Nigerians Attack Osinbajo For Keeping Quiet Over Twitter Ban | Sahara Reporters

The suspension by the Nigerian government comes days after a post by President Muhammadu Buhari on the 1967 civil war was deleted by the microblogging platform.

6/5/2021 6:29:00 PM

Nigerians Attack ProfOsinbajo For Keeping Quiet Over Twitter Ban | Sahara Reporters Twitter users condemned the silence of Osinbajo, saying as a SAN and Pastor, he is expected to speak out and advise the President not to take the decision. READ MORE:

The suspension by the Nigerian government comes days after a post by President Muhammadu Buhari on the 1967 civil war was deleted by the microblogging platform.

Jun 05, 2021Many Nigerians have taken to social media to lambast Vice President Yemi Osinbajo for keeping mute after the suspension of Twitter operations in the country.Nigeria’s information and culture minister Lai Mohammed had on Friday announced Twitter’s suspension in a statement by his media aide, Segun Adeyemi.

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Yemi OsinbajoThe Nigerian government’s spokesman cited “the persistent use of the platform for activities capable of undermining Nigeria’s corporate existence” as the reason for the suspension.A check by SaharaReporters in the early hours of Saturday showed that the platform is no more active within the country.

Most Twitter users on Saturday condemned the silence of Osinbajo, saying as a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and Pastor, he is expected to speak out and advise the President not to take the decision.Below are some of the reactions:I am finding it difficult to believe that VP Osinbajo signed off and endorsed this Twitter Ban. He cannot tell me that Lai Mohammed has a better leverage to convince Buhari to suspend Twitter over him. This is beyond senseless to say the least. Buhari's advisors have no shame.

— The ⭕m⭕nile Lawyer™ (@MatthewOttah)June 5, 2021Yemi "BDSM" Osinbajo. The man whose hands are always tied. Please don't return to the legal profession after 2023. You have failed everyone of us who had faith in you. Absolutely failed. And you're a disgrace to yourself, the legal profession and the body of Christ.

— The Intellectual (@Osiyemi_O)Osibanjo is a wicked man.His hands are not tied; he should resign.And that's why I stopped attending RCCG; the hypocrisy!Yemi Osibanjo is not a man of God if he's comfortably seating amongst murderers and injustice.

on Saturday then preach on Sunday? Read more: Sahara Reporters »

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ProfOsinbajo If he speaks he will be sacked ProfOsinbajo If he likes He speaks If he doesn't Ko kan aiye Am twitting from Spain like this ProfOsinbajo This one na woman na ProfOsinbajo This one dy fight for him pocket alone 😒 ProfOsinbajo A pined man can not talk nor speak is not possible ProfOsinbajo Twitter is giving power to divisiveness supporting one side while banning Nigeria President voice. It is unfair.

ProfOsinbajo The man is too weak for my liking 😎 ProfOsinbajo Hmmm ProfOsinbajo He is the worst hypocrite pastor and prof I have ever seen. ProfOsinbajo He has eaten dodo he can’t say ododo. Not my pastor not a true son of Yoruba Land. Bam bam ni mo yo mi mo bo ya ebi pa omo enikan kan. ProfOsinbajo To use Twitter in Nigeria, download a VPN. Change your location to another country

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ProfOsinbajo Our vice president is not saying anything 🙄 at all, he is not helping matters ProfOsinbajo So he is still there? ProfOsinbajo If his hand is soiled he won't be able to speak, so the best will be for him to remain silent. Fear of efcc is the beginning of wisdom. So make una leave the man, he knows what he is doing

ProfOsinbajo He has no say. ProfOsinbajo Osibanjo is a loyal 🐕 ProfOsinbajo Useless Nigerians. ProfOsinbajo All this Ev!l people using the name of God to cover face ProfOsinbajo ProfOsinbajo is not really interested in issues like this as you can see , I’m in the family lol lol 😂 , he only cares about condolences etc...

