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Nigerian Diversity, Criminality and the False Drums of War, By Adewale Ajadi - Premium Times Opinion

Opinion: Nigerian Diversity, Criminality and the False Drums of War, By Adewale Ajadi


Opinion: Nigerian Diversity , Criminality and the False Drums of War, By Adewale Ajadi

Reducing these issues to ethnicity not only magnifies falsehood but also generates the hysteria that will not resolve the issue.

Whether in the Niger-Delta, the North-East, the South-East, wherever there is a substantial cluster of young people who are able to develop criminal industry outside the oversight of government and governance, all kinds of criminal activities take root. In the last decade of the 20th century, this would have been an offshoot of home invasions or armed robbery. The 21st century, with the ATM and mobile phones, has reduced the Nigerian habit of holding large caches of money at home, hence kidnapping has now been adopted as the most effective crime. You have, as the criminal, the asset captive and you can milk it for funds for as long as you want. Everyone is at your mercy and you can ultimately make a clean getaway. We also now have truly hard drugs to mask any humanity and the amplified brutality dehumanising the victim. This is simply pervasive throughout the land, with cults, ethnic militia and political thugs, and often, with all roles played by the same actors.

, a lawyer, creative consultant and leadership expert, is author of

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