Obasanjo is number one problem of Nigeria – Akiolu

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Obasanjo is number one problem of Nigeria – Akiolu Do you agree or you think otherwise? Do share your views

The Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu, has said former President Olusegun Obasanjo is the biggest problem of the country.

Akiolu spoke at the public presentation of Battlelines: Adventures in Journalism and Politics, a book by a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, Chief Olusegun Osoba. The event held at the Eko Hotels, Victoria Island, Lagos and was attended by the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo; Senate President, Ahmed Lawan; Deputy Speaker, House of Reps, Ibrahim Wase; APC National Leader, Bola Tinubu; governors in the South West, Bayelsa State Governor, Seriake Dickson, former governors, ministers, diplomats, traditional rulers, among others.

Akiolu had referenced a section of the memoir where Osoba claimed that Obasanjo deceived the then governors of the Alliance for Democracy and Afenifere.He added that the knowledge sustained ex-Lagos Governor, Bola Tinubu. “The problem we are having in this country is this and I will continue to say it that the number one problem of Nigeria is Obasanjo,” he said.


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Its very easy take them down like they've been taking the good ones too

He the only president to destroyed the whole country ya Allah destroy him

How Let us know.

This is basic problems of the yorubas. They don't like themselves. They laugh and bite the heels the same time. They are cowards. When did you hear hausas or Fulani insulting themselves talkless their leaders/elders. One major strategies hausas are using to penetrate them.

That whining sounds like that from the dungeon from a gang of losers. What has Mr. Akiolu done for anybody let alone Nigeria that qualified him to make empty noise except for the right to do so?

Very wrong.... WE THE YOUTHS are actually the Number One Problem of this Country... Who Collects Bribe on the Day of Election Who Disrupt Election Activities? Who Are Kidnappers? Who Are Political Thugs? Who Are Special Advisers who don't advise their Advisees? too many


Obasanjo is our legend , check yourself sir

Tinubu be using this Oba to discredit Obj Cus of his dead ambition to be President, knowing that Obj will be a major problem to his ambition, and not to Nigeria...

Throw him in d lagoon na.

This man talks too much,habaa. I wish they divide this old's man kingdom into 10 so he won't be talking anyhow.

These people know themselves very well more than we do. They are all the same, so if one is a problem, then all are problems

You are number one problem ,what have done for this country rather than for your selfish interest.

OGaaaa how na

I wonder what monarch turn Royalty to this day, please let's separate politics from Royalty

That’s untrue but oh well.


Who is number two and three ?


Akiolu that threatened the Igbos for exercising their franchise. Oba my foot.

Diversionary tactics to sway the minds of Nigerians from Education crisis, insecurity & the economic outlook(with current debt) is not in the interest of the country. With the AfCTA signed we cannot wait for the money to come but go & get the money clear the debt &improve Nig.

Oh yes. He is

Akiolu is number two for that matter.

Akiolu the walking Dead.

At this point i think the Yorubas are the problem of Nigeria if we can't respect each other no tolerance every one selling his brother for a saint because he want to become famous or respected so i ask while greeting elders and you lay on the ground was that formalities?

You are the only Yoruba Monarch accusing a Yoruba elder statesman and elevating an outsider because of 'Atenuje'. A monarch who fails to say the truth. People like you are the real problem we have in this country. When we place until people in exalted positions they misyarn

Royal politician!

ALL OF THEM are the problems of Nigeria. Obasanjo, Buhari, Tinubu, Akiolu, Gowon, Abubakar, Babangida, Abacha etc. Every single one of the old brigade. Sadly, after spoiling our era for us during their time, they are still here trying to spoil our children's era during our time.

So it was Obasanjo's fault that Ambode,the man you publicly vouched for,and threatened an ethnic group to throw into the sea, failed woefully in administering the State?We hear you.😒

As a king I think Akiolu should face is domain.Some of his comments politically are biased.

I don't quite agree with you on this Sir.

A big problem Nigeria is facing.

I don't agreed with you sir, but almost every one is

Is baba still embittered with being denied IG by Obasanjo though he's a terrible man which is well attested to by most Yorubas

Tell Akiolu he lies

When you look at the support base of Akiolu in this tweet, you will know that Obasanjo is doing the right thing for Nigeria and Hausa/Fulani dont like it. Obasanjo blew their fulanization cover.

Of course, he's. This has long been known.

sharp shooter!!!!!!

I agree with him, Obasanjo is the first civilian President in Nigeria and he is the one that brought rigging of election and bribery in Nigeria.

