Coronavirus Cure, Lassa Fever Cure

Coronavirus Cure, Lassa Fever Cure

Nigerian who finds cure for Coronavirus, Lassa fever’ll get N36m


Nigerian who finds cure for Coronavirus, Lassa fever’ll get N36m

Kindly Share This Story Our Reporters The Federal Government has announced a N36m cash prize for any Nigerian that finds cure for coronavirus and Lassa fever. Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is currently ravaging China, with about a thousand deaths so far recorded, while many others are infected. Lassa fever is a seasonal disease that usually breaks out in parts of Nigeria during the dry season and most infections usually result in death. Speaking on Thursday at an event held to mark the retirement from service of A. O. Oyesefo, a former director of the Department of Chemical Technology, the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, said, “I challenge all Nigerian scientists to go out and find cures for coronavirus and Lassa fever. “Any scientist that is able to do this will be given N36m.” “There is nothing that we want to do that we can’t do. Nigeria will be making contributions to the world.” He added, “We want our scientists to know that we place value on them. We want them to know that they are important. If you don’t do things like this, the scientists will think we don’t value them. “Research takes a lot of time and energy, and we will be very happy to fulfil our pledge. “This prize is open to the universities; it is also open to private laboratories and research institutes.” The announcement elicited cheers from participants at the event. Imo moves to prevent outbreak The Imo State House of Assembly on Thursday mandated the state Ministry of Health to begin public enlightenment to prevent Lassa fever and coronavirus. Uju Onwudiwe, who sponsored the motion, said, “Be it resolved that this honourable House that the state Ministry of Health shall quickly energise its departments or related agencies to commence immediate public enlightenment on the nature and preventive steps for Lassa fever coronavirus outbreak and threat levels, which include the use of media, visits to schools, churches and other gathering of Imo people for effective enlightenment.” The Speaker, Collins Chiji, said the Legislature would support actions that would prevent the outbreak of Lassa fever and coronavirus. READ ALSO: Tension as Nnamdi Kanu parents’ burial holds today Delta threatens to shutdown errant hospitals The Delta State Government has warned medical health workers in both public and private health facilities, who had come in contact with Lassa patients in the state to submit themselves for quarantine. The state Commissioner for Health, Dr Mordi Ononye, gave the warning on Thursday during a meeting of the Emergency Operations Committee on Lassa fever at the Emergency Operations Centre in Asaba. Ononye said, “Any medical facility that has treated a confirmed Lassa fever case will be shut down for 48 hours and the premises decontaminated before such a facility is allowed to continue to render health-care services to patients. “The situation also where action(s) of a health worker who is not cooperating with the Emergency Operations Committee on Lassa fever to carry out contact tracing is impeding the efforts of the committee when not forthcoming with the names of those who had earlier had contact with a confirmed Lassa fever case treated there.” Giving the update of Lassa fever in the state, the Incident Manager, Emergency Operations Committee on Lassa fever, Dr. Ann Ojimba, said that ‘as at 6pm on the 11th of February, 2020, the number of positive cases has risen to 14 while the number of deaths still remains at one’. BY Ihuoma Chiedozie, Chidiebube Okeoma, and Matthew Ochei Copyright PUNCH. All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH. Contact: DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

One million for each state, this is way cheap you should bring something reasonable When you as a minister never upgraded universities and hospitals to higher standard, government of scam and trash Fund research Don't offer money It could be true there is a demon in Aso Rock ( a la Reuben Abati). Instead of shouting urself hoarse, go and meet GEJ and ask him how he tackled Ebola in Nigeria. Abi thiz pple in govt no get sense?

Is it 36million per one strain of virus ? Cure is already there: Chloroquine Why do we play too much in this country? Audio money😂😅 How much will it cost to carryout the research? This country sha😏 Joker

Minister announces Coronavirus test result on two NigeriansThey should be put on check and quarantine Ewooooo Please keep them quarantined for 30 more days.

Please go and speak to Sir Yem Kem Int’l...... Iya alagbo will mix mixture gbam send to china dem go shit am comot N36million is too small. The person can just patent it and sell for billions. Country of jokers. The money has already being shared. These is just to save face. Remember the money that they said animals ate. WAEC money and jamb money. Lol. Even rats in the presidential Villa.

