Osinbajo appointed me NSITF chairman but cabal reversed it –Kokori - Punch Newspapers

14/06/2021 11:49:00 PM

Osinbajo appointed me NSITF chairman but cabal reversed it –Kokori - Punch Newspapers

Osinbajo appointed me NSITF chairman but cabal reversed it –Kokori - Punch Newspapers

Renowned labour unionist and elder statesman, Chief Frank Kokori, has recalled how he was appointed as the Chairman of the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund by the acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, in October 2017.

Buhari exploited June 12 following Obasanjo, Jonathan’s failure to recognise Abiola –Kokori Kokori revealed that Buhari had signed off on his appointment and told Ngige to go ahead and inaugurate him but the President’s directive was disobeyed., in this interview with TOBI AWORINDE It’s been 22 years since Nigeria returned to democracy.Published 13 June 2021 In Africa, unlike in years past where the best citizens could stage uncoordinated and short-lived protests without making headways, social media has opened an unprecedented opportunity for people to make community collective choices.14 June 2021 …a giving initiative led by Ex-Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun, aiming to raise US $10m annually It was a grand outing at the launch of the DashMe Foundation – an initiative championed by former Minister of Finance of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mrs.

“He (Buhari) did everything, but for the cabal.And you can’t reach Buhari anymore; that is one of his weak points.Before then, you could not go to court.He is one of the most inaccessible Presidents in the history of this country.Although the Nigerian legislative arm has tried but failed to enact laws to regulate social media use, it has never shut down the technology that allows communication through social media.Without his cabal, we don’t get to see him—except for his ministers who see him during the Federal Executive Council meetings.I was locked up for four years without being taken to the court in a prison in faraway Bama (Borno State), when I was the head of all unions in Nigeria.He does not come out, so you can’t see him,” Kokori added.Adeosun prioritized the Federal Government’s Social Investment Program (SIP) and hence he is not surprised that she has decided to use her talent and influence to establish an organization that raises funds and provides for indigenous grassroot charities.

The activist, who led the Nigeria Union Of Petroleum And Natural Gas Workers during the days of military dictatorship, said whenever he tried to see Buhari, an appointment would be fixed but they would not allow him to see the President.Apart from that, some of us have been disillusioned because Nigeria is not moving forward.) led government and Twitter, culminating in the suspension of Twitter operations in the country.He stated that he would instead be referred to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation.“I’ve never seen a man like that.Our leaders have failed the masses.I have seen every Nigerian president I have wanted to see since I was a young man in NUPENG.As stated by Nigeria’s Innovation Support Network, the announcement puts Nigeria on an infamous list of countries that have banned Twitter.Even after I left NUPENG, I could see any president I wanted to see.Some of us, instead of lifting our young people, are inflicting more hardship than what they had in the 1970s.She also noted that the DashMe Store would sell donated goods to raise funds which would be channeled to various partner-charity organizations.

But I can’t see Buhari up till today, apart from when people were campaigning for him in Delta State, he would come to meet us and we would take him round.After that, he would forget everybody,” said Kokori.Nigeria, India, Brazil and Malaysia were all on the same levels in those days.Perhaps, what the Nigerian government finds galling is the discipline Twitter administered, under the direction of its Chief Executive Officer, Jack Dorsey, on the president of the country.The APC chieftain said the President was surrounded by people who were not giving him good advice, adding that the cabal was more powerful than Osinbajo who is the second most senior member of the federal executive.“And they have sidelined the Vice President who has brains but cannot use his powers.We had the municipal buses, which we now call the Bus Rapid Transit.He has no powers.This outright suspension of Twitter sets a precedence for future restriction of other social media platforms in the country.We will measure impact, benchmark, costs and ensure maximum value.

Even he can only have powers when the President gives him powers.But when I went to places like China and Vietnam, I saw people riding bicycles and I was saying, ‘Look at these people, you are so backwards.It’s the cabal that runs the country; the cabal is more powerful than the Vice President.In other words, it is a situation where the Chief of Staff is more powerful than the Vice President and the SSG.So, things have been bad and most of our leaders are not listening to the poor and the youths.In a statement published on June 7, the National Broadcasting Commission ordered all broadcasters to suspend patronage of Twitter immediately and stop using the social media company as a “source of information gathering for news and programmes.Once you are in the cabal, you are more powerful than the Vice President and it’s a shame,” said Kokori..These are the things that have some of us disillusioned about Nigerian leaders.From left: The Convener Of DashMe Foundation, Mrs.

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cabinet don full na... what else do u want VP to do... Confused Nation Sorry oooo! It was not an authentic appointment 😂 ProfOsinbajo is toothless naa. He can't make an appointment. He is just a figure in asorock's cloth cabinet. And baba no vex resign leave the yeye government. Agbegilodo! His hands are tied

Ngige and co The VP will always do what is expected of him. Who are these cabals? God help us in Nigeria. All I know is Osinbajo did his part as Acting President, whoever says otherwise is a joker really. The Nigeria system of government 😭😂 He is just there to recieve his salaries Who are the faceless cabals?

Buhari exploited June 12 following Obasanjo, Jonathan’s failure to recognise Abiola –Kokori - Punch NewspapersRenowned labour unionist and elder statesman, Chief Frank Kokori, recalls the sacrifices made to end dictatorship in Nigeria and assesses the regime of the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), in upholding democratic tenets This Baba is an old fool. You are saying that after you were denied Chairmanship position of NSITF. Are you not a member of APC in your native state, Delta? Nonsense Well, since his name is 'kokori', I won't bother myself to say anything otherwise. The 'koko' on his head is what's disturbing him 🤷 Very, Very True. Had OBJ & GEJ acted better, perhaps WE 🇳🇬 won't have cause debating PMB. There shortcomings, opened the doors for Baba at the 4th time of asking.

Pathetic Why will the honour the wish of the house boy when the master is around. Noted. This kokori man again? 😂😂 The testimony of Nigeria. Eyah, Osinbajo's mouth is blocked, and his hands and legs are tied. Vice President like ordinary commissioner wey dem talk say Saraki been call am 😀😀😀 I noticed this tweet is getting much engagement. Please I don't have any goods to advertise.. but mek Una try follow me, I go follow back.. I am an upcoming blogger! Abeg 😪

Finally daddy you have said the truth, the VP has no power to effect policy. He is just there for decoration sake. A man with dignity would have resigned but he has eaten from the national cake so they have him in their pocket. Welcome to cabal republic A dead 💀 country

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Osinbajo could not do anything about it because his hands are tied 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Who voted cabal?

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