I think he was and still is the problem of this nation


not true

I'm always in awe when people say things like 'number1 problem of Nigeria is...' Or 'Nigeria problem is..' Nigeria have problems that can't be numbered...Infact the problem is so much that every single Nigerian can mention1 each without repetition and we'll still have left overs

Eyin abaluje! E ba eko je tan and now you want to blame Obasanjo for your ineptitude. Just examine yourself in the mirror first.

We're all just the problem of the country.

Eyin aletenuje buruku ole!

He's afraid hence being economical with the truth

Obasanjo is not the problem of Nigeria. He is not the cause of Nigeria problems then and now. Akiolu, you and Tinubu and all your cronies are the causes of Nigeria problems then and today. We are not blind. We can see and have experienced life under Obasanjo. Life was great.

The Greatest enemy of Nigeria is Obasanjo.

No doubt. He is.

I don't think so sir

Maybe his royal majesty is on origin bitters again, let's confirm oooo...... Cause this one nw, baba is talking again, like dis

Obasanjo remains the worst disaster that befell this nation

I totally disagree with Akiola, one man cannot be the problem of Nigeria. The only problem Nigeria has is that,we Nigerians refused to do the written things over the years.

Wasn’t it this oba that said he’ll throw the Igbos into the lagoon if they exercised their franchise? These kind of so called leaders would have been mutinied had they come from the south east.


Is it because he has opposing views now

How's OBJ Nigeria number one problem? Is he our current president?

It blows up practical wisdom & imagination to think that there is a greater evil than the devil himself.

We usually see 'Most of the Solutions' as problem in Nigeria. People that say the truth are always being crucified.

Who listen to Oba Lil' Wayne? I blame for this nonsense and INEC 😁😁😁


I disagree with the local champion.....

We are our problem but if we continue attribute problems others and not everybody, I so sure we would remain where we are

Obasanjo is truly Nigeria number one problem. God will arrest him this time around in Jesus name!

Who dey talk Nonsensical!

Then who is the number to and three and number four problem of Nigeria?

Nigeria's numero uno problem is ALL corrupt pple not just one.

What has Oba Akiolu said about murderous herdsmen and other security challenges facing nigeria? I GIVE IT TO D OONI OF IFE WHO STANDS FOR D MASSES

Obasanjo has no problem with Nigeria, when you understand him you will see that he love this country with due respect kabiosi try and withdrew that statement

I can never agree, how can he be a problem talkless of No 1?

Oba Akiolu is in denial

I disagree with u

Atenuje !! Oba politician

Akiolu is out of his senses.

APC Oba of Lagos.

Akiolu is our number One Enemy in Nigeria. We Nigerians say Enough is Enough for the Lagoon Threatened Oba who have no regard or respect for humanity. AkioluistheNo1EnemyofNigeria

This Akiolu sef

If Yorubaland is still as it was during the reign of our forefathers, Akiolu ought to have been dethrone and sent to exile. He is a disgrace to Yoruba nation. The same Akiolu that insulted & ridicule a Paramount King in Yorubaland 'OONI OF IFE' The man is under a curse I guess.

Buhari is naija problem

As if you are the solution oba afoju

Agreed or not agreed. What I can always notice about Nigerians is that they discover problems on a daily basis. So the question is , have they found any solution to the problems ? The answer is capital NO

Oil and Gas, dont wink to passengers coz passengers know where there going

I completely agree wonder4ulworld

Yes you are right sir,hr started the problem and still contributing

The best President so far so not at all

Akiolu is a motormouth, too crude to be called an oba in Yoruba land

I Disagree with you sir.

Akiolu is the number 2 problem in lagos after Tinubu

Akiolu is the Number Two problem of Lagos. Do you agree or think otherwise? Do share your views.😏

Since I don't have any instrument to measure, i'd rather that you get him arrested and prosecuted. You've identified him, solve him. You solve problems.

Bad Belle de worry oba Akiolu...

Akiolu is confused

100% correct

The motormouth moronic “King” should be deposed. He doesn’t fit for purpose

I totally disagree. If he was, I don't know but now he's obviously not.

He isn't.

Rather oba akiolu and Tinubu

Pls is it true that oba is a retired police officer, if true then i reserve my comment.

Obasanjo might not be d number 1 problem but he contributed to Nigeria problems when he had the golden opportunity to make things right

Too bad this is coming from a Yoruba king to on of the respected Yoruba leader.

Though he has his problems but he is not our number one problems.

I strongly disagree with Akiolu.

Him (Akiolu) is the problem of Nigeria and not Baba Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo

If not that he’s a royal father. I would have insulted him. Oba Akiolu doesn’t respect himself.