I hope this is not an audio promise? I get the solution One man already did on WhatsApp. He said it's garlic and something 3 times a day Later you will deny this....I don't trust you these APC people. What's the big deal about N36m, how much does a senator earns in a month? Inventions and innovations are not that cheap. Let the govt put a public grant of $1m only, and encourage researchers to come up with the solution.

They should contact Lucky Johnson of the Johnson's family.Idiots,so they don't have the cure and they started beating their chest that they can contain the outbreak.Thunder fire all of Una there.

Coronavirus gets new nameWe are a quality, national, newspaper with credible and dependable information.

We are really back to the stone age in Nigeria Instead of the government to invest in research they are placing bounty on coronavirus and lassa fever Who would have thought? In a country with no proper research institute and laboratory. When cluelessness open it’s mouth to speak, it smell so bad China will be ready to offer more than N36million

This is the most useless lgbo man that ever leaves. Drink rat brain Mimi, they've all been hijacked by the U.S and U.K...sedon there Scammer 36m for what... Jokers.. Ffs 2bottles of Budweiser and a plate of fish....

BREAKING: Nigeria gets three testing centres for coronavirusThe federal government has acquired necessary reagents to test for suspected cases of the Novel Coronavirus in Nigeria. Minister of Health...

Same people who find it difficult to pay 30k minimum wage o I knew the 36mil snake swallowed was somewhere do you think you can beguile the whole nigeria Una with 36m all the time Can N36m fund the research? Can u compare that with what politicians steal every yr? Can u equate that with the salary of most idle senators & house of reps members? Can you compare that with what politicians pay to judges to give false judgements?

How will they get samples of the virus? Won't that put us all at risk? Or has there been a separate quarantines area reserved for the experiment? Meanwhile.. 36m naira for risking my life is not worth it. Y'all can find the cure by yourself The people that should be in research labs looking for the Cure are busy selling clothes and sneakers. Y'all better geddifok

Researchers aren’t motivated by money, they aren’t Nigerian Politicians. M T Akinkunmi had been long forgotten till now for the Flag and the Coat of Arm I have no doubt Nigerians have herbal remedy to that stuff Why not invest that money into research for the vaccine/cure for the virus?

Nigeria gets 3 testing centres for coronavirus – Daily TrustThe Federal Executive Council says Nigeria has established three laboratories to confirm any case of Novel coronavirus. The Minister of Health, Osagie Ehanire, who briefed State House correspondents after the FEC meeting yesterday said the laboratories were located in Lagos, Abuja and Irrua in Edo State. The minister said no person had contacted the virus …

Instead of government to fund a thorough research for coronavirus and lassa fever, listen to the gibberish this Yahoo man is uttering. So people should to go to Okija shrine to bring the cure. From what i understd, he expect us to get to work in the kitchen and come back with the COVID-19 cure shey? Instead of working on a standard research centre, he is here spewing rubbish. each state will bring 1M. Rubbish! This man is a joker..any Nigerian that finds a cure to the Corona virus will go to China and make millions !!! Use the 36M in building a standard and well equipped research laboratory. Employ some hot scientist from this country oooo not abroad. Finally, fund the research and wait for answers.

Is he saying360milion or what? Shud be 36b dollars, crazy people The caption sounds like a reward for whistle blowing & as though one may just accidentally stumble upon the cure & shout Eureka! They didn't deem it fit to invest on research like countries ahead of them. Who did this to Nigeria? Bait for tradomedical practitioners. Lmao. I pity the neighbourhood this 'research' would be carried out 😂

No reasonable scientist would fall for this crooked bait. A government that hasn't taken education and health seriously over the years suddenly wants to give paltry $10000 for Lassa/Corvid19 drug/vaccine. Money can't even equip a decent lab

Official Says US Health Authorities Shipped Faulty Coronavirus Test Kits Across CountryOfficial Says US Health Authorities Shipped Faulty Coronavirus Test Kits Across Country E dey happen for that side too? Pls, take note NCDCgov Fmohnigeria MedLabNigeria NGRPresident Keep dying for US, they won't help without benefit for their country. Africans should wise up.

