No Group Or Individuals Must Stop Anambra Election – Buhari Orders Military Chiefs | Sahara Reporters

No Group Or Individuals Must Stop Anambra Election – Buhari Orders Military Chiefs | Sahara Reporters

10/22/2021 10:34:00 AM

No Group Or Individuals Must Stop Anambra Election – Buhari Orders Military Chiefs | Sahara Reporters

Buhari’s order was confirmed by the National Security Adviser, Babagana Monguno, while speaking with State House correspondents on Thursday.

Oct 22, 2021President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered his Service Chiefs to make sure nothing stops the Anambra State governorship election from holding.The election has been scheduled for November 6.This followed a security meeting the service chiefs had with Buhari at the presidential villa.

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“The president has directed that under no circumstances will anything be allowed to stop the elections from taking place successfully. The people have a right to vote and select their leader.“No group or individual will be allowed to stimulate anarchy and chaos, leading to murderous activities.

“The president has made it very clear that the armed forces and all law enforcement agencies must make sure that the elections take place, even if it means overwhelming the entire environment with the presence of security agencies. Read more: Sahara Reporters »

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What about terrorists that called themself bandit Mr president!🤫 we shall see then who cares if I stay in my house will u force me to vote BABOON! The South needs to United and drive this primitive Ape Tribe out of West Africa. We need to move forward, not backwards. Did anyone tell the Zoo master that Anambra Rlection has already been postponed? AFRICA'S SHAME!

JamesOluwafem16 buhari is a joke He's just into political games holding carrot with one hand and dangling cane with another Voter apathy is unavoidable.....who no like his life? Only deployed policemen will vote on that day. Vagabonds In Power FreeMaziNnamdiKanuNow Election ringing at is highest. Na APC go win this State, all Cheifs is involved gbagbe e.

We'll use this election to prove to this Fulani gvt of our resolve to get BIAFRA, this is no grandstanding. OKIJA ENYI. Tell the impostor to hire people that will vote for them, because no single person from Biafra land will come out that very day

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Ghost town activated! There's highly misplacement of priority in Nigeria,,, the so called leaders value ur vote more than ur life,,, Ndi Anambra life first ! Military chiefs does not control the affairs in South east, the people of south east already given IPOB the powers to make any decision in that region. That mask wearing fake president must understand that we the people are absolutely in charge of south eastern nigeria period.

What difference does it make. You have already chosen your gov. People’s vote never count anyway. Justice justice justice all we cry. A decree like this is more needed in Zamfara. tell the dead buhari that no election in Biafra Land,that day will be sit at home. ANIMAL TALK DON START AGAIN OOOOOOOOO. ANIMAL PUT AGBADA, ANIMAL PUT CLOTH O, ANIMAL IN HUMAN SKIN.

The line is drawn. TheBiafraExit A dead man cannot issue threats. The man in Aso Rock is an imposter, therefore, not even a fly should obey orders from him. I sense Ghost Town that day. The only election we are looking forward to is A Referendum. This man is not qualified to be a leader. This is the greatest mistake Nigeria made in her anal of history.Always talking tough without result. Emmanuel Macron of France was slapped by afrench man he went to court to seek redress. Slap Buhari bullets on your head.

We shall see then

Nothing must stop Anambra guber poll, Buhari tells service chiefs - Daily TrustPresident Muhammadu Buhari has directed the Armed Forces and other security agencies to ensure that nothing stops the November 6 governorship election in Anambra State. He's more interested in conducting election not securing the entire nation. 🙁 Is Army and other security agencies you mentioned above inecnigeria that normally conduct elections? You people has come up with another idea to kill Easterners but we are smarter than you,we all will lock ourselves indoors and see who will vote Let them come, we will surprise them, they should come with bodybags.

One of the charges our leader mazi nnamdi kanu is facing in the DSS controlled court of the fulani caliphate terrorist ruling nigeria is that he called Mr buhari a terrorist and an idiot. This order to the zoo military chiefs is a comfirmation of that allegations. God bless mnk Was that why police men of thousands folds were sent to Anambra to vote? No one is gonna stop the election. Just try and make sure that ipob will not declare sit at home that day😎

Nonsense ! we don’t need to stop election we are simply staying at home period! If there is any chaos blame it on the political bandits you will send ! You think 🤔 you can fool us Empty threat Of course that’s where their strength lies . But when it comes to human lives , even cows are worth more Ana ako yayaya.. I wish that evil spirit will bring u (buhari) and all ur service chiefs to anambra to ensure the election hold. Una ga anwu ka ijiji

Islamist extremist ethnic bigot MBuhari shld be told in d language he understands dt there won't be any more colonial elections in any part of Biafra Disavowal of elections in Biafra is not by compulsion but collective decision of the long oppressed ppl We reject Nigeria Baba, is that the Priority? .. can you plz tackle the security challenges that is faced with the Nation..

