Nigeria can become choice destination for medical tourists – Osinbajo - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

10/24/2021 11:37:00 AM

Nigeria can become choice destination for medical tourists – Osinbajo - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

24 October 2021Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has said that Nigeria has all it takes to become a choice destination for medical tourists from even developed countries.Osinbajo said this in Lagos where he commissioned the Duchess International Hospital, a new facility under the Reddington Hospitals group.

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The Senior Special Assistant to the Vice President on Media and Publicity, Laolu Akande, disclosed this on Saturday in a statement titled, ‘Nigeria is a country with world-class talents & ideas, Osinbajo says’.The statement quoted Osinbajo as saying, “We have all it takes to become the place of choice for even medical tourists from developed countries looking to jump long queues for specialised procedures at home or simply shopping for more affordable fees for first-class healthcare.”

“We have by far the largest number of middle- to low-income communities and individuals in sub–Saharan Africa who require affordable, high-quality healthcare.”Osinbajo noted that the establishment of such facilities would not only further provide more Nigerians with excellent healthcare solutions, but it would also open more opportunities to the country’s high-quality medical personnel.

He said, “With investments like this seeking high-quality medical personnel, we can even reverse the trend of doctors voting with their feet. Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

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Hot air after hot air. ‘Will do’, ‘can do’, ‘will be’, ‘can be’. Talk cheap. They’ve got less than a year left (probably gonna spend it spewing out more hot air) This one just dey, dey talk off key.. Nigeria can! We will! Gerara hia! I laugh in Ìjẹ̀bú dialect. Pastorrrrrrrrrrrr This guy na ment Oga Vp pls watch your mouth abeg before your master puts you on time out again. Shiiii

'Can' See Banana 🍌 ooo So this pastor has joined lying gang Have shame for once, I know that you are not your real self, you are not making use of your brain it has been replaced with the level Fulanis are

Lol Oh I get... elections coming Which doctors? This is a good hospital, but only few Nigerians will be able to use their services. If the government believe that Nigeria can become a medical tourist country, let them bring back the glory of UCH, LUTH and other ones, so that everyone can have an affordable health care.

Not under this govt you are serving i guess 🤣🤣 Idiotic professor The same week that the president is traveling to London, to see foreign doctors. These people have listened too much to the BMC members, that they believe every Nigerian share the same mumu brain. Gbenu soor Hhmmn, '.. 🇳🇬 can be this, 🇳🇬 can be that; 🇳🇬 can be HEAVEN...', but (why) is 🇳🇬 A LIVING HELL? What % of 🇳🇬ns can afford treatment in any Reddington 🏨🏩? Shameless Pple who call themselves Ldrs! ☹️🙄

😄 Monkey If this was during the time of the old testament, fire would have rained down from heaven to consume this fool. Lie lie pastor 🤣🤣🤣🤣 powered by generators and boreholes. Pst VP aka mckinsey analyst to tun dè oo This man hennnnn When did his boss begin to allow him coming on social media to address public? Did he forgot he's a slave to Fulani's or they've free him?

Mr Werey Puppet is talking...😏 Nigeria can be! Why has it not become it already? Nonsense!! Just dey Werey dey disguise!!! Better to shut your mouth than open it and expose yourself. Government filled with jokers

Each time I read from this guy I hope someone can soak a piece of Ankara inside water and gag this guy from spewing rubbish. Must he make fool of himself to plead Fulani terrorists? ProfOsinbajo has the highest academic qualification but spews gibberish at the level of a motor-park tout. Unfortunately, this beer parlour statement is a reflection of OfficialAPCNg vacuity and PMB led NigeriaGov inability to do any tangible thing in Nigeria for over 6yrs.

Your own format to enter aso rock in 2023 This man is just gaining supporters for AsiwajuTinubu . He will collapse his structure for Tinubu come 2023. Nonetheless, we are watching. NoTinubu NoOsinbanjo Shut up if you don't know what to say please When are you going to do it mr vice president? You're have been in power for over 6yrs, you're still doing motivational speaking. I sorry for who no sorry for you.

