Nigeria Not Your Private Estate – Southern Group Knocks Northern Elders Over 2023 Presidency | Sahara Reporters

Nigeria Not Your Private Estate – Southern Group Knocks Northern Elders Over 2023 Presidency | Sahara Reporters

9/21/2021 3:49:00 PM

Nigeria Not Your Private Estate – Southern Group Knocks Northern Elders Over 2023 Presidency | Sahara Reporters

Reacting to Baba-Ahmed’s comments, SNF in a statement by its spokesperson, Olufemi Lawson maintained that President Muhammadu Buhari’s successor in 2023 must come from the Southern part.

Sep 21, 2021The Southern Nigeria Frontier has condemned a statement credited to the Director of Publicity and Advocacy of the Northern Elders Forum, Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, in which he boasted that Northern Nigeria has the voting population and would not play second fiddle in 2023.

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Speaking at the maiden Maitama Sule lecture series organised by the students’ wing of the Coalition of Northern Groups, held at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, on Saturday, Baba-Ahmed had said, “We will lead Nigeria the way we have led Nigeria before; whether we are president or vice-president, we will lead Nigeria.” 

Olufemi Lawson The statement read, “We are amazed, that the position of the Northern Elders Forum, is coming from no other person, than a Mauritanian first generation Nigerian, Hakeem Baba-Ahmed who now feels, that he is more Nigerian than the rest of us, and can as such, appropriate Nigeria's Presidency at the discretion of the NEF.

“We wish to state unequivocally, that the position of the self-acclaimed Northern Elders’ Forum is not only an illusion by the NEF; the truth remains that Baba-Ahmed's North will rule only its corner of the country continuously uninterrupted, and not our own Nigeria in general. 

“While not willing to unnecessarily dignify the NEF, which has become famous as a group of crisis entrepreneurs, the SNF wishes to unequivocally state that the successor of President Muhammadu Buhari come 2023 must come from the Southern part of the country, this we remain, uncompromising about.

“If it is the wish of Baba-Ahmed and his NEF, to hold on to the leadership of Nigeria, as long as it desired, we must remind them, that they will only rule their corner of Nigeria and not the country as a whole.“Perhaps the NEF is in desperate bid for forceful leadership and territorial control, we can without contestation, permit them to hold on to their territories that are speedily being lost to insurgency, occasioned by bad leadership in the North, particular in the Northwest, up to the stretch of Sambisa Forest, with the exception of the middle belt region, and we have no problem with that.

“It is only morally and conventionally right, that the next President of Nigeria should come from the Southern part of the country, this ordinarily should not be a subject of debate, except when such is being stirred by crisis entrepreneur like Baba-Ahmed and his NEF.

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It's highly time we break this thing called One Nigeria, how can U love to always be in power without generating any good resources for d nation d only thing northern want is to keep on benefiting from d Oil of d South it high time we need to tell them this can't be tolerated. Ofcourse' Nigeria do not belong to southern parts. Biafra is our land

2023 will be interesting if this country manages to reach it. Lawlessness everywhere 🙄 No one is stopping you from competing but again.. do you have the numbers? The fabric of unity in Nigeria has been overstretched most especially by Northern elders who refused 2 think/see beyond political power. Insurgence has totally reduced Northern economy still many of dem still feel comfortable & assume dat dey are in-charge.Power is truly crazy

What are southern Nigerians still doing with this evil terrorist of Northern Nigerians surely there is nothing good will come out of staying together instead the Northern Nigerians terrorist will keep ruling and killing you southerners just end Nigeria 🇳🇬now to safe life 👍 Absolutely yes. In as much as I hate discrimination, injustice can never be tolerated in my life. The statement credited to NEF publicity sec, where he said heaven will not 4 if Northern region decides 2 produce another president in 2023 is a big insult to all Nigerians frm South

Southern Middle Belt Alliance tackles NEF over voters’ claim, 2023 presidency - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Once your house looks good on the outside, you’ll feel good on the inside. Stone tiles from is the ideal choice. Even in the Core North Christians are with South. The Core North lacks numbers. This same man said they are first class citizen in Nigeria. I have been hearing people says this but I never believed it until now. Core Northerners are just pathetic and delusional element's living off fake and inflated population figures

2023: Northern Elders Take On Southern Governors, Reject Power ShiftAhead of the 2023 general election, some elders in the North have said the region will not give up the presidency to the South, insisting that the region Ahead of the 2023 general election, some elders in the North have said the region will not give up the presidency to the South, insisting that the region will continue to rule Nigeria. The north seems not to realize that people will usually vote across religious line, d so call large population of the north ll be divided across religious line there making the humongous northern christian to vote for a southern president, this was why obj and gej defeated pmb

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2023: All Progressives Congress Gone If Presidency Is Zoned To North, Says Rochas Okorocha | Sahara ReportersOkorocha warned that APC would be divided if the party fails to zone its presidential candidate to the south. It will be a fight of the entire Fulanis North against the entire South including Benue, Taraba and those non Fulanis in the North with reasonable Heads. If the Fulanis doesn’t agree then they have their President while we have ours in the South. Are you sure? When you were merging with them, you thought you will co-own as founder, now it's glaring you have been played,if you are still waiting till it happens,you are a fool.