Pandora Papers: EFCC summons Peter Obi

Pandora Papers: EFCC summons Peter Obi

10/17/2021 7:31:00 AM

Pandora Papers: EFCC summons Peter Obi

Peter Obi has been asked to report at the agency's Abuja headquarters on October 27 to face investigators.

PREMIUM TIMES reported in the ongoing Pandora Papers series, has been summoned for questioning by the EFCC, Nigeria’s anti-corruption agency.It is the first known action by any Nigerian law enforcement agency since PREMIUM TIMES started reporting influential Nigerians involved in offshore shenanigans exposed through the global Pandora Papers investigation. The presidency has directed that Nigerians exposed in the reports be investigated, those with knowledge of the directive have told this paper.

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learnt that the EFCC communicated the invitation to Mr Obi during the week and he has been asked to report at the agency’s Abuja headquarters on October 27 to face investigators.EFCC HeadquartersSources separately said the invitation is in connection with revelations in our Pandora Papers report. The report exposed how Mr Obi incorporated offshore holdings, which he did not declare to the Code of Conduct Bureau when he served as a governor and how he continued to manage his Next International UK Limited 14 months after becoming a governor. In addition, he also continued to operate a foreign account as a governor.

All these actions, which had been secret until our report, were in contravention of Nigeria’s laws on code of conduct for public officers, PREMIUM TIMES reported. Mr Obi has, however, continued to claim no wrongdoing.However, a source at the anti-graft agency said the Pandora Papers revelations only served as a lead for investigators and that “a number of issues” are now being investigated regarding Mr Obi and his offshore dealings.

Exact details are slow to emerge. Read more: Premium Times »

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Ba girin-girin ba, taiyi maiko. I want to believe this new EFCC guy get liver. That's the way to run an institution command respect. Everybody on that Pandora papers MUST be invited and investigated, whether you are in APC, PDP, APP or any nonsense party. Law is law. Shameful witch hunting agency 🤧 Igbos needs to work on leaving this contraption . Enough of this insults by this uncircumcised extremists !

Mhuuu!!!!! What about Abba kiyari The witch hunting season is upon us. Hmm. Terror government saber-rattling the Innoccent. Finally the aim has been achieved. I hope the Judas called nicholasibekwe is happy. It still will not work. officialEFCC please let your chairman know that I think he's an idiot. officialEFCC please let you chairman know that I think he's an idiot.

PANDORA PAPERS: Inside Governor Dapo Abiodun's secret businesses, foreign accountMr Abiodun, a businessman cum politician, became Ogun governor on May 29, 2019, after several attempts to be elected to political office. cremechic11 Dear premium Times, no one cares about this pandora papers anymore. Face the Nigerian federal and state civil service, that's where the REAL CORRUPTION is. Put your investigative team to work to see the tragedy that's the Nigerian civil service. PT really started off on a wrong footing. That exposé they did on Obi negatively affected how they public viewed their journalism. It lacked substance really. Obi came of that with his white sparkling clean while PT is on the ground muddied by their smear campaign. PT decided to be very unfortunate with this project. If you have neither an expose on Lagos state accounts for the last 20yrs where many of us pay taxes, nor all the billions of dollars Buhari has been borrowing and squandering, forget it.

Fulani govt are always quick to call other people,they're yet to call Ganduje,Buratai, Tinubu, Kalu,Gumi, Malami,Abba Kyari,Fani Kayode, Masari Isa Patanmi and co these are Men of dubious characters leave peterobi alone Okwute Di ocha U are chasing Shadow in a bid to distract Us I commend officialEFCC for inviting my fave. I am very sure Peter Obi is so much at home on this. Hope efcc will also extend their invitations to Tinubu to clear the air sorrouding the bullion vans in his home on the eve of the last general election

Them shaaa wan dent this man image by all possible means. This small boy fainting upandan is been used ad a pawn. Fulani govt are always quick to call other people,they're yet to call Ganduje, Buratai, Tinubu, Kalu Gumi, Malami, El-Rufai,Fani Kayode, Masari Isa Patanmi and co these are Men of dubious characters leave peterobi alone Okwute Di ocha U are chasing Shadow in a bid to distract Us

Toothless bulldog. how come you are not asking the same question in which an Australian TV has done a documentary on? What of the Gov of Kebbi state ? 🙄 Good news

Pandora Papers expose shady deals of third APC Governor - Daily TrustGovernor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State is the third governor of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) exposed by Pandora Papers, an investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). That's why if some people say there's no df between the APC/ PDP, they are not far from the truth. And in this business called corruption Nigerians are united o, just take a look at it Bugudu, Oyetola and Obi. In short including myself. We need to repeat o 4 this country to grow

EFCC , please when are u going to summon frm SGF, a man who could be do wicked to divert money meant for already traumatized nigerians in IDPs. When are u going to summon Ibrahim Magu and many other northerners. Just being curious to know if Southerners are slaves to Northerners. This is a joke right?

