Nigerians Will Feel Safe Under Buhari’s Government – Tinubu

Nigerians Will Feel Safe Under Buhari’s Government – Tinubu

5/3/2021 11:24:00 AM

Nigerians Will Feel Safe Under Buhari’s Government – Tinubu

The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu is optimistic that Nigeria will overcome its current security challenges.

The APC National Leader said the Commander-in-Chief would not want Nigerians to be slaughtered, kidnapped, or killed.While noting that the security issue has its own perspective, Tinubu warned against those politicising insecurity.He explained that although the APC knows when the security challenges started, it will however not give excuses.

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Nigeria has been experiencing a series of security threats ranging from terrorism, banditry, militancy, cultism among others in several parts of the country.The country has been battling terrorism for more than a decade which has killed 36,000 people and displaced hundreds of thousands in the northeast.

The Islamic State of West African Province (ISWAP) split from the jihadist group Boko Haram in 2016 and has since become a dominant threat in Nigeria, attacking troops and bases while killing and kidnapping passengers at bogus checkpoints.On March 1, jihadist fighters burnt down a United Nations humanitarian compound in the town of Dikwa after dislodging troops, killing six civilians.

Nigeria’s jihadist violence has spread to neighbouring Chad, Cameroon and Niger, prompting a regional military coalition to fight the insurgents. Read more: Channels Television »

Buhari Called US To Relocate AFRICOM To Africa Because He’s Scared He’d Sacked By Terrorists —Falana

Buhari’s Call On United States of America To Relocate AFRICOM To Africa Was Because He Was Scared Terrorists, Bandits And Militants Could Sack His Government...

GEJonathan handing over the Nigerian economy to Buhari in 2015 😉🙊🤣 Yoruba Nation? Useless old frog This corn and cassava man don come again 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 BAT is disillusioned and irredeemable. Fear God pls,with all these escalation in banditry and kidnapping?haba! Stop deceiving the masses. Will feel safe? Coward

Reason 101 one should throw public decorum away and swear for all this idiots. 😂🤣😂These people are still using future tense having been in charge of this country for 6yrs. When I tell people this man is suffering from dementia someone said it’s a life, in baba’s mind we are still in 2014 😂

Bastard human being With this 'will' in this statement I am made to believe that is not Buhari that is governing this country, by the time Buhari will start ruling this country we will be safer sha💔😿 😂😂😂 Which Buhari government? Anyway, day dreaming is allowed. You safe? Mad people everywhere. Tinubu why nah?

I believed you have taking something before you open that old mouth your talking this thrash here abi u no dey see wetin this country is turning into But honestly wot is really wrong with this man?!

U are all criminal buhari is not God Clap for yourself sir U be fool walai This Man is Evil and A THIEF 🙄🙄 There was a typographical error. The statement was supposed to be NIGERIANS WONT FEEL SAFE UNDER BUHARI'S GOVERNMENT----TINUBU When Narc addict talk. Tinubu has just been saying rubbish all because he wants to become the next president.

The appropriate place for you is not Aso Rock but a mental health clinic. Is this guy for real?

Bring your children come Nigeria. We go believe you. Please Tinubu can't be speaking for Nigerian. He knows nothing about. Someone please tell him to speak for.himself and his family alone African parrot for sale call and WhatsApp07035602838 Is this man okay or has he sold his sense for 2023? I pray that your household will experience same thing poor Nigerians are experiencing under your godfather Buharia.

Thank God for revealing yourself before it's late cuz you mean is that your government will be worst than that of buhari... Our currency is no more valuable due bad governance 😭😭 We need good governance 💪 We need peace 💪 What figure of speech is this? I think he's on cocaine over dose Why this old man no wan get sence sef

This man sef, he no dey tire to dey yarn dust?

Tinubu is a clown Their words are always opposite Jesus Christ, chaii nothing wey man no go see for this bird app Then which Government is this? Because yours will be deadlier, right? She Tramol Surely we are feeling safe under his government. Just that people were dying thousands a daily, and accidentally Snr. soldiers killed Jnr. soldiers. What a beautiful lying again.

