Ogun Lockdown

Ogun Lockdown

No more lockdown in Ogun except weekends, says Abiodun

5/28/2020 11:02:00 PM

No more lockdown in Ogun except weekends, says Abiodun

Daud OlatunjiThe Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun, has eased lockdown in the state except on weekends.The Governor stated this on Thursday evening while addressing newsmen on the update of COVID-19 held at his Oke-Mosan office.Abiodun said henceforth, there would not be restriction of movement between Mondays and Fridays except on Saturdays and Sundays.

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He added that the Federal Government’s order on curfew which begins between 8:pm and ends 6:am daily is still in place.He also said the ban on interstate travelling and religious activities is also still in force.NDDC shuts down headquarters as director dies

Abiodun said the state recorded 59 new positive cases, an increase of 32 per cent , bringing the total number of positive cases to date to 242.The Governor said, “This second phase has two major elements of further relaxation of the restrictions and expansion in the number of days.

“In contrast to the current three days of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, this new phase opens up all the five working days in the week i.e Monday to Friday, with only Saturday and Sunday as lockdown days.“In addition, there will be no time restriction from Monday to Friday, with the exception of the curfew period from 8.00 pm or as may be directed by the President.

“Let no one make a mistake. COVID- 19 is neither over nor the curve of the spread flattened. From all available data and simulations, we are yet to reach our peak. Consequently, the further easing of the lockdown is not a license to believe the worst is over.

“For the avoidance of doubt, all the existing guidelines to combat COVID-19 in the state remain in place. In addition, specific guidelines to guide the operations of industries have been issued and must be fully complied with by all industries, as part of preparations for full operations.

“The curfew from 8.00pm to 6.00am as directed by the President is still in place.“Restrictions on Interstate travel are also retained. Wearing face masks in the public is still mandatory. Only one passenger is still allowed for motorcycles, otherwise known as okadas, whilst tricycles are limited to two passengers only.”

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Dasaaaafàdaadada Afekk2the poll pillow tweeters eqa Lmao what is really happening 🤦‍♀️ Man have decided to allow people live their lives. Mad people everywhere Lol. Government dey negotiate with virus. dharmiesho see You had a meeting with Covid-19 😂 So CU fit resume now bah Are you guys negotiating with the virus?

mrmiliky... Good news 💯💯💯 Mad yo! COVID you don hear 😂😂😂 No more coronavirus in Ogun except on weekends.. Very good. 😐 Haha this kind of empty skulls we have in power in this country is shameful We already know all this na scam. Make this lockdown finish, make everybody resume there normal lives. Covid 19 is just a business platform for the government. They've looted all economy treasure.

I'm really disappointed at this Mr governor. So clueless 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 e sure for you sir This is laughable . So why lock weekend ? Or the virus only recognize weekends ? These politicians won’t stop amusing us ! Congratulations to Ogun state Ogun state residents congratulation for the new development as Mr. Corona will be cage monday to friday by the governor and release only on weekends so your almost compliance highly require

OK naaa Coronavirus is only working on weekends Hahahah, I can't stop laughing, who and how many offices works on weekends, Mr Abiodun should think like a leanerd man, he is just confused, tell should tell us the real truth about the virus and it's state in Nigeria. They should stop all this stupid politics on serious matters.

The point is that lockdown is unscientific and unhistorical;how can the healthy be shutdown like a bird ?which science supports this,be kind to show us. Covid 19 is a political hoax that is engineered toward totalitarianism and destroying private businesses Yayyy. Corona virus takes leave on weekdays 😁😁

After extensive research, it has been noticed that corona virus only comes out during weekends. Consequently, consultations have been made and all stakeholders unilaterally agreed that people can work during weekdays. Nigerian corona virus is very lenient and considerate. Like there was lockdown bfr Nigeria learder are taking too much if hard drink... when the case is minimal total luck down when is increasing everyday partial luck down ... were po o

Does this mean that the inter state lockdown is lifted? Someone please clear me! I guess he wants to prevent owambe and church gatherings. What’s the rationale for a weekend lockdown? If there’s anything I like about the strain of COVID-19 in Nigeria, it’s the fact it is very reasonable and open to dialogue.

So ogun now is having covidweekend virus nawa ooo This is a good initiative. Hope others State learn from him. Everybody is getting a little pissed at COVID-19 Thank God Thank God Nice one When I tell you APC is a kainkain party Mad mad Them don go appease the gods of Corona Another Animal talk Thank God 9ja my country, our leaders matter just like zee word'Extral ordinary nonsense play everyday 🤣🤣

I want believe that Sundays are not included as weekend days because each new week begins on Sundays- Mark 16:2 (Good News and New Living Translations). Oh God this is crazy Thanks Chai!!!. Corona virus is now a weekend crawler? Na only weekend COVID19 go dey patrol area for Ogun. Residents be worn🥵 this people have all gone insane, what is it with them and worshiping days?

