Northern Governors And Plot For 2023

Northern Governors And Plot For 2023

10/16/2021 7:40:00 AM

Northern Governors And Plot For 2023

Less than two years to yet another round of national elections, the conspiracy over which of the regions should produce the 2023 presidency is creating

Under their watch, their states have been transformed into flourishing killing fields. Unlike some of their colleagues in Benue, Katsina, Kebbi and Zamfara, among others, some of these governors are simply in power to help themselves and survive the intrigues of politics.

Some of them had in the past turned their eyes from the tragedies that have befallen their citizens in the hope of being politically correct. While one of them was said to have been so generous to give out a whopping sum of N10 million to buy beer at a nightclub to celebrate his birthday, some of them are now the problem of their states, rather than insurgents, bandits and kidnappers.

Some of these governors have not only kidnapped the future of their states, they are now worse than bandits and criminal groups they claim are our problem. Despite the promise of dividends of democracy to electorates, these power-seeking politicians have found an unimaginable access to wealth and are now determined to pilfer every kobo for their future survival in the murky waters of politics.

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Over seven years of President Buhari in power has left the North with an image of unspeakable horror and despair made worse by the activities of criminals that have continued to unleash dreadfulness on vulnerable communities. Some of these governors neither believe in the unity of the region nor in the greatness of our nation. Their singular motive has always been to fleece state coffers and transfer public wealth to islands of financial safety. Little wonder that $400 million of properties in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are owned by some members of the corrupt Nigerian political class.

The North is more cursed with corrupt governors than blessed with the few working quietly for the overall good of the people. In spite of their manifold failings, they have no justifiable cause to ignore the fire incinerating their states in defence of power retention in 2023. Since May 2015, what has the North gained in being in power other than bloodbath and crippling poverty?

ADVERTISEMENTWith the North becoming incapacitated in building consensus for national agenda, the mutual disunity tearing down the house Sardauna built is palpable. More worrisome, the resolution of the South to unite in pursuing power rotation in 2023 makes it glaring that the North is ‘No longer at ease’.

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With the various components of the North in disarray, the politicisation of religion, as shown in political appointments, has become a death knell for a region that once spoke in one voice. There has been no opposition to the North’s continued retention of power other than the position of the Middle Belt Forum (MBF), an umbrella organisation of ethnic nationalities in the region. It recently declared that it was totally opposed to the retention of power by the North in 2023. If power must not shift from the North, the MBF is insistent that a Middle Belter should emerge. In the event that such is not possible, the Forum has vowed to rally all its members to support the South for the 2023 presidency.

Ahead of national polls, the proliferation of groups championing rights of minorities is a sure sign that ethnic nationalities in the North that have suffered the burden of local imperialism by the Arewa hegemonists are now willing to throw away their chains.

The growing despair and bloodshed that have ripped across Sardauna’s House bear the marks of religious favouritism. This nepotism has been confirmed by the appointment of only two Christians out of the 22 ministers from the 19 states of the region by President Buhari.

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The clamour by those who have always enjoyed the meal of One North for power may turn out an exercise in futility in 2023. The NGF should not think it is the authentic and true voice of the people. What some of these governors are presently doing is supervising the incineration of a regional platform that was and is still being used for the oppression of their people and impoverishment of citizens.

If the North must survive; it must resolve its inherent contradictions and be willing to recreate itself for justice and equity for all Nigerians. In these modern times, education makes it difficult for people to be enslaved. The politics of religion hinged on personal aggrandisement must stop. The resort to hiding the truth, using the theory of herder/farmer clashes that have led to mass deaths of vulnerable citizens, must end. The continued subjugation of traditional systems of ethnic nationalities and enthronement of a favoured ethnic group over others must give way.

Where is that old North that was a key player in revenue generation but has suddenly turned into a parasitic virus? Where is that old North that once sought for development and peace, but is now a hair-rising cynosure of bloodbath? What happened to that old North that was once proud of what it produced and not what they depended on from the South? What happened to that old North that was committed to education and industrialisation, but is now replaced with greedy political leaders that are willing to deny the truth to serve their bellies?

Power has intoxicated leaders of that old North that once produced groundnut pyramids and cotton. The inheritors of the Sardauna are now seeking domination, rather than seeking alliances with other regions for development. The old North has refused to embrace realities, but is now promoting rented democracy where electorates have been emasculated to sell their democratic rights to a selfish ruling elite.

The old North that Baba-Ahmed speaks of no longer exists; it has long expired with the wind of change foisted and promoted by the progenies of the Sardauna legacy. Some of these governors are now enmeshed in building financial empires for themselves and their cronies. They are prepared to fly to their safe havens at the sound of any uncertain alarm.

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