You are a mumu man you think say you wise abi ? You is this man's special adviser Crazy people full Nigeria govt I swear

Lori iro 😂😂😂 When? The time is ticking away. What he could not fix for abt 6 yrs will take him 2 yrs to fix. Ok, we dey wait for action and result. No matter how much you praise the evil Man in Aso Rock you will never become president of Nigeria. Because the Evil Buhari and you Tinubu will not die without you are been purnish with the blood of the innocent Soul you have wasted

It's like this man don't know what is going on in this country again?Nigeria sai sai sai. Nah only God go save us. This is Campaign after election My question to Tinubu is how can illegitimate government breed peace and harmony? Since 1966, the coup that brought all you septuagenarians to power had been illegitimate. How can you expect peace when you failed to resolve the problem of illegitimacy that made you rulers?

Tinubu don start to they packaged lies again. Because of his selfish ambition. Continue we are watching... Insecurity would disappear if all septuagenarian steps down. They are all sharing crocodile tears. The present administration is a scapegoat for past administrations. Buhari alone, did not start the problems of insecurity.

Which safe ? Under Buhari government and APC administration, Soldiers massacre the Youths, Under Buhari government snake swallowed 36 million naira at weac office,herdsmen massacre and kidnapping everyday news.

The nation has never bled this much since the civil war,and Tinubu is still talking about Jubril sorry buhari administration AsiwajuTinubu sir, eyin yi o le da...baba weere Na this man una dey talk say wan become president? Really?😒 We never knew that Tinubu is this greedy and heartless. Now I believe he actually needs psychiatric evaluation.

Why is this man making noise like a mosquito 🦟? All in the name to convinced citizens to vote for him 2023 At this point I should just mute any tweet with Tinubu in it Are most of these people ok? What are they taking us for, our eyes are open oo. I wonder what you will tell the youth to make us vote for the same old cargos in 2023. Using thugs and UGM to win elections will not be business as usual. Be warned!

When? 2024 True Word, Sir The Lord God, Has Promised Restoretion, In Every Area Of Challenge In Nigeria, And The Lord God Almighty Has Sent To Advice Mr President President Mohammadu Bihari And His Administration On Way Out Of Every InSecurity Amen

Irresponsible talk Believe me, I have come to an understanding that sometimes, this men.. I mean this Grandpa's, smokes something.. Do you really🤔 imagine their speech sometimes... In Africa, Old men don't lie.. Elder Tinubu. Jesu! Is BAT aware that MB is already the President in six years already or is the media headline misleading again?

Haaaa! Se baba timu nkan ni🤦 I think this man either has got his sense covered by his cap, or he has it under his armpit. Mtcheeeew We still remember the first pic and the second pic, which Buhari are you talking about? 2)....truth. Now, AsiwajuTinubu get mind the tell us say Nigerians will feel safe and happy under MBuhari. AsiwajuTinubu, where is your conscience?

How do you think Nigeria will be better with people like AsiwajuTinubu in this country. Imagine someone that want to come for president 2023 saying this rubbish. The last time was his wife, who blasted Smart Adeyemi from kogi west senatorial district for telling MBuhari the... Asiwaju I respect you finito but Please stop this campaign of deceit; You should be rendering apologies & not giving us false hopes. Buhari has failed us!!!

Speaking against this Govt by BAT can cost him his presidential ambition. Tinubu knows the kind of revengeful person GMB is. Hence, the need to sugar-coat the truth in other to massage the ego of a dictator is needful. PMB is incapable of securing this Nation! Shikena!!

Can someone pls help us shut this Baba Up for Once🤔🤔👊🏿👊🏿 What is the meaning of talk now Àgbà oshi Break-up is the solution. Alayebaje Are we still on the page of WILL? Bloody liars this man at this his age in life still filled with deception and lies it’s unfortunate for him and those that sees him as their leader.

No be future impossible tense be this You are out of your mind

'While noting that the security issue has its own perspective, Tinubu warned against those politicising insecurity.' - Tinubu Tell APC/Buhari to fix it insecurity - No one can politicise the breathing in of air. El-Rufia was right. Na ogun go kill ur papa Feel it or live it It is very obvious that we are safe right now 😢💔💔we can clearly see it.

