Ndume tackles Southern governors, rejects ban on open grazing

5/12/2021 8:42:00 PM

Ndume Tackles Southern Governors, Rejects Ban On Open Grazing

The issue of insecurity, he argued, is unique to each geopolitical zone.The lawmaker said: “The governors are deviating from the matter. The problem is not about open grazing. The problem is security. Most of the insecurity problems confronting Nigeria is not in the bush.

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“We have four different types of security challenges. We have the insurgency in the North East, IPOB through the Eastern Security Network is creating insecurity in the South East, there is banditry in the North West.“It is only in the North Central that we have issues of farmers-herders clashes. There is less problem in the South – West except for the clashes between the herdsmen and the farmers and the agitators for the Yoruba nation.

“Similarly, in the South – South, they are trying to instigate the avengers but so far the area is peaceful. The issue of insecurity is unique to each zone.”‘Stop salaries and procure equipment’Ndume, however, reiterated that the military must be provided with adequate weapons to prosecute the war against insurgency. headtopics.com

He also said salaries and allowances of military personnel ought to be paid in time.He, therefore, urged President Muhammadu Buhari to priortise the issue of security.“That means even if they will stop paying us and use the money to tackle security. Is it not when you are secure that you talk of other things? It is not only the politicians but everybody.

“If you know that you cannot move out of your house and they say sacrifice your salary, won’t you do it? Many people are working from home, yet they are being paid. They should stop paying salaries and address the whole issue of insecurity. If you don’t have money, stop paying salaries and allowances and use the money to provide security.

“If you are borrowing money to provide infrastructure, why can’t we borrow money to protect our people?” Ndume said.Ndume commended the troops for their response to the latest attack by the Boko Haram in Maiduguri, Borno State capital.“On Tuesday evening, around 6pm, a group of Boko Haram insurgents wanted to infiltrate Maiduguri but the armed forces responded swiftly and neutralize and repelled the insurgents.

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Fulani agent ! Beware 🤔😤🤔 I dont get it. Is he the one to detect for the governors? Why supporting wickedness He should take himself to the nearest psychiatrist, it's obvious he is sick. When all farms and Road are now death trap. This is what herders need Who are you to give order, you don over stay for that toilet that's why nonsense

See who's talking This one don start Its d cause of insecurity..farmers cannot farm or operate in his own yard without invading his crop by herders..is it right to graze cattles from north to south freely wit out obeying the state laws? I don't think this man understand that southern governors gave the North billion dollar business opportunity

At every level, an average Hausa is Dumb seriously!

Buhari Should Abandon Everything To Tackle Insecurity Now - Ndume* Tells president to stop salaries of political office-holders, civil servants   BY BODE GBADEBO, Abuja | The Senator representing Borno South, Exactly. Abandon everything? Which Buhari is that, it seems you yourself is suffering from dementia not buhari alone.


Is a pity U can not be a northern and yet want to have a say in what happens in the south Ndume is a fucken fulani terrorist. If they don't like they should recall their godforsaken herdsmen to their states. Did you reject Hisbah destroying people's businesses in Kano? otherwise, your rejection does not count... Southern Governors, stand firm and protect your lands from vampires and rapists

Can someone ask Ali Ndume what causes Herd-Farmer clashes if not open grazing? It only happens when herdsmen take their cattles to eat up farmers crops. If the cattles were in a ranch, this won't happen and if transportation of cattles were done by vehicles, it saves the farmland The word 'Ban on Open Grazing' is like a boogeyman to the every northernern Nigerians, including their elites. They are so scared of the 'ban on open grazing' that they cannot survive hearing it twice in a conversation else their brains would melt down instantly.

More reason why we should go our separate ways. Backward thinkers Are these people raving mad? Like open grazing is it a normal thing ? Is it something that should be done ? How can a sensible person support it? Smh Do gov.. give private farmers land in any part of the country or you’re high again? Pls show him so that he can answer.

BREAKING: Southern Govs ban open grazing, demand restructuring | The NationThey noted development and population growth had put pressure on available land and increased the prospects of conflict between migrating Good move.. but no RUGA or y'all be dead Any cow you grazing on your land you know what to do. Good move

Be an agent of good change. Ranching is the best way to go. The world has since move beyond this primitive animal husbandry . Its cruel and wicked to animals Salaries should not be paid, but security should be tackled; how...? When salaries of the same people who are supposed to be tackling security is not paid as a way of motivation, how do you now achieve your aim of tackling security...?

Naija can never be one Same bandit herders. We're banning open grazing in the entire southern states, and that's what's going to happen. Sen Ndume may go-ahead with the rest of northern governors to allow open grazing. Sometimes I wonder how these politicians think. Isn't security our collective worries and responsibility?

Come carry your namana pass na OK, then to your tenth o isreal Oga Senate nor be ur family property come for the sit u are not making sense The Senator is looking for relevancy, please ignore him. Ndume, seems this people En... Ori won o pe Rara..

