Nigeria hasn’t produced leaders like Obi and I since 1960 —Atiku

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atiku is a scam ooo. You cant do any better than Buhari. Let the Youth rule feladurotoye and YeleSowore

Hmmm,actually no boby looted Nigeria as urs

You are right, we have not and we will never. ATIKULOOTED


I hope and pray that you will do your best, by God's grace come next year 2019.

They are so desperate to rule, so they recover all they have loosed in just 3years compared to what they looted for many years.

Hmmmmm don't brag yet

As in for how many times or you mean anambra state, former olusegun obasanjo and 16 years pdp rule was in china?

We haven't produce this set if thief be

Who will sell the whole country

Shame on u

Big lie what did you have to offer us in 2019 we are all waiting to see how capable you are baba.

What are your legacies when you are number 2 citizen?.

Atiku no serious at all at all

Atiku as the president of Nigeria is a mere extension of hardship for Nigerians. SAY NO TO HIM

I hear

I guess you mean 2 businessmen! This guys are real racketers

Have you been elected? What's the date of your production?

You people have started again. We will not allow you to fool us this time.

Mr. Atiku, you have not convince me to vote you into power, but as for Mr. Obi he has....... Prove to me and will prove to my people.

Retweet if u r here to see how people comment will finish their life here...


Yes I totally agree. Nigeria has truly never had a corrupt and dishonest leaders like you both. Imagine Mr. China coming on live tv to give fake statistics... did he think we were not going to verify? We are smarter and wiser!

SweetShantel Tho a staunch supporter of their course, I'd somewhat disagree with his statement but not totally cause he hasn't told us in what areas... Nevertheless, LetsGetNigeriaWorkingAgain atiku PeterObi

Tired of Mbuhari and atiku is not an option for me... Neither all of those criminals contesting also.... I will rather sit down at home 🏠 that day and hold my game pad 🎮, rather than to go out and vote 🗳 for a criminal.

olushola_shola They are the deal

Atiku has NEVER led anyone. He only assisted his leaders.

You people should stop deciving your self's

You are right sir. A thief and a liar hard been presented together before.

Lies in abundance

The only two SAINTS in Nigeria since 1960.

Truely,Nigeria has never produced these pair of Looters.

Say that after their performance.......

Stop hiding behind Obi Mr man

U r a foop

PMB is far better than u. Don't doubt

Yes! The former disrespected Nigerians from other parts of the country by sending them away, while the latter participated actively in the HALLIBURTON SCANDAL!

We av produce some leaders in less like u but By God's grace, we will neva produce leaders lik u: looters, corrupted, thieves, liars, polygamist, betrayal, cancer-politicians, harlots-politicians, Selfish-leaders, destroyers but not builder politicians.

Obviously sir, Bert and Ernie 🤣🤣🤣

Yea you are right; a thief and a liar at the same time running as president and vice president. We have never had it this bad

Thank God you know

In which country are you both leaders. Because the last time I checked, you and Obi are asking for our mandate now.

I just hope yours my amiable Mr Atiku that brings development to Nigeria will not let fatherism pave way for my amiable peterobi....

I think and feel and also know that Nigeria has, but the god damm fatherism changes them after been electedintopower making them fruitless...

We believe in your candidacy. But be wise not to blame former political leaders.

PDP is desperate and Nigeria will be in big trouble if Atiku wins.

Change your weed supplier

another lie from his archive. if this man is allowed to rule this country na one chance be dat.

Yes, I have never seen a duo of corrupt people as you. May Almighty save Nigeria.

This is an insult to his former boss, Chief Obasanjo. You mean you were not as good as we thought you were at that time. You and Obi have nothing to offer this country. All those who ruled this country are better than you.

What a misnomer statement!

And we will not and never have such kinds of leaders

Why would a country desire your kind and type of leadership? Baba has only used 4 out of 16 years. Why are you so much in an hurry to come back? Is it that you have exhausted all the moneys looted during 16 years of your locust finish? Baba gonsiówu!