'will'? Our Daddy has gone mad again !! God punish anybody Wey vote this old man in 2023,since I was born I have never seen a country like this 🤦‍♂️ bad up on bad everyday under buhari, you are still spitting rubbish agbaya, These people just talk because they must talk. We're now safe under Buhari! Is that the price you have to pay for ur selfish 2023 tickets awarding?

Tinubu is under a spell, period.

You are cheap Mr man Old man is talking Rubbish Rubbish May God forgive you sir for misleading nigerians Baba Tinubu Nigeria will be more safer under you 😝😝😝😝😝😝 Mad people everywhere sha Please be specific which buhari are you referring to. Please don't sell your soul just because of power. Just like you felt safe in your jet to France during soro soke abi

Ekwensu Will after 6 years?

U dey meant shaaa God please help us punish this man ,let him know dt You are a God dt executes judgement on d wicked . Baba when Already we are felling hell, we are not safe, we are feeling hungry and ww are afraid of our children future. Is this man going to be a faithful president? Someone who's a chronic liars, despite all this terrorism and wicked activities happening under buhari's regime this man still support him cuz he want his own ambition to be fufiled in 2023. Guys wise up tinubu is not an option for us

When and how please When Nigeria is the second most unsafe country in the world....hmmmm another big lie Everybody just dey lie AsiwajuTinubu How come? This man is mad. Oga respect yourself o No provoke me

Na'wa oh....these old men won't stop lying to children.... when Nigeria is the second unsafe country in the world Anytime an old man talk in Nigeria, is so so trash. Just listen to yourself please. Gosh! Nigerian youth should please wise up and save this country. This old fools have used the country when things are okay and have made life unbearable for us. Nigeriayouthsriseup

I don’t want either APC OR PDP cos even if PDP wins the same APC people will come back to PDP so it’s useless U lieeeeee It's a different thing to feel safe and another thing entirely to be safe. But rn both instances are missing in the country. Ori baba ti buru What’s the problem of this man (killer) Timeline?

Stay with your Buharis Nigeria and leave us alone OduduwaExit EndNigeriaNow BiafraNationNow It's time for visible actions not words

YORUBA NATION NOW. NO GOING BACK Please who knows how much brain surgery is? I want to confirm something. Is it this same government or that of the next tenure? Anticlock way of thinking!!!! Politics without sense Oloribu Coming from a man who is or pretending to be ignorant of Nigerian's plight. Just this kind of Nigeria is feeling now? Let it be your portion

When? Who wants to study abroad? I can help you with proof of fund (POF). If you don't have an agent, I can refer you to free agents too. My DM is always open!

Sir u are too desperate for power... Nigerian can't trust u.....we can't . Honestly your silence is better. Because no right thinking person will think Buhari can perform any magic again after six years in office Which Buhari is that again bayi Hahaha hahaha hahaha, stupid statement. It won't be well with you and your entire generation if you vote this man in sha.

Is it this govt or the one he intends for us during tenure elongation? In a country where kidnapping, banditry, farmers-herders crisis, wanton killings etc are at an all -time high, someone comes around and says that Nigeria is safe under a govt that has failed in all parameters of governance. We've never had it so bad since independence!

On Adesina becoming president. He's a better candidate compared to all other options available. But he might not understand the politics as supposed to win all parts of the Nation. He would run to the existing protocols that have been providing these so called leaders. Donkey U dey mad ni

Dont this people stop? Gosh!!! Im tired of hearing them talk, dey make me sick!!! Tinubu should leave his house without security aides and walk on Abuja streets for a few minutes. Nigerians will believe him. From the point of view of Cocaine and cold gulder! This is an old man, I would have clearly INSULTED him from my heart. God help us. If Yoruba youths believe this is their Savior, then, they are not different from the fulanis supporting this government.

