Afenifere, Coalition Of Northern Groups

Afenifere, Coalition Of Northern Groups

Northern coalition wants Afenifere proscribed as terrorist | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News

Northern coalition wants Afenifere proscribed as terrorist | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News

8/1/2021 7:50:00 AM

Northern coalition wants Afenifere proscribed as terrorist | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News

Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) has asked Federal Government to immediately proscribe Afenifere and other cultural tribal organisations undermining peace...

Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) has asked Federal Government to immediately proscribe Afenifere and other cultural tribal organisations undermining peace, security and peaceful coexistence of the country as terrorists.CNG, in a statement issued yesterday in Abuja, by its spokesperson, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, said any individuals as Adebanjo and others associated with such groups or organisations that incite others to violations or openly support acts of terror and terrorist movements should be arrested and decisively dealt with by the authorities.

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He said: “We emphatically repudiate the provocative action of remnants of those who harbour pent-up grudges against the rest of Nigeria for the failure of Awolowo’s tribalistic ambition to secure the nation’s leadership, and deem this affront…” Read more: The Guardian Nigeria »

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These people want to be the only ones existing in Nigeria. Trust me, the land will go down in blazes if left for them. Honestly sometimes i wonder hw this northerners reason What about Boko Haram or the Fulani herdsmen? They are the butchering Terrorists in Nigeria. Not Nnamdi Kanu. Mumu set of association

These guys hv really lost it..jst crazy Then Miyetti Allah are what? Jokers These fools are becoming more daring Proscription kee all of una dia This useless set of ppl 🤣🤣🤣 Does afenifere kills or have you ever heard afenifere involve in a mess you doing in the north ? Awon werey aboki no be una fault na UK cause am, amalgamation my yansh

Una dey kolo, the terrorists dey una backyard, na South u dey face.

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Where’s the Yoruba monarch nonsense in osun state who is protecting bokoharam and bandits? Imagine the audacity of these arewa? Sick Coalition of Northern Nigeria. This is their new name! Not boko haram Not fulani herdsman Not bandits Alright Comedians 😁😃😀 E be like say una don dey crazy jokers 😂😂😂 clowns. I blame the press for giving them a platform. Like is this really news worthy or even worth reporting considering the mirage of issues that they could report in the alternative.

If there's so much hate in your heart for the South then let's go our separate ways. Abeg if Nigeria will break let it break This's a gathering of m☆d people,and this is more reasons why we need our YorubaNation away from these almajiris,you don't need any other explanations as to why nigeria is stagnant !

Separation is the only Solution of all these Fulani nonsense

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Enough of this nonsense, fulani people. Come to delta state see how you have destroyed our farmlands North has been beating the drum of war since against the Yorubas. You came to their ancestral home, kill their children and wives. Destroy their farmlands, still their property and yet they kept quiet. Now you want yoruba socio cultural group proscribed as terrorist organizatn

Madness of the highest level Let us gather some that can read and write and give them some nonsense to spew just to divert attention from obvious issues on ground. Una yeye dey smell. SOUTHERNERS WAKEUP FULANI agenda is real Let's divide this country in peace Thank God for this may be southwest will get sense

Leave Awo out of your dead argument! Asking to proscribe a group as terroist & what terroristic act(s) have they committed? Is Myetti Allah proscribed as a terrorist group or Pantami as terrorist leader? After all, they threatened Ortom & committed terrorist acts against him! oduduwajourney 😁😁😄😃😆😂🤣🤣 StopTheGenocide EnoughIsEnough EndNigeriaNowToSaveLives

And you have not proscribed bandits as terrorist. People that shut down a fighter jet

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Very stupid and expensive joke It is only in a zoonation you can get this high level of impunity Miyetti Allah is what ? Here they come again!! While bandits and Boko Haram and killer herdsmen should be northern freedom fighters or business partners Wonders shall never end o in this Nigeria 😂😂😂 BOtunuga Why are they insulting Yorubas? I hope someone will reply them Terrorists region Underpants bombers Abdulmutallab brothers Abba kyari brothers Magu brothers 378 students from Northern Nigeria are still in kidnapper's den,yet they're not concern. UKParliament UKinNigeria

