Abubakar Malami, Boko Haram Sponsors

Abubakar Malami, Boko Haram Sponsors

Naming Boko Haram sponsors now can affect investigations —Malami

Naming Boko Haram sponsors now can affect investigations —Malami

9/22/2021 10:20:00 PM

Naming Boko Haram sponsors now can affect investigations —Malami

The Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami , has defended the decision of the government not to name terror sponsors at the moment.

“The prime object remains the attainment of peace and security of our dear nation.“As per as terrorism funding and financing is concerned, we have succeeded in identifying those that are allegedly responsible for funding same and we are blocking the leakages associated with funding while embarking on aggressive investigation that is indeed impacting positively in terms of the fight against terrorism.

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“The truth of the matter is that investigation is ongoing and advancing. For the purpose of investigation, I would not like to be pre-emptive in terms of making disclosures that will have effect of undermining the successes we are recording,”Malami said whatever the government does in terms of detention and arrest is indeed backed up by judicial processes.

He added that the COVID-19 pandemic and the two-month strike embarked on by the Judicial Staff Union of Nigeria earlier in the year affected the proposed prosecution of Boko Haram sponsors. Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

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What are you still investigating when those who know better than you have released their names. Time will tell See this one oh. mumu..!, Mallam mugu.. !! . The names UAE govt have published and made open to the whole world. Or do u have ur own list ? aboki !!. Go buy suya chop make we hear word joo ‼️

Malami’s red herrings? Malami needs to show how naming the already named will affect “investigations” otherwise he lacks credibility! Don’t name them but get them arrested in secret!. You dont need to investigate nothing, you know them very well, terrorist government!. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 what is he investigating?...the type of cigarette or weed they smoke before killing people?...ah God 🤦‍♂️

Utter rubbish and bunkum from a quota system and an unmerited Attorney General of the Zoological Fulani APC Government Senior Advocate of Nonsense malami Jesus🙆🏽‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️ EndNigeriaNowToSaveLives That's assertion can not be the truth, it's because they are all from the North

We were afraid of being killed if we surrender - Boko Haram terrorists confessSome repentant Boko Haram terrorists have expressed regrets for taking up arms against the state, killing of fellow citizens and destruction of properties Have you achieved your goals of starting Bokoharam. Or you just form it to kill people? How can a killer be afraid of dying? Ummm ok.

They can’t name themselves Jokers Fool If the sponsors were to be Southerner immediately that they were arrested their names would have been published the Minister of Justice would not be talking about investigation. white_mosco Criminal because you are one of them, but GOD will surely destroy you people

We know ur games ndi ara white_mosco Give us Biafra and have peace But you were quick to name Supporters of EndSARS thereby blocking their account. I’m very confident that those names are his kinsmen that’s why they are providing cover for them by not mentioning their names. Nepotistic administration!!!

But u want to file fresh charges against Sunday Igboho whose only act is to fight against the killing of his people and agitation for self determination of Yoruba nation? Jokers of the year. Your hubris on matters of Nigeria will ruin u and your boss. I know it will make it easier and faster. Native Intelligence though.

:Expose Boko Haram sponsors if you are not part of them - PDP dares Buhari, APCThe Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has condemned the refusal of the Buhari Presidency to expose the names of sponsors Boko Haram and other terror groups He is the chief sponsorer of not just boko haram but bandits, unknown and known gunmen Correct!

Hang on..are we talking about those already named by the UAE? Or are they looking at others too? See, hushpuppi was caught and in the investigation after, he kept on spilling. Arrest the ones named already and run that concurrently with whatever 'investigation' you have on now! white_mosco What a chief law officer

Because you are one of them. Havent they been announced already, what is this illeterAte Malami saying...who give am judge sef.... what nonsense talk Nice... Investigator general E go reach Una house soon aswear How many years will it take you to carry out the investigations? Egbekegbe too dey lie, chai too dey lie

Malami! could it be because the investigators are the Fulani Terrorists & their sponsors? Could it be that the AGF Malami; Isa 'Panhead' Pantami; the Military chiefs who recruit these Fulani terrorist into the Military are the REAL TERRORIST SPONSORS? Just ask UR Minister GUMI🙈 Any list release, is fake now. Let dem mumuing with dre pple souls, d worst is dat, billions of Nigeria resources has been wasted on dis callous ppl

Malami is the no 2 among them

Boko Haram appoints deputy leader as ISWAP redeploys commandersAmeer Bakoura Buduma, leader of the Boko Haram faction led by late Abubakar Shekau, has appointed a deputy for himself. Mallam Tahiru Damboa is now the See HR department doing redeployment of staff.

