My Daughter Deserves Appointment As Special Assistant —Gov Okowa

My Daughter Deserves Appointment As Special Assistant —Gov Okowa

My daughter deserves appointment as Special Assistant —Gov Okowa

10/9/2019 11:57:00 AM

My daughter deserves appointment as Special Assistant —Gov Okowa

Ochei Matthew, AsabaGovernor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State has said that his daughter, who was appointed as Special Assistant to the Governor on Girl Child, deserved the appointment.He said this on Tuesday in Asaba, while addressing the issue of appointments into his cabinet for his second term in office.

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Okowa said that contrary to the rumours that he had appointed two of his daughters, he had only appointed one of his daughters into his cabinet and that she deserved for the position.READ ALSO:Federal roads repair not to seek refund –OkowaHe said, “I want state residents to know that I did not appoint two of my daughters. Only one was appointed as S.A. to Governor on Girl Child and she rightly deserved it.”

Okowa added, “We are trying to cut down our appointees this time around, obviously the number of appointees will be less than what we have in my first tenure.”DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

Of course, if she can do the job. But sir, is appointment of SSA the task at hand for our state Delta? If she has the capacity to deliver on her task, she good to go. Nothing stop a qualified individual irrespective of relationship to the principal from been appointed. But plz my amiable Governor and principal. I need appointment or empowerment.

Greedy politician DSGovernment IAOkowa so govt business has now become family affairs. You're not serious SIR, ur people need employment, agriculture is at the worst at your time & what catches ur fancy is making your daughter a special assistant? What about ur son? Pls add them all........... This is the vicious cycle we are talking about. That's the trend in the country. Preparation of ground for their children take over

MR Governor a lot is wrong appointing your daughter into your government. I dey look and laugh...In fele word!....NoMoralCode Pls don't tarnish the small reputation you're building. Don't set a precedence that will be abused and referenced to you. Interesting,the rich put their children in juicy positions,while the dummy you fight for them when elections are approaching.

Ridiculous - if you who think PDP is any better than the APC....think again...they are both Siamese Twin...sharing same DNA and vital organs She is a citizen and if qualified why not but do not make your cabinet a family affair Mmmm ok o That is how they are making the system a family triangle .. If he likes, he can employ his side chick as the deputy Governor. What's new with these myopic polithifians?

this is a flagrant conflict of interest Please when modern slavery will end in this country... Who says otherwise sir.... or really cares? Hat off to you but I will humbly opine we spread the wealth. Nepotism no go kill una Nepotism is the unfair use of power in order to get jobs or other benefits for your family or friends.

I don not see anything wrong in him giving his daughter appointment... IAOkowa renoomkri OfficialPDPNig This is great ingenuity of Nigerian politicians to brazenly diss the masses. OK... Ride on.... Delta state belongs to okowa family Anybody defending this nonsense but was against okorocha allowing his son-in-law to rule imo state is a complete hypocrite. Imagine MBuhari decides to appoint zahra or Yusuf into his cabinet, Will you maintain the same energy?

What is wrong with some OfficialPDPNig governors, see this one here justifying nonsense as if govt work is a monarchy. Just say you are positioning your daughter to also rule deltans in the future I think the selection criteria that made her “deserve” such appointment is what we want to her. Your argument of having just one daughter appointed makes the criteria seem like “daughter”.

Delta and abia states governors are putting PDP in bad light. PDP leadership should call them to other. Delta state governor's projects he commissioned are spoiling before his very eye while still in power. Deserves or qualified? Pls sir, tell your daughter to take me as her PA or Secretary or even cook. I am capable

If a sitting governor has 3 of his wives as PAs what is remaining...this wan is even modest. What is the big deal here for heaven sake. His Excellency know what he need to deliver the desired result for his people. Result not sentiment. We too much 'over sabi' for this country Nigeria. JFK appointed RFK as AG of the US and bingo results everywhere.

Is Delta, your family estate?. See public servants, so arrogant. These our so called leaders need to be taught a lesson. This is an appointment and not some recruitment opening. It’s fair. Of course! On merit, yes!! you can give your side chick too now. CluelessGovernor Ur daughter is opportune already why don't u gv someone else ,who need it more Dan ur daughtermrgovernor.

