NEWS EXTRA: Twitter refused to delete tweet where we were described as monkeys – Lai Mohammed

6/11/2021 8:23:00 PM

Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and Culture, has defended the suspension of the activities of Twitter in Nigeria.

Minister of Information and Culture, Lai MohammedByDaily TrustFri Jun 11 2021Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and Culture, has defended the suspension of the activities of Twitter in Nigeria.Exactly a week ago, Mohammed announced the sanction against the microblogging site, citing alleged interference.

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Buhari Appoints ex-BBC Journalist, Balarabe Ilelah, As NBC DGThe Federal Government has been under intense pressure to lift the ban on Twitter.Speaking on an NTA programme on Friday, Mohammed accused Twitter of indulging Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

“Before its suspension, we made several pleas to them to remove the tweets where Nigeria is described as a zoo, where all of us are described as monkeys.“We also pleaded to Twitter to delete the tweet where he said that if a Nigerian soldier enters into Biafra, it is death,.

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Are we not in zoo nation whereby the leaders think like monkeys, cow is issue has been a long time discussion shame on you lie This man should rest pls Dem lai Wahala for a country that is using presidency as a system of government oo I don’t like this man’s face. 🙄🙄 When did you start putting Alhaji in his name?

Where this man got the power to ban twitter in Nigeria is what I don't know.. Men with Evil Minds occupying our govt seats. 👇👇 This man no get single sense, aboki will always show his foolishness. Biko, does it make sense to your ears or eyes hanan_yalwa u have to read this

NBA readies 13-member legal team, Lai, Pantami lead talks with Twitter - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Sheybi they said you should delete your Twitter accounts?🥺 FC logos N6,500 Others N5,500 jack, you would be talking to DrIsaPantami a terrorist apologist & ideologist who gave Fatwa over 10 years ago that caused the death of fellow student at the university. No surprise he is the right man for this terrorist government PantamiMustGo BuhariMustGo June12Protest

D more he defends his actions d more stupid and foolish he looks Hmmmm

Impose visa ban on Buhari, Malami, Lai, PDP tells US, UK, others'Twitter Ban: Impose Visa Ban on Buhari, Malami, Lai, PDP Tells US, UK, Others,' signed by the National Publicity Secretary, Hope the Ban intended here is Banish like that of Nollywood movie Your F ups must be treated accordingly. Let's follow ourselves. Follow me and follow anyone that like this. I will follow back immediately. I'm new here and need followers Hi guys Follow me I will follow back

Ban: Twitter Already Seeking High-level Talks With Nigeria — Ministerminister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has said that the microblogging site, Twitter, has sought high-level discussion with the Federal Government of Nigeria Clown

No extension of 2021 internal SSCE registration – NECO

90% of cult-related deaths in Nigeria not documented – PolicePeople from Mauritania and Niger Republic are controlling the affairs of Nigeria. These are not patriots but terrorists, greedy and thieves. They brought in their kit/kin and called them Bandits but we now know that all of them are KeepitOn Truth talk

We will deal with criminals ruthlessly – IGPProtesters are now criminals? Peaceful protesters are law abiding citizens. Except you guys are planning on releasing thus as usual. I think Nigerian Political, civil and military leaders should be sent to school to learn the act of proper communication. Their language of communication in itself militarizes the society.