Nigerian Army On Rampage: How Security Forces Are Killing And Maiming South Eastern Residents

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11/27/2021 12:16:00 PM

Nigerian Army On Rampage: How Nigerian Security Forces Are Killing And Maiming South Eastern Residents Due To Self- determination Agitation HQNigerianArmy FULL VIDEO:

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Fire Engulfs Train Reportedly Travelling From Warri To Itakpe


HQNigerianArmy The Igbos' have abandoned by the international community as if our lives does not matter, all because Biafran want to be free. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu!. HQNigerianArmy Fellow Biafrans, please Like and Retweet for wider circulation. HQNigerianArmy 😰 HQNigerianArmy Nigeria must deal with all terrorists and the whole world supports it‼️

raymondfinest HQNigerianArmy How do u deal with terrorist or u haven't see vidoes of them killing and beheading the same soldiers HQNigerianArmy How long will this kind of act go unpunished? HQNigerianArmy StateDept POTUS cedoziemm HQNigerianArmy When an impostor position himself as elected president killing of innocent people become talk of the day, may God be the strength of Biafrans to withstand this ungodly or godless government

HQNigerianArmy Those evil Fulani controlled Nigeria military and police will pay dearly for the attrocities committed in the Eastern Nigeria one day, the judgement day is closer but they could not see it . Biafra will come and nothing on Earth will stop it , not even the so called world power .

Gunmen Abduct Three-Year-Old Girl By Nigerian Army Barracks In Ondo | Sahara ReportersIt was gathered that the girl was kidnapped from her house around 8pm on Wednesday, shortly after arriving from a church programme with her mother. HQNigerianArmy Jihadist Terrorists in uniform beyond the beasts no honor no dignity, IntlCrimCourt your end for crimes against Humanity BuhariForPrison2023

HQNigerianArmy Very sad to note that the world is doing nothing HQNigerianArmy The Nigerian Army are playing squid games with us at South East! This is true, but they will always come out to say that they were defending soldiers that were attacked without video evidences.. Why can't their patrol vehicles and personnel have cameras to record their patrols?

HQNigerianArmy Chika Edoziem everyone knows you’re working with the Zoo DSS. So shame on you evil vampires! You and your Chinasa Nworu are busy killing our people. Y’all will definitely pay for all your atrocities. Chinasa Nworu ChinasaNworu May the blood of the innocent Biafrans torment you. HQNigerianArmy 💔

HQNigerianArmy Nothing excites me more than seeing these cowards been slaughtered up north by terrorists, it gives me fulfillment HQNigerianArmy My people are no longer sleeping in our homes because they what save their life's, orlu local government imo state in Nigeria have become where the Nigeria army are testing all they gun's on civilians, killing and stealing. At Amaifeke they went and carry one woman soup.

HQNigerianArmy BBCWorld CNN AjEnglish naftalibennett Behold what terrorist Nigerian government is doing to Biafrans HQNigerianArmy Thanks . May God reward you for this HQNigerianArmy 😭😭😭😭 FreeBiafra777 HQNigerianArmy Security forces? Or terrorists? KeepitOn

Nigerian Army Brigadier-General, Zurkusu, Seven Others Buried, Adamawa Governor Donates N27milion to Families | Sahara ReportersZurkusu and the seven were said to have been ambushed and killed by ISWAP in Askira Uba in Borno State. The Zoo

HQNigerianArmy Occupation forces COCOPACOPIACO1 HQNigerianArmy Hell awaits the the killers. cedoziemm HQNigerianArmy Sad! Very unfortunate. Killing the people you claimed to be your own citizens because of their political opinions. Fortunately, the killings have solidified all of us behind IPOB. Military occupation has become the face of our sufferings in Nigeria. We must be free.

HQNigerianArmy These are all Bokoharm and ISWAP terrorists in uniform. They will meet their water loo soonest.. HQNigerianArmy The slow movement of a tiger doesn't make it a fool. All those bokoharam Killing in BIAFRA land will be swallowed there. We don't react when they expect it. It's a tactical and mind game. There must be repercussions.