And it shall never produce.

No problems. Vote will judge ur assessment. All these hype on Twitter will not turn to reality


Will o' the wisp {ignis fatuus}

Of course now, as thieves as you people are

We can't and we can never. We don't want you.

Obi but the people or your state are not too happy Wit how u did

Sir is like you're wrong, because you are their before, or have u forgotten.

Na so. Bobo juice

The same scammers.

.......lolololol, leaders without pedigree

And yet the most corrupt ones

Opolo ni ohun Mr Adan lawo, alara ni gberaga. For the Yoruba culture. A frog once boasted to have the perfect shinny skin....

Leaders indeed!!!

Yes !! When liar and 'Atikulooter'Combined.



I agree,the politicians of 1960 were 10 percenters,but atikus from 1999 to 2015 covets everything,that's why he's stinkingly rich from doing nothing other than stealing in totality our commonwealth,God forbid atiku and whoever in Aso Rock.

Have they lead already no🤔🤔😂😂😂😂😂🏃🏃🏃🏃

God will not let the country produce your type again... (I have no issues with Peter Obi), but Atiku? It’s a no no no...

Yes you are right. Especially criminal mind

You will never be president of Nigeria, vice under OBJ for 8 years you are in charge of most Nigeria companies that was sold to your crooks. Nitel, Nigeria airways etc.

This is left to Nigerians to say so. Or you want to be a lizard that falls from iroko tree, after shaking it head it then says if no body praise me i will praise myself

Yes, that is true. Him Tu Lie and the Looting Kingpin Fugitive.

This is coming from a rotten customs officer who on his watch allowed astronomical amounts of electrical waste and substandard products into his country. May the God you serve forgive you Sir.

Yes it is true. We haven't produced leaders that can't be recognized for good but for undying lies.

Sakamanje 🤣



That's 100% true.

Of course yes, none of our leaders lie like him and none of them steals as much as you do sir.

Is atiku telling us he and Obasanjo were just figure heads.

This arrogant talk will be the beginning of your downfall by God's grace .

Very stupid and shameful talk. atiku

Tell it to his cronies...Looters on parade

This Atiku is just like jose mourinho...... He can make mouth

Na death dey call two of una !!!!!

Oshe Atiku done with another lie,Nigeria can't produce a like u people


Says who

Lie of this dispensation

Ofcus, one issa thief and the other a bigoted lying machine from China

What were you under Obasanjo administration?

Hahhhhhhhhh this is very funny

Maybe in body size. Perhaps he hasn’t heard of MoghaluKingsley, the most qualified candidate to run for President in Nigeria’s modern history.

As corrupt as both you, isn't it?

You want to annoy OBJ careful...

Are you saying all these just so you can win the election & probably do otherwise? I don’t know what makes him different from others though...😏😏

& what are there track records for us to judge? Or you guys mean to say ordinary man of Jada,Ganye LGA where Atiku hails from in Adamawa State is doing well economically? My God!! Dollar is working!!


Yes now. Because both of you are thieves

Big joke of the year

I like Atiku but Anytime I see his pic,all I see is corruption starring back 😂


Clap for yourself. Oniyeye 🤣😝

Yeah we never had a nexus of selfish and looters like you how I wish atiku will reads all the replies to this tweet I swear his BP will go higher!

MOHD_Ks Barawo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

It is through that since 1960, Nigeria never produced a known thief as presidential candidate! Obasanjo told us.

True Balewa and Bello contested elections under one party and were not zombies you and Obi are. It's a disgrace that a man who contested against the same party 4 times is telling us how good they are. You disgrace Balewa and Bello by mentioning them in the same sentence

Safer to remain as a Country than to go into Oblivion. We are on our way to the promise Land, we will not go back to Egypt

This combination is exactly what Nigeria needs, Obi personally masterminded the end of 'Cabal-ism' in Anambra State.

Were you not a leader when you were Vice President? So what are we talking bout?