Normal level.. same Nigeria, same tactics. If u still have hope in this country.. Ur middle name is SORRY MD of Ganduje BDC nko? Jokers. It is all game and plan to try to corrupt the image of Peter Obi ahead of 2023, like the Premium times and their Pandora papers failed, this shall fail also. Why didn't they summons the owner of the house that Bola Ahmed Tinubu was recuperating in London?

Nonsense and Ingredients! Your plans have finally worked and how much where you paid!!!! I don't even understand this country anymore, Is He only one in the list ? None of those sponsoring terrorists have ever been invited by this stupid fulani government. This nation is finished.

PANDORA PAPERS: Ogun Gov holds secret businesses, foreign account - Daily TrustPANDORA PAPERS: The report said the governor is also the ultimate beneficial owner of the companies incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.

AremuSAA So of all the politicians listed in the Pandora report, Mr Peter Obi is the major target for EFCC. Anyway, this investigation will validate his claims for zero tolerance of corruption and recklessness in government, if they eventually find nothing incriminating Fulani NigeriaGov, NGRPresident, MBuhari, officialEFCC better leave PeterObi alone. For the Igbos, Peter Obi is not Orji Uzo Kalu. Politically motivated victimization of Peter Obi would require u kill more Igbos. We will defend him. Your overbearing disposition must end.

EFCC should be careful. Nothing must happen to PeterObi Hope you are happy now This is the hatchet job that Premium Times bullshit was meant to achieve. Peter Obi will ANSWER all the nonsense thrown at him by the EFCC. They could not get anything on him in 2019, now would not be different. Bawa EFCC is known to be a JOKE, but this will be one taken too far.

As predicted. Hope they summon Tinubu too Bawa and his useless institution... What of those indicted by UAE over terrorism... This one no be issue. Oga go report immediately. But make officialEFCC remember to summon all the fulani wey their name also dey the Pandora papers. Thank you Them suppose invite Tinubu too sha

EFCC busts 12 suspected 'Yahoo boys' in IbadanThe Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has arrested 12 suspected internet fraudsters in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital. EFCC spokesman, Wilson But none in Zamfara. 2m bribe per head and they are out ..... officialEFCC to me , is useless. All they want is to seize cars Unless terrorists EFCC. They are the real criminals and terrorists. Instead of going Asorock and arrest all the criminals there, They are going around invading people privacy Zoo. .

As you are summoning PeterObi, don't forget your terrorist brothers in the north, prosecution of the sponsors of terrorism the UAE repatriated down here, Mr bullion van AsiwajuTinubu, governor of ogun state and other south west political thieves. They are useless to us here. Why PeterObi? How about the rest especially the Managing Director of the nigerianports , Mohammed Koko? What about AsiwajuTinubu, Oyetola? officialEFCC is an embarassment to all men with common sense.

Abdul Rasheed Bawa became EFCC chairman for this purpose. EFCC wants to embarrass Obi and dent his image by inviting him to their office so that the news media can publish that he was once “investigated” for XYZ and many Nigerians will run with it. Nigeria will never work. Man is so clean, they got nothing on him and know this he won't join APC

MrOdanz When institutions of state become bastardized, even the proper things become problematic. The EFCC has suddenly woken up to its responsibilities, from the deep sleep it went into when a bullion van drove into Bourdillon on election even. Our misery has a clear chain of causation. Why the delay? Everyone mentioned should face the music incident including Jagaban of pandoras

They have got nothing on him. Remember this Tweet? 👇🏿 Why is he the only one been summoned? You have done wrong instead of being remorseful he is busy jumping from TV station to another making noise.

EFCC quizzes ex-Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso over alleged fraudMr Kwankwaso, a former governor of Kano, had shunned previous invitations by the EFCC. They need him in APC, let him join the failed party so that his sins will be forgiven like FFk, Stella odua and many others as promised by their former chairman , Adams oshomole

Bullion van man must be shaking rn. iyaboawokoya Lol, they couldn't wait to, they've been looking for 1 silly reason to tarnish his reputation. Those that said they'll stop at nothing until Sharia is enforced all over Nig, those that criticised GEJ Gov't for proscribing bkh, known military dictator still won election in Nig.