Whoever made Osinbajo like this is heartless Nigeria can,but will never be with ur likes in govt circle PYO untied is hallucinating on several fronts after lifting 10 million into poverty, is decreeing medical tourism. Who will go & seek medicals in bandits territory, how safe is it to go & get. It’s ok for President to go abroad expect others 2 come here. 🇳🇬 prefer 2 b tourists


Nigeria can become anything, duh! I thought we all already knew this. From the time I was born, all I've heard about is what potentials Nigeria had. When will any of that become actualized? Here again, we are being told about yet another potential of Nigeria. Baba go just de speak based on wetin he dream for night Lifeless Vp

Then why do u guys still fly abroad for medical treatment or checkup? Abeg! Make I hear word Oga One thing stunning about Nigeria is the love to dream big but doing nothing to achieve it. Foolish man To be treating and observing new diseases right? Yes oooooooo. with our nonexistent healthcare infrastructure, total disregard for well being and welfare of our medical practitioner just open your mouth waaaaaaahhhh and it will come to pass.

Maybe by magic not by the government that goes to take Paracetamol in foreign land hospitals. Of course Nigeria can, but please let charity begin at home. Problem is Nigerian politicians and government officials don't understand that they're medical tourists when they travel abroad for medical treatment.

Can always...

So wonderful how you are identifying a potential foreign exchange earner for the country now that you and this failed government are soon exiting but never thought it wise to even keep the ones we had functioning nor build new ones, with doctors on strike or flying out of naija. This is how our leaders should be thinking and charting the way to such lofty goals ProfOsinbajo 👍

taiwo_2face Lol 😂 Nigeria Can become and why not Nigeria will be,set awon Alaye baje. ProfOsinbajo We totally agree with you Sir...very well said but thats after you and your blood sucking president leave office..mcheww... talk is cheap. Iminiri ifea🙄🙄 Zero intelligence I love the word... can.... it's dependent on leaders like you, give us your best

Grammarian Alway 'can' never 'is'. ALWAYS.

Oga your not making sense again. Until we see it done, then we will know and believe that it can happen here in Nigeria. T Talk Talk Talk... in ur dreams Not with this government in power. 😂😂😂😂 Who be this one And he couldn't do in Lagos state for 8 years plus 7 years as vp! I tell you, this crook has lost all shame. Physician heal thyself!

Which figure of speech is this? . Shey the Nigeria you help Buhari spoil? Yeah right after you allowed our doctors live 4 Saudi under your nose few months ago

Nigeria can... Nigeria will... Nigeria should... That is what we have been hearing from ProfOsinbajo for 6 year! VP not motivational speaker! Only if there will be a law that all public office holders/family can't travel out for medical issues. Nigerians really decieved us with this pastor nonsense, any pastor that nears the next election, na thunder go fire them, nonsense

Fake pastor. At this stage you are still speaking 'can' language. Who can? After 6 years, please if you can't step out for a competent hand 😀🤣 Lol.. Oga BDSM, you've found your voice once again and it's campaign you're running in the middle of your elected term instead of working meanwhile your principal is on medical tourism. wake up Joseph the dreamer.

This guy just dey talk anyhow Although, I don't like APC, I honestly believe in this man, Osibanjo. What you say sometimes can be so contradictory. Haba! Sir, would it not be better to confront the serial medical tourist whose deputy you are.

As he dey talk this nonsense, him oga dey run go UK for medical check-up 🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 a choice destination that you oga always avoids. Abeg make una no make me laff Schizophrenia What an Irony and hilarious 😂 The worst form of leaving is for to leave in dinial. 🤥 Tufia I don't understand this man. He his in aso rock n still complaining like us on the street.

He called him self a pastor and a professor😏 So who is he advising? Guess he forgot he is the Vice President.....

