Ondo Subeb Officer

Ondo Subeb Officer

Ondo SUBEB officer arrested for allegedly stealing N104m

4/10/2020 1:32:00 PM

Ondo SUBEB officer arrested for allegedly stealing N104m

Peter Dada, AkureA yet-to-be identified member of staff of the Ondo State Universal Basic Education Board has been arrested for allegedly stealing the sum of N104m from the coffer of the board.Twenty-four other civil servants in the state were also apprehended for alleged involvement in various corrupt practices.

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The suspects were taken to the Wesco Police Station, Akure, on Thursday.The Commissioner of Police in the state, Undie Adie, confirmed the arrest of the suspects, saying they had been transferred to the command headquarters for thorough investigation.

The Senior Special Assistant to Governor Rotimi Akeredolu on Special Duties, Dr Doyin Odebowale, who also confirmed the arrest, said the suspects were caught as a result of the reform carried out by the state’s Head of Service, Mr Alex Aragbaye.He stated that the suspects were arrested on the directives of the governor.

According to him, one of the suspects allegedly employed his wife without following the civil service procedures and placed her on grade level 14 and she had been collecting salaries.Odebowale stated at the police station, “We are here because of certain suspects; the governor has directed that we should prosecute them. In the civil service, there has been undetected stealing. They do it in several ways, especially through the staff list.

“We have people, who imputed fictitious figures into the payroll. When the new head of service got into office, he put in place certain reforms to make us know those in actual service.“We were able to discover that certain elements, whose names appear on the staff list, were never employed. A particular man employed his wife and placed her on grade level 14. She never attended an interview and she has been collecting salaries.

“One of them moved N104m out of the SUBEB account. We have other instances of several millions of naira moved. These are pure stealing.”The governor’s aide stated that all the indicted civil servants had already been suspended, adding that they would face disciplinary actions.

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There is actually more to this story wait for the rest of the story, u will know who the real thieves are. What of their master in govt house? We're just chasing shadow protecting big thieves & using innocents as scape goats in 9ja. Possibility of us moving 4ward as a nation very much in doubt. Pursing small thief whilst d big ones are living fat in Abj with their master in hiding.

Pls do the name calling only. hes not connected then LocusBendi One day for the thief, everyday for the owner. I pray we see the end of this story. RotimiAkeredolu Oh what a rat 🐀 race.... In the voice of Bob Marley Scam in civil service people don’t want to serve meritoriously again cause at the end of serve they don’t get pension as at when due that’s cause of corrupt practice in civil service.

What part of the story is this please? Don't tell us it is part one or two o That one na badluck follow am. Others don do wetin pass that one, but nobody fit catch them. Lol 😂😂 😂🙋🙋 🙋 Nawa o Officer or officers? This people will never learn. We always hear of their arrest but not their prosecution...

Typical Nigerian story Level. 6 officer building a multi billion naira house Great move. More arrests at the top too I am Currently serving in Akure and I had the opportunity to see some corrupt people in the civil service of that state. them sha don tell us say make we no grant press any interview. I am waiting for the end of this service

Painful God will continue to disgrace both the big,samll and miduim size thieves in this country After thorough investigation we hope they have the right judgement. Pathetic! This matter must be investigated. Why I'm i not surprised? The tail follows what the head is doing God go punish all of una One by one !!

God punish him. Chaii Which kind country be this nah

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Ondo suspends 25 civil servants for stealingA civil servant (names withheld) in the employment of the Ondo State Government has been suspended after he ‘employed’ his wife and placed her on level... Lol If only our leaders who loot the common wealth of the people can be Given thesame treatment Ah Nigeria, bad governance, and wetting our leaders dey loot, una no cash dem oooooh