Nigeria needs unifiers, not just achievers – Osinbajo - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

12/5/2021 10:20:00 AM

Nigeria needs unifiers, not just achievers – Osinbajo - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

Vice-PresidentYemi Osinbajo says Nigeria needs not just achievers, but more importantly men and women who are bridge-builders and unifiers, who see the country’s ethnic diversity as a source of strength, and not as a point of difference.Osinbajo said this on Saturday during the turbaning ceremony of some prominent persons in Bida emirate, Niger State.

The Senior Special Assistant to the Vice-President on Media and Publicity, Laolu Akande, disclosed this in a statement titled ‘Nigeria needs unifiers, Osinbajo says at Bida Emirate turbaning ceremony’.Earlier, the Etsu Nupe and Chairman, Niger State Council of Traditional Rulers, Dr Yahaya Abubakar, conferred on the Vice-President the ‘Garkuwan Yamma Nupe’ which means ‘the Defender of Nupe Kingdom.’

Speaking after his turbaning, the Vice President noted that the conferment of the titles was a fresh call to service to the Bida community and the nation, adding that “our country needs men and women who understand that all men and women regardless of race and faith deserve to be treated equally, fairly and justly.”

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The zoo must fall K The one your govt has unified is enough. Please step aside! OutGet Mumu You are politically right,but that will not solve any problem. You know the truth but want to be right politically.Nigeria have more than enough what a Country need to become great but Nigeria system is corrupt to the marrow.The way forward is to go for referendum amicably🤷🏻‍♂️

No unity without a referendum. Let nigerians decide their faith via a referendum. Anything else is a waste of time. Osibanjo please stop chasing the wind because nigeria is already dead. You vp and your useless boss are neither any of the two shame So which of the 2 do you and boss belongs? After him and his boss don scatter the country. Hissing....

OsinbajoWelcome Igbo - Enugu State Ebira Okene - Kogi State Nupe - Niger State Hausa-Kano, etc

Nigeria needs bridge builders, unifiers – OsinbajoMr Osinbajo, who was given a traditional title, said the nation needs 'people who will see its ethnic diversity as a source of strength, and not as a point of difference'. like Fani Kayode indirectly the present person is a bridge destroyer Unity beggers. nOw unifiers and bridge builders .... Seasons film ni. They we soon see the next episode .

You and your administration cannot demand of others what you're incapable of doing or unwilling to do Mumu Dwarf Nigeria needs committed and leadership with clear purpose and a clarity in their direction of travels Ló bá tán! Oga no be all this talk we go chop oo Professor should go back to their domestic obligations. A carrier of knowledge don't come close to politics. Their core responsibility is to enlighten people at Universities or a learning institution.

The way osinbajo has been talking lately is quite alarming, I guess he just came back from Jupiter 🥴 Agenda 202..........3 loading 🤣 Not looters in govt positions. If we one Nigeria is still possible Your government is neither of both. We already have unifiers of wicked people in APC

Nigeria needs rebuilding plan to overcome woes – Gbajabiamila - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Keyword changed from CHANGE to REBUILDING. Do you mean restructuring? Say the word, why scared to use it? Clowns as leaders And what have been up to all this while Mr speaker? Approving loans for sharing amongst yourselves.... Criminals

Gbetuoyo.. It means u agreed that ur administration has divided this country beyond repair. Too bad Oya an oga unify us Let's go, Follow for a quick follow back I promise Don't be Greedy help others grow 🙏 follobackforfolloback twitter4all Grammar But your oga - buhari has been achieving and unifying us since 2015. Why do you need another unifier and achiever? That tells Nigerians all they need to know about these evil politicians

Shame Good you know you're not an achiever. So... is your Oga a unifier or a divider? Failure You and your boss have failed in that regard. Imagine a failure talking about success, what does he know about success?. What does a divider know about unity?.

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Freedom fighters are the only unifiers I know and you always neglect them and instead of reconciliation with them ,you choose to lock them up. The one's you killed at lekki shey Shey en gbo werey ? 😂

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