Hmm. Yesterday emefiofio said his own, today osinbade, are you thinking what I'm thinking? 🤔. This ban will affect regular people more than buhari sha. buhari will be allowed to uk to tourist, but you and I can't, even though Nigerian hospitals severely lack capacity. Hmm. By the grace of God, Buhari will do it in 2046. Let's be patient with him😷

Provided you are the President Oga pay our health workers first, For some time now I don't pay attention to what you say vice president Oniroo until I have proof that you've recovered yourself guess you've discussed this matter with your principal Buhari dat tours London like ShopRite🤣 And tomorrow they will say this man is an ordained Pastor

Who is this guy trying to impress whenever he comes out to misyan like this Like he’s been living in a cave past 6 yrs!! Because una get experiment wey una store here bah? endsars EndPoliceBrutality Said by a ghost worker and a condolence vp Under hot sun,Bajo dey dream.. Malaria.🤦🏽‍♂ How do you even say these things with a straight face.? Have you no sense of shame?

Yimu 🙄 So? What is stopping it? YOU ARE A CONQUERED COUNTRY. Stop fooling yourselves and waisting LIVES. OMG shameless government this one called himself a pastor and a SAN but see how shameless he thinks. Why can't they build a world class hospital in Nigeria even if it is one anyways am not surprised we are ruled by thief's and ugly old monkeys

Not on your watch sir, with politicians like you who resort to procuring medical treatment and education for your kids abroad while you bind the rest of the citizens to the Philistines! No hope under your administration...that's the truth! ProfOsinbajo This man just talks shit most of the time. After 6years this midget is still campaigning for us. Suegbe.

I am ashamed on behalf of rccghq members. It's very possible cos we have the best doctors in Nigeria. Maychionu'gi... Zen zu'ba ma ka maré fa This man like big big talk shaa...

This one is just drunk. The useless fellow that can't afford to pay for medical allowances of these medical doctors yet,the government travel to advanced countries spending alot of millions. Stop deceiving yourself I agree. What we need a good leader that will recognise our hardworking doctors because we have one of the finest doctors in th world.

This man is under the strong influence of hallucination. Some things he says make me wonder if he understands what he utters. Nonsense This man and all these his audio talks, am getting fed up already, tired of hearing all these, channel the talking strength into action and there wouldn't be any need for talking cos action speaks louder.

But this guy should respect Sundays naaa This man is now consistently misyarning This is a good development and i'm glad our government are given our health sector the attention it deserve. Let the good work continue

This 1 always talking out of his ass like he lives in an alternate universe . First, start from the head. Mr VP uses Nigerian hospital so he knows what he is talking about Una the whine us abi😂 Oga vice presido why yhu dey insult principal na I done tire to laugh when i read comments ewee Tell Bubu that just left Nigeria for medical tourism 🙄

As Buhari embarks for another medical tourism from Saudi Arabia. Hypocrisy is more deadly than abandoned project Lol ylu say abi i no ear well you no put medical tourist center for terrorist pls may God help us in Nigeria with such leaders Tell that to Buhari, Mr Osinbondage

I don't even know what to say to this mumu right now. There's scarcity of thunder for liars This people no dey shame Yes they can but you and your masters won’t let it be This one is good in Wishful thinking and good in motivational speech. Oga go and sit down, your deception is no longer working. Biafra and Yoruba nation all the way.

Na by talk🙄 This man is a proof that most pastors called themselves and many have lost the glory of God just like Saul. Lying like Lai Mohammed We know it can because nothing is permanent, but what has your government done and is doing? While you all travels abroad for medical check up? Ogbeni stop disgracing your profession.

It is possible, When every medical conditions are treated here in Nigeria. All political office holders should patronize Nigeria hospitals. I know the VP uses Nigeria hospital.

