia! jidesanwoolu He should also be under fire for bringing a representative of SanwoOlu who hasn't done justice to the massacre to a pulpit that would be used by himself to preach God's Word. Is that not ment? Only to start apologizing to the government, rubbish!

jidesanwoolu But it's okay for them so call leaders to kill us abi and come to talk nonsense jidesanwoolu jidesanwoolu What religion have caused in this country I swear 20 years to this time no solution..... Na God dey help us vote? Are you telling me those leaders dnt know what they are doing to the masses..... Abi scripture said leaders should oppress fellowers?

jidesanwoolu Under fire Kwa... Person wey dey smile while apologizing jidesanwoolu Iranu😏 jidesanwoolu Baba dey even dey smile as e dey talk e know Sia d govt deserve d boo

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