Nigeria Not For Sale, Osinbajo Support Group Tells Tinubu | Sahara Reporters

Nigeria Not For Sale, Osinbajo Support Group Tells Tinubu | Sahara Reporters

1/16/2022 6:35:00 PM

Nigeria Not For Sale, Osinbajo Support Group Tells Tinubu | Sahara Reporters

The group dissociated itself from any agreement from any secret quarters that might favour Tinubu for the plum job in 2023.

A group canvassing support for Vice President Yemi Osinbajo's presidential ambition has taken swipe at the National leader of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu. “We say no to any agreement prior to this generation. This generation must decide who lead them and not those who decide their future behind them.

 Tinubu had last Monday announced that he had informed President Muhammadu Buhari of his interest to vie for the country's presidency. 

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In a sane environment Osinbajo should nt even contest as local government chairman bcos all he has to offer is complain... complain abd more complains abt Jonathan and his predecessors. Let two of them pick form, stand for primaries that would be conducted by party, winner would be the flagbearer of the party and the other candidates would have options of decamping to other parties to stand against anybody. Anyone can contest against anyone come 2023

Four Pics, One Word Abeg don't put VP in trouble with this your headline PYO has mixed with Nigerians (poor, average and rich), he understands what Nigerians are passing through than Tinubu. Osinbajo is more agile and competent to lead, he has represented the president both in and out and he had shown competence and loyalty.

No different between Osibanjo, Buhari and Tinubu,they are all partner in Crime. When Tinubu was a governor Osibanjo was the man helping him to exploit Lagos state, today Tinubu and his god son Osibanjo are part of this evil regime,if buhari is a failure,all of them are failure Both Tinubu and Osibanjo will fail in primaries mark my words.

I won’t cancel Osinbajo for the sins of Buhari because I recall that when he had the leeway, in the absence of Buhari, he swiftly made some Changes until he was quickly restored back to his cocoon. Should he end up as a Choice with no better Opponent, I may hope against hope. OWNERS OF NIGERIA, WHAT AN INSULTE Nothing like owners of Nigeria what we have are DAFT southern leaders who created owners out of aliens due to their evil greed,they where indoctrinated by Britain to buy this horrible lie,we'll correct this picture 😡😡

Presidency: ACF demands medical evidence to stop Tinubu | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsArewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has called on Nigerians to come out with convincing evidence that national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, is not fit to contest the Presidency in 2023 on health ground. In a sane Cline no one will be talking about this man. Anything goes in Nigeria. Baba tibubu please retire Nvestor you are the real mumu here... You and your household will die in captivity. Your head dey reject good thing Nobody or group people to stop Jagaba, if God said' he became d next president bcs everything was written.

Those good days are gone at UNN Nsukka, UI & university of Ife students union 70s to 80s categories, with naija labor Congress NLC when govt have respects for the youths, when they demand their civil rights. Unlike now poverty has eaten up our senses of reasoning. REFERENDUM Gaming the gamers Hahahaha . Dem don start fight?

Looking🤐 The look on Tinubu's face 👇👇 Good evening, how's the family Scenes when they both get rejected by their masters 'the northern cabal' 😂😂😂 True talk Iamthemetim I'm loving this game 😂 This is exactly what the puppeteers wld say when eventually neither of them clinches the pry ticket as they originally planned

For where, d cabal r just using him to block tinubu bcos tinubu is too street smart for them moreover fulani culture does not reward traitors, ask afonja & Awolowo

My Meeting with Tinubu Not About Presidency, Fayemi Clarifies*Denies dropping undeclared presidential ambition *Makinde wishes ex-Lagos gov well, says he wants best for Nigeria Victor Ogunje in Ado Ekiti Governor of Ekiti State, Dr Kayode Fayemi, has clarifi… Pls tinubu not come pls from 2022 Who cares.....

Hoha! ALL STUPID people who never learn from history - putting themselves out as 'free chickens' & 'useful idiots' - to fulfill the north's agenda of undermining their 'people'. Remember Sonekan after MKO's election was annulled, and OBJ as president in 1999 after MKO was 'killed'. Ku munafi kai neh koh

Politics! Politics!! Politics!!! How two great guys that did great things together before are turning into great enemies over political seat. Not them though, but those under them pursuing their personal agendas. Operation use your head!!! Both Tinubu & Osinbajo, should avoid 2023 elections!!! It's not for their likes!

