June 12 Protest, Nans, Sunday Asefon

June 12 Protest, Nans

NANS president on his own, June 12 protest holds —South-West students

NANS president on his own, June 12 protest holds —South-West students

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NANS president on his own, June 12 protest holds —South-West students

The NANS President had announced the suspension of the protest in a statement titled, ‘ NANS Suspends June 12 Protest Over

It read, “It is most pathetic to read the statement issued by the President of NANS, Sunday Asefon calling for the cancellation of the June 12 protest which had been planned for and which has had preparations at top-gear for the execution of such. In fact, it must be put in proper perspective that the statement was issued in his personal capacity as the President of NANS and not on behalf of the association, hence, it does not reflect the position of Nigerian students because no consultation was made before such statement was issued. And, it is to this end he was careful enough to have made use of the first-person singular throughout the cause of writing the statement.

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“It should be noted that just yesterday, while Sunday Asefon was busy mouthing the government’s position, students and staff of Kaduna Polytechnic were being kidnapped.“As we all know, June 12 is an annual ritual in the country to remember the day the peoples’ right to freely elect their leader was buried. In fact, the day is not about MKO Abiola or any personality as such, but, about the Nigerian people as a whole. And, it is important to state categorically that the essence of tomorrow’s agitation is to show our dissatisfaction as an association against the rising insecurity in the country, the increased inflation rate, peoples’ inability to access health care amongst others and to also call on the government of the day to do more in securing the people of the country.”

“In fact, if some persons somewhere are going around with the tag #BuhariMustGo, that does not mean that they have the capacity to send him out of the Presidential Villa which he presently occupies. Buhari can only be sent packing through an impeachment process on the floor of the National Assembly. So, rather than suspend an agitation because of the activity of some hoodwinked persons, we are duty-bound as an association to come out and clearly state what our position as an association is on the protest that had been called. And, if at all the NANS President has the interests of Nigerian students at heart, he should have used the occasion of his meeting with the IGP to demand the adequate provision of security personnel to protect students during the cause of the protest which is actually the duty of the Police. As an association, we are not preaching Buhari must go, we believe in one Nigeria but, the current challenges confronting us, security-wise is not encouraging. headtopics.com

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We move Nans president that I could not recall when he actually came out to protest about various kidnappings of Nigerian student is that one a nans president?

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NANS Suspends June 12 Protest Over Fear Of HijackThe National Association of Nigerian Students ( NANS ) has suspended its planned June 12 nationwide protest slated for this Saturday. President of the Just Cash-Out.. To be hijacked by same people that suspends it?

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BREAKING: NANS suspends June 12 protest - Daily Post NigeriaThe National Association of Nigerian Students ( NANS ) has suspended its planned June 12 nationwide protest. NANS president, Sunday Asefon , disclosed this Fake news,we protest, June 12 is a democratic day and we must make use of our fundamental right Why should NANs suspend protest, we are not going back. Maybe NANs President has received Big Ghana must go bag. We need freedom of speech and good governance. Are they normal 😄😄😄.. EndNigeriaNow ..

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Students’ body NANS rejects June 12 protestStupid lots, wait for another asuu strike, e tee yah wheyrehy Only pools can join this protest. LEMAO who cares before?