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Free Electricity

No decision yet on two-month free electricity – FG

4/10/2020 3:41:00 PM

No decision yet on two-month free electricity – FG

’Femi Asu and Joseph OlaoluwaThe Federal Government has yet to take a decision to provide free electricity supply to Nigerians for two months, the Minister of Power, Mr Saleh Mamman, has said.The minister’s statement comes after power distribution companies said that the two-month free electricity which they announced on Wednesday would be paid for by the National Assembly and the Federal Government.

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Mamman, in a tweet on Friday, said, “No decision has been taken by the Federal Government to provide Nigerians with free electricity for two months.“If and when that becomes a reality, it shall be announced officially. Be rest assured that the Federal Government is exploring ways to ameliorate any hardship on Nigerians.”

TheDiscos had announced on Wednesday that they were in support of the proposal by the National Assembly and the Federal Executive arm of government that Nigerians should get two months of free electricity.READ ALSO:FG mourns 13 Nigerians who died of coronavirus in UK, US

Speaking through their umbrella body, the Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors, the Discos stated that modalities for the free electricity would be worked on and made public in due course.The Discos, however, clarified on Thursday that electricity would be paid for by the Federal Government in partnership with the National Assembly.

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With the type of bill that was served yesterday even in Th e absence of light...this would never happen they shouldn’t bother thinking.... Cos we would still pay for it eventually Criminals!!!after cashing out 700b yet not even 2months free electricity to help masses? Barbarians ☹️ Imagine just two month free electricity una no fit give una citizens! Like seriously Just two months? But una dey thief our money for how many years now? Let God b d judge, i rest my case

How do we pay while on lockdown ,is the two month payment too hard for this goverment ,lord have mercy thunder fire una! All of them have the traits of Lie Mohammed 😁😁😁 Mtchewwwww Can the so called government, stop this so called scam electricity. Stop deceiving yourselves, there's no electricity in Nigeria. You can only deceive fools like yourselves..

This country is a scam This people are scammers always distracting us Useless government No one asked you people o. You've been asking and answering since 3 days. 😂 When FG want take a decision for their self it’s usually fast but if it’s for the masses they will always take all the time and still end up not doing anything for the masses wicked people

Since them kuku start talk about am, we no get light, abeg we go pay, we no want free, Oya. Make una bring the light To steal from the treasury, decision will be made instantaneously. Awon oni yeye ara na-eche ndi mmadu ara You better the decision and support the payment... SHARP.. SHARP... That's d only thing that can go round all at least 80% of Nigerians. Nigerians without electricity should be allowed to Iron clothes for FREE in the houses of those with electricity... ONE LOVE

LOL They failed to supply electricity when we paid for their services & now we are expecting them to give us free services🤣🤣😂😂🤣 Joke of the month Now this is the government I know. Can we all laugh together please? I don tire for una. Anyway no light self to begin with. It all scam....rubbish government😡😡

Scam govt The suckers want donations without giving nothing out in return ....GMB govt have notin to offer even in this pandemic! Even when we paid no light imagine us not paying for it !!!!!! Haaaaa! 😳😳Nigeria government,why y’all don’t have anything to offer citizens than to take from them How do you expect people to pay bills when there are not working. This administration is a failed one.

No decision is also a decision for now... How can you gift someone that cannot be seen? But the people we voted for are enjoying free electricity in Aso Rock. Most Nigerians can interpret your statement. State your intentions clearly. How do you expect us to stay at home for two weeks and NEPA are still sharing bill na wa ooo

Na wash. I just recharged today. Who get time for comedians This country cannot give you free things. Is not in their nature. What's d essence of it b4? There can never be a favorable decision except it’s for themselves, awon eleregbe. What kind nonsense decisions up till now, has not taking do you mean FG don’t know dat light is important for every Nigerian, what you peoples takes Nigeria as

If it's to steal or send their rat or snake to swallow money now; it will only take them 2 seconds If the born them well let them come and say the want to cut light.. How will they be a decision when you guys cant afford to lose 6 billiion naira each discos is transferring to you people every month. And to my own knowledge we have 11 discos so dey can afford to lose 66 billion naira per month.

