Onyekuru flew from Monaco to Istanbul for haircut

10/10/2019 8:37:00 AM

Onyekuru flew from Monaco to Istanbul for haircut

Super Eagleswinger, Henry Onyekuru, took a two hours, 11 minutes flight from Monaco to Istanbul for a haircut, it has been revealed.The former Everton player, who completed a £12.5m deal to AS Monaco this season, arrived Istanbul recently for the haircut with popular Nigerian celebrity barber, Mukaila Ajanaku.

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Ajanaku, a renowned hair-stylist in Europe has A-list footballers like Florentin Pogba, Manchester United’s Paul Pogba’s brother, former Arsenal star, Emmanuel Adebayor, Gael Clichy, ex-Real and AC Milan star, Robinho and Kenneth Omeruo on his clientele list.

“Onyekuru flew in from Monaco just to get a haircut from me. I’m not surprise at all because I have been his stylist since his days at Galatasaray on a loan deal last season.He continued, “Onyekuru believes in my haircut, I am good at what I do and make sure I tend to my clients’ demands.

“If I wasn’t doing a good job I don’t think the likes of Adebayor, Pogba’s brother (Florentin), Dutch winger Eljero Elia, former City defender, Gael Clichy, just to mention a few, will come to my salon,” he toldSports Extra.Onyekuru is yet to hit the ground running for Leonardo Jardim’s side this season. The AFCON bronze medalist has no goals but already has one assist in four appearances for the principality club.

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Naija for show, invest wisely my dear. I forgot my tooth brush in Germany I flew back from Canada to get it what's the big deal? He can as well fly to heaven, cut his hairs n bck to Monaco, na him headache. He shld remember dat soup dey finish for pot,let him b misbehaving. Good luck,brother! D storm s over,bt d effect ll haunt u for d rest of ur life,b warned,brother. Poverty s real,brother!

Na money day talk From Monaco to Istanbul is just 100k or there about...very cheap for a footballer tho. Fat joe flew private jet from n.y to Boston just for breakfast Otedolas went to italy all the way from Monaco to buy ice cream sebi na dem get der money. In as much as it's his money I'm not expected to complain, but oga save for raining o. We no wan hear years later, you'll start soliciting for funds to foot small expenses

Stupidity of African man Even though it sounds extravagant...some barbers are so good you get addicted. wiat hair cut or hair transplant? That's why he is warming the bench at Monaco. Funny guy After retirement,he becomes bankrupt like others b4 him.... extravagant players. Tell him that he might regret such wastefulness in the future if he isn't investing what he feels are excesses.

Person wey order pizza from Yankee to Nigeria nko. Abeg allow d boy enjoy his money. If I dey him shoe I go do worst. U are not dia dat i s y u are complaining. If he can afford it, why not! Worry about the looters feeding off your common wealth When account fat like Yokozuna, what do you expect? Nothing new here, i once lived in Lagos and refuse to have an haircut because my stylist was in Abuja. I had to exercise patients until I got to Abuja for my hair cut.

Is allow but!!!!!! That's how starz do 😎😎 It's none of your business. That's power of money How's that your buz? My broda hustle o make u no call enjoyment or comfort waste of moni.. Hustle o Too much money He has the money, but that's crazy Is he high ?.. People can lie ooo Madness What is your business. He use his own money right

After when he becomes broke now, they will say na village people. Still better than Nigerian politicians. What is meaning of this news? Who cares? Punch don't have any other news to share? So much money bro. Pls remember us your supporters back home here. ify_i Some barbers are irreplaceable, I will do same for my Indian barber in Singapore

I no u re an IBO guy, IBO blood we dont no how to spend foolishly we invest it in our career and biznes. Develop more on ur training that is wat u need, so DAT our country will b proud of u. 1❤ bro henryconyekuru I find some submission hypocritical,why bcos the footballer is a brand franchise as such must maintains it brand&could go anywhere branding

Na him money...kill am.. We go reach there too 😩🙏🏾 Idiot... D Moni is too much Investigative journalism what a stupid news. And letter they will list him among the footballers that went broke. He is taking courses on how to get broke quick. That's was a practical session. How many goals has he scored this season for his club.. Cus ma not understanding this 1.. Lol 😂

Timaya ka na lol I flee from Nigeria to America to charge my phone........ Eh Stories for the god's a From France to Turkey for an haircut? O no! Spend your money anyhow you want man. Too much money Candido Da Rocha did his laundry in Britain while residing in Nigeria. This is no news. We're good in wasting resources

It is the Mukaila guy that amaze me. He is gradually turning himself to celebrity through barbing. Whatever a man do, he should do it well. That very good So ridiculous😕 😃😃😁 Highest level of iberiberism Tabloids! Punch you guys are beggining to be prioritise rubbish ooo! Besides dude can afford €500 which is not up to what some Nigerians waste every friday Night, surely has made some detours on the way

This is not a news Complete rubbish , no wonder they go broke quickly after they stop playing Na so e dey start o. Black man hmmm, the way money & power push us ehn 🤣🤣 Misplaced priority I'm still searching for the wisdom in this. I still find it hard to believe we all know that haircut happens weekly or once in two weeks so that means he will be flying to instabul every week for haircut

Is it ya money? is this supposed to be news...na ur money, na ur time, na ur plane...una just they report mumu news.... thousands of Nigerians don't have food to eat Guys are more loyal to their barber than anything. I go cut my hair for Bariga from Ikorodu. Not a big deal for a guy. Timaya weh travel from Nigeria to America to go charge phone nko? It’s his money biko let enjoy it! E no do pass our leaders

Onyekuru please go right now to Daniel Amokachi for correct tutoring. No need to thank me now This is how Africans spend money stupidly. The guy is very flyboyant. Investigative Journalism I know my hair would have started growing back before I land back in Monaco 😒. Later they will be begging the public to feed them at their old age, the ticket money is enough for ten boys to start pure business

That is why their money always finish half way unfortunate money receivers It is his money and he has the right to use it, as he pleases Money The same foolishness is applicable to even our politicians and africans in general. Wasteful nonsense life style. When did his head turned to a whole pitch I don't believe the story.

How is this news? He has to spend his money anyhow he wants Our PRESS is wonderful...if you are in showbiz let us know. And when his career end without nothing saved , they will start begging a well meaning Nigerian for help. He wants to go on loan to his former club Galatarsaray Investigative journalism His life, allow him to live it the way he pleases

When he goes broke,I hope some guys will not appeal for fund for him on sentiment basis Some of us take bike from Ikotun to Yaba for just Hair cut,how is that different .shey nah your money? Wetin concern una ooo Poverty die die die... Poverty die ooohhhh so you people are jobless now , you do not have any news again rather than tarnishing someone's image, you had better mind your business , your CEO's where do they treat themselve?. Is it your money he used to cut the hair , you q had better STP beefing his glory

Beginning of poverty. Go and ask Amochachie Punch done start again O That's the only thing you people knows how tondo. How does haircut affect you. Sex for grades, you are mute. A very good investment for the rainy days!! Timaya traveled to America to charge his phone. So? And so Stupidity of the highest order. When the tables turn now they will become beggars asking for donations from the people to survive. They refused to learn from those who had fallen from grace to grass.

That is how they end up in bench and then out of clubs. Correct👌that’s how we roll👍👍👍 Ha! Imagine for just an ordinary hair cut. Why beautify the outside of the pot when the inside is dirty. Improve your playing style not your hairstyle And i tot i was the monkey’s uncle? Keep it up the Lord is your strength... That flight ticket can save a life here in Nigeria!