What's not surprising is that it will happen... We will all wail and shout and then the army will move into to the west and start slaughtering people like in the east. One of the reason I find it difficult why we still have Nigeria

Presidency acknowledges Nigerians going through hardship | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsThe Presidency, yesterday, disclosed that President Muhammadu Buhari has accented to 15 bills since the inauguration of the 9th National Assembly. Just acknowledging? Wahala dey for country. What will there acknowledgement do? When citizens are governed by a directionless being, hardship is bound to prevail. The 'cordial relationship' between the legislathieves & the executhieves' have brought nothing but more hardships to Nigerians. The 'cordial relationship' is only beneficial to them as it gives them the opportunity to act against the wishes of the people.

arter87486635 Jokers! We must break up se The ones who should be proscribed terrorists are calling others terrorists. They haven't complained about the bandits and terrorists in their backyard o. And then they call terrorists bandits in the north...smh Sickening northern group Tell your old fool that you put their to announce it, You can see how GOD justice dey catch una small small.

The bitter truth. The north always advocate how to proscribe groups/organisations as terrorists while they are the origin of terrorism in the zoo (Nigeria). The language they understand and speak on daily basis is terrorism not. Destruction is their blood always. Little wonder they are in bloody romance with Fulani hersmen and Bandits. Proscribe Afenifere. Proscribe IPOB. But honour Miyetti Allah,

And what happens to them who threaten everything including none-Northern birds and plants? Hypocrites Divide Nigeria now to save lives If you people like proscribe the Yoruba race as a terrorist group, that's you people's problem

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Why not the whole Yoruba people? Awon weyre. don't have much data to weast for this group called northern bra bra, ofcourse they always think backward in every sensitive matter And they will get their wish in Buhari's Nigeria When they said biafrans were terrorist Just to use that in doing ethnic cleansing No body said anything Fulani herdsmen and their other northern groups has been killing Nigerians,raping slaughtering displacing and grabbing lands ..they are not terrorist It will consume soon

mad people everywhere Nothing but hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah Naija people fast moving from organized living while dis shameful development is wrapped in “democratic institutions” and the world pretends they are dealing with a democracy with western-type constitution & institutional arrangements. What a travesty!

Na Tinubu give this people this kin guts 😂😂😂 Everything about this ppl is worst, then leave us to be you say no thiefs

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The Northern Coalition are MAD E go reach everybody turn. Shey dey proscribed IPOB and SW and SS region seemed happy about it. E go touch everybody. We go all answer terrorists by force I can't really understand what wrong with this Northern coalition. Is it by force for all regions to remain together as Nigeria ? The way an average northerner reason is so appalling.

Why are these northerners unapologetically dumb ? Why 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Really. This people normal so 😅😅 Terrorist are bandits ... insurgents = bandits How did it get to an extent that these people have become the spokesmen of Nigeria? The heat up the polity with unsound statements, declaration and go home unscathed. They feed on the fact that other regions are peaceful, but there’s an end to every madness.

So arewa are not terrorists coalition 🤣🤣🤣 Lollll Clarenceonyeks The game had began Una see the ENGLISH for the statement? I seriously doubt Northern leaders concocted that one oh! E pass dem power! Keep it on... Thank Northerners! 👊🏿 These guys have actually gone mad You need help Shaa 😹 Southern you haven't see anything, any one can form a group in north and use that to determine what will happen in Nigeria special what will happen to southerns .