Governor Abiodun Lockdown 🙆🥱🤣 Corona: we'll no longer infect people of Ogun till weekend Of what essence...😒 What is your problem? What is the meaning of locking down weekends? I don't know where our leaders learnt that there are days that COVID moves around. 🤦🏾‍♂️ Yes, Coro only comes out on weekends 😭

Does CORONAVIRUS only infect people on weekends? What is this naa Mad people everywhere Weekend Corona,,, 😂😂😂 stupid people Ogun state still counting I_ortegga Lol joker so weekends are always busy in OGUN State Because uncle coro only comes out at weekend TheMATTER Gov Dapo you don fall my hand😖 Stupid governor

Harnee_MM Just cancel the lock down and stop all these comedy bcos i don't know when corona start operating on weekends alone. DamiAwofolaju OmisCollection Indomitable_007 Correct guy But weekend is when I need to travel to do my PP Only in Nigeria that I see where Corona Virus is given time for its operation.

Is this governor stupid or what ? I predicted this few weeks ago that 9ja go shock covid19, Now d virus has only weekend to walk about, weytin we no go see So you guys have successfully eliminate church in this country.. Hmmm set awon anti-christian This people are just funny, so Nigeria covid19 only sign weekend to be active... Congrats 👏 Mr Govnor, that a big achievement

Congratulations, ogun finally reach an agreement with queen coro... Awesome This Ogun governor just fair for nothing! People are talking in the rubbish in the comments just to feel among. Nigerians are a special breed. Osheey😹 This fuelless generator is a new source of power that is completely safe, free and efficient, the durability and design is Top notch. This generator, unlike every other generator doesn't have an engine which consumes fuel/gas and makes noise. You can contact us on (09053597845)

Coronavirus is only spreading on the weekends? Small Small Use ur words to assist the unlearned. Peace reign when people are guided. We all need to do our small parts. Maybe with the right words. Omo corona no Dey catch people for weekdays again sha confused mugu The problem in Nigeria is we commented on issues by our emotions not by facts, most people in isolation centres In Nigeria are arguing about foods, nowhere in the world that covid-19 patients they can’t even talk, talk less of complaining, covid virus in Nigeria is fraud

Na the matter we Del settle Now Amazing , Covid 19 do not work on weekdays ! While y’all are blaming the Governor many people have insulted the living daylight out of him for extending it till now. Wetin u wan make he do?! Too much of thinking will not kill my Governor Proper timing will not kuku kill Corona virus.

What happened from monday to friday. COVID-19 in Nigeria can only spread on Saturdays and Sundays? Friday is open and it's a day for Mosque While Sunday is closed and it's a day for Church. The states are really working with federal government. Please remove lockdown What other proof does anyone needs about the folly and humor Covid-19 has offered us on our shores? Insulting people for doubting the veracity of the pandemic in Nigeria is infantile and lunatic, it was over-exaggerated and the initial 6 weeks lockdown was a mechanical hardship

Coro is now like EPL... Na only Saturday and Sunday e dey waka Noted, so when is school and religion centres going to reopen So, Corona virus spreads only on weekends 😂😂 E ma pa mi oo Wonderful. Corona na weekend crawler😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 This agreement wey Government and Corona reach, na for which court we go fit settle TheMATTER ?

Lovely. OgunbiyiOyinwo2 if you can follow me ill be one of the happiest person right now Covid on weekends Wao great news To avoid owambe I guess Please when do we start our religious worship. Jokers 🤣🤣🤣 I don't even understand this our FG again This country is a joke Hummmm Looking at this Abiodun, one will think he's sound and smart but with some of his recent actions i started to have a rethink about him.. No more lock down except on weekends, imagine that. COVID-19 will be on leave of absence every weekdays in Ogun State. Arákùnrin yí má gọ̀ oo

😂 😂 😂 Orishirishi type of lockdown in Nigeria 🇳🇬... I hail ooooo Who voted this guy? 🤷 Ope o Power miss road politicians *START UR TELECOM BUSINESS WITH JUST 100,FREE TRAINING ON PRINTING OF RECHARGE CARDS, VTU, CABLE T.V SUB, PREPAID ELECTRICITY BILL PAYMENT, Follow THIS LINK TO JOIN MY WHATSAPP GROUP: XMA Header Image Aforke Telecom services 2

Wow!!! All of you are confused including the man in Abuja. What difference will it make opening five days in a week for work then weekends lock down. How does it sound ,when weekends is a necessity. 😕 You see why I get tired of listening to the news...how does his excellency even feel when saying this? Ashamed, no? Illogical, no?

Really.. Irohin a gbo se haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Nigeria !!!!!!! Yes please.. The virus is on break during weekends. Nice move. Thank God oh. At last Which one is weekend. Lol😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂 fam.. I've laughted so hard, my ribs are aching That's update on Lockdown in Ogun. 'Religious gathering' Naija is a funny place sha

What's the difference between weekdays and weekends? Abeg enough of the drama, let our people go I don't get the motive So na weekend corona dey operate for Ogun state now 😂😂😂😂😂 FG has started negotiating with the virus🙏🙏 Useless man Nice lobbying Sir, how did you negotiate with Covid-19 we want to tell our respective governors to follow suit.