N36m only? That's $100k? You are not serious at all. I have the cure but I no go give you. Mad people. Are doing to China to borrow the money? Maaaaaadoooooo Can this man go seat somewhere Nigerians will never know is existence I guess the environment is available to setup for the research Incompetent minister saying incompetent statement...l prescribed more bed rest. A day dreaming minister.

how much is being put into RESEARCH? kmt How can you get a cure when you've never encountered any specimen. Useless people, people who finds cure to those deadly viruses will be given just N36m and the jokers in those houses shares billions regularly for throwing chairs. Whoever finds the cure for Corona virus will automatically be the richest man in Africa....Even citizenship to countries like america ,britain will be on the table.

Vietnam Quarantines Area With 10,000 Residents Over CoronavirusVietnam Quarantines Area With 10,000 Residents Over Coronavirus

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 If u don't have real news to cast, u go and sleep because N36m is absolutely nothing to be compared with standard tools and equipment needed to fight such outbreak.... Wake up naija. Why would he give you guys the cure for 36M? Ewu Gambia! Oga, I would rather go to China with the cure and get a better deal. Your official car worth more than the N36.

El_PrisciTO Ifb asap Make we see site for pencil and toothpick before making anoda promise As beggars or what like you guys are helping us or what?go find it yourself since you people soo much want coronavirus here. Umm did that minister not say he can handle corona virus? Where he at? Who can stop this man from talking

🙄🙄 I hear... Buhari's govt is filled with unscrupulous characters and shameless individuals. Just imagine. Unserious people you want the person to spend his or her money on research and find cure first right. You folks are a bunch of unserious people. In better climate they award money for research first and when cure is found they share profits. Yeye dey smell

Cc aproko_doctor 36milliom sounds familiar sha. Na naija we dey Nothing wey man no go hear and see for this country. Nigerians are hustlers, by this, now, they will import the virus to show their skills. A good but really suicidal adventure. WHO WHOAFRO WHONigeria Let me go search.. Ok 36m from the 620m wey government don drop for expecting coronavirus abi😂😂

🤣🤣🤣🤣. But they don't have a specimen they can work on na since the virus has not entered Nigeria🤣🤣🤣

I need the digits of this man's dealer. This has got to be the real shit... But I thought they said this my village man schooled in USA, also did his Masters there and was also the President of Students Union for Africa then? Please what happened to him. Give the scientists research grants and watch them work ..... Incompetent folks.. y'all like to talk the talk.....

Lol I know doctor igbodo will be researching by now.... Coronavirus lottery Nigerians are yet to find cure (solution) to the 'visible' problems of infrastructural decay, insecurity, corruption etc, it is the 'invisible' coronavirus they will find cure for, how hilarious is this joke?🙄 The cure is, Close Border Against China and anyone that has connection with them. Now, where's my 36m? 😐

This people think we are in a comedy concert , Nice, it gear up people to be innovative.

😆😆😆 with which lab or equipments, even d price no reach 1/3rd of a senator's salary The ineptitude of our leaders knows no bounds. It's true o. I got more than that for discovering opa eyin, ale, afato, pelorie etc. Who do you think supplies all those mobile clinic herb sellers? Ask Labour minister if you want proof.

Ridiculous! Sell a Patent Right? How did they come up with N36m? What is N36m worth to someone that spent millions to research and discovered a cure for a diesease that is killing humans in hundreds and thousands. Our politicians are stealing hundreds of millions of Naira doing nothing Please commit for road make I pass.

Oh. I get it. Each state will be donating N1m. But Aso Rock have stylishly exempted themselves. Only?! Is it not the same medication use for flu in Uk that cures this sickness? Night and day nurse and is gone! Hmm 36million gone again!! Joke of the century! Canada offers $1million over two years for COV-19 medical research leading to cure. That’s N360 million!

I meet a tradomedical guy that claimed that he could treat coronaryvirus but does not have the vaccine yet. Only? ...... Idiots I'll sell it to any other country for way more. You guys think we are fools, wait how much emergency money did you want to collect again? Onyeoshi!!! This Ogbonnaya Onu Man is becoming Worse than Lie Muhammad!

How can you have a cure for a virus you don’t have thread of......this our government set How moronic I can guarantee that of lassa with herbs but corona no be for here Dumbest joke of the century N1m from each state while FG will handover the money to the researcher in Abuja FCT . onu All those working with federal health ministries, govt owned research institutes, oya the real work has come. See Challenge NAFDAC officials it is time to research &, not seal small pharmaceutical production houses. If u are not all idiots, oya prove what you've got & claim

TYPICAL!!' For God's sake, can we first find a cure for electricity to power a laboratory before finding a remedy for viruses?