Now you know that nigeria is not for you See dem wolf in sheep cloth. Bros how bandit market. You should be more concerned with the insecurity in your region . Stop looking for credit . KeepitOn

Ko ye gbogbo yin patapata, lati Ori oba yin titi de Ori Erin yin. Awon Werey oloriburuku The hypocrisy of this tribe is beyond understanding. WTF!!!!!! What will you call Areewa and Miyyeti Allah? Some part of your head dey pain you honilatte_ Westerners and easterners still dey do 'we want yo be civil,we want to follow due process' ok oo continue speaking english,it will be late when you realise that what these mo'fvckers understand is an eye for an eye

BMC SW will throw weight behind this. ponmogengs This should be clear to afenifere, the agenda of the northerner..It is enough to cut off & allow them to rule Nigeria in peace since they have been tagging every organisation as terrorist.. Bokoharam, Bandits etc that emanated from the North ar not terrorist..It is shameful

This is so funny, crazy set of people, Hahahahahahah...Northern coalition is getting mad😂😂😂 Afenifere and IPOB should be proscribed as terrorist? While BH, Miyetti Allah, Hisbah, bandits, Islamic terrorist, Arewa youths, religion extremist, kidnappers etc are angels? From the Northern NIGERIA 💀. Make it make sense!!!

Then go ahead now , just proscribed us now don’t make any announcement RealOlaudah Laughing in Biafra. 🤣😂😂😂 With this type of development, I wonder if some use their brain at all. they are condemned to undergo compulsory western education at their own expense.... This is a joke taken too far.. Is there any doubt anymore that the north see the south as its colonised territory

😂😂😂 Ok, then police will start Killing Yorubas? It is their guts for me...😂😂. Foolish and docile southern leaders 😂. Lol the country is obviously not and never will be balanced... Northerners una own sef too much

Jokers always joking!!! They are mad! Northerners are looking for wahala everyday.. Nigerians main problem has always been the smelly sentiments of some northerners against other region. They have managed to export terrorism to other parts of the country, yet killer herders are sacred. Nobody has monopoly of violence, time we tell!

Karma is coming to them. There is no love no peace no unity in all ethnic in Nigeria, why dont all agree that the marriage is not working and go our separate ways in peace guys, northern poor are suffering even more in all this, Only their greedy politicians ar just using them to achieve thy blody gold.

Nonsense plepeo everywhere Are u normàaaaaaal These guys will just be somewhere setting fires Proscribe Northern coalition as .......

Right after Fulani herdsmen and Miyetti Allah is rightly proscribed as a terrorist group that they are. Arewa groups becoming a nonentity everyday. But bandits that carry arms, shoot down aircraft, kidnap school kids and Rape women are business men, Fulani herders that has killed more than 5000 People are business men, God will Punish y'all nothern coalition.

All dis groups affiliating dem self to a region or tribe from d south to the north are just misplaced of priorities Another evidence that this coalition consist of cows, donkies, carmels and ignoramus hypocrites Then ACF should be proscribed first, awon werey gbogbo Up is down. Down is up. I hope they succeed though.

In the spirit of fairness, let us do it across board, Myetti Allah, IPOB, Afenifere, any organisation that feathers religious and regional domination should be proscribed. The truth is that the elites use all these languages to impoverish the masses while feeding fat on us. Those whom the gods want to destroy they first make mad.Let them continue digging their holes it’s only a matter of time before their cup becomes full

Emmanue10125965 Everything is Coming to conclusions

Jokers Evil people with there evil mind very soon calamity fall on u all Hahahahahah, wetin reach the nose go eventually reach the mouth. Where are the Yoruba folks that where applauding them when the proscribed the IPOB. The tea go reach everybody. Bt northern coalition does not want Abba kyari to b handed over to FBI awon weyrey gbogbo

..... and Arewa? ....and Areas Can we just part ways with these northerners please Afenifere that's been in existence before most of you in unfortunate organisation were born please God divide this useless country called Nigeria.. The north claim the owe the country.. They are all mad. If Afenifere is proscribed, the Arewa will then be proscribed before the Afenifere. That is how they proscribed IPOB and allowed Fulani herdsmen and Miyetti Allah to be killing and kidnapping people for ransom. They are the owners of Nigeria