ProfOsinbajo These man na idiot ProfOsinbajo I no even remember say we get vice 😁😁😁😁

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ProfOsinbajo Those who blame Osinbajo are ignorant of how Nigeria is presently governed. They don't know that Osinbajo is a glorified houseboy in Aso Rock. The Cabal rules Nigeria. ProfOsinbajo What do u want him to do when Lai Muhammed is in control of ur MBuhari ProfOsinbajo Does the president ask him for advice before Lai Muhammad make the annucement NO so what are we saying? It's obvious that Professor Yemi Osibanjo knows more than them and was pushed aside because of their evil which he will never participate.

ProfOsinbajo Some people don turn cow 😢 ProfOsinbajo This man is even worse than Buhari. At least, Buhari is quite predictable but you don't k ow where you stand with this man, making him the more dangerous. ProfOsinbajo Nobody is attacking him, he is a foolish man ProfOsinbajo Osinbanjo the aso rock baby girl...they already fucked shit outa his blackass😁😁😁

ProfOsinbajo The man can not speak to them ProfOsinbajo Nigeria Is The Only Country In The World Where Yesterday Is Better Than Today And Tomorrow...😭😭 KeepitOn ProfOsinbajo E choke nah

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ProfOsinbajo Osibanjo is a puppet. He can't say anything ProfOsinbajo Its good ooooo ProfOsinbajo Pastor who is afraid to die! Earth and heaven which is more preferable? But they said heaven!! why is he afraid to say the truth? 'The truth shall set you free.' ProfOsinbajo ProfOsinbajo na extra tyre na...Dummy SAN

ProfOsinbajo Neither MBuhari nor ProffOsinbajo are talking. GarubaShehu, FemAdesina, and LaiMohammed1 are the ones speaking. So, where is the President and his VP? ProfOsinbajo Osinbajo is just an errand boy of the Fulani. He has no say in the business of governance;believe that! ProfOsinbajo Birds of the same feather flocks together

Amaka_Ekwo ProfOsinbajo Nobody should blame osibanjo he is just like a house maid that has no word of his own.he is just like a toy. ProfOsinbajo That one ns remote control KeepitOn ProfOsinbajo This man is just a toothless dog,kindly let him be jare

Over 150 bandits invade Katsina communities, lose 6 members as police repels attack - Daily Post NigeriaArmed motorcycle riding bandits, numbering about a hundred and fifty, Thursday attacked Wurma and Yarbudu villages in Kurfi LGA. The attack on Wurma Buhari why are not shooting youth at sight in Kastina? Plus over 200 persons kidnapped,plus almost 36 children killed,yet there was no press conference by minister Lai Mohammed.But just a Twitter delete,and there was a press conference to Nigerians.And all the persons playing the 'presidency' is sweating & shouting.Nigeria is a joke. Links74319616 I can at this point claim that Zamfara and Katsina states are peopled by Bandits and normal people in equal numbers.

ProfOsinbajo Please you guys should leave this man alone nah. Una want make dem sack ham for work ni😂?. He his a controlled Vice P nah. Habaaa🤷. ProfOsinbajo Osinbajo is not rebellious like those from east. We are full of wisdom. Ogbon Ijapa. ProfOsinbajo An errand boy who knows nothing about when decisions bothering the zoo is taken will go to ask his salve masters why they took such decision? Na wa for una oo. When will you all wake up and know that Fulani caliphate have hijack this country

ProfOsinbajo remove pastor for this man name abegiii 😡😡 ProfOsinbajo He's a house boy he has no right to say pim about it 🤐🤐😥 ProfOsinbajo Tell him that it is tradermoney ProfOsinbajo I don’t even know his work as a Vice President ProfOsinbajo What can a house wife say ProfOsinbajo Bro Yemi was also suspended. From all social media.

