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Nigeria records rise in girls enrollment in schools -Buhari

Nigeria records rise in girls enrollment in schools -Buhari

10/1/2020 11:33:00 PM

Nigeria records rise in girls enrollment in schools -Buhari

Olalekan Adetayo, AbujaThe President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), on Thursday, said Nigeria is currently witnessing an increase in girls’ enrolment and retention in schools.Acc...

Kindly Share This StoryOlalekan Adetayo, AbujaThe President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), on Thursday, said Nigeria is currently witnessing an increase in girls’ enrolment and retention in schools.According to a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, the President spoke at a United Nations high-level meeting commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women.

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The statement was titled “Girls’ enrolment, retention in schools on the rise in Nigeria, President Buhari tells UN event on Beijing +25.”Adesina said Buhari spoke in a video message to the virtual meeting convened by President of the UN General Assembly 75th session, Volkan Bozkir, in New York.

He quoted the President as attributing the success to the implementation of the Universal Basic Education Programme, Girl Education Project and Safe School Initiatives.The President said, “Our Government is vigorously implementing the Universal Basic Education Programme, which enhances girl-child education at the grassroots.

“Furthermore, the Girl Education Project has contributed to the marked increase in girls’ enrolment and retention in schools as well as guaranteed full productive capacity for future generations of women.“To ensure the security of school children, especially girls in the North-East of Nigeria, we have ratified the ‘Safe School Declaration’ and begun the implementation of our Safe School Initiatives across the country.”

The President noted with that through the Safe School programmes, his regime had ensured improved security through the provision of necessary learning materials for educational institutions.Onn combating gender-based violence, the Nigerian President said that awareness on a Sex Offenders Register was on-going to discourage and better manage cases of violence against women.

“We are also expanding existing temporary shelters and building new ones in locations where they do not exist, to cater for victims of abuse and provide them with needed rehabilitation.“In our quest to address the menace of trafficking of our women and girls, Nigeria is working in close collaboration with relevant partners, to rescue, rehabilitate and re-settle rescued victims of trafficking,’’ he said.

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In the kitchen and other room! Really Nigerians deserve free education Which is against your belief and philosophy mr president so don’t even try to claim it as one of your achievement sir. We know you too well😳 Who dey lie give this man 🤣ah! Naija 🤦‍♂️ It's not just about enrollment, but the quality of education. Some just waste time going to school without learning anything, not even how to read and write. Why? Because they are taught nothing good. So the issue of quality of education has to be addressed also.

Where is he getting this information from? Information Minister !!!!🤦🤦🤦🤦 What about those kidnapped by Boko Haram ? Is that an achievement ? Let's him say anything he likes, it's time MBuhari and FemAdesina needs spiritual guide 😄😄😄 But seriously this man na idiot This is not the needful Baba MBuhari present your waecnigeria certificate here simple.

Story for the gods In the Northern Nigeria sir Is that what your head recorded? See Achievement oo Where is the data? I hope it's not the usual Audio data? See talk from your president akuri Our leaders lives outside reality, I curse all the persons them. Alaye do the needful we are tired of sitting at home we want to return back to school

Meaning what From where did he get statistic. Is that part of your achievements too? Some of these girls are still with Boko Haram Why all these media people always write rubbish abt this man? Does this add more money to our pockets or does it make him provides Jobs ?. Smh Not in Northern part of Nigeria This statement sound like Nigeria is so backward. This should not be a statement from a Nigerian president in the year 2020.

Is that supposed to be an achievement? Or just a normal occurrence of the times we are lol During lockdown! And they’d finish schools and be looking for sugar daddy because no jobs!! 😏😏🤬 MBuhari Because the boys can no longer afford to marry early🤷‍♂️! Or what policy did you think you evolved to encourage the rise

This man go just sit down, formulate his own hypothesis and bring out the figure thinking that he's talking to toddlers or illiterates😂😂😂😂 Source? Can this be independently verified? Which regions had most increase? Is this more vibes and insha allah? Which of the schools are you referring too. The one that their union has been on strike for over 5 months and you haven't done anything concerning it. Where exactly recorded the rise you are talking about. You just aren't lucky in the field of sense Mr President

Source? It is only in Nigeria a leader will be praising himself despite being in the pit of failure. How can u write an exam and still be the examiner, invigilator and the paper marker? Mr. Buhari gas been scoring himself high despite the economic, security challenges So? Achievement nla... Clap for yourself 👏👏👏

This Baba head is upside down Audio recording. I read through looking for a documented figure or statistic of these girls that are enrolling, when this happened and where. Turns out it's all smoke, vibes and insha Allah. Comedian president. Where did u get the stat from This man is mad sha Is that an achievement or development! Can you imagine.

What are we suppose to do with this information? MBuhari is this your achievement ? you alone say you are doing well,......God please deliver this country from this evil This man pls go and sleep naa Rise in girls enrollment in NORTH Is it an achievement So this wan na achievement plz Nigerians clap for him 👏👏👏👏👏

When did he said all these things....was it in the morning memory verses he was reading Is this a News again nawa o And this count as an achievement right? You can't really shame the shameless You can't shame the shameless Lolzzz u go fear achievement na 🤣🤣 The boys nko Great achievement..clap for yourself

Idiotic fellow 🙄 Yes but definitely not in the northern Nigeria What is this one talking about

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Why more girls are going to school in Nigeria -- BuhariMr Buhari says his administration had ensured improved security through the provision of necessary learning materials for educational institutions. Ohhh, just sharrap. Is that the issue on ground now

NigeriaAt60: Nigeria faces economic, security, moral challenges - Buhari'We still face security challenges in parts of the country, while our society suffers from a high loss of moral rectitude.' We are tired of your weak promises we don't want to hear them even better u dey ur house the take ur coffee than to come here and lie to us again. MBuhari independence day speech was total bullsshit