These people will never cease to amaze me. What well-equipped research laboratories do you have? How much money are you investing in research for drugs and vaccines? You think this is a babalawo thing where someone will just discover a drug? Seems all Buhari's ministers have gone mad and redundant. Nsogbu di.

Lol, Like N1M from each state of the federation, won't the FCT contribute?. Anyways, this statement is intended to put us in trouble sha because we need a patient to test the potency of the cure. Yeah but how did we contain Ebola that time o 🤔🤔 It’s possible just hope they give the person the money ni koko

🍼🤜👍 They should legalize weed and cocaine first, I'll give them the cure We don see how una treat whistle blowers for part one😅😅😅😅 If the lab test is going to be in Nigeria then there may be problem Bcos the researcher will need the sample of the virus to create the vaccine, wat if the virus escape the lab and spread among the people, the outbreak won't be funny in this country Bcos our government are clumsy

They re pricing corona virus cure Omashee oooo

Mr. Pencil, you are here again.. How did you arrive at the calculation of the remuneration? Please, concentrate on manufacturing pencil before your term ends and stay out of COVID19 for now. Thank God the disease is out of Africa. Nigeria that has never kept to its promise before. If you find the cure and tell them they will never pay u. What happened to whistleblower that reported billions of dollars in Lagos house? Instead of them to pay him they say he is mentally unstable to receive his share.

I guess the 36mill that snake swallow? Foolish people OLODO! who will be foolish to sell his multibillion-dollar invention for 36 million naira? Just 36m? I think I’ll take my cure to the Americans or Chinese 🤔 To get a cure for such epidemic as Coronavirius , a lot of research in needed. Can that offer settle research bills?

Increase it to N3.6 Billion and the cure will come tomorrow. Na them be this oooo. Scam I will prefer to go to China n make better deal. Useless talk

Why don't you start with something like Lassa 🐀 where samples can easily be obtained to work with? Cluelessness at it's height . Hmmmmm o di egwu A A stupid wish. How equipped are the schools to aid this findings? Those lecturers that got granhts for research and diverted it to buying cars, how does that tidy up? Oga, go and do the needful and stop wishing. If it works that way beggars would fly private jets.

Who go bring sample naa? Have you started to produce pencils and crayons yet? Let's consult one of our local pastors for miracle rally That’s the kind of money they have!!! In immediate cash or cheque or promises Putting a bounty on Corona virus, old men with coconut brains

Mad people When they've stopped funding education, and research, who will find cures? The industries that will make progress are those that the politicians are currently funding, [like graft, nepotism, and security votes] . But they can renovate NASS with N30b. Mumu people full this government sha What we need now is the cure for Bokoharam and fulanis herdsmen attacks, including the bandits.

Make they take Dr. Igoko goko cleanser na🙄 tiny_tean health worker If it's true , Igbo/marijuana prepared with cooked refined palm wine, and I will add something unknown to you all arrange by me will cure coronavirus but for Lassa fever , I can't . I told you guys aired a story of govt putting aside 620million naira.... Govt don’t fund research, we can’t even celebrate our own success

Why our own be like this self..can't they make it round figure...50million?

Why 36m? MAKE IT 40m Audio money... get the medicine and get killed by this boko haram government Just 36 million follish N36M to find cure for coronavirus & Lassa really shows the value they place on their scientists. What is wrong with our ministers? Like the researcher is supposed to come up with a vaccine candidate, run it through animal & then human trials for 36..! When WHO is not dead.

36m only D last winner of BBN,do u know ow much she got...Mr na 100m I go collect if u want my help 🤦 the question is how many Nigerians have the resources to endeavour into vaccine research without been originally wealthy, getting public donations or govt funds? 36mm? I think that's a ridiculously low compensation for a global epidemic considering the robustness of financial, emotional and mental stakes to even get a cure.

I will rather sell to the chinese, than to this confused minister, they would pay billions, nigeria wey go even owe you money sef Raise the bill, let me start work

Imagine? Is 36million going to pay his flight to tell the world about it? Una no serious at all... Mercy of Big Brother Naija got more for showing her bumbum on national television. APC government should get serious. Is Covid-19 in Nigeria now? For Lassa Fever, I thought the solution is to kill rats to control same 🤣🤣🤣

That's not enough to fund research on finding a cure Funny🙄 Werey we still searching for cure of Apollo DT is yet to be found Nigerians may find the cure but you can be certain they'll not be resident in Nigeria. You sell real gold to those who values it. Where is the research lab & fund? Fund research instead, oga

Obara jesu!!!!.. Wetin dis one drink again? Is this the quarantine you're supposed to be doing?

