Mr. President: What would the Buhari legacy be?

Mr. President: What would the Buhari legacy be?

5/29/2020 3:58:00 AM

Mr. President: What would the Buhari legacy be?

Today is the anniversary of President Buhari’s fifth year in power and has three more years to go before retiring to Daura to take care of his cows. In another year or two, the campaign for 2023 wi…

Today is the anniversary of President Buhari’s fifth year in power and has three more years to go before retiring to Daura to take care of his cows.In another year or two, the campaign for 2023 will take over the attention of the political class and governance would stop. This means the president has less than two years to leave his legacy of eight-year rule. One of the problems the president has been facing is the mediocrity of his communication team, which has been unable to explain to the people what really has the president been doing. They are in the media continuously attacking all those who have been attacking the president, and I concede that is part of their day job. What they have not succeeded in doing is communicating the priorities and achievements of the administration so that data is provided to the people on the evidence on which citizens can assess the regime. As the countdown commences, President Buhari has to reflect on what he has done with power and how he can communicate his legacy to citizens.

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I still remember that just before the beginning of the administration five years ago, the APC policy directorate held a major conference in preparation for implementing their strategy of “hitting the ground running” as soon as their party takes over power. The buzz at the conference was that major policy decisions, especially politically difficult ones must be made immediately and quick wins must be obtained by the end of the first hundred days in office. The idea was that by riding on the crest of newly acquired legitimacy and popularity, significant gains could be made before expected criticisms begin to affect the credibility of the government. The underlying assumption was that all new regimes coming into power in a context of very high expectation start losing their popularity on assuming office even if for the sole reason that people’s expectations are unreasonably high. President Buhari rejected the road map of hitting the ground running and did not start constituting his governance team until after five months. Years later, he explained to Nigerians that he was aware they were calling him “Baba Go Slow” but they should understand that being older and wiser, he had decided to reflect and consider before taking executive decisions.

I have said repeatedly that the president was wrong to think that he had a lot of time; four years plus another four is a very short period and his team was right to have advised him to move fast. Today, the issue is with the countdown clock ticking, can he move fast enough to leave a respectable legacy of his rule. This is difficult because his style of delayed action has led to the development of a body of critical opinion that paint him in a very negative light leading many to assume nothing positive can come from his administration. Therein lies the opportunity, as a believer in miracles, I feel that if “Baba Go Slow” can transform into “Action Baba”, he might still save the day.

ADVERTISEMENTDear valued readers, subscribe to the Daily Trust e-paper to continue enjoying our diet of authoritative news. Kindly subscribe hereIn 2015, I wrote a number of articles on this column urging the president to prioritise the implementation of the 2012 Oronsanye Report on restructuring and rationalising federal parastatals so as to reduce the cost of governance through mergers and dissolution of parastatals with cross cutting mandates. It was one of the low hanging fruits he could have harvested because the reality is that there were many more parastatals than what could be funded to do their work leaving the country with the wasteful legacy of tens of thousands of top civil servants who are paid but have no work to do. The president took no action until a couple of weeks ago when the project was resurrected. Meanwhile, the situation is today much more serious because the 8th Senate, 2015-2019 considered 213 establishment bills for the creation of new federal agencies and currently, the 9th National Assembly is already considering over 100 bills for the creation of new agencies. The mood in the National Assembly is that each legislator creates a new federal agency for their constituency. It is important that the president convinces them to give up their individual “pet” projects and act in concert with the executive to restructure and merge the 102 agencies identified in the report.

The most important legacy the president should leave is an improvement of the security situation in the country. The expectation of Nigerians was that Boko Haram would be vanquished within the first year or two of his presidency. It did not happen. For over ten years now, the insurgency has endured and become entrenched as an existing reality while the security agencies appear to have been at their wits end. There has been some progress over the past couple of weeks but Nigerians are still waiting for the decisive victory. Meanwhile, under President Buhari’s watch, farmer-herder conflicts have blossomed into rural banditry, which has developed into a major challenge in many states in the country. Today, peasant farmers are regularly attacked and massacred by armed bandits and many can no longer farm and feed their families. Another, dimension of the crisis is the spread of kidnapping for ransom, which is rapidly becoming the money-making occupation for the unemployed youth. The problem today, as SBM Intelligence explained in a recent study, is that between January 2016 and March 2020, kidnapping gangs have made over $11 million in addition to killing hundreds of their captives. The 100 million poor, hungry and angry youth are waking up to the fact that the most rapid pathway to wealth is armed violence and the longer they are allowed to continue along that path, the more difficult it would be to stop them.

