Nafdac Chloroquine Production

Nafdac Chloroquine Production

NAFDAC orders emergency chloroquine production

3/31/2020 12:15:00 PM

NAFDAC orders emergency chloroquine production

Olufemi Atoyebi, AbujaThe Director General of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, Prof Mojisola Adeyeye, on Monday, ordered manufacturing of chloroquine for emergency stock for possible clinical trial treatment of coronavirus.

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The NAFDAC boss in a statement, said the anti-malaria drug was reported to function as anti-viral at both the entry and post-entry stages of 2019-nCoV infection. She added that chloroquine had also been reported as potential broad spectrum anti-viral drug.

She noted that Lagos would begin clinical trial of the drug to evaluate its effectiveness, while calling on the public to desist from its use without the guidance of a medical doctor or clinician for cases of clinical trial treatment of COVID-19.She said, “Chloroquine, an old anti-malarial, is being re-purposed for the clinical trial treatment of coronavirus 2019-nCoV. The drug was first tested in vitro (in the lab) using standard assays to measure the effects on the cytotoxicity, virus yield and infection rates of 2019-nCoV.

“The drug was reported to function as antiviral at both the entry and post-entry stages of 2019-nCoV infection. Chloroquine has also recently been reported as potential broad spectrum antiviral drug. In a very recent publication, chloroquine was reported in a press briefing by the State Council of China, indicating that chloroquine phosphate had demonstrated marked efficacy and acceptable safety in treating COVID-19 associated pneumonia in a multi-center clinical trial conducted in China.

“The study involved 10 hospitals in Wuhan, Jingzhou, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Ningbo, and 100 patients. The investigators reported that chloroquine phosphate is superior to the control in inhibiting the pneumonia associated with COVID-19, and shortening the course of the disease.”

The DG of NAFDAC noted that the drug was discontinued in Nigeria many years ago for use as anti-malarial because of the resistance that the parasite developed against it.She said, “Therefore, sourcing the raw material – active pharmaceutical ingredient- chloroquine phosphate could be difficult.

“About four weeks ago, I approached a local manufacturing company (May and Baker), a member of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Group of Manufacturing Association of Nigeria, whose flagship product in the past was chloroquine, to make a batch of the drug for emergency stock. The company had NAFDAC approval for the production of the drug as anti-malarial many years ago before the discontinuation.”

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According to Adeyeye, despite initial difficulty expressed by the managing director of the company, the hurdle was later removed, leading to the production of the drug with more to be manufactured.She added, “He called shortly after that he was able to get the API and was asked to manufacture a batch for emergency stock just in case more people become exposed and infected with the virus. The batch has been manufactured and the company plans to make more batches if needed.

“NAFDAC is giving expedited provisional approvals for the manufacture of any commodities for preventing contracting the disease (sanitizers), and drug or medical device that could be used for the clinical trial testing and treatment of COVID-19 pandemic.

“The agency had reduced the 120 working days for approval to 10 days due to the crisis. Lagos State will be starting a clinical trial on chloroquine to evaluate the effectiveness. Chloroquine works by increasing endosomal pH from the acidic environment required for virus/cell fusion, resulting in the inhibition of infection of SARS-CoV.

“NAFDAC advises the public to desist from its use without the guidance of a medical doctor or clinician for cases of clinical trial treatment of COVID-19. It has side effects such as gastrointestinal upset, blurred vision, headache and pruritis (itching). The itching can be relieved by using antihistamine. Prolonged use can also cause retinopathy or vision impairment.”

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Necessary ShehuSani Nigerians are looking into NAFDAC and we believe God will give you the wisdom to meet up the demand At what time?! He is making show of his ignorance which ought to be hidden! Nafdac It's not only u! They are just trying to frustrate our lives!! Nafdac does not have that powers who will pay for the drugs foolish . It has to be a presidential directive .

This stupid Post colonial mentality NAFDAC orders, like they have the power to. You think to produce Chloroquine is to put beans on fire? Even the US president is striking deals with the private sector to facilitate production of essentials. NAFDAC can not order anybody to produce anything, can they fund it? Even the US president had been appealing to private companies to switch production lines. Please stop embarrassing us with all this kind of news, just give us COVID-19 updates.

Lol who are they ordering😂😂😂😂 doing Give away in a bit 🤑 You may be among winners All you have to do is to follow me HopsyBraimoh share my post and stay tune....something big will come up before 8pm Punch with fake news Chloroquine just dey smile ☺ on top una matter... Ose awon eyan chloroquin Will the law enforcement allow suppliers to deliver raw materials on time? What support are you giving the manufacturers?

A set of confused people speaking from 2 sides of the mouth. Some people are about to shoot their legs No sense I taught it was suppose to pass through clinical test? Hahahahhahahaha... Nigeria will never learn. So we no longer have proactive leaders who can be spontaneous at least? Emergency approaches always.

The hv ordered Na now una morning reach This is definitely a positive news that every Nigeria need to hear. I'm particularly pleased because it is a local pharmaceutical company that is handling the production, not American company. Now we are in for it. Trust FAKE to flod the market soon. sitogonzak has it been confirmed the antidote for the virus?

Good move When I hear 'order' it baffles me a lot. Are the phamercitical companies an apendage of NAFDAC, can NAFDAC really order them to produce? Or have the government given some sort of grant in that regard? Please punch newspaper be specific specie_o NafdacAgency africaupdates Useless people If this old woman is the DG of nafdac. How do you expect any progress in that organization. From her old grumpy looks, she doesn't look to me like one with the knowledge to research for any cure except taking directives from buhari . She will never take any cure idea serious

Who approved it 🤔🤔 I suspect that chloroquine was used as a clinical trial and it worked. Let's be hopeful Heaven knows I'll not buy that nonsense! Please if you guys can, purchase your drugs from Amazon Why After the initial cancellation of the product. I don't understand this country anymore Approved later disapproved and now approved again... please make up your mind.

hevellll I have a feeling this batch will be more bitter. Chloroquine again? Piritone too follow HallUniversal and i follow back ASAP. Nice development. But I thought they say its not good for treatment of covid19 🙄 Nafdac passing ordering too.😀 I heard , hear say they take bribes to allow people market medicine. Visiting shops to extort or shut down. Dr Dora Akinyuli was remembered for honesty.