When a mumu speaks. What an Irritable talk. Same Shit, different Airfreshner. Future impossible tense Hypertension will kill this Man if PMB fail to handover the presidency to him in 2023 AsiwajuTinubu will feel safe? Baba why you dey lie to us na 😭😭😭😭😭 when his tenure is almost end as president of this nation abi baba still dey contest by 2023 nii. I will just go and die at Canadian Embassy gate 😭


Is it that this man is 🤬 or what exactly is wrong with this Tinubu..? Which Nigeria will feel safe under Buhari's government... What are we feeling now..? Which kind wahala be this..? This greedy man. I think you're the only Nigerian feeling safe under Buhari's government. This man 😂😂😂 You are highly mad sir

This guy just dey yarn rubbish. Isn’t it better for him to keep quiet? No be this Nigeria. Lie kill una AsiwajuTinubu has his head so up his ass and he doesn’t even know it. He should tell this crap to the millions who have lost loved ones to terrorists/terrorism due largely to MBuhari and his love for terrorism.

If you are a Nigerian and you dont know that this tinubu guy na Buhari 2.0...then 💥 Conference Jersey 💥 Brasil 💥Arsenal Training Jersey 💥 Psg Away Jersey 💥Borrusia Durtmund Conference Jersey 💥Quality Assured 💥NGN 6,000 Rjerseys Jerseyshore jersey4sale jerseycity Jersey Make Una just gettaaoutttt

See weed 🤷‍♂️ Shabi dis is atiku’s government RealOlaudah Why this man now so in the news ? This 2023 propaganda scheme nor go work again Can someone put a bucket by this idiot’s foot already? Can someone tell this man to shut the f*ck up Only dumb liers lie for the moment, not knowing the future will catch up. Now the future have caught with Tinubu.

Who Dey sell weed for this man self 🤦🏻‍♂️ 😂 “ Baba Change Yo 🔌 “ This man is on drugs. Which Nigeria is he talking about please? How many months is remaining of Buhari’s 8 years? When you don’t know what to say, please say nothing. Will feel safe,abeg what of now?. Nigerians are still snoring & u have no control over what obtains while u sleep . Like play , like play , Tinubu will emerge as d new reviewed vile version of Buhari 2023. Wake up , wake up & get 2 action now ! Otherwise, ur eyes will see ur ears this time around.

His he not the one in power today or which Government are you talking about again? This man have come again, 🙃🙃🙃🙃 Mtcheew Why is this guy making all.these useless utterances? Desperate bid for President Which of the Buhari is this man talking about? Is this an old statement or another blatant verbal slip of the tongue? What subtle man. Age they say is a number, but I choose to oppose that statement. Age count. the more you get older the more relapse your nerves will become.

Abi o ti safe ni... yinmu 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 ... Buhari the messiah, the coming king!!! Lmaoooo This baba is beginning to sound like a broken mp3 mix Shey this tinubu dey mad ni? What's all this?

Someone is so desperate to become president of Nigeria at all cost. Where's thy conscience oga! I don't understand. Is he talking about another Buhari government or this present Buhari? When will that time be? I believe this man has dementia. Nonsense talk.....go out without your security if you will survive a day.

I don't think this man is functioning well with all speeches and comment nowadays Holy Ghost Fire 🔥Tinubu. Almighty God will sure Arrest you one day. AsiwajuTinubu Future past tense BAT actually takes Nigerians for fools ... imagine how this man goofs at every moment he makes a public appearance The Time is now... Secure a better Future for your spouse and Children. Second citizenships offer access to world-class health care, education and an improved lifestyle. For more enquiries please Call 08028153868

The same old lies. Does he think we're fools or can be fooled again?2023 is the answer. Let him just finish his nonsense and go

Oga Tinubu na because say you wan become president you come de talk like someone who no de Nigeria, our brothers, Sisters, Fathers and mothers are been killed on daily bases nd you come de talk say nigeria will be safe under Buhari. You no no say Nigeria no de again. 2023 not 4 U Is that a threat based on what is to come. I really don't understand. As a Nigerian, I have never felt this unsafe.

Oga propaganda you lie... Can anything good ever come out of Tinubu’s mouth Always spitting rubbish Sabo speaking from two side of his mouth. Nigerians dont have regard anymore for him As a result of his political ambition. what kind of talk is this? Nigerian will be saved under Buhari?mere political talk: I'm disappointed,security,economy/social values of Nigerians has gone down beyond explanations...AsiwajuTinubu, drop this statement.