I don't agree. His is one of those who can speak when things are going wrong.

pdf_24 this king is always talking out of hate and in support of the present government that feeds him.. Owó èpo.. Oil and gas king.

In a population of unpatriotic Statesmen, Obasanjo is indeed a problem!

No, Nigeria problem started since from our independent father's that fought for the independent of our country

Obasanjo is not No. 1 on the list, our division started with civil war, and everyone that were involved are on the list of our problem. Obasanjo missed the chance to mend the pain of civil war and also laid bad precedence as the first democratic president after military reign.


Akiolu is our major problem....

Obasanjo is a blessing to Nigeria. No other leader has the courage to stand up and speak the truth to power. He is fearless!


Your wrong Oga....OBJ did more to this country than you and the present administration so keep quiet please

I agree with him because,the problem of this country started the day they hand over power to Obasanjo as the first civilian President in Nigeria. Obasanjo was the first civilian President who introduced corruption and rigging of election in Nigerian Democracy.

How can Obasanjo be the problem of Nigeria? Shaking my head

And you're no 2.

I do

And the Jagaban number two.

Yes of course

This Oba no get sense sadly

Obasanjo is the father of Nigeria


Akiolu you are the problem

Same terrorist Akiolu ? Lol, that guy must be mad. Lagos Baale


ayemojubar Se Oba no eleyii sha. Awon onijekuje eniyan. Esoro si ibi ti oro wa.

I Agree 🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒

Akiolu the ex Area Boy, a 'Crown Miss Rd'. Our No. 1 problem is Thiefnubu who foisted on Nigeria our No.2 problem Buhari. Problem No. 3 is Akiolu and all other maladjusted supporters of evil in our land.

ayemojubar When u made a Police thug as King, what do u expect? A bulldog in King's garment.

Oya go and hug transformer nah

This man Akiolu is fast losing respect, probably he is living in another world otherwise he wouldn't have been making these statement that has been credited to him lately

Akiolu is nothing but a psycho while Baba Obasanjo is an amazing elder statesman.


This shameless OBA is still doing drugs at 80±?

He's like a generational VooDoo in the land.

I disagree sir

And you are no 2 problem, God will soon visit you


Yes I totally agree

It's ideology that's out major problem. For instance, it's ur persective view about formal pres.OBJ that makes u think that is the problem of Nigerians.

Akiolu has not conducted himself as a traditional Oba, I very much doubt if he is actually from the ruling clan. I am sure he bribed himself in to be coronated as oba especially being a former police officer. Oba of shame.

Is he still an Oba? Or a politician? People like you are problems of this country

OBJ does have his weaknesses & excesses. However, if OBJ were in d league of Oba Akiolu, Lagos & indeed d Yoruba nation would be slaves to d Fulani. Oba Akiolu is following in d laws of power, namely, if u want to be famous,'attack d more powerful.' I'm glad OBJ is ignoring him.

For him akinolu to say that, then I think we are all the problem to Nigeria.

Says the same man who wanted to throw a full ethnic group into the bar beach for refusing to do his bidding. OBJ is 100 times a gift to humanity than that one.

Oba Akiolu does not know what he is saying. He is our problem in Yoruba land not Obasanjo.

You should worry more about your fellow 1st class traditional ruler Sarkin Fulani of Lagos who you will begin paying homage to and leave Obasanjo.

With due respect, I concur.

Isn't number one but the Genesis of modern corruption, the path finder of resources divergence, the national greediness soul, the champion of crude oil theft, the GREATEST EMBEZZLER

Akiolu has not sense of belonging again so i dint take it talk serious again

Go and kill him na...radarada!

Too much breeze from all over the island can cause

Fully agree there is the need for OBJ to answer 16billon power money

Akiolu is the number before the number one problem we have in this country.


To the extent that he helped to foist this calamity government on us.

That is a lie,obasanjo have done his best for this country,his good legacies are there for everyone to see,so I disagree with akiolu.


Akiolu doesn't have the balls to call things as they are. Obasanjo has superiority complex, granted. But he knows when things have gone wrong and disaster is eminent and speaks up. Herdsmen are on Lagos beaches what has Akiolu said or done?

Akiolu is one the men that have sworn Lagos will never progress...rtdcorruptpoliceman

If Obasanjo is the number one problem of Nigeria, Buhari is number two and Tinubu number three.

Akiolu is one of the problems of the Yorubas.

MBuhari is the confirmed problem of Nigeria while OBJ is the unconfirmed case.

