“My Husband Was Mobbed By Hausas, I Want Justice For David” —Wife of Slain Sound Engineer Tells LASG

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5/16/2022 10:02:00 PM

“My Husband Was Mobbed By Hausas, I Want Justice For David” —Wife Of Sound Engineer Beaten, Burned To Death In Lekki Tells Lagos Government followlasg jidesanwoolu FULL VIDEO:

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followlasg jidesanwoolu followlasg jidesanwoolu Lagos State govt should find a way to regulate these monster maybe by giving them number or jacket to put on. Also, areas like lekki, ikoyi should be restricted for them followlasg jidesanwoolu She is not even in this world again. She is stunned. followlasg jidesanwoolu Saharareporter if you dnt end nigeria,nigeria will end all of u.

followlasg jidesanwoolu Are you serious? They even had the gut to burn him after stabbing him to death. Omo in Lagos ooo 🤦🏽‍♂️ followlasg jidesanwoolu Nigeria a really a jungle. Not up to a week Deborah Emmanuel incident blow everywhere, another one again in Lekki and still setting human ablaze and still Hausa again. There is something insidious coming up we are not yet seeing ooo. And Lagosians, why the I don't care attitude

followlasg jidesanwoolu Ok,they have take over lagos followlasg jidesanwoolu The way Northerners commit crime in Nigeria is astounding followlasg jidesanwoolu Pain so unbearable, may God mend your wounded heart my dear followlasg jidesanwoolu Living in Nigeria is like walking about in a wild jungle without law and order.

followlasg jidesanwoolu With all of diz shit,I just wanna travel abroad

Outrage as 'okada' riders kill, burn Lagos engineer over N100Nigerians have demanded justice for a sound engineer, identified simply as David, who was allegedly beaten and set ablaze by suspected motorcyclists in the Admiralty area of Lekki, Lagos State. Justice must be served!! Omoh how he take do am at the same time? In Lekki, Lagos? And nobody caught at least one of those animals? Only video recording? Where are the area boys😤 We play too much in this southern Nigeria.

followlasg jidesanwoolu One would have thought that some things can't happen around Lekki. But again Lekki is overhyped. Zero security. They had argument, fought, killed, and burnt the body all these certainly did not happen in 10 minutes. Where was police? Sleeping at the tolegate? followlasg jidesanwoolu Tinubu will not allow it cos he needs votes from northerners

followlasg jidesanwoolu Hausa Hausa Hausa,,anything,,violent,,but h You must knows that,,many Hausa peoples,,there not Nigerian,,,many of them aren't Nigerian,,most of them are from,,Niger ,,chad,Ghana,,Togo,,Benin,, etc,,what's wrongs and worst,,Nigeria Hausa pupil's followlasg jidesanwoolu Those people are usually immigrants from Chad and Nigel ,they are the ones invading the south but pretend to be northerners as most southerners assumes them to be Nigerians

followlasg jidesanwoolu This is more than issue of Religion. Killing is in their DNA. followlasg jidesanwoolu This is a lie. Pls if you want your responsibilities to be carried away too, tell us. But stop putting an act followlasg jidesanwoolu I left Lagos since 2016, that's 7 years now. How the hell is Okada still roaming around Lagos State. This bandits have all migrated to Lagos. I remember how they destroyed things in LASU last year or so. Centre of excellence indeed

followlasg jidesanwoolu katieberrie3 followlasg jidesanwoolu I9 followlasg jidesanwoolu Lol 😂 so this can happen in center of excellence. Logos state and everybody moved on as nothing happened. Oh