Osheyyy baddest 🙌

what happened when you were vice president.. You were a bad leader then?

Indeed.. producing ur kind of leaders is equal to auctioning the country in alaba market now..

Yes you are right but Nigeria don't want you to take them to another level of corruption like never before that's why we will never produce leader like you

So you and obasanjo was a mistake and he endorsed u.

Yes I accept looting machine of our time.we av Never looters like you.and we will not av you IJN.

Of course, we haven't and will never!

Are you kidding me? Something is really wrong somewhere

Hmmmmm¡!!!!!! Even ur boss OBJ

This guy is a joker!


Nigeria hasn't produced looters like Atiku an Obi since 1960-me


The kind of slap I for like give u Atiku I swear dey do push ups. U wey be barawo seriki

Can I rebut ?

China pple

Chineke kpokwa gi OK, Thief. All of una plan don fail!BiafraIsHere

So,where will you put the likes of late Nnamdi Azikiwe,late Yaradua,lateTafawa Balewa and others?



Atiku you must be sick

Sure,you are right, bcoz you break the record of the most corrupt regime not only in Nigeria but in the continent

See thief they talk. If say na China you for done die since

OBJ hope you are listening to him invariably Obi is better than Obasanjo. Baba Iyabo you need to write another book😆

Is he ok?

Yes atiku because you guys are the greatest thief of all time . Una pikin they buy apartment all over the world 🌍 with no jobs , while we Nigerians 🇳🇬 can’t afford d little house 🏡 rent of 120k Naira per annual. Shame on ya and ya govt . Lairssssssssssssssssssssssssss


Not even your combination with your boss, obasanjo. Then I think your integrity and competence then is questionable

Who do we offend sef...... abi which kind heartbreaking talk be this?

I don't even pray Nigeria should .

Yes ooo, that will completely mortgage Nigeria 😀😁😁😁😁🏃🏃🏃🏃

Imagine if they make Guns legal like the states.

Atiku‼️‼️‼️ Are u serious❓

OfficialAPCNg OfficialPDPNig says who. Better tell that to a kindergarten. Nigerians know better. The labour of our Heros past shall never be in vain. You don't belong that that class yet.

Leaders indeed


Wonders shall never end

You haf cum again... Una neva win, dey make mouth...

Well said

Stop it please, it's a joke!

Really! It's a joke!

As the looters of all time

Nigerians will rejoice come 2019 when atiku emerge as the new president of Nigeria

I thought codeine has been banned. How come this man made this statement.

If obj starts now

Abeg Abeg atiku no go use ur hand kil urslf... Wen u where in ur teenage years, was it d same nw. Jus tlk tru

In Grand corruption yes

I think majority of Nigerians will try ýou and if you fail, You will be voted out in 2023 and we will try another leader until we get the desire one.

Why are you blowing your trumpet

Obasanjo must ear ds one.

Pls can someone help me to tell atiku to go and sleep. Its last already. Tomorrow is another day.

Atiku u dey fool ur self

Bad market

What makes you and him different, better ?

You have not been tried yet

All I care for is atikulooted should allow my children to finish university before he become the president o,bcos I can't afford 600k fees for now,cos he might privatize all federal and States institutions,na beg I dey beg o

You guys are heading nowhere.

That’s true two big criminals at the same time

Next page pls!

Haaa. ..mogbeee!

A Lizard jumps from a top of a tree and landed with his belly on the floor and nodded its head and say if nobody praise him he praises himself.

And we’ll never produce people like you in Jesus mighty name

Very true

Thank God for that!

atiku might actually be right. OfficialPDPNig, Nigeria has never produced a desperate, inconsistent & lair politician like PeterObi.... who just unashamedly throws deadening lies all around in the name of statistics. Too sad and shameful

Point of correction atiku you are not our leaders and you'll never be.

We shall never have duo of you as leaders/rulers in Nigeria atiku PeterObi

Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Alhaji Tafawa Balewa, Sir Ahmadu Bello, Umaru Yar'adua, Gen Murtala Muhammed. Ha!

