More Than A Million Masks Set To Arrive From China – Health Minister

More Than A Million Masks Set To Arrive From China – Health Minister

4/6/2020 11:32:00 PM

More Than A Million Masks Set To Arrive From China – Health Minister

More Than A Million Masks Set To Arrive From China – Health Minister

 Updated April 6, 2020A file photo of the Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire, at a press conference in Abuja. Channels TV/ Sodiq Adelakun.  The Minister of Health, Osagie Ehanire, says more than one million masks are about to be received into the country from China.

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Addressing reporters on Monday in Abuja, he explained that the masks were being sent by a Chinese construction company, CCECC, as parts of its corporate social responsibility efforts to help Nigeria combat the coronavirus pandemic.CCECC, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, is in charge of a number of Nigeria’s major railway construction projects.

The masks are to be accompanied by ventilators, Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) and an 18-man team made up of Chinese medical and technical experts, the Minister said during the daily briefing of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19.Ehanire believes the supplies being brought in by China are “globally scarce” and will “augment government support and build capacity to contain the outbreak.”

A picture taken on March 4, 2020, shows a bottle of alcohol gel hand sanitiser and an FFP2 protective face mask. Olivier MORIN / AFP  The Roles To Play“Many of you who read the news know that there is a global competition for masks, that certain countries have been accusing each other of capturing each other’s masks,” he said.

“There has also been a global competition for ventilators with some countries donating ventilators to others and also swapping ventilators.“So . . . it is particularly pacifying that in the face of all of this, we are able to get these supplies here, which even if we had the money, we would not have been able to order.

“In addition, the technical experts will comprise research doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians with public health managers who will share their own knowledge and skills – and their real-life experiences of fighting COVID-19 – with Nigerian experts to strengthen our own management of cases, especially with regard to critical care.

“As we all know, this country (China) has had quite an experience with it,” he added. The Most Needed PPEThe Minister stressed the usefulness of the equipment being brought in and how the country would benefit from the knowledge of the Chinese experts.

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He said, “Now, this initiative will greatly build the capacity of our hard-working and resourceful Nigerian healthcare workers who are at the forefront of fighting the virus.“But the most needed PPE and masks will also protect our frontline workers and mitigate the spread of this disease.

“We do have a window of opportunity to strengthen our response mechanisms through lessons we learn from any country that has had the experience and can provide a hands-on demonstration of how to deal with the outbreak and give Nigerian clinical workforce the opportunity of sharing global best practices.”

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Na when this people wey dey this present government go get sense? Why must you import an ordinary mask from China when some Nigerians are already producing masks. Another avenue to steal money God will save us oooo... What happened to those masks shipped down earlier , them fry am chop, becos me no see or ear of anyone get anything

Bad news from the minister of health. Common 'cut and sew' nose mask, we are importing from China. Hell no! China? You better distribute them amongst your fellow ministers and co Who scrutinized it's packaging to be sure they were those used by the dead Chinese and repacked for unsuspecting African nation'sand beggarly Nigeria? Is the govt learning anything from this pandemic? What is it that we don't depend on China for, even toothpick?

This man look sick No no no. Nigeria can produce masks for it's people. China has not finished with us yet. Nigeria fashion designer can makes this masks why can't federal Government put in funds for them to do this masks for our people Why importing more than a million masks!we are more than that number maybe you should import the whole china.FG use your head,we don't want it ooo

Is dis guy alright or wat? The same China that brought about the virus? Ah! Why are our leaders so unreliable biko? Who Nigeria offend? Temple run with Chinese face mask please don't take any mask from China because they do infect all the vaccines and the masks before giving it out to people. Again? One million for 200 million people.

Promote local production for crying out loud. It is this habit of supporting importation that has kept us this way. Yet this administration will be shouting buy Nigeria at the top of its voice. It's not only agriculture that we can produce locally. This is just plain hypocrisy. Why can't we make it in our country

Can't Nigeria produce mask Make provision for food abundantly rather talking of importation of masks to Nigerians. We need food and light primarily for this lockdown. It seems that this man have a company in China that he want to protect by giving them chance to gain from Nigeria. First is there doctor, now there masks

Tunda fire you nah u and una family go die before God time. See foolish people, i tire for this country......we get President but nah.... We are not sick. We don't need any foreign mask in Nigeria. Nigerians can produce it. Remember they are angry because blacks are not dieing like they want to bring the virus by all means..

