Nigeria Zero Air Accident

Nigeria Zero Air Accident

Nigeria records five years of zero air accident


Nigeria records five years of zero air accident

The Director-General, NCAA, Capt. Nuhu Musa, told journalists that the feat had been achieved through the collective effort of stakeholders in the industry.“This is against the background of consistent successes in the Federal Aviation Administration recertification, various International Civil Aviation Organisation audits and the Transport Security Administration approvals.

According to the DG, the NCAA, the agencies and airline operators will continue to improve on noticeable grey areas in the industry to sustain the feat.The rector stated that training of personnel was one of the reasons for the five years of zero accidents in Nigeria’s airspace and should be improved upon.

“We have what is referred to as invisible infrastructure, that is human capital and if you don’t have well-trained invisible infrastructure, whatever you do in the physical infrastructure will not be that important.”All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

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Like Its better y'all government vultures shut the f**k up... That's how the health minister said, we're ready for coronavirus, now its here, before this quarter is over, boom! Plane crash... Shear Happen-stance!!! We have no plane to crash bro. Really!!!!! Hahhaha this guy just make me to laugh How many planes do Nigeria has

Thanks to flyairpeace that ran a bulk majority most of the flights in that time We provide standard and luxury Vehicle for hire. Login to for bookings and enquiries. And 100years of steady and uninterrupted power supply yomi_silva did Osinbajo’s crash happened on Mediterranean sea? Or helicopters are not included in the data?

Please don't jinx this...

Training for entrepreneurs boosts export potential, says NEPC bossThe Executive Director of the Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) and champion for zero-oil export in Nigeria, Olusegun Awolowo has said...

Not even a near mishap, that's great then, we thank God. Glory to God almighty Where are we flying to? Oga do your work and stop talking! See as Nigerians de serious in fishing out air mishaps!! Na wa ooo. Una too like bad news dmightyangel Some this are better not said. The enemies of the states would now look for a means of faulting this 5yrs achievement because you now drawn their attention to it.

What a wonderful achievement. Let's not forget rice in Kano and the completed third Niger bridge plus technical defeat of BH. Next level is lit. Sai Baba. The is commendable, and kudos to all who have contributed in achieving this. Hip! Hip!! Hip!!! Hurray Uncle dont jinx it , Sogbo ! Let us keep this up

NCAA vows to improve on 5yr zero accident rate in Aviation – Daily TrustThe Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) yesterday attributed the five-year zero accident rate in aviation to the concerted efforts of all aviation agencies as well as the airlines which it said had “taken self regulation of their operations a notch higher and much more seriously.” Director-General General of the NCAA, Capt. Musa Nuhu said the …

The Vice President's own happened in MID-AIR, right? InexorableGuy We can only say thank you Lord. He sends His Angels to take care of our skies. realFFK 👆 We get plane? Nonsense What about that of osinbajo What about Osinbajo helicopter crash, was that a road accident? Oga are you praying for any, please keep shut

Please keep quiet before you awaken the sleeping villagers 🚶‍♂️ Only 5 years..we celebrate rubbish

Nigeria picks Egypt Air consortium for aviation venture | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsNigeria has selected a consortium including Egypt Air to set up an aviation leasing company as part of a government plan to overhaul the country’s aviation sector. EgyptAir Aviation Nigeria Egypt Africa Why is the government still getting involved with commercial activities? where have they succeeded before?

If aircrash never kill 100+ people for Nigeria,no be aircrash be that o.....them no go regard am. Alhamdulillahi Robu'l Allameen Plz don't jinx it Masha Allah Alhamdulillah may we not witness it again. Knock on wood🤜 jimidisu Chxta Sadiq_Cyrus The one that happened to the VP was what? Land accident or water accident?

Reminds me of when FFK was aviation got to a point that it became safer to travel by road than air. Then, air safety standard was thrown to the dogs and equipments at the airports were so terrible. Dont jinx it abeg Thank God

Nigeria picks Egypt Air Consortium for aviation partnershipNigerian authorities have selected a consortium to set up an aviation leasing company as part of plans to overhaul the country’s aviation sector. Where is Nigeria Air?

zzy_rael what of Osibanjo' accident? That's a good development. Kudos to those responsible for this achievement. To God be the glory I hope you people are not up to something terrible again ? Which one be 5 years of zero air accident This is exactly why you don't count such things. So you don't jinx it This is quite true. There have been one or two “near misses” but no fatality what so ever. Please let us keep it that way.

Please don't remind this bird that they can fall and kill everybody. kakra68 We give God the glory More than five years please To God be the glory.

Man stabs friend's 5-year-old son to death in Adamawa - Daily Post NigeriaThe Adamawa State Police Command has arrested a 35-year-old man, John Pwadon, allegedly for stabbing his friend's five-year-old child to death in the He didn't know he opened his doors to a psychopath.