Okowa government The appointment to any position to serve it's merely on qualifications. I believe she has the required qualifications to be appointed. It is morally wrong for you to appint her. Period. Family business Na una get Nigeria nahh... Na tenant we be... Do as you like Oga... Nothing go happen...

no disrespect to that just asking did she merit it? or is because her father is a governor O yes,governance is said to be a family thing. Check properly,your wife deserves an appointment too. If your daughter deserves the appointment no doubt it's ok. It shows that she was properly educated enough to earn it. So better improve the quality of Education in the State so as other peoples' 'daughters' too can earn an appointment. Thank you.

Sure, I suppose there are no other suitable candidates in the entire state of Delta. NaijaFlyingDr See im mouth! Daughter ko baby ni Yes O. This is delta state. What's wrong with our leaders? Only you as the Gov. is not enough for Deltans? No other person is qualified for the position outside your daughter? Why descend so low?

I didn't expect this kind of madness from you sir..... Aburo Trump 🤣 NaijaFlyingDr Supported Sir..well done But you failed to create equal opportunities to the people you're governing. You should know better Mr. Gov That's how the politician place their very own in the choicest of the position and we the foot soldiers can fight, kill and defend them. We go borrow sense las las

Headline Korrect! Gov Okowa said he appointed his daughter as Special Assistant to the Governor on Girl Child because she deserves it. He debunks rumors saying he appointed 2 of his daughters. He also says there will be less appointees this tenure. Please go ahead governor, no problem. She deserves it? 😊 From a father to daughter angle, I can't say much. I don't know how I'm gonna deny my daughter anything too.

you should have added your wife,your brother,your brother-in-law in-fact your whole family!!! they deserve it too🙁🙁🙁🙁 If its pro bono to cut down on govt expenditure, then it's a welcomed idea. But if she's been paid, did she impact the girl child before her father became governor? If there's nothing to show, then its abuse of office.

Ok we hear! next .... ...........AND WHOSE DAUGHTER DOEN'T DESERVE IT? It is called NEPOTISM. This is Nigeria Not only your daughter, put your dead ancestors. Is it your fault? All for personal interest and enrichment This is nepotistic, morally wrong & clearly an abuse of office. Former Governor Uduaghan as selfish as he was didn't go this far. This crop of unrepentant selfish Nigerian ruling elite keeps lowering the bar. Shame on you all!🚶

Nigeria we hail thee. Of course, How would the Governor's daughter not be appointed as her father's Special Assistant?. 'The people get the kind of leader they deserve'. Let Emperor Governor Okowa look for public service job for her daughter. IAOkowa saying this also means a judge can sit and pass judgement in a case concerning his wife, or a lawyer standing for his wife or vice versa. These politicians should be careful about the way they live for the moment..

Maybe most of us here needs to pay some visits to our federal establishment like Universities, polytechnics and Colleges of education and see the staff lists...father, mother and their children! Well I don't see anything that is too wrong with that however after all the studying abroad, your children will still come & struggle the limited opportunities in the state. Issorite!

This country is a huge joke. Ayade is doing his Own now Okowa..The Brazenness of this Politicians Sha.. Nigerians see ur 'Life'. We just know how to bark on social media No bite. ayemojubar So this is actually merry go round in Nigeria ? Interesting!! But your position as governor should be sufficient for your family, out of the many families in Delta state. If Buhari were to appoint his daughter, you can imagine the reaction from the society. I think our leaders should be careful in not overreaching

Amina Zakari and co..... na una start am ... Those days Gbenga Daniels did it with Iyabo Obasanjo with sense o but these days your worst ! Because it is your family we want to worship all through.....Selfish animals Na family business Entitlement mentality Biko, Okowa's daughter is 'eminently' qualified for the post. 😂

Oga doctor? This's absorb and unpredictable... Dr Okowa I totally disagree with this ill and unfaithful appointment of your duagther as SA. That's his own wish, let him do what he wants as regards to her appointment into his cabinet. Why? Does the state belong to your family only? Even all his family members deserves one next level looming

Gov. Okowa is correct. He didn't get the peoples mandate he knows how he man over his way to the seat hence he can afford to do will. rather the apology should come from inec and judiciary. Ifeanyi Okowa takes the cake in maladministration in the South South. The dude has about 5000 special assistant already. Annoyingly that is my state. Painful

Selfish governor, u are eating your state money and still itsnt enough for u, and u still carry your own daughter to join u and continue eating your state money, this are the type of selfish governor that we are talking about in Nigeria, this issues is not about PDP or APC. Why not? After all it is a family affair.