Lol He said developed countries ran back to their generals when they had challenges so we should run to buhari to solve insecurity problems Nigerians tot he was right until they ran to MBuhari Now we cant call this insecurity anymore but a wildlife jungle Absolutely. Safe and peaceful in a shallow grave.

Future tense? Is this the coming of Christ? When are we expecting this to happen? Like a thief in the night? After his regime? When

This desperate criminal will be worst than buhari, his people are now in IDP Camp, all he care about in 2023 I am a table shaker. I shook the table here, governor jidesanwoolu blocked me😂. I am honoured 😂. I will keep on macerating them😂😂. Whoever is pretending to tell the world that Nigeria is safe under Buhari is an enemy of the state and is worst than Buhari. I can see Tinubu is just empty and a nuisance to the nation.

You woke up and saw this two on you ballot boxes, one has 2k, 5kg rice and failed lagos as his achievement without any international connection. The other won't give you anything, but bring in development and progress. Like for TINUBU and retweet for a sound mind A. ADESHINA Rubbish talk When? We can’t even say our mind anymore as we will be tagged secessionist 😏

Tinubu ogbadun Ode oshi And this is one of the next Presidential Aspirants... Nigerians watch out and dont say you were not warned before hand.

Are we not currently under his government? Lori Iro Abi ori n ta yin? 😏 This niqq Tinubu is old! He always talk rubbish When 'Will'? 🤔🤦 Really.... Wow I think the glass is disturbing the mans ear kolason2010 Will feel safe in what year and time.. Then why is he running for the presidential post 2023.. I guess this one na future impossible tense..

This man has no shame...gosh! What's most shameful is the people that will open their dirty mouths to support the shameless man

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We are in his administration na, or aren't we? Maybe there's another Buhari yet to lead us all.. 🤔🤔🤔 Rubbish talk. Feel safe under Buhari's government? LOL. How is that even possible Bola? Is there anyone more capable of talking rubbish than that shyster called AsiwajuTinubu? Orchestrating anarchy, knowingly or unknowingly, is the only thing you all are capable of.

Nigerians, use your head For you eyes.. Speak for yourself not us. who are you by way, a deceiver or a destroyer you people keep spoiling the country. When you're digging grave for your neighborhood remember that you do not know what happens in a minute Otì mù Kunu yó

Em papa Is it the one to come? 😂😂😂😂 Is this suppose to be a future tense or future progressive tense abi nah past tense,D's man sha wan confuse my innocent brain now Is this effect of weed or what? Must we play politics with people lives? Where is your humanity? Hmm, u dat can not stand for your ppl how can u handle nigeria,, if buhari government is save nigeria why then did you run outside the continent in the time of end sars protesting

This man should just shut, who are is advisors. He sound more foolish with each passing statement 😥🤨 Why is this guy behaving like this na... God will judge all of you! Live like you're not gonna die Desperation will not work

Thunder fire you!!! Anybody, even foreigner, that's not completely tired of this Govt's gross irresponsibility and rascality is either dead or must be the devil himself Wetin dey give dis man believe sey him talk and himself still dey relevant for today's Nigeria Sir fear God for once 😦 you must be a joke...

When an elder of this caliber is acting insane because of peanut, then am not surprised where this entrapment is heading though Oh yes. There’s SAFETY across board! All the violence across the States regarding students being abducted from schools, villages sacked by REPENTED/ Shey una collect from dansuki money

Igbo smokers are liable to die young or old. We are really safe

If theres such a thing as 'half a vote',i wld'nt give this man even 'half a vote' Totally without scruples or decency.Not a definition of a classic Yoruba elder Hes not responsible,honest or driven by integrity Hes a ‘deal-man’ who is down for whatever.Can never vote this guy Until u ask Seyi ur son & Iyaloja of Eko, ur daughter to travel to Abuja without escort and make it to their destination, u & ur cronies have lost the moral right to speak publicly. Sycophancy will not allow u speak the truth but u will never be president of Nigeria God willing.

