Doyin Okupe, Gay

Doyin Okupe, Gay

My gay son has spiritual problem - Doyin Okupe - Daily Post Nigeria

My gay son has spiritual problem – Doyin Okupe

1/22/2021 8:03:00 AM

My gay son has spiritual problem – Doyin Okupe

Doyin Okupe , a former presidential aide, has reacted to the revelation by his son, Bolu, that he is gay. DAILY POST recalls that Bolu made the revelation

Bello had recently warned Nigeriansto avoid COVID-19 vaccines, claiming that they were meant to kill peopleIt is no longer news that Nigeria is battling the more deadly second wave of the pandemic, with an average of 1,000 cases daily being announced by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC.

Nigerians unappreciative of military efforts to contain insurgency —Buratai BREAKING: DSS admits arresting Ganduje's ex-aide, Salihu Tanko-Yakasai, gives reasons - Daily Post Nigeria No difference between Kanu, Igboho, Shekau –Adamu Garba

Nigerian authorities have also announced that the vaccine will soon arrive in the country, promising that whichever vaccines that are approved by the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 will be safe for Nigerians.But Bello has maintained that the COVID-19 vaccines being produced in less than one year were being used to introduce new diseases that will kill many, instead of being a source of healing.

However, appearing on Channels Television’s Politics Today, on Thursday, Fayemi urged the Kogi Governor to thread with care.Fayemi warned that his Kogi counterpart must not risk the lives of the citizens.He said “while the Kogi Governor has a right to his reservations, the most appropriate response to a matter of such import is not to be dismissive.”

Fayemi said the “preponderance at the level of the Nigerian Governors Forum believes that COVID-19 is real,” adding that “there is a need to respond to the challenges that have emanated from the pandemic.” Read more: Daily Post Nigeria »

Discuss this with his Creator...not me! Homosexuality is a big crime...e should b killed according to Islamic Sharia. Aving d guts to say it to d public... Nonsense Bring d holy cane This is one of the challenges faced by politicians in Nigeria because of numerous spiritual things they do to have powers. Who knows what his father did behind curtains in politics.?

Watin be this one excuse for becoming gay, bobrisky own na money. This one Papa get money Disadvantages of sending your son overseas school Na now doyinokupe go know say people no like am because d kind comment wen I dey read here Na D I E . Ur son don dey dig hole or Dem dey dig he own. Take heart n go for 1year fasting n prayer 4 am becos dat demon wen enter so pass Covid19

Wethin kon concern us for there 💁 Shiloh is still open Why did you send him to abroad I was expecting this response 😂 Prophet Harkintomide ,chief doyinokupe need your help Yes it can only be spiritual. how can father be part of the elites that looted this country to her knees and Son a gay, sure everything is wrong with the Okupes.

I laugh in Sodom and Gomorrah. Na you go dip your hands inside Nigeria money This is so draining. May God alleviate his pains. They now know they have a leader internationally. So sad and sorrowful... this man is not a happy father, no matter the wealth he has acquired. Sparing quantity time with our children to nurture, train, inculcate good mannerisms and righteousness in them is something precious. Praying for your children is a daily routine...

Really? Lies we tell ourselves... He's imbibed the foreign culture, and this is the manifestation. Why is that hard to believe 🤷🏾‍♀️ No African parent will say otherwise.😂 Oga ur Pikin don sell him soul since. Satanism is real! The God Almighty will accepts your prayer Sir is painful. Some of this issues stem from sending children to boarding school where they end up being manipulated

That is the reward you get for unjust treatment of poor masses and misuse of public fund 😂 before nko For Sale A standard plot of land measuring approximately 588.161sqm with courses of fence around it, meters away from the express way at Power line, Oluode street, opposite 1st Richbam filling station, Akala express, Ibadan. Asking Price: ₦8M

😂😂😂😂😂 My gay son has a spiritual problem - Doyin Okupe.....prov 22 -6......train up a child in the way he should go n whn he is old he will nt depart frm it....the problem here oga is tht you train this guy with stolen money, cursed money and na only curse fit remove 'U' add 'A' for u 👂 you say They loot us and improverish the masses.. Send their kids abroad while we go on strike. God blesses them with gay sons..drug addicts. Even the rich cry

He needs deliverance. LGBT is a demonic possession and only deliverance solves the problem. After deliverance, they would recant their ugly stories to your surprise. They are not normal! Sending children abroad 😞😞 With government money,you sent him to school abroad while,our kids were here,facing ASSU incessant strikes. Una never see sontin.

Ur Fargot son abi? 😂 Wahala 😀😀😀 🤣🤣fix up you homophobe dad! Yes what go around come around Your son school in UK You finance him from proceed of corruption May Nigerian can not afford private school here in Nigeria tackles abroad It the sin of father that come upon Son more of children are still going different problems

It is an evil spirit without ambition from all possible universes. The spirit should control the body of the President of the United States and press the Atom Bomb button and destroy the world ... Who did the demon choose to control? A son of no one.. Romans 1:25-28 Kun ci haram kun ciyar da zuri'ar ku haram more like it.

Make en die be him be first😏 You sent him to go study in UK with gov't money, because Nigerian schools wasn't good enough for him. Look at the culture of disgrace he has brought back to you. Oga, it's a nemesis. That is his problem not ours The Dad is heart broken. So sad Asiwere n ko oro Jo, lai mo eni tio na.

It must come around. Those of you whose actions left Nigeria on its knees would hardly find peace, especially at old age. Terrible 😰 Please Save a Soul 😳 Brought upon him by ur sins sir. U were too busy twisting our heads to believe in everything Obasanjo did & u forgot ur home. Now u blame ur son. Sir he has his life to live and he is living it due to the path u created for him. Hope those in position of government now ll learn.

True talk sir very spiritual indeed 😂🤣