HQNigerianArmy NigeriaArmyIsATerrorGroup NigeriaArmyIsATerrorGroup NigeriaArmyIsATerrorGroup NigeriaArmyIsATerrorGroup NigeriaArmyIsATerrorGroup NigeriaArmyIsATerrorGroup POTUS JoeBiden USASenate USinNigeria real_IpobDOS HQNigerianArmy HQNigerianArmy LeahHardingAJE The cowardly army shooting at elderly women, children, animals and banana trees.

HQNigerianArmy Thank you and this will tell you all you need to know about Nigeria armed forces. HQNigerianArmy NigeriaArmyIsATerrorGroup NigeriaArmyIsATerrorGroup

How Nigerian Army Has Illegally Detained 95 Igbos In Kaduna Prisons Since 2020 #EndSARS Protest—Report | Sahara ReportersThe human rights watch also known as Intersociety said the detainees had been denied access to their families and lawyers since their abduction by Nigerian soldiers in October and November 2020. HQNigerianArmy HQNigerianArmy Well done HQNigerianArmy Congrats to your cow🐄🐮 nation

HQNigerianArmy These are credible evidences on how HQNigerianArmy has been massacring civilians in Imo state and other states across Eastern region. It’s time to end the impunity of the Nigerian forces, These are crimes against humanity. FCDOGovUK StateDept UN_HRC eu_eeas hrw USUN POTUS HQNigerianArmy ICC POTUS 10DowningStreet UKinNigeria CanHCNigeria USIP USinNigeria EUinNigeria Jerusalem_Post BBCAfrica washingtonpost WashTimes CNNAfrica visitthecapitol UNOSAPG AJEnglish itvnews SkyNews dwnews AFP euronews NigeriaArmyIsATerrorGroup

HQNigerianArmy In any community security forces kills any one give them the unknown gun men treatment, that is the language they understand. All they can do is set peoples shops and houses on fire, cowards. HQNigerianArmy ICC await a lot of evil incarnates people in Nigeria that's for sure. HQNigerianArmy Thank you Sahara reporters For this video compilation that exposed atrocities of Nigeria Government on innocent Biafrans Dis time around dey razed down anything dey see evn non living tins ar burnt dwn all in d name searching for IPOB MEMBER&ESN evn children are nt spared

HQNigerianArmy Some set of killers in one part of the country are being pampered with a certain cleric as their godfather and intermediary with the FGN. On the other hand, a set of innocent and harmless people craving for self rule are treated as criminals, bandits and insurgents. Is dis fare? HQNigerianArmy What about the Soldiers, Police men and women, DSS and other security agents these Separatists has also killed? What about the properties of both the State and individuals these animals has destroyed? You're mad

HQNigerianArmy I really appreciate for their effort..For them to carry us along and been exposing the Atrocities which Fulani's Zoo Government are Committing day by day in the Land of BBIAFRA..An good reward shall be upon each of you Through Chukwu Okike Abiama Isee. HQNigerianArmy So how many soldiers have died in the hands of the so called UGM? Sahara learn to balance your report.

HQNigerianArmy Soon the sun ⛅ will rise ....

Army accuses police of killing, brutalising personnel - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Same people different uniform. Thunder kill you Confused set of people... This is the beauty of karma

HQNigerianArmy This is very thoughtful thanks Sahara reporters. HQNigerianArmy Horror against Igbo race HQNigerianArmy What is the role of this so called Amnesty International? All they do is just talk talk talk no action. No Nigerian has ever been tried or indicted of any crime, yet the human right abuse, the war crime here can not be compared to others that have been jailed.

EXCLUSIVE: Nigerian Army Laments Police Brutality In Secret Letter, Says Soldiers Are Being Killed, Harmed | Sahara ReportersIt is also mandated to evaluate and present evidence surrounding the circumstances and draw conclusions as to the validity of the complaints raised. HQNigerianArmy PoliceNG Diplomatic way of saying EndSARS HQNigerianArmy PoliceNG No be the same military wey go kill innocent Nigerians for lekki because of protest against the same police brutalities, everything is possible in this Lugard republic. iam_damayor HQNigerianArmy PoliceNG 😆😆😂😅

Minister pledges support for Army War College to meet training demands | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsThe Minister of Defence, Maj. Gen. Bashir Magashi (rtd), has pledged to continue to support the Army War College and other military training institutions to meet the training needs of the Armed Forces.