Your Excellency IAOkowa it's not your fault you're towing the wrong path. The President himself is leading by a very bad example, his own daughter being a board member in NNPC. We can't shout, just do ur best to help those in real need of these jobs assistance. If she is capable to do the job excellently let her get the appointment it's not a crime. Donald Trump appointed His daughter and son inlaw into his cabinet....

Likewise me GovernorOkowa Nepotism No mind them . if na me nko? Only if she's qualified Well said sir Yes sir Every daughter in state deserves the same appointment as long as they are sane. Your daughter ain't more special Lol, like I don’t know she does☹️ she’s the best! Lol nepotism kill you there What is she assisting you with....isn't this nepotism

Is this some sort of joke or something 🤦 It's not bad nah...since she is qualified. It is better to engage governors children with jobs than just spending lavishly doing nothing while civil servant starve to death There are better candidate for the post in his state, this is the reason NIGERIA can never be a better place for the poor to survive.

Is the Governor's daughter the only qualified person that can occupy that office? For purpose of transparency and accountability, some other person should have been appointed. If the girl qualified she deserved to be appointed, the only issues will the affairs of the government will be family affairs.

Na family business na , mumu Anything goes in second term without apology Her daughter ready included in his payroll according to Nigeria govt system see greediness black man Kaiii this country is a mess I swear... We are just a joke in this country.Leaders and their followers are not ready to move this country forward.

If the lady is up to the age and qualified both morally and academically there is nothing wrong with it. If she is brave enough she might even be in a better to position to advice her father without fear Most of the people supporting this or arguing in support of this action will have said something contrary If it were to be Buhari that did that

tolulopeab its your government, hope she is competent for the task ? Nigerian youths una see una life ? Second term madness when other deltas who merit it re there without job sham on you ur salary all the money you. embezo re not enough for u and ur daughter Some are saying there's nothing wrong with this appointment. If Buhari starts to appoint all his children as ministers, SAs, MDs of parastatals, hope you will exhibit same energy, since they are all qualified and the constitution never forbids it. We still have a long way to go.

That's a bad precedent you people are laying very soon your wife's too will deserve a position in your cabinet When governors get second term, they show their true colour. This is Nepotism of the highest order. Nonsense people 😠😠😠 Who bewitched us with these set of leaders? Both leading political parties are full of evil genius.

Misuse of power everywhere. Please you have to create ministry of the dead 💀 and put your grate grandma/father as the commissioner also your state needs ministry of unborn children and put your spermatozoa as commissioner. Idiotic set of people. Oga u re enriching ur family with tax payers money jarreh.u can at least secure a job outside ur government using ur position 2avoid buhaha diz has caused.ur service is 4d Delta citizens not ur family abeg

Look at this man 🤷🏿‍♂️you too What of my sister 😂 😂 😂.. Let him put his dead grandfather's na. Awon werey Lol deserve or qualify? All this foolish pple leading the pple . Am not surprised he is PDP. Wat difference we dey make out from APC 👯‍♂️ bird of same feathers . Special assistant, i don't have issue with that. Trump has almost his family members on a job in white house, UK prime minister Johnson appointed his brother in government, The question should be if they are qualified for the job

Issoriat!!!!! Kotinu!!!!! This best describes nepotism. Following the feet step of Donald Trump. And appointing your daughter is way to cut long list of appointees. Only in Naija!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣 We are not saying that she's not qualified but Mr Governor, are there no better qualified persons than your daughter?

NaijaFlyingDr The only sitting Governor is is still been addressed as if he's still a Senator ' Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa She can just simply go into farming, alot of youth are into. Ride on sir, dont your children deserve to work also 😂😂 Reading the full story, no where is it stated WHY he thinks his daughter deserves the appointment. Local man talking about appointing just one of his kids. That's abuse of office, doling out privileges to loved ones. But Nigeria is a very peculiar country.