That's true Looter's association at any slightest chance the two of you will sell Nigeria.

Chaiiii, this is so emotional. It's an undisputable fact because they are leading their family members exclusively.


It’s good you praise your self and the things you have done but don’t compare your self with our fore fathers, you have no idea how it was then to rule few educated Nigerian and a whole lot of illiterate, creating constitutional policies, values and discipline.

Yes ooo

Sir, please caution yourself. Your acts are still very fresh in our memories. Just say you hope to show respect and love the common man this time. Haba

Yes oh AtikuObi2019


Where is that confused Obasanjo, is this not an indictment 🤔🤪

Taaaah! I'm only voting for atiku because of PeterObi

Yes! Nigeria has never produced looter and liar as presidential and vice presidential candidates. You get it right sir! 👊👊👊👊

You guys have not seen anything yet. Keep expecting what will not happen. Can anyone give what they don’t have. Mumu don do. Any young Yoruba with genuine desire for a better life for himself, children and land must get off this garbage loaded train tagged presidential election.

I half concur

Yes oooo n it will never be

😂😂😂 beer please

Of course. Nigeria has never produced thieves like you before

Nd Nigeria wil never produce dis likes.thief+liar.

When atiku was in power,was he atiku not one of the Leaders? 🤷🏾‍♂️ KakaakiSocial MrFixNigeria

I agree. Bulbous corrupt fellas claiming to be messiahs.

In terms of what ? atiku

Pele. go become president in your house. We don't want to have leaders like you. We have experienced your work in the past. You do well. From 1960 you are there for 8years o. Make we still produce you. Please always talk with sense. Stop talking like Ben-bruce

Like seriously Gradually the cat 🐈 is letting loose

Perhaps Biafra

Nigeria hasn’t produced leaders like Obi and I since 1960 —Atiku NEVER and they will NEVER because No more chance for liars and looters! NO CHANCE FOR OfficialPDPNig, atiku and PeterObi

All for power.... Be speaking nonsense. All of us go dey alright Las Las

Yes because things will be worse if people like Atiku/Obi is elected. They will turn Nigeria assets to their personal property by privatization

Unsealed entity

Who remember this 'I Dey laugh o'

Atiku is most definitely ANTIQUE! if he really believes that.

The kind of statement that could get the Late Awo, Zik & Balewa give you that 'atikulate' look with their corner eyes NigeriaDecides2019


This man is drunk o. OK I agree with you, Nigeria hasn't produced criminals and liars as leaders since 1960. By this statement, he is better than tafewa balewa, yaradua, Zik etc. A fraudster that cannot enter the united states, and he dares to talk this rubbish,chain there is God

Give him your presidential ticket then.

That's the combination of leadership Nigeria needs currently. Atiku/Peter Obi. God bless Nigeria.

atiku 😄😄😄 Delusional Frauds like the two of you...

Atiku please reduce marijuana. It’s not good for u .

That's very correct

yeeee af die 😣😣😣


Insults upon injury, since 1960 this don smoke gbanna

Hear o another animal talk.

Certainly, two international thieves.

Yimu 😀


Both of you had led in one office before now..and Nigeria will break than to have Atiku as it president

Story Story of the Gods....

This man must be talking about BODY SIZE.

Politics aside, people should mind their business about their campaign.

When did you guys become leaders?

Corrupt leaders

Yea,you will be the worst combination ever. Thank God we haven't produce u yet

Dis one na punchline abi wetin?

And probably will never. Nigeria needs a paradigm shift.

It's actually a superb combo! Congratulations in advance!!!

This people are beginning to sound frustrated. Even their supporters will disagree with this. I never knew desperation could. Drive people to become this unreasonable.

I thought Obi was a governor. Is that not enough

what was he high on?

Stop blowing your own trumpet sir. Let the people see and Mark your script.

Laughable.... wish he atiku could hear the resounding pitch of my laughter...............