You never know what you’re doing, Mr Atanije of Liegeria 👎👎👎. You’re very devilish All this stinking dessert northerners are for one agenda just to take over the whole southern region but the southern leaders are on their sick bed waiting for 2023 What investigation? UAE named them. Or are you on of them malami?

Investigation over six years, e no dey finish? What have you been investigating since over 10 years? Yeye! 🤡 You are all boko haram in the north Funny people everywhere! And their co-conspirators don't know they have being captured? Oga hussppapi was captured and name,their co-conspirators have also being named even if they are on the run.That is investigation

Nobody is taking about the fact that has defied FG in using twitter. 3 gbosa for Punch. GBOSA, GBOSA, GBOSA. Booda ode

More than 8,000 Boko Haram terrorists have surrendered – GOCThe official said the terrorists surrendered from their enclaves in Sambisa Forest, as well as other hideouts. And absorbed into the military..... Complete am nah Dis goc is a boko haram sponsor, y didn't America capture bin laden alive despite having him under control, its d soldiers under u i pity, who will most likely die for nothing Why won't they? Government have pampered bandits like good kids so I believe these guys see themselves achieving their aim faster being called a bandit than being called Boko Haram... I'm yet to understand how bandits formed themselves to terrorize a region like this...

That's the evil and demonic people Buhari appoint into core offices in Nigeria he is one of them,so who wil he name ,? wil he say myself is the sponsor of terrorism ,pple should try and get this nonsense news out of the media,rubbish Spare me mbok!!! Which investigation again 🤷 My Goodness !! What have we done to deserve this crop of politicians ?

200million Nigerian populations will not talk now and demand for the names of the Boko haram sponsors .. when it comes to IPOB/Nnamdi Kanu you’ll see all of them coming out from their dungeon spitting and vomiting 🤮 trash... mad people everywhere. Put on a scale, which is better - preventing further bloodshed or punishing a few more than you know already at the expense of innocent folks? The authority has the names of those involved & sharing them with the public, I believe will save more lives than hoarding their names.

What are you investigating since Obasanjo left office ? Werey buruku!!!!! As if they're investigating anything Shut up. Muguuuuu

Nigerian Army Received More Than 8,000 Repentant Boko Haram Terrorists – Military Commander | Sahara ReportersHe said the overwhelming firepower of the troops was responsible for the surrender of the repentant terrorists. Is it the socks or the entire outfit that is funny to me ni or the “Repentant Boko Haram” 😂 ayemojubar So being a repentant terrorist / traitor is now the prime qualification to join the Nigeria army? And said army sees no potential risk in this? Even after the NDA attack? Same army boko haram has been killing?

DavidHundeyin 😂😂😂good morning. How was your night? Chief terrorist. 🤡 I think this is more reasonable to what Femi said. Very idiotic illiterate malami One Nigeria is a fraud Fulanis are the boko haram sponsors Cover up Investigation for ages, that since 2009 Nigerian intelligence dont know who to arrest is lie

But you were quick to call IPOB terrorist without investigates. You have seen the real terror group and you’re chewing gworo Name them and see them name your boss, Buhari, as one of them. Oya try it nahh

Nigeria not interested in naming, shaming alleged terrorism sponsors - PresidencySix Nigerians are six among individuals whom the UAE recently suspected to be terrorist financiers. You don't name and shame self. Clap for yourself. Meanwhile its ur choice to name n even jailed the secessionist.....rubish Na them

Malami name maybe in that list Because you and the cabals are the sponsors, the people are awoke, we are in digital age, this is not 1967 Na lie, Lori iro. But you can go after ipo and yoruba nation Can you imagine, Nigerian 🤔 Mad people and their leadership, UAE named them without delay. Buhari can never Name their sponsors, He is the oga of them all.

