Nigerian Government Now Paying $500 Per Black American to Stage Pro-Buhari March In New York— Secessionist Leader | Sahara Reporters

Nigerian Government Now Paying $500 Per Black American to Stage Pro-Buhari March In New York— Secessionist Leader | Sahara Reporters

9/23/2021 12:40:00 PM

Nigerian Government Now Paying $500 Per Black American to Stage Pro-Buhari March In New York— Secessionist Leader | Sahara Reporters

The march was also to show the world the crimes against humanity, attacks on press freedom, free speech and other atrocities going on under Buhari-led government.

Sep 23, 2021The Nigerian Government is hiring black foreigners living in the United States of America (USA) with $500 per head to stage a Pro-President Muhammadu Buhari and One Nigeria March opposite the United Nations Headquaters in New York, a separatist leader has said. 

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Prof. Banji Akintoye, the Chairman of Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS), alleged that the protest will be staged on Friday, September 24, 2021.Pro-Buhari protestersThe indigenous people of the South and Middle-Belt of Nigeria under the aegis of NINAS had staged what it tagged"Million-Man Freedom March" on September 14 and 15 opposite the United Nations Headquaters in New York to demand a referendum in Nigeria. 

 NINAS is demanding the conduct of a regional referendum so that indigenous people can decide if they want to leave Nigeria or not. The group also described the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria as a fraud against the people of South and Middle-Belt, saying"it was enacted without the consent of the people".

NINAS is also demanding from the United Nations that a Fulani Militia Group masquerading as a Trade Union, Miyyetii Allah, should be declared as a terrorist organisation, saying it has openly taken responsibility for a series of deadly attacks in the South and Middle-Belt regions. 

The Grand Finale of the NINAS Million-Man Freedom March holds on September 24, 2021, the day President Buhari will be addressing the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly .NINAS is the umbrella  body for self-determination Groups in the South and Middle-Belt of Nigeria with Ilana Omo Oodua, representing the Yoruba Land, Lower Niger Congress representing the South South and South East and Middle-Belt Rennaissance Movement representing the Middle Belt Region. 

Akintoye, in a statement made available to journalists through the NINAS Director of Public Communications, Mr. Maxwell Adeleye, said no matter how the Nigerian Government tries to scuttle the NINAS Grand March, the will of the people shall prevail.Accusing an unnamed top Nigerian government official and a popular Lagos journalist of currently hiring foreigners to masquerade as pro-One Nigeria protesters to counter NINAS in New York on Friday, Akintoye described the government agents as Wilfredo Pareto and Genato Mosca's Elitist Lions

He described NINAS protesters as the Foxes, saying"irrespestive of the material and financial superiorities of these Lions, there's no way they can defeat United Foxes in a democracy."He said,"The Friday Grand March in New York shall be historic, hence, the Nigerian government is jittery. The Ring Leader of Government officials from Kwara State and a top Lagos journalist are now in New York to start hiring black people who will pretend as Nigerians to stage a Pro-Buhari and One Nigeria Protest to counter NINAS on Friday.

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"But we refuse to be rattled. We shall not be intimidated. No oppressor has ever triumphed against the collective will of the people. The people are the government and power belongs to the people. The people make the Constitution. The sovereignty belongs to the people. Our own strength lies in the hands of the people. Therefore, our March shall be people centered. It shall be peaceful as usual. 

"All the people of the South and Middle-Belt in United States and Canada are urged to troop out in their large number to be present on Friday, 24th September 2021 opposite the United Nations Headquaters in New York as we demonstrate and expose before the world, the rape of our ancestral lands and hijack of our assets and sovereignty by the Fulani-Controlled Nigerian Government.

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Nawaoooooo You see, this guys are protesting not knowing what they are doing and protesting for, simply bc they were paid by Fulani MotherFuckers in Nigeria govt to come and past false information. All these protesters are not even Nigerians. Can somebody see how evil this ppl are. Can the Nigerian Govt. pay such huge money for a mere appearance at the protest venue to shout, display a placard for 2hrs in a day? That's a monthly salary of an Associate Professor in Nigeria, where academics are not valued? Is it true about the highly indebted Govt? I disagree

Yes they are all black Americans. Shame shame shame. Hungry blacks who can’t work Importation of AFRICAN WICKED LEADERS CORRUPTION into international institutions and civilized world. What a shame of Arewa Progressive Congress or(Association of Protected Criminals) They rather waste the money away in the US just to create wrong impression than use the money for something meaningful in nigeria.