Wallahi baki ya kama atiku....hau ta hau a rude yake. Yau atiku da obi sun fi tafawa balewa, nnamdi azikwe, Obafemi awolowo. Chai Atiku in confussion

never have we produced a liar and a thief all at once. We either produce thieves or liars at once. But we want do that again.

Yes of course , Barawo + Liar is unique!

They look hungry 😋

I hope 🤞 we never will produce such leaders forever!

True. Nigeria even in 1960s had sincere people, not hypocrites like Atiku and Obi. Fortunately both will never go near those positions

For your mind!

Correct! We have not had both P & VP having clear poor records ranging from fraudulent to falsification

Meaning the combo of you and OBJ was a waste.... Bloody thief and a renowed liar... God forbid

Base lie lie

If Nigerians has not produced a lead like you then I will be glad and thank full.. You just threatened the life of your followers, that is rubbish because we don't want a murderer

It should have been since 1914. Nonsense...................

Am choking with laughter

Socioeconomic media is like extra cool,you are free to say what you like,what you want and also many thing that you want for future.Alh Atiku you can say that again

Because they will be the worst ever and May we never see calamity of such in our land ....To the Bush

For me don't be too full of ur self, nija problem or u don't know d attitude of pple u intend to work with. Remember budget padding......

Or otherwise.

Big lie, General Murtala Muhammad was better than both of you.

Greater than Great Azikiwe, Chief Obafemi Awolowo? Greater than Late President Yar’adua ? Greater than General Yakubu Gowon & Late General Muritala Muhammad? 😳 Interesting 😀😎👋👋👋👋👋

atiku LMAO. 4 real?

you just talk without think what to say, look back to the history of the past leader's and compare his performance all through his regime as a governor, do you have senses at all

As if he wasn't part of the failed leadership all along. We want NewNigeria where there would be OpportunitiesForAll and not privileged few. God forbid that I fall for cheap propaganda as this. I'm for feladurotoye of ANNigOfficial as President.


Obi is deem fit to govern China pls never will PDP govern this country anymore

So leadership as a VP na scam 🤣🤣🤣🤣


This is what PDP have caused. If they didn’t give their party ticket to this man, He won’t be saying all these!!

Yeah true! Nigeria hasn’t produced a liar and a shameless thief at the same time.

We praise God for shutting out leaders of your genetic coloration. God loves Nigerians and decided to insulate the common people against the band of jackals as Atikulated looters.

Atikulooted Keep high your self worth Come 2019 and you get the same result you always got you will hide your face again and come back 2023

Jesus whenever u come. Just call me

What is this man smoking

That man, must he talk?!

And will never. It’s a toxic combination

The economy was a mono economy, you are a mere privileged merchandiser. You don't really have the idea of national income matrices. Stop talking like a book because you want the number one seat!

Meaning your better than your master OBJ abi? I guess in looting.

Who are you

They should have to wait and see the production before

This is another set of thives

Ah!! OBJ must hear this... I will gossip😀

Au contraire monseigneur. We are just full of it.


Absolutely. Nigeria has never had a compulsive liar as VP and a rogue as president at the same time and it will.not happen

Smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

So that means obi is better than you too imagine this kind talk

Yes . Nigeria will never produce a leader like you.

Have they won yet ?

Allow Nigerians to say don't sponge your self.

Truly....... kleptomania and liar

Very funny!!


Who are you guys bro?

And shall never produce you guys. 😊

Can u imagine this coming from atiku...... Were u as half as good as MKO Abiola, Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, or let alone Yar'adua. Arrant nonsense!

So even when he (Atiku) served as Vice President under Obasanjo.. They are both thieves Abi 🌝🌝 Thanks for letting us know Atiku.

, Atiku was misquoted right?


I can't agree any less

Very true.. it's being a circle..

for sure we know but please am an igbo man from anambra make sure you dont mess us up ,atiku


The beautiful thieves are not yet born


Oge close your eyes atiku

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