Northern actors uncomfortable acting in the south —Ali Nuhu


Northern actors uncomfortable acting in the south —Ali Nuhu

The actor said he had been able to remain relevant in the industry by staying loyal to his target audience. “When I started out with movies in southern Nigeria, I used to experiment with different kinds of roles. And with time, I started realising the type of roles a large chunk of my fans wanted me to play and I adhered to that. If I am not comfortable with any role given to me, I tell the producer outright that I cannot do it. Every actor should have a target audience and endeavour to give them what they want per time. That is how I have been able to cope over the years,” he stated.

Contrary to the notion that the northern film industry is too strict, even going to the extent of banning actresses from hugging on camera, Nuhu stated, “I wouldn’t say that the industry is too strict, but the background and culture an actor comes from matters a lot. If you’re from a particular area and are loved by the people of that area, if you do things your audience is not comfortable with, you would be automatically rejected. And if you’re rejected in the North, even the producers in the south would not want to work with you.”

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Why sir? It's a deying something. Dey your dey. They feel inferior. Better Like seriously? Am disappointed Then go act in North and leave South. Rubbish Stay in your place of comfort then. Shikina! Clowns. Then stay in the North Then Northern actors should ask themselves why? Guilty conscience simple truth Nothing but d truth.. AN

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Everything about this country points towards disintegation Becos you will probably get killed when you return back north........ sharia people😂😂. Nigeria beware of this because if they totally take over same thing will happen to us all. Its true, if you act in the South you might be stoned to death when you go back home, that's how bad it is, they are all saints in the north you know. Lols

No problem stay in your village we have more than enough in the south Remain in the north But the south picked you and bath you. How could you have forgotten so early? Quit Who write invitations call you before 🤣🤣🤣 Inferiority complex, I guess. Stay back in the north then

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The same reason southern actors rarely go to the north to act. The feeling is mutual so make everybody dey im lane Then let them go back to North

Northern youth coalition to meet govs over Ruga ultimatumThey should just split this country... Some people have decided to be stupid...! They are useless and senseless youth that know how cattle are rear in other parts of the world..they North is reason why Nigeria is not developing I THINK ITS A GOOD MOVE

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