Nigeria Lost N10.72trillion To Twitter Ban — LCCI | Sahara Reporters

1/15/2022 11:37:00 AM

Nigeria Lost N10.72trillion To Twitter Ban — LCCI | Sahara Reporters

Nigeria Lost N10.72trillion To Twitter Ban — LCCI | Sahara Reporters

This is a huge loss to Nigeria as it represents about 63% of Nigeria's N17.1trillion budgeted for 2022.

Jan 15, 2022The Nigerian economy lost N10.72trillion to the suspension of microblogging platform, Twitter, the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry said. The figures were disclosed in a statement issued on Friday by Chinyere Almona, Director-General, LCCI.

 “In business terms, the cost of the seven-month shutdown of Twitter operations in Nigeria is estimated to be N10.72trillion ($26.1billion) according to Netblock’s Cost of Shutdown Tool,” Almona said. Recall that on June 4, the Nigeriag Government announced the suspension of Twitter after the social media platform deleted a tweet by President Muhammadu Buhari.

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How much did Twitter lost Due to the ban? Do they care about it? Sahara una dey craze😂😂🤣🤣 Tell me you are joking How much Twitter lose Welcome back An academic headline from someone's figment of imagination. Trillions ko, Twoillion ni Ok Ah! This is too much money that was supposed to be utilized well...Naija

Uban kune qaryane Hmmm iro nla

Nigeria lost 2,927 males to road accidents in nine months | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsA report published by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has revealed that a total of 2,927 males involved in road traffic crashes in the fourth quarter of 2020 and the second quarter of 2021 died in the process. Subhanallah may dei soul rest in peace

Right here it pays when you lost, because progress does not exist around there court Clearly this is one of Buhari's most laudable Wins/achievements since becoming the President of Nigeria a second time. Flooding twitter with the President's achievements should start with this You think say that country get sense before?

Nigeria Lost N10.72trillion To Twitter Ban — LCCI | Sahara Reporters 😭😭😭 Our mumu no too much🤷🤷🤷 Let's fix something important! NOW or we never may!!! Make them lost, before the ban, we nor see wetin them dey use all the money dey do. Really Y won't they when they lack foresight.

Oyo Has Lost Its Most Experienced Politician In Alao-Akala - MakindeOyo State governor, Engr. 'Seyi Makinde, on Thursday, paid a condolence visit to the family of the late former Governor of Oyo State, Chief Adebayo

Lol Any Proof of this? Does this mean that Nigeria made same amount before the ban? How much was paid in Taxes? NigerianGovernment TwitterBan And how much did Twitter lose from the ban? Just look at legit money recognized everywhere. What is going on? No be juju be that for you to be calculating what you don't have 😎

acresofsaphire A clueless regime with no direction. Misfits Can you explain to my how my Twitter stocks shares has lost value since Feb 2021 it was $77 per share. If Nigeria lost N10.72 trillion. June 1st 2021 it was $57.44, Today is $38 in value. SAVIORSCALL What data do you use or which method of survey you use in calculating it. And you didn't tell us how much tweeter lost that made them comes to terms with Fed. Govt.

AbdurrashidMorh Omo😂🤣 And Buhari regime say na dem regime win game! Nigeria lost 10.72tr because of regime. Kai wetin we put ourselves into since 2015, chai

FG should pay youth entrepreneurs every kobo lost to Twitter ban –Lawyer - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Dreams We wasted our subs on VPN😔😔 What about those using VPN🤷

If the country can lost such amount just by banning Twitter then why didn't we see the amount it gains when Twitter was operational for years. Note that this is more than half of 2022 budget. Yet we ain't broke Garya Kuke yi bai kai bah All because one man's ego got bruised Will Nigeria ever gain anything ? Anyway, except corruption.

FULANICONOMICS! What formula was used in calculating the loss. Abeegiii.. Your beloved EndSARS riots cost Nigeria N1.5t in just 7 days and the lives of 73 police/innocent pple. How much have we gained since the unbanning. That’s what you get when zwats rule your country. No exception; they are all ZWATS 😡

Nigerian Businesses Lost N10trn To Twitter Suspension – LCCINigerian businesses lost a whopping N10.72 trillion ($26.1billion) between June 5, 2021 to 13th January 2022, during the seven-month shutdown of Twitter 😂 jokers 😂😂😂😂 It's not true, the federal government might have banned TwitterinNigeria but that doesn't mean that they were able to stop Nigerians from making use of Twitter because most Nigerians made well use of VPN.

What ego can cause be that, I just dey pass ni ooo Just imagine, waiting dey bring money come the country them nor dey like am but na to borrow this amount now, you go see them for the house they sign papers up and down to borrow the same amount from China......... One day China go take over this country

Good news Wetin we never loss? But there is time for restoration. Ayuwa! And some fools would come hear and argue that the TwitterBan was informed policy to start with. Recall that the whole thing started after MBuhari's insensitive tweet was deleted by Twitter We're waiting for the gains after the 222 days of ban

Sahara fake reporter don't worry your ass we get money . Liar How much did Twitter lost Evil government, after they will looking the country that they will borrow money from, while they are busy blocking the ways to be getting revenues. Shame to them When they didn't lose the money, what did they use it to do?