I thought they said Yoruba politicians are united unlike Ndigbo politicians who are not united. 😂 When Osinbajo is a product of negotiation for sale? Fiction writers everywhere. Smiling

Only the best good for Nigeria, Makinde tells Tinubu - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Only the best is good for Nigeria as it stands now not we cannot afford another retiree in aso rock Not weak and tired war horses Lekki toygate killers

Lagos nor satisfy baba reach still wants Nigeria. God pass all of una Drama All those thief Tinubu dogs will not listen to the voice of reasoning Set awon maa Jo lo mo n wo eyin re I am a renowned Tutor a very great teacher Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics is my field please referred me with a private Classes things are very tight. Thank You! Call: 07087903491

Hummm Of, course Nigeria is not for sale Even Osinbajo will end up supporting Jagaban of Borgu. His current position us due to BAT's sacrifice. He knows it and everyone close to him knows it but if he chooses to contest, I will vote for him over any other. King maker now is just a name We are tired of APC n PDP shenanigans. We appeal to Nigerians to support our nascent and revolutionary party- indigent people’s party/IPP

Wow. This life

2023: Why I must relocate from Nigeria if Tinubu emerges next president - Bode GeorgeFormer Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Chief Bode George says he would not hesitate to relocate from Nigeria if the You better relocate to your former base which is Lagos Prison, and I guess the judge that facilitated your bail then did it out of mistake. Don't relocate 😕😮😕😕 Oga pack well, na so you talk in 2015 if Buhari emerges as President.

Fuji house of commotion 😂 Yorubas are not united, they should bring out one candidate and back him... 🙄😁 Buhari is indirectly supporting atiku ☠️👻☠️👻☠️ Democracy demonstration of cease We all know that politics in naija just like in any other part of the world is about horse trading and compromise, VP Osibanjo is about the best hand to take over from PMB. Anyway its just a pipe dream, his boss will rein him in. Another hyena is on the way......

Between the two,i will prefer Osinbajo. I think Tinubu will eventually step down for this man when Osinbajo decides to contest for 2023 election with the way his support groups keep increasing throughout the six Geo political zone of the country Nigeria is not for grandfather but belongs to the fathers

But I'm thinking that Nigeria has already been sold to China. I wish I'm wrong.

Presidency: I wish you well but want the best for Nigeria, Makinde tells Tinubu - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Better pill. Best govt Loving this.

Tinubu has done more than looting Lagos State funds public tax payers money ,at the right time he will be exposed and that will be the end of Tinubu Liars Gentlemen shall we begin? You're lying Liars at it again Loool. Liars Osinbajo is a good and capable man, and that doesn't make Tinubu a bad person. The duo should not be set against each other

O seti go? They should both go and rest.. Telling BAT where some better fruits are left for him to go and destroy

2023: Nigeria needs the best to lead this time, Makinde tells Tinubu | TheCableSeyi Makinde, governor of Oyo, says Nigeria needs 'only the best at this time' as the country prepares for the 2023 general election. AsiwajuTinubu OfficialAPCNg OfficialPDPNig Offcourse.Not a blind old man AsiwajuTinubu OfficialAPCNg OfficialPDPNig seyiamakinde and AsiwajuTinubu are just best uncle to each other. Don't be surprised if Tinubu has the highest in South West coming from Oyo State AsiwajuTinubu OfficialAPCNg OfficialPDPNig I hope he is not refrainingAsiwaju Tinubu as best

Tabloid Don't put Osinbajo into problem o, he no get all these 'liver'. if they are pushing him, he should not push himself o. They wan knock his head with Tinubu's. Mother 🐕 go bite baby dog o🐶 . The same people that will cause stampedes when bullion vans start operation The headline is catching but it doesn't come from Osinbajo support group so let us not cause wahala between the two giant strides as they are like uncle

The PeterObi You Didn’t Know, A Coffee Conversation Inside Peter Obi’s House! Click the link above to watch a coffee conversation with the Chief Executive Officer (President) Nigeria needs. Fake News APC go scatter Las las If APC wants to win this election, Osibanjo is their best option. If Tinubu is APC candidate, he will lose the campaign, money, influence and his empire. The risk is high. I still think & hope that Tinubu’s declaration is a smoke screen to show his relevance as a king maker.

They happen to be bird of the same feather na plan work We shouldn't be deceived by the mischievous headline by Sahara reporters, both men are good and whoever pick the ticket will do well

Wait can someone try to explain was our vicd emphasising on I hope this isn't a media hatchet job to set up both camp against eachother. But as far as I'm concerned, Osinbajo is my preferred candidate. It takes wisdom to decode Fraction! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣make una see revolt of the creature against the creator o

Nigeria has been sold to the Chinese by Osinbajo and Buhari E don happen Nobody should be carried away with this. They know how to play with our sensibilities. They have come again. God bless you

WHat even is the difference between Tinubu and Osibanjo? Osibanjo was there during his reign when he Tinubu exploited Lagos State greatly he was Tinubu's attorney Made up story. 😂 only wailers fall for this fake news from a so called group U people u are intruder between the two parties. Nigeria wen Dem don sell since before them born us😒🙄

Mind games, people in the same camp pretending to fight themselves. Its all a show to confuse the gullible E don Dey happen Shouting it from house top Nigeria is not for sale to hell with your bullion Van trailer Ghen Ghen. They can both destroy themselves, we can't be bothered. So called man of God and his king maker in a battle for the presidential seat.

Time for Asiwaju to know his true political loyalists

Stupid and unreasonable propaganda Remember Tinubu brought Osinbajo to the dance. When will they start releasing heavily damning documented evidence against one another, in their bids to win APC's Presidential ticket of 2023? May they help to destroy one another for the untold socio-economic and political calamities they've plunged Nigerians into since 2015.