Boss Mustapha, Nigerians, Sgf

Boss Mustapha, Nigerians

Nigerians attack SGF Boss Mustapha for saying he never knew health infrastructure was bad - Daily Post Nigeria

Nigerians attack SGF Boss Mustapha for saying he never knew health infrastructure was bad

4/10/2020 12:24:00 PM

Nigerians attack SGF Boss Mustapha for saying he never knew health infrastructure was bad

Boss Mustapha , Secretary to the Government of the Federation ( SGF ) is under severe criticism over a comment he made on Nigeria's health sector. Mustapha

Mustapha is the chairman of the Presidential Taskforce (PTF) on COVID-19.Hemet with the leadershipof the National Assembly on Thursday.In his remarks, Mustapha declared he never knew that infrastructure meant to cater for the well-being of Nigerians was not in a good shape.

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“I can tell you for sure, I never knew that our entire healthcare infrastructure was in the state in which it is. Until I was appointed to do this work,” he stated.Mustapha said coronavirus had provided an opportunity to carry out reforms and ensure more funding for the country’s health system.

The open admission has drawn Nigerians’ anger with many wondering how such a high-ranking official did not know the reality the people were facing.Below are some reactions:@obi_nwosu: The type of leaders we have. This statement from SGF, Boss Mustapha can cost him his job under ideal situation.

@DonSolution_: Boss Mustapha said he didn’t know that Nigeria’s health system is in shambles not until he was appointed to head the COVID-19 Presidential Task Force. This shows a high level of negligence amongst our Nigerian politicians. He has been in office since 2015.

@1st9ja:Boss Mustapha must be a lair, so as the SGF, what has he been documenting about our MDAs for Buhari, only his medical trips to London? Anyway that’s the trademark of @OfficialAPCNg, not too surprised, lie till the end Grinning face with smiling eyes.

@iotama22: Some Naija politicians have never visited any hospital within the country for any treatment/check up. If an ordinary fly enters their eye like this, fiaam they fly to the UK/US?Germany to remove it. How will they know the rot in the health sector? Boss Mustapha.

@Counsel_TAO: Boss Mustapha said he had no idea the rot in the health sector until this Corona thing. As per they don’t kuku use Nigerian hospitals.@AyanfeOfGod: If SGF Boss Mustapha can claim he didn’t know that Nigeria’s health sector is in such a deplorable state until corona issue and these are the kind of people that surround the president and advise him can we now see that Nigeria fvvcked.

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@BenVistas: The open confession of SGF Boss Mustapha that he did not know Nigeria’s Health Infrastructure is in such a deplorable state until he was appointed to head the COVID-19 Presidential Task Force is an QED that All Nigerian Politicians are Medical Tourists, from time immemorial!!!

@UNCLE_AJALA: Boss Mustapha said he had no idea the rot in the health sector is so bad, until this Coronavirus pandemic issue. Imagine his shock, when all they do is go abroad for treatments, even if it’s ordinary ear infection.Even if God didn’t do anything, he must punish bad leaders in Naija.

@west_obi: Oga how would you know when you don’t use it. You and your corrupt colleagues in govt travel abroad for medical care. Foolish statement, God will judge all of you.@NewtonIkire:Boss Mustapha didn’t know the state house hospital was nothing to write home about, because when he needs panadol, he flies to London. Shame on you all.

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Allahu (SWT) is seeing n watching u all time shall come when there is no place to hide Why would he know when he travels outside the country to treat common headache with tax payers money. I don't him. Nonsense This is obviously a not aware government Its a shameful statement he made honestly, how then will you govern or improve the sector if you don't even know it's present state. This is a big disgrace.

Iro lo ma'll surely die of lies one day. Ode!! How would he know when he was picked from a bush that he was taking care of his cows into ministerial office So this is his first time of going round to check the health service centres And you will also don't know your job as well, sorry for my dear country

Why attacking some being honesty, Rather, he should be commended and place him esteem, for better things to come If the SGF does not know the true state of our health facilities, how will the president know? SGF I never knew our health sector is in shamble. Boss Mustapha There is nothing wrong for SGF to say he never know. He is not the Minister of Health and may be petronizing private clinics. In Nigeria for an SGF to supervise activities of health institutions will attract condemnation. He will now influence the authority for improvement.