Some of our traditional rulers need to stop drinking alcohol before saying anything to the press. We need people to keep talking ,to stand as the opposition because we don't have any opposition party right now. I hope he was asked about RUGA too

yes you are correct, But it is too late coming from you.

ComradeAbubakar True Talk

No. The Oba in question is a problem on his own. He must first overlook his problem with Obasajo. As a Statesman, Baba Obasajo must intermittently criticize infamous policies of any Govt. in power and may sound absurd at times but factual!

Big lie its buhari and his aso rock goons

His opinion

An elder deserve a respect i dont think that he is the problem of this country,many of our past leaders have hand in what is disturbing this nation.

Please ask the oba n jagaban to say something about RUGA

His working for his oaymaster

I don't agree. Baba is even looking beyond Nigeria now. He's done well for humanity.

Very correct.

Akiolu is the Chief Sycophant of our time. He isn't qualify to be a baale not to talk of an Oba. What a calamity Kabiyesi 'Lagoon'.


0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8... Oba Akiolu is No 0 OBJ is No 1 Oba Akiolu is the ORIGINAL Nigeria problem.

On the contrary, Akiolu is the number one person causing disunity in Nigeria.

Throw him into the lagoon lol


Yes and Tinubu

I don't agree

Abi make we also throw am inside Bar beach? Local king can't think past his nose!

King of Ruga

How can Obasanjo be the problem with Nigeria? Is he still the President? Does he have any position in the government? The statement is a red herring designed to distract our attention. It won't work.

Oba ologogoro.

Obasanjo is a true Nationalist from prison to President and still delivered he never took month to anouce his cabinet, never biased to the north or south was never biase in fighting corruption unlike the orders

Before the advent of buhari yes. But buhari came buhari is Nigeria's number 1 problem. We thought obj was corrupt. Today we see buhari is d ground master of fraud, nepotism, ground corruption u just name it.

Akiolu talks too much. I don't know the type of kind he is. Because you roll with Tinubu doesn't make you an open politician and talk anyhow. You are supposed to be a royal FATHER but unfortunately you are a royal FLOP sir. With all due respect ✊

Yes I agree but Buhari is the worse of them all, so for now I think Obasanjo should be left alone, the current problem Nigeria is having is Buhari both him and vice and all his cabinet with some of his APC members are not thinking straight,his seat should be declared vacant

Talking craps

Make we kuku break the table...gbam!

I do not humbly disagree with you!

i donot agree ..Obasanjo hasdone his bit n he ws tryin2call govt to order n som of wot he complaind abt hs bn happenin nw.RUGA

Yes I agree

I agree, the man has so much on his conscience, he is not better than IBB, Jonathan maybe as of intelligence at par with Buhari

Who will listen to that Amugbo Oba?

It's funny that those agreeing with the Oba are doing so using the telecommunications infrastructure achieved during Obasanjo's administration. The Oba wouldn't tell you that.


Oba Lil Wayne has gone mad again.

He is NOT the number one problem of Nigeria but Truly, Obasanjo is one of the Notable Problems of Nigeria

This OBA is always a spokesperson of Jagathief....when OBJ was support PMB he did not speak a bad word abt OBJ.....respect the Crown Sir.

With due respect, i disagree with you baba

Strongly agreed! OBJ laid the foundations of injustices, corruption, inequalities, impunity, etc. I'll give just one example: PenComNig policies justify everything I've stated. PenComNig is a big scam!!! OBJ is the sole enabler of evil Nigerians are experiencing today!

Akiolu that said they'll drown the igbos in Lagos lagoon if they don't vote APC and Buhari?

After him I guess.🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶

How is he the number one problem of Nigeria sir?


$16b criminal gang

Send me the Akiolu's I need to ask something

It's not true.

Akiolu should close is Thrash mouth . Person wen don under Tinubu control they talk self shame to Yorubas

Hmm... These two old men with their fights sha... 😀😁😁😂😂 Only God know wetin obj do akiolu before now!! Maybe one snatch one girlfriend in the past. Only God know.

I agree !

Oversimplification of complex national question.

Over agree

Confirm !! And that is true talk.

How his he your problems? The man that always tell the truths, a man who speak from inside,a man of vision. Please, leave him for Nigeria

They must have loaded his plate with small chops, Local King is not making sense.

Agreed 100%

Yes ooooo. I totally agree. We Nigeria will tell him (obasanjo) that he didn't owning this country.

When fools talk...

I totally agreed.

To me it is Buhari a calamity to this country

I agreed 1000%

Akiolu is a drunk king that is dancing to thiefnubu talking drum


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