Trinity_Don_JFK lol. Make una shaa try televise the interrogations, so that everyone can benefit from the lecture Dr. Peter Obi is going to deliver. You need the knowledge, we also do. 'Wizard hunt' had started🤷🏾‍♂️ Very Good, now he will have to show them why he didnt do anything wrong by not declaring his assets, maybe he will also let them know his role in the Ekwezu SARS atrocities while he was Governor too. EFCC shouldn't stop at Obi, Others on that list should also be invited.✌

I hope this is true Watin concern efcc with papers After Peter Obi explanation on ARISEtv i shudder to think what EFCC want to achieve with the summon. But they should carry on, let's see what they want to achieve with it.

Our Own PandoraRepeat after me: I will not be anyone’s fool; not now, not tomorrow, not ever! The world inherited the word Pandora from the ancient Greek poet, Hesiod.

Good, very good. I thought you would let me down by not doing as most of us envisaged. But pls, officialEFCC invite Tinubu, Atiku and others too, be unpredictable for once. Is he d only person on d paper? Iberiberism 😤😤😤😤😤 mtcheew Last time I checked, Peter obi is not the only one on the Pandora papers. later some people will say there is no marginalization of the eastern people😒🙄

Haha you are inviting some one based on international indictment which means Abba kyari I suppose to be in USA by now What’s wrong with this country? Nothing can stop a man who's time has come. I remember adeyanjudeji has petition that has been pending for so long now. 2hen will EFCC invite Abba keyari the super corp tailor

Let this reportage better not never be true because we would not allow any kind of witch hunt on any potential Igbo candidate capable of fixing this decaying country called Nigeria. EFCC must 1st invite those who drives bullion van into their garage and other corrupt politicians. If you feel there are others to be investigated write a petition to Efcc and stop embarrassing yourself here with this “what about” posts. Some of you need to go back to school to learn what “Fallacies” are. They are error in reasoning.

iyaboawokoya 😂😂😂 Same EFCC never had the guts to invite Abba Kyari. Serving Governors can be summoned I reckon but what of Daddy Ota? He should've seen it coming and that's the reason for all the tv dramas. iyaboawokoya Food don done Finally At least we knew what the game plan was from onset I thought UAE named some people that the govt should do something about? If I missed the trend of those news, pls furnish me/us with the latest about them.

Why haven't EFCC summon tinubu and malami with known corruption cases The same efcc that even after several petitions refused to investigate the bullion van in tinubus residence is summoning Peter Obi, Life of a dot in a circle

This is all they have been after. Tarnish his image, foil any of his political moves and get him to keep silent Folks needs to remove the scales of ignorance, sentiment and bias from their eyes and view this case objectively and logically. Let Peter Obi defend himself. Forget his cheap economic talk. He's not a saint. He wine and dine with the political elites.

Great and every other person on that list should be summoned, prosecute, and if found guilty should be punished accordingly. Hmmm APC's method of intimating their opponent with Efcc, shameful. Haha, they can't wait to, they've been looking for 1 tiny reason to tarnish his reputation. Those that said they stop at nothing until Sharia is enforced all over Nig, those that criticised GEJ Gov't for prescribing bk, known military dictators still won election in Nig.

Is any Anambrian petitioned to you that money was missing during his time as governor or did any organisation he headed petitioned you against him. Is it crime to invest in a country that have stable economy. Nigeria is a mess and government like it. nicholasibekwe What for What? Is Peter Obi working in Nigeria Agency or under any Government body? What about those current governors or the man with NPA? Is this APC Govt ok?

The Premium times article specifically on Peter Obi, was a hatchet job. Pull him down Syndrome. Just when it seems Nigerians are looking towards him as a possible answer to the leadership problem we are having, they started throwing everything on him. Ndi ala! Let him go defend himself.

This is where igbos will be the first even if he/she is the only one in the list. Nonsense! Absolute rubbish First and only. Bring a good man down but leave the real evil ones to roam free But none of these were invited. Nonsense. Baba used grammar turn their head What about the other names that were mentioned?

The have touched hot iron It has been known this is where it will boil down to. Ah ah! Is this a joke? Chai! Ahan!! Game plan in action.