If she's qualified why not? After all he is working and reviving the state Special assistant of come chop 😂 He want to keep the money within the family 🤣🤣greed Government of the family, by the family and with the family is call Familytocracy Maybe that girl has been giving wonderful advices that has helped this Man.... I refuse to see what others are seeing in this tweet.... I believe he has a very wonderful working relationship with his Family.... I must say He is a Governor, A Father and A Husband.... Na Man you be

Opposition (PDP) in dead! We are in desperate need of a new voice of opposition in Nigeria If it is not against the law in Nigeria.. Nothing wrong with it, she's a citizen of Nigeria. It happens everywhere... My view 🙌🙌 This is very wrong...whether or not she is qualified! IAOkowa she may be deserving of that no doubt but being your daughter, she's definitely not lacking in opportunities for higher realms. Why not in your 'good spirit' offer this opportunity to another person with less opportunities as ur daughter n change their family story 4 evr

Everyone deserve an appointment as SA no exception irrespective of it daughter, son, relatives, in-law, enemies, but the sane questions are: Is she qualified for the job? Has he contravene the constitution wrt her appointment? Etc etc Capitalism ! Huh Ah! why wont you enrich your daughter, abi is she not from Naija. Don't forget its a government of friends and family.

NaijaFlyingDr But saying u owe no one an apology is an undemocratic remark; it's tyrannical. Hope u aren't among those visiting Buhari night & learning tyrannical traits? U could have said she's well qualified & not routine engagement of staff from your family. Wisdom is golden sir. IAOkowa If it is PMB now or Elrufai we wont hear words but PDP can't do wrong

Hum!!! Openly without redress saying that. Our politicians na wa for una. If his daughter is qualified for the position, I see no reason why he can’t appoint her. She is also human who needs a job to survive This is condemnable. Remember it is a public office and not personal office. I think Nigeria and I will advise. Be a Nigerian that is Delta State's Governor and not a Nigerian governor... My 2 kobo. Lobatan!

If this was Buhari now . . Hmmmm let me not talk Isn’t that nepotism ? There was a country If she is qualified yes if not abeg shift make I see road Another Okorocha in disguised! Is she qualified enough for the position? This country kwa There's nothing wrong with that provided she has the requisite qualifications.

If our politicians have the opportunity they will put their ancestors on pay roll. This country sef This country sha

I owe no one apology for appointing my daughter as aide - Gov. Okowa - Daily Post NigeriaThe Governor of Delta State, Ifeanyi Okowa has said that he has no apologies for appointing one of his daughters as an aide. Okowa, who spoke at a media qu Me too o, if I appoint my daughter as aide, it's no ones business Never mind them. Its the state of family affairs jaré élenú bi apéré Is she qualify. Can she do the job? If yes then gud to go 👍. Trump did same heaven didn’t fall Those complaining if u were in his position sure u will do the same. Support her to succeed & don’t leave like crab who is not happy abt the progress of others. Congratulations girl

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No apologies for appointing my daughter as aide-OkowaDelta Governor Ifeanyi Okowa has declared he has no apologies for appointing one of his daughters as an aide.His daughter, the governor said, is eminently If Trump can do it why can't bros Okowa..... U r of the OfficialPDPNig flock na, so is not crime mrjollof13

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Badaru appoints special assistants for 3 wives – Daily TrustThe Jigawa State governor, Muhammad Badaru Abubakar, has appointed special assistants to each of his three wives. Of the 51 special assistants that were appointed by the governor, there is also a special assistant for street light as well as for population control.ADVERTISEMENT According to a copy of the lists of the appointees obtained by … These things don't surprise us again. N yet the Governor will tell he can't pay the new minimum wages to his workers. How in hell did this one too become a governor?

Angry retirees chase away Okowa's Chief of Staff - The Nation NewspaperThe Chief of Staff to the Delta State Governor, Mr David Edebvie was Tuesday, shouted down and chased away following failed attempts to calm protesting.. IAOkowa DSGovernment You guys should sit up.