This just totally confirms that this government is a terrorist organisation, they are the ones behind all the killings in this country. From protecting a terrorist minister, to killing those who have exposed their plans, to protecting terrorist sponsors. The unserious ones.They are not also good in answering questions

Is Malami not the chief sponsor of bokoharam? He knows what he is doing, mad people everywhere Wow Can you tell us how?

They must have been cooking up a diplomatic response, and after much efforts, they finally have something to serve to the public...... Endless lies! If only these people know how they make Nigerian laugh at their cheap smartness ! Imagine Too bad Smh... Nigeria leaders always think that they are smart but they don't know that they are messing up and disgracing themselves to whole wide world. Abeg who 9ja help self

But u can name the innocent agitator a terrorist abi? Ok CONTINUE Why he no kuku say e go affect Nigerian Ogbeni......na you d top the list don't worry yourself Are you sure he is not one of them? What are you investigating in a concluded fact termed 'Boko haram sponsors'? Name them and round them up. Shikena!

What a dumb skull . But naming those in the south or parading ipob guys doesn't impede investigation. Between the two which one is more heinous Name the sponsors let's give them community beating Hahaha...but UAE already named them. What stupid investigation is MBuhari making for 6+ years? The South had better strip the north off if they want to stay alive!

Most useless AGN in Nigeria history , we are not fools keep protecting your brothers . See his black lips What are you investigating for 6yrs Mr Justice. See your charcoal lips.. Aboki just shut up. This is preposterous my Lordship Wayo kee you there!🤦 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Yeye dey smell His on that list maybe. The game is very clear

NaijaFlyingDr You can pass the IELTS exam in flying colours and get a permanent residency to Canada. DM for details on the high score formula for passing the IELTS exam

NaijaFlyingDr Because the Buhari administration is Boko Haram See his dirty brown teeth. Cigarette and all the nonsense wey him de smoke don spoil the teeth finish This people no get shame This is what you see when you have those that can not say a simple truth in power. Which investigations is that?! 🙄🙄

Really? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 malami is daft. very very Awon weyrey, they dont want to cast themselves, terrorists Dumb excuse

Ori Malami ti daru tan. You must be insane. What investigation do you need to carry out again 😂😂😂. Investigations has been carried out successfully on Abba kyari nothing has been done. Magu isn’t behind bars. North abeg go your way make South go their way Dama na una brothers... Abdul this Abdul that

Mad people everywhere 🤬 This is the very person I watched personally interviewed by Channels about those sponsoring terriorism, and he said no stone will be left unturn. They're going to publish the names of those sponsoring terriorism. What happened now his coming out with excuses. BiafraNnamdi Hahaha 😂 mad man because BokoHaram sponsors are not from East or South leave all the Delta garbage nonsense.

There they go again! God will surely expose you all not only boko haram sponsors. Yeah just as it's safe to parade people in hotels, clubs, bar and those right in their living room and tag them yahoo yahoo without proper investigation. sick people Senior advocate of nonsense What investigation? Government defending enemies of our peace. I haven't seen any nation where govt is sympathetic with terrorists who kill our galant soldiers in large numbers other than Nigeria. It is like Funlani Army is overseeing the Nigeria Army.

What investigation? Government defending enemies of our peace. I haven't seen any nation where govt is sympathetic with terrorists who kill our galant soldiers in large numbers other than Nigeria. It is like Fulani Army is overseeing the Nigeria Army. Hmmmm...really? Or should we be worried? What investigation? Government defending enemies of our peace. I haven't seen any nation where govt is sympathetic with terrorists who kill our galant soldiers in large numbers other than Nigeria. It is like Fulani Army is overseeing Nigeria Army.

Malami is not an intelligent guy Only God can save us from this evil government Stupid statement See as werey dey sweat 🐵🐵🐵owó ti ba werey No be small thing this government dey do o…. Saying u know the sponsors without any action can also make the sponsors change tactic or erase any connection to bring them to justice. This government is absolutely clueless. This is not how to run a serious investigation.