Not with the likes of your principal and yourself in power. You and the other political elites should lead by example by investing in our medical industry. At the same time, you and Mr President must patronise Nigerian hospitals. Hope and belief without action sir, is useless. Whenever he opens his mouth I continue to wonder 🙄🙄🙄

Go and tell ipob because only them know you With your Boko Haram infiltrated military, bandits, DSS turned UGM, incompetence at every level of governance…please tell me, how do you achieve that? Says a Vice that never moved a muscle nor has ever challenged even his own shadow Says a vice president to a govt that for the past 6½yrs has done absolutely nothing to improve the health sector & for a govt that thrives on medical tourism, this is insensitive, patronising & a sad reminder that Prof Osinbade sadly does not rate Nigerians.

Shey no be una self dey spoil all this potential? Anyway, talk is cheap Nigeria can become anything. When and how will Nigeria actualize all these should be the news. We need to leave this era of what we should and what we can, let's start promoting how we can abeg

SIR AM SURE U ARE REFERRING TO NIGERIA 🇳🇬 LONDON WEY ALL OF UNA DEY GO FOR TREATMENT Thank God you are assuming this. Is this man okay ? That’s true only if the government can invest in the health sector and ensure safety of lives and properties, eradicating terrorism and banditry without that it remains in mirage

It 'can' but not now. Maybe in many years to come. Nwoke theories Well, it used to be. But as of now, going by the “so many infrastructure the government has put in place for us the citizens”, it begs the question HOW?! God no call this man Is he saying this in favour of this current government or is he giving us his manifesto?

🤣perfect reply should be a laugh emoji 🤣

This Man is fast becoming Mr lie for his condescending utterances these days.... You wish... Keep dreaming This man this Man U no de tire for all these ur motivational speeches like person wey de abroad. This ur bondage sef no de sell again no sitting on fence for here it’s either u r with them or u resign.

Mugu Nah ment dey worry dis 👨 Pls tell that to you boss and former boss. This is achievable !! Nigeria will prevail This man is still campaigning after being in power for more than 6 years. This one don smoke gum Yes. If there is a will With u has president, I think so.

With the revolutionary revamp that it has seen in the past 19 months when Covid hit, ill not doubt this. Especially with States like Kano and Lagos. Lori iro 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 We are limited by the imperialism of the western dollars, as it has limited d use of our local currencies for the govt to fully flex it financial muscle, and develop d hospital to world class status , D life of dollar loans 2 develop can not help because loans come in peanuts

Yes oooo. It has the potentials and it's the giant of Africa and the most populous group of confused black people. We just need more prayers and 'good governance.' Says the deputy to a serial medical tourist. I wonder how ProfOsinbajo thinks when/if he prays. Can become? At quarter to end of tenure? O má ṣe ó. Ọmọ ẹni yí bá jọ́ni, a bá yọ́.

And u never laid a foundation for it...... Too much Teletubbies play Yes it can but you people will not let it happen. When? So so empty promises. Aren't you tired? Your boss can lead by example nah. Keep following yourself

What did you put In place mumu VP Deceiving yourselves thinking you are wise. The word 'CAN' in this context is Ambiguous! This man always talking nonsense. Talk is cheap Buhari has spent the last 6 years going to the UK as a medical tourist and nothing was done to fix Nigerian Healthcare, Osinbajo no dey whine yourself jare🤣🤣🤣🤣

Yeah , when all the clueless and incompetent leaders stop running overseas for medical attention Every mad fellow thinks theirs are mentally unstable I agree with Osinbajo. World over Nigeria has produced some of the finest doctors, nurses, etc. We need strong leadership to actualize it. This one na surulere weed. Tell your oga to stop traveling out for medical trip first before you tell others. Charity begins at home.🤡🤡🤡

Just Open Mouth wuahh Serious clown ni man yi This man just like to dey yan rubbish, I don't blame you, it's age thats affecting u Can but probably won't ProfOsinbajo Do you listen to yourself when you speak? 😄😄😄 ClownsInPower RestructureNigeria