Nigerian Army Generals Corrupt, Steal Weapons, Sell To Terrorists – The Economist Report | Sahara Reporters

“Nigeria’s army is mighty on paper,” the London magazine added.

10/21/2021 9:52:00 PM

Nigerian Army Generals Corrupt, Steal Weapons, Sell To Terrorists – TheEconomist Report | Sahara Reporters

“Nigeria’s army is mighty on paper,” the London magazine added.

Oct 21, 2021The Nigerian Army is filled “with corrupt generals and unable to protect the country from the mutating violence,” The Economist newspaper reported. “But many of its soldiers are ‘ghosts’ who exist only on the payroll, and much of its equipment is stolen and sold to insurgents.”

The Economist in an extensive report on Thursday said Nigeria had not been able to address its insecurity because military chiefs plundered much of the country’s combat resources and the rest had stretched thin with little capacity to forestall the crisis.  

“Little more than six decades ago, as Nigeria was nearing independence, even those who were soon to govern Africa’s largest country had their doubts about whether it would hold together.“British colonists had drawn a border around land that was home to more than 250 ethnic groups. Obafemi Awolowo, a politician of that era, evoked Metternich, fretting that Nigeria is not a nation. It is a mere geographical expression.

“The early years of independence seemed to prove him right. Coup followed coup. Ethnic pogroms helped spark a civil war that cost 1m lives, as the south-eastern region calling itself Biafra tried to break away and was ruthlessly crushed. Military rule was the norm until 1999. 

“Despite this inauspicious start, Nigeria is now a powerhouse. Home to one in six sub-Saharan Africans, it is the continent’s most boisterous democracy. Its economy, the largest, generates a quarter of Africa’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  

“The army is also stretched thin, having been deployed to all of Nigeria’s state,” the paper said in its upcoming October 23 issue that was published on its website today. The paper also said Nigeria police has become demoralised due to poor training and endemic corruption. 

“The police are understaffed, demoralised and poorly trained. Many supplement their low pay by robbing the public they have sworn to protect,” it said.Nigerian soldiers, especially those deployed in Operation Lafiya Dole in the North-East, have always complained about poor welfare.

Some claimed they had not been given fragmental jackets (bullet-resistant vests) since they got drafted into the war theatre.Some soldiers, who spoke to SaharaReporters in May, 2021 also lamented that the army owed them in uniform and boot allowances and also made deductions from their salary in the name of a housing scheme. 

They added that they had not been eating and feeding well since their deployment to Borno.“There was no housing scheme in the pipeline that the new Chief of Army Staff met when he assumed office. No soldier was consulted, and questionnaires were not shared to sensitise or sample the opinion of troops.

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TheEconomist That's why the war with a rag-tag miscreants keep dragging for more than 10 years even with the coming of a general who promised to lead from the front... TheEconomist B4 nko TheEconomist How else do you explain the rate at which TERRORISTS are having more sophisticated weapons more than a whole Army if collusion no dey? Besides, it's been years and their weapons de like dele.

TheEconomist We know this for long naw TheEconomist Anything Fulanis cannot destroy does not exist. POTUS ,UN ,OfficialPDPNig ,OfficialAPCNg ,Ipob_supporters ,IpobRaptureMedi TheEconomist Oh yes ooooo TheEconomist We know that Nigeria Army Generals are corrupt, however, what we don't know is the Terrorists they sell these stolen weapons to: Do you mean they sell these weapons to government pampered 'No flag' bandits?

TheEconomist Buhari will order more weapons from U.S. again 🤔 TheEconomist Am very happy as you said the truth, Nigeria media news can write truth today tomorrow they charge hand written,na only today I see good work for your media news, continue with this truth don't change it TheEconomist They don't steal the weapons, rather, the Fulani terrorist government bought those weapons and ask them to deliver it to their fellow brothers known as Fulani herdsmen terrorist and Fulani bokoharam terrorists.

TheEconomist we knew! and we've being telling this fact,. mind it,. those Army Officers were Fulanis! so they aren't even selling those weapons! they dashed them out to their fellow FulaniTerrorist Cousins to defend themselves in forests they're hiding for meanwhile!

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TheEconomist This Alawanyi too dey wear soldier uniform.🤣🤣🤣 TheEconomist Shey thiswan na news? We know tae tae TheEconomist 'It's no news, so western media are just getting to know writing about this just now ? Nigeria is a country run by Janjaweed Islamic Fulani marauders from Sahel holding Majority Southern Christians hostage for 60yrs going now. Nigerian military belongs to Haúsá Fulani's.'✔

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TheEconomist Voilà l'armée professionnel !!!🦁🦁💪💪 AdambuBiafra TheEconomist thedichotome nigeriasbest see them TheEconomist They are selling weapons to terrorist/murderers, this only happens in a failed nation that leadership don't account, take responsibility for anything, just borrow pose. TheEconomist Authority stealing.

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TheEconomist 😂😂😂 TheEconomist Una no go no peace by His Grace... TheEconomist HQNigerianArmy cowards,animals n killers TheEconomist The recently acquired Super Tucano from USA will soon be in the hands of the terrorists. The USA govt. Should have known better that the Nigeria generals and the govt are compromised.

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