Ẹrọ̀ arike will cure it. Since we've been blessed with shameless people up there. With juju or what.any world class research institute established or CDC here.what about funding or do you think it comes cheap.what is 36m for stuff like coronavirus and lassa fever .You guys joke with everything. 😄😄😄 ... I laff in Chinese tongues

Sense is hard. Difficult for GSK to get test candidate for the coronavirus but you want Nigerians to use black magic and develop the cure. That’s just the tip of the iceberg! For every vaccine made, he will get loyalties. He is made. My fear is, they don’t end up killing and or spreading it amongst the population.

Dont trust them. This is Nigeria. Remember Where are the research institute both privately owned or governments? Where are the funds? Old men coming to talk without commitment, simply because they occupy certain positions. Living in the 20the century as if they are still living in late 18 century! Is it lost?

e be like say this virus don dey affect this man brain. You for take the 36M go China go bring the virus mumu🤨🤨🙄 Oh! the snake that swallowed the N36m has finally vomited it.

Nice challenge. This government is a fool Stupid say, know coronavirus in nigeria. Y don't you guys say if Nigeria army conquer terrorist they we collect one million each and no light in nigeria too ohh stupid people. Next!!!!!!! Pere? The patent is worth our budget The first cure is heat environment, the virus is associated with cold hence sickness of pneumonia,sneezing,cold etc No one should tell me that it's not in Aftica and South America yet but for the weather,the virus has been ineffective.

The senators that are already collecting 36 million should go & find the all are scared because the ailment is blind so it doesn't care if u are rich or poor...if the disease was exclusively for the poor, the govt would not be interested. How can we get a cure for Coranavirus when we have not even extract the antigen?... How many gov't/private laboratories have this antigen? Sourcing for this antigen from abroad can take months for it to be delivered and hugely expensive.

😂 😂 😂 😂

In Nig, our government don't take too much importance in research. Fully funded masters and PhD scholarships should be awarded to notable scholars yearly. Meanwhile, our Uni lecturers spends the little grants from intn'l bodies on clothes, shoes, wristwatches & houses. Pathetic! 36 what? Is this a serious country?

Lies everywhere Please let uncle coronavirus stay in far east for those expert that can fine the cure.Make naija CDC find cure for our normal cold and catarrh. Coronavirus no be child’s play oh, we no want abeg. Jokers This is a pathetic statement from an elder statesman. How many fully equipped laboratory do you have in the country that you want the cure for viral infections? You think it is as simple as the money(s) that disappears under your watch?

N36M is too small. What can it buy in this apc economy Promise and fail govt. So what should we call this, post-funding, awaiting someone patent research which i know that money will be too small to buy it, or pay off? like what iamemaney said, i will prefer to sell my patent to China. Instead of funding the research una dey find ready made.. Radarada

How much is your govt's allocation to education let alone R&D? What a confused statement.

Lol....😅😅😅Nigeria we too like comedy God help this country weed this monkey sense leaders ......if this virus had hit Nigeria it would hv be annihilation Morris_Monye Based on 1 million naira per state including FCT. Eyin werey 😂 What kind of clowns do we have in position of authority? Do these people even know what it cost to set up a standard world class research lab? If we don't give the bright ones amongst us enough motivation, developed nations will keep snatching them from us

Oya let's do something Nice one coming from our health sector but my problem here is seeing the redcap on his head I never knew any Igbo man can be used for such stupid message. Spirishual cure join? I would rather give it to China where I will make cool cash. Rada rada Oo so you pipu have spare 36M and most of our Primary health care centers are in bad shape.

$100,000? If he/she gets a cure, patents the drug, won’t the person make billions? Yeye government.