Hope this is not a reminder that the season is about to start? Anyway do we have any national air carrier jchristianalex Govshina Under the leadership of the tyrant. There was indeed a country. What about the series of Airforce crashes, military crashes happen in the spirit world 🤔 We bless the name of the Lord.

sarnchos We know how regular airplane crashes during PDP all due to corruption and misappropriation Thank God for His mercy. And kudos to the guys in charge, starting from the AsoRock. God bless Nigeria This is no feat, please! We can go do a lot better! Air crash shouldn't happen again in Nigeria! Thanks

Interesting Mumu dey worry dis man, he know nothing about what he's saying.. This is not correct sir

Man Stabs Friend’s Five-year-old Son To Death In Adamawa | Sahara ReportersThe incident is said to have taken place last Friday when Pwadon spent the night at his friend’s house. Trams. What did he do to his friend that made him do that to his kid? There are heartless people in this world PoliceNG I do not understand this news, why and what was his reason and the news is not complete at all

That is courtesy of the amazing grace of God Airplanes in Nigeria had several cases of anything-but-normal landing in the past 5-years A beg o, make una no tempt devil oO VP Osibajo’s helicopter crash was ground accident and not air accident or it happened during Lord Lugard’s reign Oga to the Glory of God o. Let us not claim the glory. The Lord is a jealousy God

Good news. Dem get national flights abi na witch craft dem dey talk about yeye people This is a lie Please don't jinx it. It's not like we are doing anything better or special. It's just Grace. When did Osibanjo go down? Lies. Just because there was no major casualty doesnt mean there was no accident. Just before 2019 elections...the VP had an air accident abi na on top water choppers dey move? Hiaaaannn

I don't believe this report cos is not true Please, don't remind us. What about those Military planes and combat helicopters? Yeye dey smell. They forgot Osinbajo air chrashed on his way to share trader money. we thank the Lord! 🙏🙏🙏🙏 The military aircrafts that have been crashing nko? One happened near Mpape in Abuja and many others. Are they land accidents?

Good, but please don’t jinx it. The records will be complete if we have zero road crashes Thanks be to God

Osibanjo own was crash not accident. Ok na ZERO 🤔🤦🏾‍♂️ Tradermoni nearly lost his life & the mishaps at the airport Lol Please with which aircraft? Does Nigeria airways still works? How about those police or military jet incidents and nearly situations where planes went off the runway into the bush? ...but has recorded high rate of killings and kidnapping.

Great one NaijaFlyingDr Please remind us when it’s 20years. U know this government has plenty enemies before someone will come and scatter the record. That’s how we celebrated BH defeat and bandits, kidnappers everywhere now. Please no mention dis kain thing again o.fear don Dey catch me self! Nigeria records five years of zero passenger plane accident.

RTs & likes would’ve tripled if the headline was “Nigerian plane crash at ...” We all pray it remains so. Gone are the days where corruption was the other of the day in the aviation sector, monitoring and regulations. May we not go back to such irresponsible era. NaijaFlyingDr Hand of Jesus Morons in government

ProfOsinbajo just did 1 year thanksgivings for his helicopter accident Abi, helicopters are no longer being considered as air accidents? We thank God but that was on commercial flights. I hope the report is able to point out improvements from then and the last 5yrs. That's God's work. Not our diligence abeg. Lol😂

🙏🏾🙌🏽🙌🏽 we thank God! Was that a credit? Thanks be to God oooooooo.

V.P ProfOsinbajo near die for kabba Kofi state, Nigeria air force jets crash during independence day rehearsals and lost one pilot, aren't the air accidents? Of course, without a national airline carrier, how would we have air accident. Shameful bunch. They bankrupt everything in the country for their own pockets...

Hmmmmmm! This statistic should be left alone. PLEASE!!! To God be the glory. Please more of this Lord. What about Air Peace's crash landing on a failed forward landing gear (front wheel broke off)? In five years, who is traveling by air if not 'Him' in Nigeria even Lesotho or Benin Republic have the same record, if not better. I would like to see the Stats on Road accidents, they only notice when it's one of theirs. Bomboclats

Nigeria do not have air line, how can they record air accident? Country with senseless leaders No remind the bad people them Independence Day rehearsal collision na water accident abi

H_bolaji Congratulations Agghhhh hadisirika This is what you should be bragging about. Attribute this good result to stronger enforcement of policies and better regulatory supervision in the aviation sector. This is what you should be talking about, and not posting pictures about Buhari's (nonexistent) swag.

Add 'that leads to death' What of the case of The Vice President 😂 Osinbajo's minor helicopter crash last year? What about the air collision during independence day rehearsals? Osinbanjo copter crash-landing in Kogi last year That's nice.... thumbs up Great one though

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