Nigerian govt will not expose sponsors of terrorism - Presidency

Nigerian govt will not expose sponsors of terrorism - Presidency

9/21/2021 9:39:00 AM

Nigerian govt will not expose sponsors of terrorism - Presidency

Femi Adesina, spokesman to President Muhammadu Buhari, has said the federal government is not interested in exposing sponsors of terrorism. Adesina stated

Adesina stated this during an interview on Channels Television on Monday.Last week, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) included six Nigerians on its terror list. when Adesina was asked if Buhari would comment on the issue of terrorism at the United Nations Assembly, following the naming of six Nigerians as “sponsors of terrorism” in UAE, Adesina said the federal government’s focus will be on prosecution of suspects.

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“Naming and shaming won’t be the motive. Rather, bringing malefactors to justice would be it. Nigeria is not interested in naming and shaming anybody. Rather, it wants to bring them to justice.“You will see that the United Arab Emirates has given some names, and the attorney-general of the federation has responded to that matter, saying that in due course, all these people will have their days in court.

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Of course they both work together, president buhari is a terrorist so he breed his kind and put them in his government to safeguard them, but judgement day is coming upon them including you femi adesina! Because sponsors are government na In principle he is right. Bring them to justice not name and shame . But this headline eh

All of them in the government are sponsors of bokoharam. How can they name themselves? Of course, How can the presidency expose themselves when they are the No.1 Sponsors of Terrorism BECAUSE THE PRESENT PRESIDENCY IS THE SAME SPONSORING TERRORISM can u imagine, United Nations are suppose to arrest this man answering Buhari to tell the world who is sponsoring boko haram bcos Buhari is one the sponsors.UN security must do the world a favor arresting Nigeria president over there.

Simply because they are fulanis, the first class and untraceable enjoying Buhari immunity even in crimes that has seen over 500,000 Nigerians gotten hacked down by these extreme Islamic group (Bokoharam) Inugo yo ? Because they are the sponsors. FreeNnamdiKanuNow RELEASE HIM NOW AmuzieChichi Because they are the terrorist themselves

Yes very understandable some of them may actually be government officials.establishment figures are not expected to rock the boat.

Nigeria not interested in naming, shaming alleged terrorism sponsors - PresidencySix Nigerians are six among individuals whom the UAE recently suspected to be terrorist financiers. You don't name and shame self. Clap for yourself. Meanwhile its ur choice to name n even jailed the secessionist.....rubish Na them

Very unserious people That's your family problem 😂 But why now. But why now, is it because maybe they'll quickly run to the media to say it's bcos they are opposed to the government? u all are wicked & Evil.u named EndSars protesters,seize their passport,banned them from traveling abroad,freeze their bank account yet u can't name people who's activities have led to d deaths of thousands of Nigerians & loss of millions of properties.PMB govt sponsors Terrorism

mariaeke Why? Government is the sponsor so it's open OkechukwuNwadi5 Nigeria Government is the sponsors of Boko harms terrorism. One should watch and listen to the body languages of the Nigeria Govt when the Boko Bandits strikes. OkechukwuNwadi5 ONLY Nigerians can expose sponsors of Terrorism in the zoo if concerned not Presidency.

Its not reasonable for a sane man to stripes himself naked in the market square, on the market day. We all know this government is a government of terrorist by terrorist to people. LekkiMassacre is still fresh in our hearts. May the terror of the Lord fallupon the perpetrators. Once there's a beginning of a faze there must be an end and so I say on this day very sorry soon all of this madness will END

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We already know this , so you don't need to tell us . Just know that you will surely reap what you sow one day Ok and you chose to expose those asking for self determination. I swear everybody in Aso Rock must see a psychiatrist Nigeria government is a terrorist government so exposing terrorists is tantamount to exposing the government.

'Nigeria government will not expose itself' Buhari is the chief sponsor of terrorism In Nigeria He was boko haram negotiator before he became president It very clear the presidency won't expose itself Because Fulanization agenda is on top gear..Let's see how it goes.! Na your oga dey sponsor them that is why you don't want to call their names.

This is bad Just imagine! But they could easily publish those of purported EndSARS promoters and freeze their accounts despite fighting for their (and our) rights. To h3ll with presidency! And why is it difficult to expose them? Because all of you are birds of the same feather. Pot calling kettle black. We have many bandits, kidnappers, terrorist as well as looters among them. Big shame

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You are among his disciples and he is doing exactly what he promised Nigerians! cnni icc POTUS BBCWorld Yet you guys are killing innocent Igbos in the east in the name of arresting IPOB members.... History will never forget. One Nigeria scam. What are they hiding? 70% of the northern part of Nigerian are Foreigners they are not Nigerians

Seriously If thief follow you dey find your money, just no say you no go see am. Bcos ur hands are not clean Because they are government of terrorism Yes...Nigeria government cannot expose sponsor of terrorist because they are the one sponsoring the terrorist ,kidnapping people to push money out to purchase weapons to the terrorist.

2023: APC has no justification not to zone presidency to South East - Okorocha'I think it is just fair and understanding that the power should go to the South,' Mr Okorocha says. Buhari is their jurisdiction A Stop deceiving yourself. The entire vote from the southeast based on the 2019 presidential election is not up to the vote casted in one Local Govt in my state for the same election. Apc can't embrace glaring suicide. Tufiakwa🤕 Errm...if they do, the loss would be catastrophic

“Naming and shaming won’t be the motive. Rather, bringing malefactors to justice would be it. Nigeria is not interested in naming and shaming anybody. Rather, it wants to bring them to justice...'

As Governor, I listened, Didn’t Kill IPOB Members Like Buhari Government Did – Senator Okorocha | Sahara ReportersHe said though it is fair that the nation’s presidency should be zoned to the South, it is not formally written as it is based on a gentleman’s agreement. Ipob can attest to that You used your brain Was only busy talking Seriously ? Property you size from them unko? The same shameless beggers in Abuja wearing and answering Igbo names. No more elections or campaigns in Biafra lands. EndNigeriaNowToSaveLives

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