Great...Just like the whistleblowers got abi? How much money has your ministry invested in research? i will rather sell to china Hahahaha... That's N1million contribution from each state in the country. Such joke! Is it that the cure is hiding somewhere? Wouldn't it be wiser to actually allocate that money to the necessary parties involved in the research? These guys are confirmed clowns

1million for test running it for each state of the federation How much be dat one? Poverty thinking.... na royalties the person go take for life even his/her coming generation Joker of the century smh Mtcheeeeeeeew Jokers Nigerian Government are just pure evil joke. NGRPresident NGRSenate HouseNGR ProfOsinbajo MBuhari OfficialAPCNg HOW MUCH DOES A NIGERIAN SENETOR GET FOR DOING NOTHING? Shame! Shame!! Shame!!! Coronavius Lassafever cure Gidi_Traffic DCPTrEastBCP adeyanjudeji

*smhh* what is wrong with these people ? They think it is something that happens over night. Do you even have the medical facilities to detect if someone has the Coronavirus? How much was earmarked for medical research by FG? These people don't know what is going on. They are clueless. Unfortunately, you have jokers as leaders! How much did he release as research funding for interested candidates? The west didn't develop with this mentality kai!

Wasn't it the same people that said NIGERIA HAS ALL IT TAKE TO FIGHT CORONA VIRUS? Foolish pple. So out of the over N600M you proposed to spend in preventing the virus the person who sweat head to toe will get 36M & u will get the balance. I knw the cure is ewedu & honey + lime Nigerians, don't try it o. It's a bait to drag corona... to our country.

In which laboratory? Hahahahaa Nigeria what a country, what do you think are duties of research centers? pls fund them adequately. I hope its not an attempt to import Corona virus all in an effort to find it's cute if not how would you discover cure in a country where the virus doesn't exist? Then the Government will use the man to make trillions. World people everywhere


We the youth are challenging the government also if they can provide 24hrs electricity we will give them 36m 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️...season of challenge Shitty deal.. Cure for viral diseases? Nigeria o No incentive to do research in Nigeria I will rather go to USA that will pay me in real American dollars 💵 than 36m naira. I beg talk better thing. My problems pass 36m naira

Instead of developing or building a research centre your talking of given N36m to who find the cure... Na gulder ultimate search Is it to buy electron microscope or purchase of land for construction of standard research lab..... Dumb nation This government is a joke, do u no how much the researcher will invest in this process, what happened to national honor?

Fear not nigerians bc coronavirus cannot survive here.the problems in nigeria will kill the virus 3000 killometres away. Ones again my people fear not

The competition for the most clueless in this government is fierce What is the reward for anyone who finds the cure for the one in Aso Rock? Any effective cure for coronavirus is worth $36b. Stop ridiculing human race Mr Minister Where are they going to get their test subjects/samples? One million per State

Lol... How much is N36m compared to what the Federal Government will make out of it. Animal Farm country 😂 Who will give him/her the resources? How is the person going to secure the virus first? The research will cost him/her more than 36m Just N36m for whoever finds cure for coronavirus? Go find it yourself Sir!

Everything na kalo kalo for Nigeria It means the virus has to be imported for lab testing or the promising scientist has to travel to China which they may not want to. So me I don't really understand this 'statement by the minister, we then need a space station for the research, so as not to endanger lives.

Same man That said they can handle coronavirus ....smh Are you sure this amount won't even gulp the research materials like our technical committee usually do? Kuruna abbi CoronaVirus? If this is not madness, I wonder what is. Ah!😎 OKO oloyun is dead Finally those university laboratory will be put to use

Las las na scam and voice mail e go enter..... Audio promise What nonsense Give them money for research and stop all this empty promises. Good Nations invest in their healthcare.

Fund research NO 😂😂😂 pay teachers No maintain school labs NO success is not by prayer but hard work and dedication MBuhari YouPlayedYourself nassnigeria I rather join big brother and try my luck tf is 36 million mtseeew. Medication This government don see us finish aswear!!!.. In their minds, we're so daft,broke,poor & dumb!!!...But unfortunately,the foolishness of the electorates is even wiser than this entire government!...Keep your 36m mbok!

So 36m only out of 600m set aside for the virus . This virus should not enter Nigeria, God abeg. This clueless government are confused. How is that possible. You mean your going to bring the virus to Nigeria and let a Nigerian find the cure? How can you find a cure to what you don’t have a specimen that has the virus. noexcuses

I have no doubts that we can get Nigerians that will get the breakthrough, but Nigeria does not have the support system to produce Nigerians in Nigeria to produce the cure. Our government is now making jokes concerning Coronavirus. You cannot find cure for coronavirus here in Nigeria because coronavirus is not in Nigeria, your researchers have to travel to China to get the specimen. Or perhaps, you're indirectly telling us you want to bring coronavirus to Nigeria.

