My father was jailed for not sending me to school – Atiku

My father was jailed for not sending me to school – Atiku

10/23/2021 8:34:00 AM

My father was jailed for not sending me to school – Atiku

Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar has recalled how his father was jailed for failing to send him to school.

The former vice-president stated this while delivering a speech at the Baze University Graduation ceremony in Abuja on Friday.In his speech titled, ‘Solving Nigeria’s Education Challenges’, Atiku said when he was young, anytime he came back from primary school, he would take his neighbour’s cattle to the bush for rearing in exchange for grains that he gave to his grandparents to feed the household.

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“I was a schoolboy and a herds-boy, and I fed my family,” he said.Atiku added, “When I was 11 years old, my father drowned and died while crossing a river in the neighbourhood. He was not up to 40 years. Being an only child, I was raised by my maternal grandparents. I remember, sometimes we could barely afford one meal a day.

“Despite my difficult background, I went to school for free, in fact, I was paid to go to school. Initially, my father did not buy the idea of me going to school, for which he had to go to jail. I furthered my education to other tertiary institutions. I was the Students Union President at the School of Hygiene, Kano.

“My journey to education is different from yours. Your parents may have paid tuition fees for your education, but you did not have to rear cattle for food. However, both you and I got educated eventually. The paths may be different; nonetheless the destination remains the same. Let us help others to reach their destination too.”

Atiku, who was the presidential candidate of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party in the 2019 election, said without education, he might not have gone this far in life.He told the graduating students that they should use their education and privilege to help others.

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Now leaders have kept our children at home cause of fear of bandit, unknown gunmen , kidnappers and so on Sick man How is that Nigerian's business? You must me smoking cheap drugs.🙄 Don’t tell us bullshit Story....Story..... that won't work again Please try another method. Thanks Oh please! Not another fake story from the past to make you seem almost like a normal citizen.

atiku has started with another tales by moonlight: the last one we heard was selling and peddling of firewood. Nigerians are not ready to fall for any 'I have no shoe' scenario story again. Never shall we U lied we are now in the season of stories, fiction and non fiction

USA should know that Malami and Buhari fulani do not want to kill terrorists, they are using terrorists to incite unrest in Nigeria to islamize everyone. Islamization agenda is their plan, this is why Nigeria army are killing in Biafra while terrorists are killing in the north. At!ku 👎 If true, what has atiku done since he was the VP of Nigeria in 1999, to ensure that other fathers were jailed for not sending millions of their children to school in, not just his Adamawa State, but in Northern Nigeria? Or are the children of the poor not good for education?

Now Boko Haram is doing it U no go school u won lead Nigeria We never hear this one before.lie plenty for all this one's mouth die' One said he doesn't have shoes and we fell for it, the other WERE said he has one house, no money to buy form and we fell for it. You self don come with ur own. Everybody should just get out. Twice beaten three times shy.

Family affairs, nothing concern me now Which jail and in which country? Smh The ''unifier in chief'' is at it again.

They want to tell another story again o How is it my problem Don’t care This generator seller don start him own person wey no want make light Dey abeg make una come see am oooooo So why is it that that discipline no longer holds for other fathers who are marrying off their daughters and sending their sons off to almajiri schools instead of giving their children responsible formal education?

Stories that touch. But you didn't have shoes too. Who jail him ? Na lie. If this man near that presidency, NIGERIA Name would be changed to Sorry. Our hope and trust is in God.

Him the motivate himself werey Lori Iro. 2023 Gimmicks. Our mumu don do. Atiku u suppose to enjoy the money u looted with ur 26 children and 5 wife u still wanna be Fulani president and finish what terrorist Buari is not finish Tales of the moonlight,kilo kan wa pelu story oshi 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 Pls sir, what should I do with this information? Can I take it to first bank and get a job?🤡🤡🤡🤡

So we should vote for you because of that 🤷 Ehhnn nw watin come happen Lie Mohamed OK

And you have one of the best private universities in Nigeria instead of telling your principal OBJ to make our public universities viable. How I wish Nigerians learn but know small change we go mumu for una politicians. Why saying it now? So you nor go school ? I now clearly understand reason you and OBJ destroyed public school during your time in office

Super-story Hahahahaha, Atiku, why now? So your father was an ex-convict? Means you are not eligible to rule us as a child of an ex-convict. Ole! How does that affect us? Alaye don't want any of you that's all

So what should we now do? Alaye koshi Abeg no time to read through. By who ? That was in Cameroon Election talk, how many fathers did you jail for failing to send their kids to school as a VP? When