Maybe Nigeria’s collective pet project has been industrialisation of the country on the basis of our own iron and steel industry. Way back in 1971, the Nigerian Steel Development Authority was established to set us along the path of an iron and steel industry and Ajaokuta was established in 1975 and programmed to go into production in 1981. It never happened. While campaigning for office in 2015, President Buhari in a campaign rally in Ajaokuta promised he will address the challenge. Nigerians are waiting.

One legacy Nigerians have been crying for four decades is the improvement of power supply, the requirement for rapid development. I doubt that there is any country in the world that has invested as much as we have in power and yet we have nothing to show for it. In 1999, the late Bola Ige promised us sufficient power within six months, it did not happen. President Obasanjo, we discovered through the House of Representatives probe, had squandered $16 billion with the promise of 6,000 megawatts of electricity by December 2007 and it did not happen. Subsequently, President Umaru Yar’Adua in February 2008 launched the Committee on the Accelerated Expansion of Power. He promised Nigeria that 18-months from that date, Nigeria would be producing at least 6,000 MW of power and it did not happen. Goodluck Jonathan took the approach of institutional revolution by privatising the industry and getting the magic of the private sector to do the job, it was a woeful failure. After long reflection and study, President Buhari has committed to a new contract with the German Government and Siemens to produce and actually distribute 7,000 megawatts in 2021 rising to 11,000 in 2023. Having followed the failure and corruption saga in the power sector for decades, I will say I will believe it when I see it. If he succeeds, it would be a great legacy from his administration.

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Section 15(5) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria stipulates that “the State shall abolish all corrupt practices and abuse of power”. Nigerians elected Buhari into office because they believed he could make that provision operational. There has been some improvement in the war against corruption under his stewardship but the results are underwhelming and nowhere near the expectation of Nigerians. If he could significantly scale up the war against corruption and focus his eyes on some people around him, he could offer Nigerians a great legacy of opening a new pathway to development based on the use of public resources for enhancing the public good.

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FRUSTRATION AND SUFFERING + BORROW BORROW AND TEARS OF INNOCENT NIGERIANS =BUHARI LEGACY.FROM 2015-2023. Not at all Baba kworruption himself The president whom his people trusted and loved the most but paid them with extreme hardship. I still love and pray for him! Poverty and hunger. Loans, loans, loans, and oh! Insecurity!

That his tenure recorded the highest number of deaths in the history of Nigeria Destroying the hopes of many Nigerians. Depends on who you ask Am still thinking 🤔 of any positive thing it’s only d negative achievements that comes to mind Hole in d neck🤣🤣🤣 Collection of Loans It’ll be like...”I am for nobody “

His Legacies speaks loudly even to the deaf and clear even to the blind: unprecedented killings, corruption and Northern Supremacy! Nothing. colossal failure. Buhari legacy will forever be loan, dept and recession 🤣🤣 I support PMB to the fullest. As you degrade the valuable act of this person you love so much 5 years ago, is a sign of impatient in your heart. Be warned, for insulting leaders leads to unknown depression in life. Ina son buhari wallahi SAI BABA!!!

Passports with visas and airline tickets💁‍♂️ Election Fraud, Pauperisation of Nigeria - making Nigeria the poverty capital of the world; Jihadist agenda, getting Miyetti Allah armed to the teeth and consequently producing bandits, killer herdsmen, kidnappers and unleashing genocide on the country; worst human rights record

BORROWING MONEY!!! Loan out Nigeria to other countries. Power! Debt accumulation A book that will be read compulsory in all sch in future. Debtor He can't say it himself coz he knows he didn't perform well. MBuhari oluwaloninyo Maybe incompetence at the highest level Covid wahala inaction. It will be terrible

Sign Electoral Bill into law. Debt Appointment of Fulani for their employment and make Nigerian corruption One stage forward two stage back ward Indebting our future. That's his legacy. i hope Mr Lai Moh is in the best position to answer this question because the world is waiting Smh Massive corruption, padi padi govt, bokoharam friendly, IDP hostile, downgraded electoral credibility.