Story story story At this point even going out to vote can cost you your life abeg, they'll just tag you as hoodlum. That's our Government's favourite phrase for the youths.

Bandits In Military Uniform Kidnap Newly Mobilised Kebbi Corps Member, Eight Others | Sahara ReportersThe victim, Iorliam Jennifer Awashima, was reportedly kidnapped along a highway in the Tsafe Local Government Area of Zamfara State while travelling. Wetin be this na if you value your life.. you wont travel for NYSC now beyond your region esp youths from Southern extraction.. but wait.. who will pay d ransom now your life is more valuable than one paper certificate.. igbonran san ju ebo lo.. The earlier we declare the middle east sponsored religious extremist terrorist what they are , the better for the nation to get western support, as the western nation have a better way to cut off dollar supply fueling the advancement and recruitment of the terrorist

This man has ruined Nigeria. Baifra land is waiting all of you , this time nobody we go free , baifra is land of spirit and all the Fulani terrorist army we go down, if you like carry 10 thousand Fulani terrorist army come,all of them we do down Mad people everywhere If you like dead Buhari oder all the terrorist soldiers and police and others in Anambra our own Anambra there will never be any election come 6th November 2021

Akuko ndi ara They should vote for APGA simple ! If you vote APC this is sample of what you will be facing Dictatorship by a Fulani herdsman. A tyrant, Military or Police chiefs? You want to kill them all, is this how you treat your children and ur wife? Mr. President Will you force people to come out and vote? Cluelessness

And if no citizen come out to vote that day, buhari and military chief can not force them to do so. Stupid man

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Will the military go into people’s homes and force them to go and vote?. Mr. President MBuhari with due respect, please channel your energy where it is needed, Zamfara state is bleeding. I believe you know almost everything that is going on. Bellomatawalle1 has been there several times if the insecurity and persists please call on the UN to assist.

Let’s see how it goes. You will know who owns the land. If bandit come attack for where them dae vote kan ...and moreover they don't want you boss. Co shift Statement from a Weak & wicked man who call himself president. On Anambra state election day u should go there by urself & make sure no ground stops the election. You can say no group should stop the election but u can't say no Fulani should kill citizens in their farms. Oluku!

Anambra youths/people must be very foolish coming out to vote, if things are alright in zoo,then do you need soldiers and police to force people to vote? People died during election when they didn't 'declare no election' elections that haven't yielded any results for 60yrs now.😡 Dead Buhari let’s see who owes d land

Election day will be like d day you visited imo state, silent street, maybe army and police will vote that day When the time comes we will know who is who Statement of a terrorist supporter cow brain

Buhari Government Is Aiding Criminals – Sunday Igboho Followers Join #EndSARS Protest In Oyo | Sahara ReportersThey stressed that the government should not prosecute only the protesters but also prosecute policemen who shot at protesters. FreeMaziNnamdiKanu Unconditionally FreeMaziNnamdiKanu Unconditionally FreeMaziNnamdiKanu Unconditionally FreeMaziNnamdiKanu Unconditionally FreeMaziNnamdiKanu Unconditionally FreeMaziNnamdiKanu Unconditionally FreeMaziNnamdiKanu Unconditionally Court hearing Must Hold.✊

This is a step in the right direction ,no group should be allowed to operate in a sovereign nation ,terrorizing a whole region ,killing anyone who fails to comply with them , the govt should be ready to defend citizens of that region ,Africa diaspora should leave Nigeria alone They don't listen to citizen, they don't care if we're secured, they don't care if we're living fine. All the care and want is election must hold, take note we're irrelevant to Nigerian govt. Be wise

Like voice of the people doesn't matter? Military will come and excourt me to the polling units from my house abi, select ya governor and FreeNnamdiKanu for us Biko. Me I will rest at home that day Thank you Mr President Anambra indigenes should turn out enmass and vote out the nonsense they don't want.

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