See your man TobrightDewara Naija 😁😁 Why weekends? Go and contact Covid_19 during the week and lockdown during weekends. We shall see the multiplier effects in due course. Covid-19 on weekends ONLY not opened for weekdays 😂😀 lol coro has finally come to an agreement with the ogun state govt dabiodunMFR is a joke. His he saying COVID19 only get shift to Ogun on weekends? Every other day is off or busy in other states

There's absolutely no need for any lockdown. Just some health guidelines to guide the citizens of Nigeria. We go need look into this matter o Abi wetin una think. 😂 anybody wey wan drop make e drop. Una Wehdone Thank you Sir Okay Na the Matter we dey try Settle oooo 😁 Wow, didn't know you had an agreement with coronavirus on when to come out.

Corona only moves around in Ogun on weekends. Cause its usually busy in Lagos and kano durning the week. So this is totally understandable Which one except weekends again? so what's the point ? Now I believe there's an undertone here.. HOW WILL YOU EASE RESTRICTION FROM MONDAY TO FRIDAY AND LOCK WEEKENDS? Egbon Abiodun, do you you really know what you are doing? WHO DID THIS TO YOU? Does COVID19 move only on weekends?

Congratulations to Ogun People. Coronavirus would only be active on weekend. Thank you my thinking Governor. Why exception on weekends,does it really make a difference? You allow people to move around during the week and lockdown on weekends. Please, have a rethink. Who who wan help us to solve this matter.okay naw only weekend various they work ni

U Na Don tired 😪 with your fake covid 19 ni 🙈🙈🙈🙈 Who go settle this Matter now? Covid 19 don dey operates for weekend now It's all deception. Are you telling me coronavirus goes for break weekdays and then return on weekends? Even the FG's curfew of 8pm - 6am is deceptive. The only decision I believe makes the most sense is the interstate travel restriction.

Covid 19 has finally declared to only visit Ogun state on weekends 😂 Just call the lockdown off already. Which one be all this one. Smh Money no enter again 🤣🤣🤣 Yup. The virus chills by weekend Absolutely unreasonable! Are you saying that people can't be infected during weekdays? Corona no be working class. Na weekend course corona virus dey do. Saturdays and Sundays only. Our leaders won't cease to amaze us.

yung_danny That’s nice oh 😂 our government are now negotiating with hanty Coro 😂😂😂 Yeah, Corona wants to be the only one shutting down clubs on weekend. K_ingJosh Smile Adeyemi_boboye This one is definitely confused beyond understanding!!! What have Nigerians done to deserve all these iberiberism? Na matter wey government still they settle be that

It seems COVID-19 now spreads during the weekends alone?! I don't understand..🙄💔 The virus is busy on weekdays. Good one boss When unwise people decides or are given the opportunity to decide for others.. So heart breaking.. This fuelless generator is a new source of power that is completely safe, free and efficient, the durability and design is Top notch. This generator, unlike every other generator doesn't have an engine which consumes fuel/gas and makes noise. You can contact us on (07032949264)

From observations. Corona only work on weekends. Corona loves weekends This is targeted at restricting events from holding during weekends in order to restrain further rapid spread of covid19 to minimal compared to the ones spread during other days of the week Okrrrr Wow.. people wamt to move on. Smh I told you to stop drinking APC harb, you won't stop

With rising numbers of infections and no visible testing and tracking strategy, the Governor has thrown his people to the wolves. Weekends, Corona Virus travels out of the state.✈ I don't even understand this man's policy🙄 This guy no serious at all COVID-weekend😄😄😄🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 E don finally tire u😆 So Coro doesnt come out on weekdays anylonger

Why with the exception on weekends? Is it that Convid19 is now only spreadable on weekends, why it can't be spread on other days? Funny govt The governor and coronavirus don settle the matter Except weekends as how? Egbon too much sense na nonsense! Covid dey vacation on wkends ahbi. 🤡🤡🤡 Now i get it, you can only contact the virus on weekends

Hallelujah Why weekends? Are you trying to prevent Churches from gathering? Which one be weekends again? Congratulations to Ogun state residents, your government has successfully negotiated with Coro to only come out on weekends, so you can now go to work on weekdays and run for your life on Saturdays and Sundays. We will help you ask if it affects public holidays too.

Intermittent lockdown is not only meaningless but laughable. What is the essence? That means no church still?🙄 excellent,the virus only spreads on weekends That's good

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COVID-19 affected completion of Ogun housing projects – Gov AbiodunGovernor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State has blamed the deadly Coronavirus pandemic for the delay in delivering a 3-phase housing project his administration embarked on. On Tuesday, Abiodun said his administration was nearing completion of a 250-unit Prince Court Estate project at Kemta Idi-Aba in Abeokuta. \u201cIn the 1st Phase of the Project, we will 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Buhari celebrates Gov. Abiodun on his 60th birthdayPresident Muhammadu Buhari has felicitated with the Ogun State governor, Mr Dapo Abiodun, as he clocked 60 years of age.The President, in a statement... FOLLOW for follow... Please dm for data...no scam please only mtn users 🙏🙏🙏 u can start with 1gb if u dont trust me Hbd sir, God bless your new age.