President Buhari's Aides Gradually Return To Twitter As Government Lifts Ban | Sahara ReportersSaharaReporters observed that Garba Shehu, Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to the President, and Bashir Ahmad, Personal Assistant on New Media, have all returned to Twitter. Eyyah Election dey around the corner abi? kwassai Well, that's buhari & is government problem, because I was not affected, who send him to lift up the ban, mumu president for himself. Shameless people. 2023 is here already.

APC is a curse. We go get am back, now that they wan begin dey pay tax .. Report something reasonable and bearable to brain See themselves..una think say una wise(govt) Now that the ban has been lifted, go out there and start behaving badly. You can see with all your intimidation and exciting other foriegn countries on Nigerian government, it was lifted at the government terms.

so the money we were gaining before the ban was used for what? This means that the lost would have been N20 trillion if it had lasted for a year🤔🤣 That can solve a lot of Nigeria This was revealed by Lagos Chamber of commerce and industry; at least Buharideens can't argue with this. Nigeria youth let come together and vote for her.

Minority Caucus In House Of Representatives Slams Buhari Government After Lift Of Twitter Ban | Sahara ReportersAccording to the Minority Representatives, the APC-led government’s banning of Twitter in the first place translated to tampering with the freedom of speech and opinion of Nigerian citizens. They do not need to slam him, nothing affected the Nigerian youths. We found our ways and moved on. Na our own them go later do. Go ahead, monkey. Ban twitter again He's a carbon

BUhari tinubu APc fulunu govt came to destroy Nigeria period and loot funds aPc ,all the ex governor's who looted their states funds join aPc so they can be protected ,when you protect thive you are a thive This one shock me ooo, but wait oo which tasks them dey request from Twitter again? Not true. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

by SaharaReporters, New York Jan 15, 2022 The Nigerian economy lost N10.road accidents PHOTO:Pixabay The Bureau made the disclosure in a publication on its official website, which provided statistics on road accidents in the last quarter of 2020 and the first two quarters of 2021.1 hour ago “Sometimes, it is not how long but how well and I will explain it to you.Published 13 January 2022 An Abuja-based human rights lawyer, Pelumi Olajengbesi, says there is nothing to rejoice over on the lifting on suspension placed on micro-blogging site Twitter by the Federal Government.

72trillion to the suspension of microblogging platform, Twitter, the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry said.  The figures were disclosed in a statement issued on Friday by Chinyere Almona, Director-General, LCCI.06 per cent.   “In business terms, the cost of the seven-month shutdown of Twitter operations in Nigeria is estimated to be N10. Segun Odebunmi (Bunvic) and almost all the political leanings in Oyo State are here.72trillion ($26.36 per cent in the first quarter of 2021 when total road crashes stood at 3,301 and further declined by 3.1billion) according to Netblock’s Cost of Shutdown Tool,” Almona said.) announced that it has lifted the suspension on Twitter.

  Recall that on June 4, the Nigeriag Government announced the suspension of Twitter after the social media platform deleted a tweet by President Muhammadu Buhari. According to the NBS, the observed trend was a clear indication of improved road safety, adding that in each of the quarters under review, serious cases of road crashes stood top, compared to fatal and minor cases observed. He rose from a local government chairman to Deputy Governor, and to an Acting Governor and to a State Governor. Telecommunication companies had on June 5 blocked access to Twitter after receiving a directive from the Nigerian Communications Commission to that effect. After seven months of suspension, the government lifted the suspension of Twitter’s operations in the country. Looking at the sex distribution of persons killed in road accidents, the Bureau said 1,474 males were killed in the fourth quarter of 2020, accounting for 81. Director-General of the National Information Technology Development Agency, Kashifu Abdullahi, announced the lifting of the suspension in a statement. “In the moment of our grief, we must remember that God was gracious unto Chief Alao-Akala. Reacting in a statement, the LCCI Director welcomed the suspension of the ban as she said digital platforms have become a viable tool for business operations and governance in engaging with a diversified audience and boosting digital transactions.818 persons killed in total. Olajengbesi, who is the Managing Partner of Law Corridor in Abuja, therefore said, “The Federal Government should pay Nigerian youths and business owners who lost means of livelihood due to the seven-month suspension of Twitter in the country.

She said that currently, the Information and Communications Technology sector was one of the growth drivers in the economy. “We, therefore, urge the government to create an enabling regulatory environment that supports global technology companies in achieving their potential and are sustainably profitable,” she said.02 per cent of the 1,668 killed. People may think we are not together politically but in terms of love for our state, we are together. According to her, improving Nigeria’s digital infrastructure from a policy perspective would boost healthcare delivery, agric-technology, learning, e-governance, and fintech. Almona advised Nigeria and other nations to ensure balanced negotiation in the use of digital platforms for mutual benefits between governments and operators.65 per cent of 1,453 killed compared to 79. She said that the negotiation became imperative due to the lessons learnt during Nigeria-Twitter issue. “He once told me that if we make any mistake, it must be from the head but not from the heart.

She urged government to explore these lessons in creating a realistic template for regulating digital platforms in Nigeria for maximum benefits. Nevertheless, the trend of deaths in total showed a downward movement over the period. .