Which Nigerian will find cure for coronavirus and lassa fever? With which brain?

How are people like this in the government?. No government funding on research for the cure. You are now offering N36 million like it's some kind of bounty. You fund researches instead. Heheheh! Baba goan establish more schools and pay your debtors Mad o! How now? Aren't u supposed to sponsor research not use it to do Naira bet?

Audio money. 🤣 N36m pere? Lol To test it's potency will a patient come from China or the drug taken to China. I know why I dey talk o cause even pencil we never fit succeed as u promised. Onu= Mouth, that’s his surname. He’s running his mouth Only? Rats and some other animals that constitute coronavirus will take the money away.

dunno maybe our leaders are dumb elders or the media put up captions like this for attention.🚶

Holy Communion is the cure....Where’s my money Ordinary 36million?! When the Chinese will pay billions for it Imagine nonsense, if its to do ordinary renovation now they will allocate 36 billion. I know the cure it’s cocaine so disburse 36million to my account, wait first nah dollar abinah naira if nah naira I no want o. Yeye people

Eh... eh... eh..., No go bring this thing come Nigeria ooooo. We are playing too much in this country. Comedians everywhere! These guys thinks finding solutions to challenges is by Miracle....religion has finished us. TB Joshua most see this I’m sure somethings is wrong with this ogbonaya onu. Wonder how they arrived at 36m. Whoever finds that cure could become one of the richest in the world. Ya offering 36m peanuts. Make I enter lab

My brodas and sistas,whoever find it shd not give to this useless people,just imagine 36M,a cure that can save billions of life,36M,how much is 36M,I respect the whites alots,its a lifetime contracts of great life they will give u Mad o , I’ve never seen A Government chase clout before , 36m can’t even fund a research .

From who Please when you remove the N and put $ Then contact me for the Lassa fever cure. I’m serious . We are planning to send people to space Why you no find the cure yourself Oh? In which laboratory? What research center? Have you finished equipping federal hospitals with the right machines? You're a joke.

Clowns 😂. Vaccine for Malaria? We like starting from the most difficult end. But I won’t be surprised if a Nigerian finds the cure. So funny how we thrive at impossible things but basic things like road and electricity is a big problem. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣And when he gets the cure he can be killed abi. Na WA o

Whom are you going to test it on? Are we meant to find the cure with Science and Technology or with Juju? This man, his leader and this government are just foolish people what nonsense? Can you believe this guy SireTea Swagz2rover 36M. You joking right? Sign a life time deal, you get the cure. Next pls...

Salt, bitter kola, lime, lemon & honey mix it with warm water & 5ml 3 times a day for children while 10ml for adults 3 times a day. Where's my 36m? Is it the 36 million the snake swallowed. Something that advanced countries are spending millions of dollars to research about.. you’re talking of 36 million like say Na money.

You are a mad man is that who research is done in developed countries. You find the best performing students and professors to carry out a research and fund it effectively. This is what most pharmaceutical companies do in developed countries. To find the cure to coronavirud, you need to experiment with the virus. In a country that has no Levels laboratory, you are inviting a disaster. We don't even have the virus yet, we will pretend this political clout chasing statement was never made

When we have lost the believe in our herbs 🌿 everybody wants chalk chalk chalk! We definitely going back to how it’s all started 💪🏼 (herbs) The only unshakable cure ! Ewe ati egbo 🙏God of our forefathers would neva let us down! Give dem iya alagbo money ! Let dem Mk research Stupid man Jokers! Na 36M countries wey mean business dey give people like that. Would that amount settle their research bill? Or even to set up a standard research centre to further fight disease. This is just a show of shame, dont these people think before they say some things.

Doctor Benbella dey cure am! Pls don't answer him o He doesn't know what he is saying o.

Boko Haram insurgents ready to lay down arms – Senator

Boko Haram is frustrated – Buhari

Magu didn’t say corruption caused Coronavirus, EFCC insists

Gowon leads ‘prayer rally’ against insecurity in Nigeria

Police recommend SARS operative’s dismissal over Sagamu footballer’s killing

FCMB reports man to EFCC after $54,000 deposit

Buhari pledges aggressive campaign to rout Boko Haram

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