David Imoh: Four arrested over killing of sound engineerThe Lagos State Police Command has arrested four people over the killing of sound engineer, David Imoh. The Command’s Spokesperson, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, Power no be powder by The Eagle prophet. 170 viewsMay 15, 2022

followlasg jidesanwoolu This people are looking for war, I noticed the mood of hausa people today in the market very aggressive, one was actually insulting an elderly woman followlasg jidesanwoolu Bt from my observation she is nt really in love with her husband, or she has toughing up that she doesn't feel love anymore. bt me it as it may, justice will go a long way,

followlasg jidesanwoolu I knew it Freedom3349 followlasg jidesanwoolu What’s wrong with these Northerners that they resort to killing and burning? They could be the BH guy reintegrated into society. followlasg jidesanwoolu So sad but the truth about NIGERIA is been unearthed gradually . followlasg jidesanwoolu This fine woman, we live in a society with Terrorist with tendency of killing human being and go free

followlasg jidesanwoolu Try it in BIAFRA land, let vultures e-a-t that terrorist raw followlasg jidesanwoolu Let Justice be done now. Sanwo Olu you must ensure that justice is done followlasg jidesanwoolu Lekki people fall my hand. If this had happened In Borno you will come to Twitter to register your aggression. A fellow lagosian was killed in your domaine and nothing was done to prevent the killers.

followlasg jidesanwoolu Happening in Lagos so what will be the plight of those in the core North

Four arrested as motorcyclists lynch sound engineer 'over N100' in LagosCommercial motorcyclists have reportedly lynched a sound engineer simply identified as David in the Lekki axis of Lagos state. Hope, like sokoto, DPO will not say they are from Niger as if they have work permits to be in Nigeria There must be an end to the menace of these okada riders in Lagos. Last year high ranking law enforcement agent was killed by a mob of okada riders in the same Lagos. Are they above the law? The state government should rise up to the challenge. Take them to court, the price for murder is de*th by hanging. They should make to pay for their crimes

followlasg jidesanwoolu How? lekki no be for Lagos, madam go find people that killed your husband stop throwing false claim on Hausas. followlasg jidesanwoolu We need to learn fighting back so they can feel the pain as well followlasg jidesanwoolu English yi ti poju, so yoruba, so okan re jade, soo bi tin n ta o Lara. Yoruba n lede wa!

followlasg jidesanwoolu Hausa come dey kill yoruba for yoruba land Oga o. Ki ni se wa gan Laisepe won fi ori wa gba paaro... Yorubaronu. A ni lati ronu gidi gan ni o followlasg jidesanwoolu Always inclined to violence at the slightest provocation. followlasg jidesanwoolu See lies which hausa guys keep spreading propaganda, we all watched the video and those are definitely not hausa people 🤡🤡

followlasg jidesanwoolu Those guys needs to b mob, as well, they should be tight up and set ablaze alive too. That will be the best justice I will ever want as justice. Law of karma needs to happen here. followlasg jidesanwoolu My dear not in that country, Hausa people are above the Law. They are the first citizens ooo.

followlasg jidesanwoolu Killing is now become normal thing here in Nigeria followlasg jidesanwoolu The Lagos state government should ensure justice is being served if it's administration has not lost it's humanity

Lagos police arrest four as motorcyclists kill sound engineer over N100 - Punch NewspapersLagos police arrest four as motorcyclists kill sound engineer over N100 God help Nigeria 😩 The murderer should be a northerner No two way about it My mum was praying for my future wife before I was born. I continued the first time I had an erection. I told God that the woman that will comfort this rod should be a woman after his heart

followlasg jidesanwoolu It’s high time this people start going back to Kano, enough of this one Nigeria followlasg jidesanwoolu When and what happened? sirpeey followlasg jidesanwoolu Yoruba people fall my hands sha. We have activated Tit for Tat mode in South East. followlasg jidesanwoolu All these mumu u tagged are useless they won’t do anything about it

CAN demands justice for Deborah Yakubu, calls for nationwide protestThe Christian Association of Nigeria has called on all its members to embark on a peaceful protest nationwide to demand justice for the slain Shehu Shagari College of Education student, Deborah Yakubu. I support this 💯 CNN cnnbrk CNNnewsroom cnni BBCBreaking ABC .... Look into this they don't care about people in this country When will you people realize that protests don't work here in Nigeria

Commercial Motorcyclists Beat, Burn Sound Engineer To Death In Lagos Due To Disagreement Over N100 Balance | Sahara ReportersIt was learnt that things got heated up and resulted in a fight between David and one of the commercial motorcyclists. Ha ha😦 How was he able to do that alone? Something is missing Full details pls