When you steal to be rich, the pains of the poor seems ungodly Late Nigeria DigiCommsNG If such a person don't know the state of medical facilities in our country Tell me do we have a government? NGRPresident This will tell you how far they are from the realities on ground and understanding of leadership. Thank God he admitted the facts, hope it will make them think better.

Just imagine Hypocrite! Shame on you SGF so called Boss! Don't let thunder fire you to the hottest part of Hell!! Yet the government still agrees to cut the health budget. This country kips on embarrassing me😓😓 To me I salute SG for his courage to tell the public they have failed in the health sector despite the trillions of Naira budgeted for the sector over the years. The question now is ‘now that you know’ What happened?

This truly is a foolish govt voted in by foolish voters... This administration should be tagged 'Ignorance Administration' for so they be from their Oga to the least of them We were govern by people that doesn't know our way of living! Well, May be our health sector is in another planet and the Nigeria government at the other. Am not surprised, our leaders dont use these facilities. How will they know, u dont know what u dont know.

I sincerely doubt if the SGF is a Nigerian He is not well. Oh really then u should not be in the government ignorant He just confessed that He always flies abroad for Treatment!!!! Boss Mustapha, haba you are suppose to be the boss after your bosses na? This is why we condemning your boss visit to London hospital any time he and his co-conspirators are sick. This should be a lesson to all those in position of authority. Fix Nigeria now

He is living in the moon. Well done sir. Go developed other country, one day something will kill a man. There is no strong man anywhere expect God Almighty He is insensitive to the plight of the common man He's another example of a typical nigeria politician. I said it; APC is FRAUD Administration of ignorance! How will they know?

Appreciated for being honest. How many minister/ commissioner/DG/legislator patronise public hospital or public school or public market? He was in space & just landed Ewu How will he know if not for this virus would he even know what it means to live in Nigeria..... He deserves to be attacked, he should resign.

Some people madness no b here Let them allow the honest man, he said what he knows, let's watch and see what he and other people in government will do now they know. So was born in Ghana and free up on space..a born liar!!! None them will know the state of our hospital because they always travel out for treatment of even headeck to me that is the only good thing that the covid19 did to us since no more abroad we must go to the same hospital.

... very strange and funny, sounding as if he just arrived Nigeria from Morocco. Are you normal at all Worst Government ever How will he know when he fly's abroad for every treatment How can he know when all they do is lie about the true situation of things. He's another 'idol' worshipper . See your self How will u know,when u ball abroad for common headache

Maybe he doesn't know we have hospital in Nigeria self. This means you're not visiting government hospital Why attacking him ,he only say his sincere opinion as most of them don't patronised public hospitals. Awon omo ale dede 🙊🙉😲😠😠🇳🇬🇳🇬 Mr liar, if you never knew, as you claim, why then do you always visit foreign land for medical tour

Nigerian leaders are the major problems of Nigeria. American president, British prime Ministers and their officials receive medical care in their countries, but Nigerian leaders travel abroad for theirs and none of them, sees anything wrong with this, it's a shame. If you don't know, that show you're not doing your job, you're lazy to dis change your duties. And you deserve querry honesty

But he's stating the obvious because they don't patronize our medical facilities, they prefer going overseas. Reality has just dawned on them They don’t really care.He should not be chairman of such position in the first place.Ths is one of Buhari’s nepotistic appt.Since Buhari Cant face the press or public,that position should easily be given to V.President.

u can't blame him much his not a Nigerian check those who rule the country they are not real Nigerians that's why u see things are not working how do u expect a stranger to know what is happening in nigeria. I have said it time without number that nigerian are rule by strangers Why will you know, when everything that you unfortunate leaders do or eat, even sickness( Corov19) you brought it from foreign country. That's are bad the hospital in Nigeria his because you guys are very bad unfortunate leaders.

Lies of the highest order SGF Boss Mustapha made me changed my mind about him. Why coming to lie in public. As he ever being treated in any hospital in Nigeria in years. He ought to profound solutions to what's on ground. Why lying? Or his he looking for public support? Be guided Boss Shame on him for saying that

Clueless MF Since he's always in abroad he'll never know. Now let grab them together Not his fault. He doesn't access medical care at home (Nigeria).

I never knew Nigeria's healthcare infrastructure was in such bad state - SGFThe Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha , has decried the poor state of Nigeria's healthcare infrastructure. 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ Bcos he doesn't use the hospital.. nonsense So bad

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