Mummy GO: Controversial messages of Funmilayo Adebayo who claimed to have seen Lucifer face-to-face

09/01/2022 6:13:00 PM

Mummy GO: Controversial messages of Funmilayo Adebayo who claimed to have seen Lucifer face-to-face

Mummy GO: Controversial messages of Funmilayo Adebayo who claimed to have seen Lucifer face-to-face

In recent weeks, Nigerians have been startled by prophecies and doctrines being propagated by a controversial pastor, Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo

popularly Known as Mummy G.Don Silas Evangelist Fumilayo Adebayo, nicknamed Mummy G.the founder of Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God, Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo has said those behind the trending hellfire memes are just carried away by trends because of too much stress in Nigeria.She said they have been at it for about eight years now and just recently decided to make use of social media to disgrace her.

O.Mummy G.Mummy G.O’s ministry, Rapture Proclaimer Evangelistic Church (RAPEC) became popular and controversial online in December 2021 when she began preaching about things that will make everyone go to hell fire.They’re just flexing on social media to flow with the trend.In one of her preachings, she revealed that she was an executive/super agent of the highest form of darkness with lucifer and had sold guns, pushed cocaine with fly-carpet not normal transport before she was arrested by christ.Mummy G.She mentioned that her beauty and figure 8 shape were taken away from her when she gave her life to Christ.I want them to avoid things that will prevent them from making heaven, things that will send them to hellfire.

Mummy G.However, speaking on the development, in an interview with BBC Pidgin, Mummy G.“They’re not aware that those who started the trend did so to create a scandal.O who started her ministry 24 years ago said she was born in Egypt as a military soldier and died but was initiated after death where she learnt how to speak fluently and other experiences as she stopped schooling in primary 4.According to her, God called her to preach to people of the world to focus on heaven but people hate her because she says secrets about things people don’t like to hear that will make them miss heaven.“I have said it before, even in their dress.In one of her viral videos, she revealed how she automatically became a virgin after she prayed and gave her life to Christ.” She revealed this in her interview with BBC Pidgin, adding that she has received threats from people because her messages are pulling their members away to her church.She also called out Frank Edwards, Tope Alabi, Tiwa Savage, Tonto Dikeh in some of her videos with their dance steps and dressing as ungodly.Fifty years ago, no woman would enter Church without covering her hair.O.

According to her , those who want to become superstars should forget about heaven.This and many other preachings have continued to stir conversations as some mocked her preachings with viral memes.“I said many footballers will not make heaven because of the event that is about to come that will introduce the antichrist into the world and it will come through the World Cup.Sometimes they make use of magazines.DAILY POST has highlighted some preachings by Mummy GO which have continued to generate reactions from Nigerians online; •Football Mummy GO revealed that the dark world decided to use football as a game to unite people ahead of rapture.She mentioned that those who like or support football are members of antichrist.According to her, anybody that dies as a football star or becomes a star is an automatic certificate to hell.“They tell me, many of our members hear your message, and they pull out of our church.There’s too much stress in this country, so people are easily carried away by anything that will make them laugh.

She added that the antichrist will appear on the final day of the world cup (year not revealed) and will be revealed to the whole world.Football symbolizes emptiness •Comedians will go to hell Mummy GO asked those who have dreams to become a comedian to renounce Jesus.According to her, “to become a comedian means you’re destined for hell.“They said they will disgrace me if I don’t stop.” Antibiotics are dangerous; If you continue taking vitamin C, you can’t make heaven because ascorbic acid came from the deep sea, it is not produced on earth.•National ID She also claimed that a National ID card is preparation for the kingdom of antichrist so that agents through computers will know those that have not received the mark.Even Lucifer, if he’s made a pastor today, will he ever say all those things attributed to me talk less of someone called a holiness preacher? So, most of those things attributed to me were never said by me.

•Food Mummy GO in one of her teachings claimed that eating any agric food will hinder one from living a holy life.She also claimed those eating Titus fish will not make heaven.She added that Indomie is a food dedicated to idols.“All children asking your parents to buy you phones you are asking for a ticket to hell fire,” Mummy GO also claimed.• Vaccine The preacher also said those who received vaccines will not see heaven.Many of our members hear your message and they pull out of our church.

She claimed that those vaccinated do not exist in the sight of God, adding that they are no longer human beings made by God but automatically belong to lucifer.“Those using pampers, pad cannot make heaven because the companies producing them are affiliated with antichrist companies,” she claims.•Those seeking the America lottery were not left out as Mummy GO mentioned that there will be no rapture for those who travel to America by lottery.•Women The evangelist also warned ladies against wearing trousers as it is a sin.She revealed that those who apply makeup and makeup artists are descendants of Jezebel and the spirit and judgement of Jezebel is awaiting them.When they saw that I didn’t stop, they decided to make use of social media trends.

“Eyelash is from the armpit of Satan, therefore, you can’t make heaven,” she said in one of her teachings.•Mummy GO during one of her sermons said skin-cut is a skin and wearing trousers with belt holes.She also mentioned that wearing jeans is a sin as it is from the dark world.According to her, the full meaning of Jeans is the global uniform of antichrist.She advised men to rather wear trousers with elastic.Then, no woman could enter a church without wearing a scarf.

The controversial cleric in another sermon watched by DAILY POST said cartoons are from the kingdom of darkness, as a way to lead children and prepare them for dark power.Related Topics:.

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I've been receiving strange calls - Mummy G.O“Evangelist Fumi, you’re affecting us, most of our members who hear your message pull out of our church, if you don’t stop, we kill you. I thought it was just a threat until at times we would be driving ...' What is that all about, you no longer believes in freedom of speech, set of hypocrites. How does her preaching affect your members? This shows how unseriou you are with God's work, if you have been telling them the truth about the word of God and rooting their heart in it, they will not be moved when the wind comes. Leave her alone and go back for directions. ovieroskoles SavedOneClick