While they are comfortable with actual proven terrorists like herdsmen and 'bandits' who are already shooting down military jets. Any opposition in Saudi Sunni Arabia is labelled as terrorist group for convenience. The documentary is on Netflix. The Nigerian govt wants to play the same card. This is the reason next president (if any Nigeria exist in 2023) should be a Southern Christian

Awon eleyi ti ment Every group in Nigeria is a potential terrorist group....🤣🤣 Foolish things soon we shall see don't worry something will happen soon watch out Please we northerners don't know this coalition, when our region is dominated by terrorist we have no right to call another region terrorist.

fulani wants everyone in the south proscribed,and they can't even proscribe miyeti allah/herdsmen. Until nigerians unite against fulani these foreign lunatics will continue to insult all of you. fulani get mind sha,they want men like Pa Fasoranti to be seen as terrorists? 😂😂 Dumb people talking. Living in the same country with people like this is a curse.

Very soon they make a request to proscribe the whole south as trrrotist group. These people . Smh

We don't need government to proscribe the northern group before we recognize them as terrorist, in fact virtually everything about the north is well embedded in terrorism. Those mugu 😹😹😹 I need to send this to my die hard Yoruba 'one' Nigerianer. You people are free to say what ever you like this buhari time. But why am always hangry with southern president is that they don't do anything when they are in power.

Nigerians are just fooling themselves! It's very clear they don't love themselves, they should not be in a pretence called 1 Nigeria To the North every other region is a terrorist except the North, who kills people without provocation = (The North) who Monopolized every sector in Nigeria = (The North) yet when people cries out for the Northern Tyranny they are proscribed? Shame to this Evil coalition.

Idiits This fools are going far too much Las las e go reach everybody.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

EndNigeriaNowToSaveLivesMattars Nigeria 🇳🇬 is not working and can never ever work everybody must go his way for me we are BIAFRA the lights of the world 🌎🌎 The hypocrisy of some of these northern groups is baffling. They feign ignorance of the realities of contemporary northern Nigeria. A region plagued by the scourge of almajiri, torn in shreds by terrorists, bandits, and extremists. Yet, their concern is proscribing Afenifere.

So, one of the duties of ur coalition is to promote condemnation of other groups. If , there is any group that deserve to be proscribe, it is ur group. Because, what has ur group done to prevent the killings, banditry etc going on in ur region? Please, hv a deep thinking. These people are demented All this ones just open mouth waaaa like donkeys

God bless Biafra.. I have nothing more to say😀😀😀 These people behave as though they own all of us in this country! Nigeria has already divided itself along THINKING LINES. birds of a feather should flock together ASAP. Children in Class 1A and 1E cannot learn together. Northern coalition are the terrorist organization we know

They proscribed IPOB and most of you were rejoining as if that was the end,look at their next agenda. So laughable that I can't even laugh Hahahaha the way Igbo and Yoruba dy register their names into hausa fulanis terrorist group ! Am sure by this time 2 years coming !!! If you talk fem , u are a terrorist ,

Afenifere won join to remove butter from your free bread ? kidnap business deyawa for your area. olodo How on earth are you silent while this intimidation, threats and insults on your leaders and elders kept coming from Miyetti Allah and Fulani oligarchs? Isn’t it time to rise from your bed, dust yourself up to defend your people and race? OduduwaR OdudwaRepublic oduduwajourney

Owners of Nigeria deciding which group to brand terrorist, while killer herdsmen and bandits killing and kidnapping Nigerians, military, and shooting down their fighter jets are business men. E be like say Ogun in collaboration with Thunder wan fire 🔥 Una abi. The bandits/herdsmen destroying lives and property are yet to be proscribed, are you well at all ?

Today's usually news from the dying north Omo... Shey they have started selling Oshodi weed somewhere in the North? Coz me no understand again The are now the national assembly deciding for a democratic government Bunch of jokers😂😂😂