LOL (Lord of looters ). Tax collector He will be remembered for borrowing more and squandering more than anyone. Fulani Jihad Looting, hunan right abuse and borrowing 🦦 His best legacy,I think,should be making life difficult to ordinary Nigerians in five-year rule. 5 years of tyranny! 5 years of incompetence! 5 years of hunger! 5 years of corruption! 5 years of failure! The worse 5 years in the history of this Nation!

Fulani herdsmen impunity, The art of the loan, London exploration, Mass graves, Devouring the economy Invisibility by style, Presidential modelling, Staying fresh on oyel money, Covik-1,9 Nepotism and, Insecurity expertise. The list is endless. HappyDemocrazyDay Supporting boko Haram Blood thirsty demon

Starvation and cashing out Absolutely no good memories obviously Na the matter we Dy try settle since 2018 Chairman Debt Collection Commission of Nigeria (DCCN). DEATH. Buhari legacies would be herdsmen, Bokoharam, Winner-takes-all syndrome, disunity, Nepotism and abandonment of federal character in appointment.

Sometimes I begin to compare Mr President borrowing attitude to that all these Almajiri beggers. It got me thinking if we have an educated Almajiri as a President. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 Fulanism, next level corruption, banditry, fires, explosions and shameless lies! Not one infrastructural or economical development. Infact Nigeria is worse of in all if he would be honest.

Unparalleled, second to none. Borrower in Chief. Looting and looting legacy Nothing too numerous to mention Using police to intimidate and kill innocent Nigerians. Suffer-head and more suffer-suffer. The Second Niger Bridge they said couldn't be done Am sure this question will get everyone Presidency quiet for a moment🤭

Blood letting, borrowing and looting The man that milk Nigeria dry. Can somebody assist me with just a token to feed..pls..let me buy little foodstuffs begging you all.God will bless you love you show.this pandemic has hit us badly.pls don't ignore me pls .you will save a generation if you do this. 3115801777 first bank

The LOANER Deceit Just wait till the end. Don’t judge a movie by its introduction. The only legacy wiĺl be if buhari can give permanent jobs to npower beneficiaries we will remember him for ever. His legacy will be ''hopelessness'' I hope his home town will accept him when he live office worst president in the history of that hellish country called Nigeria

Loads of debts Disastrous Wasted 5 years. He has nothing to offer. Almajiri champion The most dumb president Nigeria ever get is this mr integrity . Everything is collapsing extreme hunger and uncertainty our future is at stake Cash out president Just to showcase a few Set back and failure to the nation. The one that feeds school children which the teachers did not know there houses when there is lockdown in the country.

Nigérians will be crying buhari why A horrible one The man who tried, but failed due to the wrong choices he believe was right witch is no Godfatherism one of his Bigest flaws... his a fighter He has opened our eyes to the corruption going on in our country reduced our dependance on petroleum and set us on the path of diversifying our economy also commissioned countless infrastructures and will be the president that finally eradicated Boko Haram and other bandits

As a Loan Ranger, Looter of the Looted Funds, Disuniter of a United Nigeria.. and the King of Nepotism... If I’m wrong correct me, say Nonsense and Receive Thunder 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ Loan out Nigeria to China Borrowing. Living piple in lockdown with nothing being provided is his lagacy A lot on infrastructure no lie Roads Railway Power(loading) Agriculture Someone should complete it.

Alot Absolute failure APC perhaps The greatest SCAM in the history of this country He ruined the electoral process and the judiciary! He has done quite a lot hasn't he? Nothing Absolutely nothing but the Fulani herdsmen empowerment Absolutely nothing to show .. Nothing We will remember him for nothing And we don’t fucking care

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Buhari never ceded power to Abba Kyari, nor cancel 'his' appointments - PresidencyWhen he was alive, Mr Kyari was accused by several officials including the First Lady Aisha Buhari and National Security Adviser Babagana Monguno of Don't worry, Abba Kyari himself will answer that question wherever he is now Cancelled/not cancelled is a clear signed of attrition war within the presidency between old and new orders. Knowing the truth at this material time will be difficult because the forces are strong. This war is eminent & after it the truth will prevail. A lot has been done in the name buhari