Mother of 10 loses 48-year-old marriage for denying husband sex

Mother of 10 loses 48-year-old marriage for denying husband sex

7/28/2021 4:49:00 PM

Mother of 10 loses 48-year-old marriage for denying husband sex

“The last time my wife allowed me to sleep with her was 10 years ago. I am starving seriously, but whenever I come home with my girlfriends, she will chase them away.”

“I am starving seriously, but whenever I come home with my girlfriends, she will chase them away,” Mojidi said.The septuagenarian also accused his wife of threatening to kill him so that she can inherit his property.“My wife wanted to kill me; she has been feeding me with poison.

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“There was a day I fainted and was rushed to the hospital and it was detected that I ate poison.“I thought I will not survive it, but God saved me and I stopped eating her food,” he said.The embattled man said his wife was a witch who kept attacking him in the spiritual realm.

“On two occasions, she shot arrows at me in my sleep which led to sicknesses, but God healed me.“She also buried charm in my workshop and customers stopped patronising me.“My wife made me impotent, but I survived it after spending huge amount on hospital and herbal treatment,” he claimed.

ADVERTISEMENT“Tolu makes my life miserable, I would have gone far in life if I have not married her.“I regret the day I met her and I wish I can turn back the hand of the clock,’’ Mr Osho said.According to him, Mrs Osho stopped washing his clothes 27 years ago; he, therefore, begged the court to end the marriage to save him from committing murder.

Responding to the allegations, the 68-year-old trader, Mrs Osho, said that she denied her husband sex for only four years not 10 years as he claimed.“I stopped him from making love to me four years ago when he started bringing different girls home to sleep with, after which he will want to sleep with me; so I refused him,” she stated.

ALSO READ:INVESTIGATION: How corrupt officials make millions daily at Nigeria’s prominent marriage registryThe mother of 10 children denied threatening her husband’s life, or attempting to kill him through poisoning.“I did not poison my husband’s food since 1973 when we got married, is it now that I will poison him?

“He is just looking for excuses to discard me; he came to this court to divorce his second wife, now he wants to also divorce me so that he can marry a new wife,” Mrs Osho said.According to her, Mr Osho is fond of invoking curses on their children, which is affecting their lives now.

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The respondent begged the court not to grant her husband’s wish for the dissolution of their marriage, saying she still loved him. Read more: Premium Times »

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