Oh things are happening in this world. And they can’t pay common 150$ for workers in Nigerian u see as Nigerian citizens Mumu renoomokri you never reach the so called New York abi Traffic de air? Black people are evil beyond redemption

Why Buhari Government Will Not Name Sponsors Of Boko Haram Now—Justice Minister, Malami | Sahara ReportersHe said the Buhari government took the decision so as not to endanger investigations. No one exposes the evil he or she is part of so I quite understand Mr president. The truth will soon be out... he will not continue to be in power... NigeriaGov is a terrorist sponsoring gov. IPOB always saying it

It’s now clear that the rogue regime has lost support among Nigerians. He’s is now renting foreigners to support him…. BUHARI HAS NO MANDATE TO RULE NIGERIA!! If the zoo government likes they share $5k, Nigeria is a done deal and nothing anyone can do. They have run the country into the ground and there is no resurrection. Tribalism, religion and nepotism has taken the wheel and it has steered the zoo into oblivion EndtheZoo

Abeg when is his excellency coming to Turkey ? E ri gbogbo won laye They have failed, JUSTICE MUST be done to innocent souls killed by killer herdsmen, bandits, kidnappers, bokohram etc. Where I fit collect my own Abeg? Make I send “haza “. A man said to me if politicians won't fear human let them fear God. I ask him why not sango, ogun, amadioha. I believe this God's are effective. Then he said will they live forever. I told him his children will inherit the system and everything in it. Slave mentality ruining us.

Seems Nigeria is the highest exporter of bribery and corruption Shame on these people,shame on our government

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God bless PMB God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria Jesus..... $500 Patience Good luck Jonathan said that Nigerian had Entered one chance, when late Buhari was campaigning 4 Change!! ayemojubar Madness Is this part of the job creation APC promised jobless Americans? the one hold the placard that reads, 'genocide in eastern nigeria...propaganda' will die a shameful death and his corpse never seen. my the spirit of those killed in the silent genocide haunt and destroy him.

The world now knows that Nigeria government is sponsoring terrorist organisation in Nigeria and Nigeria is a failed state.. So, even the black Americans have joined madness? Hypocrites... Oooobob na wa o Why is the world leaders keeping quiet over this international crimes? EndNigeriaNowToSaveLives

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How much is Sawore, Igbaho and Kanu paying gullible people to stage secession protest? Protest entrepreneurs are now for the highest bidder! What a shame for all of you. This isn't funny.... We brought this upon ourselves by voting tyrants, religious bigot and a terriost into p0wer Whether Arewa like it or not,BIAFRA AND ODUDUWA must stand.

The reason he collect more debt to fund this same people and leave Nigerians in tears It will make $1 = NGN1 Madness in highest order. May the witness the pain Nigerians are in too. Hungry and useless mad people everywhere oguike_ejike The Africa diaspora ethnic extremists are in a relentless global campaign to destroy this nation using donated dollars globally ,the nation has the sovereignty right to fund his own defense of his nation ,no one should be complaining ,its a balance war

VillageChampio9 This is what they called self hate in high level,this act show's what's going on and reason of worldpower UN and others are nothing saying anything about the GenocideInsouthEastNigeria Sapa is very real. What do you expect a man starved of food to do when he sees a bowl of porridge?

Buhari writes N'Assembly, seeks amendments to PIA | Daily TrustBuhari, in the letter, said the amendments became imperative after a review of the administrative structure of both the Upstream Regulatory Commission and Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority. Buhari or presidency

This shows Nigeria is gone Shameless black people. God would punish you all accepting 500$. Nigeria has cease to exist long time ago Let them test their popularity by conducting a referendum. May Buhari happen to all of them wherever they are! What a waste of our collective resources! $500!!!!!!!! you are not serious for calling them secessionist.

That's all fulanis know how to do bribery and corruption. Do they know what $500 can do to the suffering masses in Nigeria, why wasting the money in that way? Shameless government

Breaking: Buhari Sends PIA to House for AmendmentBy Udora Orizu President Muhammadu Buhari has written to the House of Representatives, seeking some amendments in the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA), which he recently assented to. The three-page let… Incompetence everywhere.

Using Borrow funds.... SR say one thing na. From $50 to $500. Abi its paining you that you didn't go and collect? Awom enemies of Nigeria oshi Why are you people wailing 😭? How much is Sowore paying you all to protest ? Of course Apc and buhari can do anything to maintain their name but the world is not decieved because the world know Nigerians are suffering

This is like a forced marriage Corruption in another dimension, Nigeria is a failed country ChizyGinger E no go better for them Hope it's not the borrowed money? Federal govt led by Buhari can corrupt anything on earth. They will exhaust their war chest and still fail woefully.

Buhari appoints new members to EFCC boardPresident Muhammadu Buhari has appointed new members to the board of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). Buhari, in a letter to the This man na scam Lol Naija govt done start with cruise 😂 Shey president dey use blue biro ni?

Lol 😂🤣 no wonder they keep borrowing billions of dollars. It's important to have a lot of borrowed and looted money stashed away so you'll use it to rent crowd plus pay your minions to eat your arse you know. 'APC government said so' How did Sowore and his cohorts pay? Abi u think se na patriotism protests dey take fly? Cashivists

Homeless shameless desperate broke black Americans 😂 😂 They've successfully exported their folly in the full glare of the whole world (UNGA summit). They might as well hire more protesters to garner enough steam to make it to the Times Square screens/billboards. Daft lots! Who are all this? 😲 😬😬😬 This is the corruption that we re talking about $500 to hire people , God will shame them