ProfOsinbajo The man is a shame to the redeem Christian church of God. A fake pastor

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ProfOsinbajo He is complicit. He knows what he is doing. Dissapointing. ProfOsinbajo wetin him wan talk person wey don chop sweet plantain no dey talk truth... ProfOsinbajo Is it not clear dat ProfOsinbajo is a fake pastor & his credentials as a Senior Advocate of Nigeria r highly questionable?! He had been a lecturer most his life b4 he was AG in Lagos & I don’t think he was an authority on any area of Law! Prof wey no get PhD! clownseverywhere🤡

ProfOsinbajo This mumu man will not speak , he is still waiting for buhari to die so he can take over. Candidates of h3ll! ProfOsinbajo Osinbajo na babe, e no get time, he’s only concerned about pedicures ProfOsinbajo Osinbajo is a game over to yoruba suffocated moron politicians ...more especially Obasanjo and his plans committee. Thinking they want to play smart to everything turn around but wait oo saharaReporter why are you still tweeting?

ProfOsinbajo This man ProfOsinbajo na very useless man and the worth VP the world has ever produced!!!✌️ ProfOsinbajo He is just a statue. His duties is to attend child’s naming ceremonies and end of year parties. ProfOsinbajo Boiboi. ProfOsinbajo What if the pastor can not approach the cabal.

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ProfOsinbajo 1. He is not the President neither does his office have anything to do with the Min. Of Info. I do not understand what anyone is expecting him to do, reverse ban? 2. He has repeatedly been vocal against social media ban 3. Only numskulls are grilling this man RealGeneviev ProfOsinbajo All of una under this thread exonerating that VPN, I pity us o. If you’re in an abusive relationship what do you do? Stay and complain your hands are tied? Na BDSM? Haba make utilise that brain small o.

ProfOsinbajo What do you expect when someone is a puppet ProfOsinbajo His hands are always tired like he is a BDSM for the past 6yrs ProfOsinbajo He didn't keep quiet during campaign and election debate...why is he keeping quiet now... Yoruba history will never forget him as a coward ProfOsinbajo Lmao someone that's a slave to the system?

ProfOsinbajo Osibanjo is a toy, ProfOsinbajo Dem no dey advice that old fo.l oh!! EbeleAzubuike ProfOsinbajo Osibanjo is on an unfortunate situation. His hands and legs are tied. The most sidelined VP in the history of Nigeria. If he still has an iota of integrity, he should resign honorably. ProfOsinbajo This one?

ProfOsinbajo Slave ProfOsinbajo Osibanjo na human being? ProfOsinbajo Omo this one self goat better pass him. ProfOsinbajo Professor tied hands .....BDSM patron niyen ProfOsinbajo Osibanjo is toilet cleaner ProfOsinbajo He is a mistake ProfOsinbajo Where were they when the terrorist was busy threatening Nigeria existence?yeye dey smell.

NkemdiMary ProfOsinbajo fake pastor with magician GO DoctorEmto ProfOsinbajo He wasn't really relevant before ProfOsinbajo His hands are tied,i guess he’s still doing his BDSM

ProfOsinbajo It's obvious there is nothing he can say about it, or do you want him to be sacked... ProfOsinbajo Leave osinbanjo out of this.Niccur can’t do shit about what’s going on. Call your reps and senators ProfOsinbajo This guy is spineless. No hope ProfOsinbajo I'm beginning to think he's not alive

ProfOsinbajo His silence is part of the problem. ProfOsinbajo Person wey Dey don shut down already E gat no say over anything ProfOsinbajo We don't want him dead. We need him alive. Let me be quite pls, He is just waiting for his tenure to expire. He is tired of them. ProfOsinbajo I don't expect him to say anything, he is caged.

ProfOsinbajo ProfOsinbajo He is not a pastor he is a thief ole barawo 419 fraud star

ProfOsinbajo BanTWITTER ProfOsinbajo Follow for follow back ProfOsinbajo Mr Vice President is one among them ,so let kick out the haters of Nigeria out.TwitterSuspendBuharisAccount TwitterSuspendBuharisAccount TwitterSuspendBuharisAccount TwitterSuspendBuharisAccount ProfOsinbajo His hands are still tied...

ProfOsinbajo Did you people think they will listen to ProfOsinbajo ProfOsinbajo This is the reason Yoruba tribe came out in their numbers and voted this nightmare into Aso Rock thinking Buhari will die like Yaradua... ProfOsinbajo Nigeria is a failure