What is one million mask abeg!! This idiot of a man doesn't know those mask could've tainted with certain viruses or harmful chemicals!!...what kind of a man is this 🤪 you guys always look for ways to rip off. Nigeria... what the difference China made health gears and the ones produced in Aba. when will this rip offs stop for God sake. even in the midst of crises you guys still have the audacity to continue your looting spree. it is well.

China that ran outa mask, supplying us mask. Hmm! Ayam nor understanding... Please China of all places🤔🤔when we have Aba made in Nigeria It's well ,are they not the same people that invented the virus ,we should b careful what we collect ooooo Every means to steal money. Just wait and hear the amount they will say they have spent on importing face masks. Also bringing doctors from China to Nigeria, it's not as if the doctors are coming to perform surgery or coming with a vaccine

I really don't understand this our government, must we import everything from China? Is it not the same government that is saying patronize made in Nigeria so why are they importing face masks? Abi no be sewing machine them dey use make am We don't need masks from China we can make our own. All we need is the material.

You and this China... won fi se yin ni? I guess the mask is for government officials only. Yahoo yahoo I am sorry to say Sir but I think your tots and decisions are stupid as the health Minister of an entire Nation. If only you people would av this interviews publicly and giv reasonable people the chance to ask questions that will assist your brain think. 1M mask from china 4 who

I dont understand the kind of love Nigeria has for China products ,at least not during this time nah Good for nothing people, damn that masks. Shit who knows maybe the masks has already contacted covid19 Why won't our elders in this country be reasonable?masks that are infected? So they can infect Nigerians with the virus

Hon minister please give this to cottage industry in Nigeria or famous Aba tailors. It will grow our economy and empower people I ask that our local mask makers put a label or something on our own, so we can use them and avoid this crap. Economically this is bullshit When Nigeria will be wise from some kind of things

So common mask Nigeria cannot produce here ? Everything imported , shame on us Only you and your family will use it, we are wiser!!! keep it for urself and ur house hold So ordinary mask we can't produce No pride ! The condition in the country is worse that we cannot produce face mask. Even if we are receiving help as a country, we shouldn'd trade it for our integrity.

We don’t need anything from China mr man Holy Ghost fire You and your family should enjoy the mask The one with the virus For 200m Naijans? We don't need China marks, laise with virus. God will save us in this country How the hell do fg have to order for mask from china while we have professionals who can handle such here in Nigeria precisely in aba...

Pls give them to your family members first for testing Same China kwa? Aba boys can produce these things nau Shame on u must everything come from China? What would it cost our leaders to support our local industries to make ordinary mask? God will punish all of you.... Una no go die better.... But they can do mask in Aba na.

Holy Ghost fire will consume all of you...when it arrives, first share it with all of your family members and your cronies...Yeye people This country is a cartoon Send them to you village. Anything coming from China these days is taken with a pinch if salt Foolish act. What are masks that we can not produce? Shame on you.

Hope dey are not that we cant produce simple face mask in Nigeria...HABAAAAAAA The FG should go to Aba and get face masks pls, when will we learn to patronize our own if this move spikes up mortality in Africa , they will never 4 give you. Blind government 🤦🏽‍♂️ THY will be done on it is Above....but if 'thy' will doesn't do what it sent to do us?.. hmmm..what then will you do next?...send Assassin to our homes? God Forbid.

Great Only 199 million more to go We are just playing in this country. When you are supposed to see how you can make your own work, you are busy borrowing and importing something as small as face masks. We are playing seriously. You guys should use your heads o This is an act of laziness Nigeria has to grow up and get our electricity working,invest in our manufacturing & technology sector,health and education system.All this Chinese takeaway approach are wrong FemAdesina NGRPresident ProfOsinbajo fkeyamo

Can’t we in this time of national emergency ask our garment factories to begin to manufacture masks (at least the non-surgical ones)? We revive some and create jobs too. If we have to ask China to do everything for us, p’haps we should hand over the FGN/FEC to them too. Why not? Sir why are you doing this? We don't need anything from the global headquarter of Corona oo