Where are the supporters of this administration again Buharists never see anything wrong with all these madness Where is even the light?! This government like rough play on citizens, but they can fake register to pay imaginary citizens .This two months electricity stuff is what all of us can enjoy. Who needs ur help self🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️Govt are not even ashamed on posting this on d headline...No decision yet on two month free electricity haaaaa Awon werey

Scammers everywhere I ain't surprised; A minister just said he's not aware our health system is in rot. People like Boss Mustafa deserve no political appointment is things were done based on merit. Na to use awa money buy Exotic Cars and travel all over the world them sabi! Functional Countries asked their Citizens to sit at home with good provisions. Una too go join talk! Who send una? Meat de talk, POMO too, de pot de raise ✋

Comedians 😂😂 You mean 2 electricity free months? Cos we no see light o! Una mama!😏 You can never count on naija government FG or whatever they call you people we citizens know you aint useful at all so don't bother about the light we hardly kuku have the light in the first place. Keep the money in your account infact carry to your grave

Please I don’t want. I already have electricity 23 to 24 hours per day. Don’t want to mess that up in the name of free And you will never come to a decision about this 🖕🏾 you all in the FG abijf1 we actually dont even need it. there is nothing good that comes from the agents of darkness that sells darkness and give out fraudulent bills, sells prepaid meter at 45,000 when android phones even sells at 15,000. this government has failed us.

Never mind abeg...just reduce fuel pump price. We are good. Not bad After purportedly ending the inefficient subsidy on PMS, are we embarking on another subsidy scam in disguise?🤔 Be patient Nigerians. Who knows, maybe they'll reach a decision and include it in the 2023 manifesto. Governance at its finest

It can never work There are devils in Aso Rock Once you enter there it hardens you You will never see the poor masses smile You begin to enjoy while they cry That's the reality, Aso Rock is evil It takes an evil mind to be there. Audio promises But decided on increasing the electricity tariff Idiots because king pharaoh hasn’t accept his failures yet. Pharaoh buhari is evil

We weren't expecting it. Thank you Oh! our Comedians Are we a joke to you people? What's This Nation Good At....I Mean The Leaders....Awon Confusionists When it will favor the masses, it will take the FG ages to decide. Evil and wicked leaders I told u guys that it’s audio light After two weeks finish we go know

Now this is the Nigeria I know. Nothing wey Halima abubakar eye no go see for new born baby hand Audio So the news was fake? 😠😠 Scam Awon olofo...push to start regime FG are not empathic at all... Do you even need to think this twice in the first place? Sometimes I wonder if this so called FG are some cyborgs or Robots, That doesn’t understand the feelings of its People. Smh.

😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 If we are quick to implement social distancing why are we now stuttering when it comes to this issue That's what reasonable governments do. Guess our lack of structure in everything is finally coming to play. 💁💁 Sick government Talking in the rubbish 🙄🙄

Naija FG na number 1 BOJU BOJU Government The Federal Government is not ready to sacrifice for it's citizens. They want to milk us dry at all cost. It is clearly shown here. Just when they asked will you pay for it? They reply to Nigerians it's not yet official. Jokers FG The only thing ya know how to do is add to our pain,ya give 2months or not,shit won’t still be diff

Government should do something about it 🙏 Audio government Okay! Oooo Al the best Abegi shut up jare! Audio electricity. No worries, I got billed already. Confused government 🙄 Issokay

FG Grants Presidential Pardon To 2,600 Prison InmatesFG Grants Presidential Pardon To 2,600 Prison Inmates Nice,let them have a new beginning If you check them all Na Hausa dem go be 🤸‍♀️ Let's us see them before we believe.

Reps demand equal distribution of FG palliatives to statesPlease do not politicise this. This should not be party affairs Story

COVID-19: FG pledges proper distribution of medical supplies from ChinaThe Federal Government will ensure proper distribution of the medical supplies brought by the team from China, in the fight to contain the spread... Have these medical supplies been tested ? Okeeey! You people just want to kill every bod in this country i pray may God infected you so they can treat you with that medicine

COVID-19: FG gives reasons for not conducting mass test on Nigerians - Daily Post NigeriaThe Federal Government has said that conducting mass testing for Coronavirus in Nigeria would not be possible for now given that the nation has over 200 The 20k nor reach us o The FG where not even shay of saying we have over two million population,compared to China,America haven't them tested their citizens They want to loot the funds. What of the asymptomatic patients?

FG, DisCos declare 2-month free electricity for Nigerians – Daily TrustElectricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) say they have aligned with the Federal Government to provide a two-month rebate of free electricity to customers nationwide. The DisCos’ spokesman, Sunday Oduntan, in a statement yesterday, said this was in recognition of the challenging effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economic and daily lives of the customers. He … Npower volunteers vows to spread covid19 by next week, except they are paid their stipend for March They are very stupid before what are they waiting for? Ghana, Niger that we gave electricity already declared free electricity but my country are still discussing about whether to give or not🥺🥺 Nice

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