Nigerian Soldier Further Dehumanises Man After Brutal Torture, Forces His Victim To Do A Dance

Nigerian Solder Further Dehumanises Man After Brutal Torture, Forces His Victim To Do A Dance With Him

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12/4/2021 1:38:00 PM

WATCH: Nigerian Solder Further Dehumanises Man After Brutal Torture, Forces His Victim To Do A Dance With Him FULL VIDEO:

Nigerian Solder Further Dehumanises Man After Brutal Torture, Forces His Victim To Do A Dance With Him

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What's the difference between these animals in uniform and the monkeys in the jungle . Only that the monkeys in the jungle are more understandable and have a better social interaction with their environment This is inhuman 😡😖😒 What does soldiers even have with civilians? What is police there for? What type of a country is this ZOO real Zoo now I understood clearly when Nnamdi called Nigeria 🇳🇬 Zoo yeah you all living in zoo see that boy soldier why are you all scared of their uniform this guy fit meet the heal out of that useless army oo

Smfh may boko Haram pay him a visit one day No worries, enemy bulle t dey reserved for this one Oh No, stop d bully. He's beaten already, give him a break. This kind of wickedness only happens in Nigeria What we go through.. This country devour us all… Lawless law enforcement agents Massive mad vibe. Plz what's the name of that song?

Nigerians react as Dowen College denies torture, bullying of 12-year-old studentThe death of a 12-year-old student, Sylvester Oromoni, of Dowen College, Lekki, Lagos has sparked different reactions among Nigerians. Why won't they deny this? However the school should be investigated and if it is true, it should be shut down and the owners arrested.

The Army of any sane nation are meant to protect against all enemies foreign or domestic. The HQNigerianArmy has no desire to fight any enemy. Rather they constitute them a terrorist to its citizens just like Bokoharam & FULANI herdsmem terrorist It's when dealing with unarmed civilians that they flex muscles. They can't replicate this with terrorists and bandits.

Nigerian is not fit for in habitation Turning goods to bad guys That country is suck HQNigerianArmy That is why it is a zoo only in zoo that lion takes the food that belonging to others because he has something giving him moral ok. so Nigeria is always more zoo than the animal zoo whenever I hear that name Nigeria my ear fly

Security agencies seeing people they're meant to protect as enemies, only in Nigeria, pathetically shameful IPOB dancing palongo Fool

Nigerian stocks sink further as big bank shares lead retreatBig bank stocks including GTCO, FBN Holdings, Access and Zenith as well as MTNN set the decline in motion. Nigeria get stock market?😂😂🤣🤣🤣 make una no dey wyn me o🤣🤣

😂😂 God is paying Nigerians for their nepotism and wickedness FULANI Muslim terrorists What do you expect when soldiers are doing police work. Soldiers are for war and police force is for civilians but misplaced priority is what is causing this situation. Soldiers patrolling like police everywhere are we in the war zone?

Another poorly trained Nigerian soldier. Crazy This is what they're known for... human rights abuse. Rubbish arms for hire people DefenceInfoNG see your people doing you proud. Tueh! 😤 What a shame. Rotten souls Disgusting!

BREAKING: Boko Haram Terrorists Currently Attacking Borno Town, Nigerian Soldiers Repel Attacks | Sahara ReportersAccording to security sources, the terrorists are presently engaging the army formation in Malam-Fatori. The attacks started on Friday evening. Businessmen going about their daily duties Ok so what should we in Southern Nigeria do? They should call their brother who is president. The same governor last week or so was proudly saying the Boko boys should not be punished Now they are attacking his Domain again. I hope some bit of sense infiltrate his head. Statement from govt are incoherent hardly you know the position of Nigeria government on terrorist war

What their parents and community failed at doing is done best by soldiers. 85% of Nigerians are so recalcitrant they need this for mental reset Kuku kill me here ni oo HQNigerianArmy DefenceInfoNG please take the necessary actions immediately! This victim must also be checked into a medical facility as soon as possible!

Nigeria the most useless country in the whole wide world. HQNigerianArmy Yes na.. he is now a demi God, if no consequences no decipline will be achieved, this goes to all sector and parastatals. This Is the only country where the military matreat civilians like slaves. And this can never be done anywhere else outside Nigeria, Everything has gone so wrong in this country called Nigeria.

Nigeria is really a scary place the stories that emerge from there is gory,all because there is a vacuum of leadership.A mannequin has been in Aso rock Python dance in golden dawn... Untrained African soilder GetVideoBot

Nigerian Man Arrested In India With Drugs Worth Over N1billion | Sahara ReportersThe Nigerian, Gunde Ijiko Ozeno, was found in possession of the drug worth Rs 25 lakh (N1billion). 1B, o boi This one dey para ooo.. Nigerians please just stop this rubbish , there's no good life in india no hustle, nothing our gdp per capita is even higher than India own that's why they even flee their country to Nigeria, Nigeria have lost value all over the world

This is what the present day Nigerian army is….. it’s in their gene from the top to bottom! Yes! Top top… This is so sad. Africa should be a zoo. What is this foolishness? When professionalism has been sacrificed for nepotism, these are the nonsense you witness. The Nigerian Army is a shame Why . ... why and why . What a form of oppression snd hummiliation whether he was an offender or not other proffitable measure could be in place .... story for another day

Zoological republic of nigeria army torturing and dehumanizing an innocent citizen Boko dey wet una for wan side stupid pipo Boko dey kill them like 🐓 Very unprofessional, well it’s Nigeria Army. This is madness CDS_Nig the Nigeria soldiers are not professionals as you said but they are tugs against humanity.

HQNigerianArmy and its cowards soldiers are only good in intimidating and killing its citizens, they run away in combatfield when confronted by jihad terrorists. It’s indeed a shame,It’s time for the masses to rise up in resisting tyrannical acts of the Nigerian soldiers. Shame.

Nigerian govt approves COVID-19 vaccines booster for NigeriansThe Presidential Steering Committee (PSC) on COVID-19 has authorised a vaccine booster against the dreaded virus for eligible Nigerians. The Executive Hhmmn 🇳🇬 is such a weird country, she is like a poor guy given the BQ apartment in luxury estate and thinks he is equal to the 🏡🏘️owners. Hey, you're vaccinating ur citizens wt 'DONATED' vaccine and you've all but vaccinated less than 5%, and you think boosters is OK, really?

And I think the idiatt was playing a religious song. I could yesu or something, meaning Jesus. Coward Dancing here when his mare are there in north east facing the insurgency,nigeria a house of comedy DefenceInfoNG NGRPresident HQNigerianArmy this is what many Nigerian soldiers do to civilians on a daily basis. This inhumanity and intimidation on civilians must stop.

And tomorrow when they are paid in their own coin some people will be crying on top of the roof WaleAkande2 EricSule2 E sure me say dat soldier no fit beat that guy one on one, but that ammunition and uniform don give am chance. Na only civilian dey sabi oppress, I smile when people praise them for combating terrorism when i know it is their job. Shey na me go face bokoharam before

save_video 😂😂 If he is an agbero and a thief then let him enjoy

BREAKING: Soldiers battle Boko Haram terrorists in Borno town, Malam Fatori - Punch NewspapersBREAKING: Soldiers battle Boko Haram terrorists in Borno town, Malam Fatori Them never see anything

Hmmmm… if baba hear Boko fc e no go look bk This is highly dehumanizing to say the least. Na mumu dey over worry am This can only happened in God forsaken damned geographical location called Nigeria 🇳🇬 NyeyoB I didn’t even know when I started laughing then I stopped and became irritated. What a country 😢

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