Where? They should ensure it is original sha...before they kill us more than the virus itself E don tay we dey hear this order. When will they be done with the production? From where What of the HERBS proposed by OONI? Can’t we just embrace our culture? Who told there mumus that chloroquine can cure Covid-19?

Chloroquine to the world🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 They should just reveal the taking procedure to all private clinic in country to end this pandemic in time. ShehuSani Blown A step in the right direction. Kudos! StayAtHomeAndStaySafe Is it chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine? Let's not shoot ourselves in the leg, abeg! 😢

Confusion everywhere ShehuSani Distinguish !!! It is good initiative to NAFDAC BOSS Just look at the stupid woman’s face Nigeria is confused Are you people sure like this? They should not talk in the nonsense ooo. Aà ní r'éshù ooo Finally? Thank God they finally woke up from slumber Good news! Let's be more proactive

Lmao 🤣 So we finally accepting this now🙄 Someone is talking in the rubbish here 😂😂😂😂 Misguided fellows.. Anything the US_FDA says is what they will do. Now I remembered the DG was called to head NafdacAgency from her work in the USA. So she must have some allies to confide in USA before she can deduce what is right from the left

Finally ShehuSani Does it cure covid 19, why producing? This is not supposed to be made public. Watch people abuse this drug and pharmacy stores ready to raise the price x50.. Just hope its helpful What's d dosage Biko... Eni kuku Oro oo 😅 ————— Abeg anything that can save us from the Chinese, we don't mind how many times you have to change their minds. Produce it.

Are you for real🙄 ShehuSani Plz produce and get parient treated...... Awon mad people everywhere b4 now we can't even produce paracetamol oga oo If this don't happen we will still continue to order from other country and nah dogoyaro them dey take do the chloroquine of a thing oo ... Awon wèrè somebody

Mrugoboss Follow follow ochufranklin ShehuSani Please, don't let producer of it out of nafdac control. There so many bastard in this country ShehuSani Stop listening to people's testimonies,you can be the next to testify. DM to know how it works WhatsApp DM.08109636822 ShehuSani aproko_doctor is this true?

ShehuSani This is the time to save lives You people should be specific today we hear chloroquine is a cure tomorrow we hear it's not the next day we ask pharmaceutical companies to produce it incase of emergency ShehuSani LuqmanAkinkunmi Hydroxychloroquine not Chloroquine please.... Don't come and add sorrows to what we experiencing now... 😠😠😠😠

We are always waiting for emergencies! We have heard of this for weeks now. HCQ oh!!!! How do you call for emergency production when lagos is your n lockdown abi you want us to produce it from our kitchens Okay oh! I remember how NAFDAC came about... 🚶🏻‍♀️but we don’t have a choice anyway Tor... Punch don't lose your license ooo

This is not to mean that people can start using it for COVID19Nigeria. The production is for clinical trial please. This is the kind of woman Africa needs. We have just taken charge of our destiny, instead of waiting for imported solutions. Well done NAFDAC IamDalu_ Hope there will be a way to differentiate original from fake, cause e no go hard Naija people to produce fake o.

FDA: chloroquine is NO savior NAFDAC: Orders as raises a Local Purchase Order? Because they can't order production First you guys approve it then disapproved it 🤦🏼‍♀️ are you guys confused After ridiculing Trump for chloroquine? Copy copy no innovation So they can later have sense to produce this thing

Covid-19: NAFDAC orders emergency production of chlorine for possible Treatment of Coronavirus - Daily Post NigeriaThe Director-General of National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC),Prof. Mojisola Adeyeye has Ordered an immediate production Sir_Whytee the pharm doctors in the making come and assist them oh Good Chlorine or chloroquine?

Covid-19: NAFDAC orders emergency production of chloroquine for possible treatment of Coron - Daily Post NigeriaThe Director-General of National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC),Prof. Mojisola Adeyeye has Ordered an immediate production I hope it will treat corona Ok now NafdacAgency so unah Don agree with realDonaldTrump now that Hydroxycholorogunie and Azithromycin cure the virus abi, make unah do something fast on the matter NCDCgov LSMOH Is trump not our medical doctor now?

COVID-19: NAFDAC orders emergency stock of ChloroquineThe National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has ordered the manufacture of Chloroquine for emergency stock...

COVID-19: NAFDAC orders manufacture of chloroquine for emergency stockThe National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has ordered the manufacture of Chloroquine for emergency stock... Beware of mass production from.Aba and Onitsha ... prince_oyed Welcome to aba made

Coronavirus: NAFDAC orders production of Chloroquine for clinical trialThe National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has ordered the immediate manufacturing of Chloroquine for emergency stock Great! They should supervise it properly because our brothers in Aba might see this as a new venture to make so much money... Las las😒

NAFDAC orders manufacture of chloroquine for clinical trial, treatment – Daily TrustThe National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control has ordered manufacture of chloroquine for emergency stock for possible clinical treatment of COVID-19 patients. NAFDAC Director-General Prof. Mojisola Adeyeye, said in a statement on Monday that a local manufacturing pharmaceutical company, May and Baker, had been approached to produce the drug. She said the … What? We just like copy copy.. waiting for the US to give order then we fellow.. and NAFDAC result will not come out tie US result is out... Just wait and see...