Talking in the rubbish!!! When will that be? When he left office? What is this man saying? 😱😱😱 This man is confuse. Seriously This man is mad oh Why won't you say so, birds of the same feathers 😡

Crazy people Boko Haram is relaxing in Niger state, very soon they will enter Abuja and all hell will be cut looseOnyeagbalakwaoso😱 What is feel safe innocent people kill in North east kidnapping and commodity is off the high. It's a pity they are still using future tense in the administration they are piloting...these guys are not concerned about the insecurity bcos they know it can't get to them n their children, but there is Nothing time cannot change, it will get to them soon

Bad men grow old too and become bad elders. We are already in Buharis Govt and he still uses a future tense. Or has he adopted Buhari as his new name? There is nothing this Oldie won't do to buy the loyalty of the North. Your statements can't make you a better leader. All these Leaders have been saying ironic things lately...Tbh,no region in Nigeria is safe anymore.💯😕

Will feel safe or should feel safe? Why is he presenting this statement as a forthcoming Govt about to take over power whereas the affected Govt are already in power? When the problem is not close to you, you somewhat feel less of the heat. Even at that, you read and listen to news. Don't you? Is the situation progressing or regressing ? Any action different from past actions that suggests an improvement is possible?

Which BUHARI again ,abi no be under BUHARI government we Dey ? Greèdy man Nigerians should learn oo, this was how they started packaging Buhari in 2015. Lies upon lies. If this man cannot say the truth now that he doesnt have the presidential powers,how will he say the truth when he becomes the president. Disaster 2.0 waiting to happen.

Just avoid me this morning. Yoruba Efulefu is talking nonsense go and get your Somarian Visa before is too late for you anumpama This man has no shame. No wonder they say, 'u can't shame the shameless' see how desperate this despot is! This APC government has never used past tense, it's always present continuous 'We will'

A desperate and wicked heart speaks. Are we save now or we are under a different person that is why the insecurity is increasing Baba go drink agbo

Lori iro....all these talk bcos of 2023 Now i know something is rung with this man Amadioha please do the needful See another Cruze Is this old man retarded? 🤔🙄🤨 Why on earth do people still take this fools serious by posting the rubbish that comes out of their mouths. There are more important things to discuss than the vomits of this....... Words fail me as to what to even cal them. Shioor.

Waiting this man dey smoke self? Will Really True talk, because some of you can't see and don't even believe what is happening in this country. God will surely judge us all. I wonder how all this our leaders got their brains. So they are telling us that all that is happening now they are not seeing it. May God have mercy on us.

This Tinubu na werey. Which Buhari is he talking about? Very shameless 6/8 and you're still saying 'WILL'. Shameless pipu As in, I don't understand.... Oga BAT, you say wetin again? Are you still mad? You are the proper definition of greediness... Yeye man... Anyways, please, who has Desmond Elliot's address? E get wetin I wan show or ask im wife and kids.... 🚶🚶🚶🚶

I've finally made my conclusion This man is mad He is a wrong man APC Wash wash government 🇳🇬 cabals Don konjikoko the country oooo 😂 🤦🤦 When will Nigerians feel safe? Its 6 years already it the remaining 2 years that we wi now be safe? This guy AsiwajuTinubu na fool

Presidency 2023 is the turn of the Igbo's, so the issue if Tinubu vying for the highest office dosent come up You know what brought Nig to it's knees South West Leaders like this.. Na Ogun go kee your papa E b like this man dy grow old with mental down disease Sha Nobody should blame tinubu he have to walk naked around the shrine to merit the protection of the Gods

Future Tense in a Present Administration! Lunatics when they are out of points. Kòdéńídáfúńyín sir. lol jin Let's be frank and call a spade a spade. Tinubu is mad. This guy is doing it all to please the northern oligarchs BajTunji Baba, the doctor warned you against Colorado. Why did you go there again.