JUST IN: 17 Southern governors resolve to ban open grazing of cattleOpen grazing of cattle has often caused conflicts between host communities and migrant herders, leading to several deaths in many states. Good news let's us renegotiate Nigeria For once I'm proud of you guys...👊👊👊 Nice one

Wht do u expect them to do, this Yoruba pple are full of tribalistic, a Yoruba man when see any one of his relative is making a progress feel pain for his/her success it is in their blood. In fact, when their see chance they would do more that. Let the sautherrn governor have there SAY Afterall the northern governor came up with sheria LAW when Nigeria have a southern sitting president What's goes arraund comes arround .

Stupid man! Who are you to reject open grazing down South? Are you from the South? Yeye dey smell Na Dem🚶🚶 Madness must be running in his lineage for him to say the chief security officer of a state cannot ban open grazing... If he sure for you come do the open brazing urself Senator as you are called, you missed the point because you can't determined the measure to secure and protect their people from your brothers .

Cow brain 🧠 Ndume is psychologically unstable

JUST IN: Southern Governors Ban Open Grazing, Ask Buhari To Address NigeriansSouthern Governors have banned open grazing of cattle across states in the region and urged the President to address Nigerians on the state of the nation. The Governors also called for the restructuring of the country to address increasing agitations in different parts of the nation, while restating their commitment to the unity of … Continue reading JUST IN: Southern Governors Ban Open Grazing, Ask Buhari To Address Nigerians Step one!!! These ones? Their political ambitions won't let them see it through. Nice move

What impact will your rejection have on our states you better go get a ranch for your cows open grassing is no longer acceptable That's why other regions want their separate countries so that those who want cows to graze even in their kitchen & living rooms can do so to their eternal satisfaction. MaziNnamdiKanu DavidHundeyin channelstv TheNationNews radiobiafralive

His statement is a true sign of being 'a sponsor' of killer herdsmen, terrorism and other vices confronting the society. The open grazing had been the cause of farmers-herders clashes resulting to killings, razing an entire community down, destruction of farms and its produce. He don't have the right to object on how Southeast will manage there zone

Whatever Ali Ndume and Usman Yusuf see, they should bear it. These people are really courting for trouble. Are Northerners now the ones to tell Southerners what to do with their own land? Why do people from North talk as if they think with their legs instead of their heads? I have being expecting something like this from the northerners. Let's wait and see what their father MBuhari will talk

Ndume is one of the most foolish individuals supporting this terrorist government because of fear and greed, we know. Ndume or whatever they said your name is, if you like take it or leave it the Southerners have said no to open grazing and there we stand. It's like there's a hidden agenda to this open grazing of a thing but we promise you it will never work for you people.

How many times does Ndume condemn the destruction of beers and other alcohols destroyed by hisba in kano and other states in the North. Cattle rearing is a private business just like alcohol selling. RAMADAN BONANZA For d First 20 people. Get Ur Business Logo Design 4 Just 1000, Previous Price Was 3000 Limited Time offer. Message Me Directly Or Click on the link below 2 chat me up on WhatsApp. 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

[BREAKING] Insecurity: Southern Governors ban open grazing, ask Buhari to address nation - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Failure to do that Let's watch and see if Buhari will address the zoological republic. What has open grazing got to do with the rampage and insecurity caused by the so-called 'UNKNOWN GUNMEN' in the south? Absolutely nothing.

God punish all of you from top to bottom without exception You these fulanis. I don't know what they think they are and what they take others for How's it his own to decide? You are making noise, Mr man Sambisa Forest is huge enough to take care of 'open grazing' Give your land for the open grazing A good decision will not be good to some people but truly I appreciate their effort

Unfortunately for him the southern Governors owe him nada. But wait ooo are these people going mad or what? What effontry? So the plan was real before abi? Okwala unu You did not reject Sharia laws in the North that banned people from selling alcohol but you are rejecting what is not your business. Ndume is playing to the gallery. He wants the north to see him as their hero.

Insecurity: Southern governors ban open grazing, ask Buhari to address NigeriansEyes don clear!! Omo jungle don mature BreakingNews: Only FG can ban open grazing Miyetti Allah reply southern governor's.

Why white diplomat no go stop pee for naija highway? But for Usman and Ndume, you have no stake on how our domains are governed. This is your greatest predicament. We are not sorry. It is simple, Southern Governors are only following up decisions of their people. If they failed to act on the script, they will be bystanders.

Reject it in your little corner. This is 2021. No animal should be grazing in the open. It's becoming clear there is a hidden agenda behind this open grazing. It high time we agreed that secessionist argument on Nigeria question has more integrity than conformist argument. Listen to reaction of Prof Usman and read response of Ndume. These two individuals have more ground in opposition to solution of insecurity than providing any.

As if he counts He's not serious. They've the right to ban it. open grazing is now a threat to National security and cohesion. What power does he have to reject what someone wants in his own land. Anyway they will get in full whatever they're looking for, time for lamentations has long past. These northern politicians are not well trained oh, how could be saying no to what the governor's of the states that hold the economy of Nigeria. They should be careful oh, before the southern governors decide to shutdown apapa and oil wells

Who be this? You don't have respect Ooh Ndume

Like his opinion matters. I just pray S. Governors will not go back on this sound decision of theirs.