We kuku know

Mumu man I am certain that members of Buhari's cabinets are on the list, including you malami and Pantamic. You will all rot in jail when the time arises. The only thing that can save you is for this country to be disintegrated in no time. But petty suspected criminals and IPOB boys can be named and shamed through media trials? Boko Haram government is patently incapable of investigating their very owns.

If i slap dis AGF. So reluctant to name sponsors of 'Boko Haram' huh ? Knowing that, 'Terrorism- Is the stock in trade of the north. But you were quick to name the opposition political members, even before the investigations commenced.... THESE guys are taking Nigerians for granted. They take us as fools. Dishing out lies and deciet at will.

He thinks that's a good enough reason. It will take till bubu finishes his time in Aso Rock Men supporting (corrupt)men edition. 6years after

The investigation of how the goat got killed and became pepper soup. Nonsense what are you still investigating, when the Intel is already a public knowledge & the investigators are part of the sponsors? The devil will be marveling at the mastery of lies, deceit & wickedness of the Flaniz, suffices it to say that Flaniz gave birth to the devil.

America will fish them out for us When did you start investigations before naming and parading a suspect? This will only end like that of Abba kyari, the Taylor super cop. If it's Ipob sponsors, it won't affect investigation but now it's...so it'll affect investigation. Well done Copied Jesu ovie 🙆🏽‍♂️

This man is one of them The camera did not even edit your brown teeth 😏😏😏 Make una dey dribble unasef

This miserable creature.. Malami is among them,name them and bring them to justice Yes but stupid Nigerians won't believe Lol, he must think we are babies If it's Ipob sponsors, it won't affect investigation but now it's...so it'll affect investigation. Well done 😁😄the truth of the matter is that there is no truth in what he's saying 🙃

The dullest SAN that ever Liveth. God Sha surly punish you. You this mumu man What the heck are you investigating again Mr Malamala Investigation will take forever. The international community should see that Buhari’s government is on the side of the terrorists and their sponsors.The same way d regime is silent on extraditing roguish cop Abba Kyari to USA.The international community should sanction the terror

It’s a lie, what are you investigating? Allah forbid these government... Chaii But you named endsars protesters now? These people dey smoke crack Na them, them Lame excuse. But the Nigerian army is happy to ram down our throats bogus stories of some random woman providing petrol and bread to Boko Haram. No, we disagree, we are not that stupid. We want them exposed NOW!

Stupid talk Lol see them Winter_Six 🤣😂 Hello everyone I make and sell footwear your RT n patronage will go a long way for my brand whatapps no:08090916669 Who do us this na, so you guys know them abi Getat!

Big lies See this mumu Malami when we all know you are one of their links if not sponsorer You have been doing investigation for how many years now. Nigeria 🇳🇬 !!!! See teeth 🤮 But EFCC displays the guilty and innocent without investigating anyone. What a shame. Oga talk jor, if na you self Nigerians go only talk; soon dem go forget. Which yeye investigation? Una never fit investigate accused associat of huspuppy wen be police and tailor, na boko haram you wan investigate?

Keep protecting them! There is God How many years will it take ur govt to investigate? May be u will still continue to investigate after u leave office in 2023. Jokers

But haunting, naming and freezing bank accounts of alleged and suspected sponsors of EndSARS protest is permissible and judiciable. BuhariMustGo RevolutionNow You are lying you have no one to name.....all trashes What are we doing with another Naming Ceremony? Investigation on what? Best song of the year is just one click before you .... As for me , I 'Say Yeah'..... Proclaim positivity with your own tongue.. free streaming & download, tap on the link below or ✓✓ Google search *Lonewalker say yeah'

You can't name them now because you want to cover your tracks. Which investigation? The one d report is in ur office, what have u done about it? Anyways, una cup go sha still fun one day Once he name them he will shop spray bullet he is also a link to them in government Of course it would Ligeria your country...see talk ooo

Yes na because you are among Imagine talk Start investigations from the ones UAE posted. Stop playing the ostrich. Country don craze U no dey among?