What nonsense! It seems blood of Nigerians is sweet to some people just bc of leadership pursuit! This baba is mad Which of d Buhari? Will there be a 3rd coming Please we rather think that twice We don't want to 'feel', we want to actually'be' safe. Good for nothing SLAVE. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 So which Government is Ruling now... old Age done confuse this one

Tinubu and MBuhari are the direct opposite of progress His drugs are finished

Are we living in same country? This is a political game..don't fall for it...what do you expect from him, he has to play his card well to get the approval of his political ambition from...he will never speak against Bubu.. Is PMB looking forward for continuity come 2023? This is somehow an indirect speech.

He cannot even tell himself the truth. I wonder why. Which government again? Is Buhari going for 3rd term? I wish I can off his mic , shameless leaders Is this man talking through his anus Or he is living in another planet? South West people if una like vote this idiot tinubu into power. Will is in d future in d interim everyone is a potential kidnap victim, BH chasing troops out of military bases, weapons getting lost. Military convoy loses 28million to bandits. Nna, is good Colorado, u dey deodorise Ijora. U r confused, u r oblivious to daily mayhem

Too much weed i guess...

'Nigerians' are already feeling the 'terrorist safety' under the dead Buhari! O AsiwajuTinubu wake up from your delusion of grandeur! BiafraExit OduduwaExit Too much Igbo dey skata this man brain oo Can someone get me the direct GSM number or email address of this man? I just want to shower him 'with lots of praises'! 😵😵

This people well at all? Idiot talking rubbish.. God will punish you bola RemiTinubu AsiwajuTinubu oluremitinubu YOU WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT OF NIGERIA!!!... When is this one again olohun .... Baba don eat weed again Go and rest Mr. Talk talk Oga what about your father's house or your native land

Did he actually said this Ewo chimuooo After several years of MBuhari government AsiwajuTinubu is still promising. So, whose regime are we in right now Present impossible tense. Really?! Nigeria 🇳🇬 girls are being kidnapped and trafficked by the hundreds year in and year out since Buhari has been in office. Children are the future and the must vulnerable of society and he and the Nigeria society are failing and have been doing so for awhile.

I’m most certain that this man has mental issues The weeds probably taking its toll on its mental health Cos under who’s government is this Even with the current security situation in the country this man is still selling a bad product. This is the Most Senior Advocator of Nonsense I am suspecting this man is talking under the influence of some hard substance or having a type 1 dimential if anything like that

When? 🤔 What did you just said? Please tell him to stop all those speech.. Angry😠 Under MBuhari u say we're 'safe' & killing is everyday affair, then we never have AsiwajuTinubu so that killing doesn't bcom every seconds. U AsiwajuTinubu once said u don't believe in one Nigeria. When did u change ur opinion? AsiwajuTinubu with his bread & butter poli-trics

Why will we feel safe under his government when he is currently in power and we are not safe? Are you trying to tell us he is the reason all these things are happening? Mehn, this man has lost touch with reality, anything to hold on to power... When everyone has die finish Wtf is this? Sir when Or you are just saying because of your ambitions

Real combat Between Nigerian Army Vs Boko Haram 2021 ☠️🌅🇳🇬👇🏻

“Will” Can this man just stf Stupid man Who is this isotope of iberiberism I do not know how some people reason. Are we under JONATHAN? When will Buhari be in Charge? Is it after 2023 when you all have started angling for that the safety will come? then it is certainly not under Buhari. End Nigeria Now and save lives

Are you giving him another tenure? Think its too late for that. Don't you hear the man that wants to be your President come 2023 using future tense whereas hundreds of thousands are dead already in the so-called Nigeria? Oh what a pity to hear this coming from Mr Tinubu! Nigeria is gradually coming to an end.

So those that have been killed are Ghanaians? This man is just so annoying in his speeches and he is expecting people to vote for him in next election. Failures Working for himself, 2023 we go choke them .

Garba Shehu will have to consult the oracle to ascertain this claim by jagaban Wait, is it another buhari he's referring to? I don't understand, I guess this was a statement before the election, let me believe so, so I don't spill the velum erupting within me reading this headline right now 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

These people are just playing politics with human life Imagine the thrash coming out from someone that wants to be our president, baba is only using his hands to dig his grave Who ask this one to talk now🤦🏽‍♀️ Abeg who be dis man What lies All because you still wan become president abi Okay oooo