God pass you My handkerchief is my mask. We say no to imported masks and yes to life Please are debating about mask? Importing mask for God sake when can we grow? This man that I thought he is educated, if we are importing electronics and machineries are will still importing mask ? Just like tooth pick. I am disappointed

A million mask when our population is over 200 million. We are joking. So, a mask will be done for 200k people. Incredible We don’t need Chinese oooo A million mask for over 200milion people. Who is making our leaders to run out of sense? Nobody should buy China mask poo. They are contaminated. They see the no here is low so they want to speed up the cases ooo

Let believe in ourselves, and this isn’t the matter of accepting anything from any countries for now let’s go to history book of world diseases, this isn’t the first pandemic and it wouldn’t be end there,it will occur every100 years check your google and see Mr minister good day. Like seriously!!!!! how clueless this health minister is

Who knows if the so call mask has been contaminated with Covid19 to worsen the situation in Nigeria Why can't we encourage local production? Why Wait a minute o! I want ask weder Chinees mask carry Diamond inside ne? You people are just looking for means to embezzle more money.. oni wéré Why can’t we believe in ourselves, you people are the ones import this disease to this country because every time you people travel abroad that’s why you people don’t believe in the people you’re ruling, foolish people God Almighty will punish you all

When are we going to stop this foolishness in this country? Did China ask any countries to important any gloves or face mask to them when they are in their crisis, Our leaders are useless they don’t think before doing anything on there own really? Hope it's not a plan to increase d pandemic Nigeria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why na!!!!!!!!!!! Just why

Test test test and screen screen screen before use. 😷 isn’t food 🥘 What do we need the marks for when you already said ' if you aren't infected you don't have to be using a marks..' Come on !!!!! Fuck the system My country vision makes me think alot Masks from China? You are foolish. Wear China face mask at your own peril.

Virus infested masks So una still wan buy nose mask from China wey dey infect equipments with Corona Virus? Una no dey serious ooo. China kill u there. Kilode Mr man, must u import everything? But our very own brother can competently produce this stuffs.... I see selfish interests. Is that why he's shining his eyes

I say capital NO TO THIS....WHAT Why is this man planning of fooling us....WHY?....WHEN OUR LOCAL MASKS IS FAR BETTER THAN CHINA OWN...IF U DOUBT ME WEAR THE CHINA MASK LIGHT LIGHTER AND BLOW BREEZE IT WILL QUENCH...BUT LOCAL MADE WONT QUENCH THE LIGHTER...GOD WHERE ARE U Are people not tired? Can't you empower people in Aba to produce this thing.. We have a garnet factory in Calabar... Simple face mask,them we still asking for help

Ordinary nose mask, so you people cannot look inward and produce that! I'm worried how our seems leaders get to consensus of order... You are such a disappointment in many instances! Even Aba industries will get enough at a discount rate as contribution MBuhari ProfOsinbajo These our political elites are just unintelligent. Sometimes one wonders how they got voted for. Why would nigerian need face mask from China when anambra state, cross river, akwa ibom state etc produces these mask? These people just want more nigerians to die so they can loot.

Are you a Minister of Health or a Minister of Dead bodies This man is so lousy. After you people failed in begin a Chinese man for ventilator now Chinese masks that can be produced in ABA. Shameless fools... Why China? Why can't we have common sense, why importing masks from China instead of empowering and patronizing our own..

For citizen population of 200 million . 😂😂😂 what a shame Nigerian leaders are shameless It is like our govt want to make sure more Nigerians are infected so as to get more donations....none of this china stunts make sense There capable people in aba manufacturing this same mask, if anything should happen to any citizen of Nigeria because of y'all incompetence, It shall never be well with the rulers and their generations fools.. useless and incompetent rulers

What others rejected is what we are rushing for. Make no body use am oooo Abeg another avenue 2 use kill people b dat Abeg make dem use am 4 their family n dem self evil people haba Una dey bring Chinese doctors n mask too haba na by force or by quarrel ni anybody fit use but me I no go ever use such evil mask nt in my dream

What's wrong with our government, what Chinese poison do they drink, or what JoJo is China using on them? Cross Rivers making nose mask, why can't we stick to that? Can't our government aid in producing anything in this country? Must yu import everything from other countries? Even the ones we have, they still export it out and then import it back, all because of their GREED. What a greedy government we have in Nigeria! GodBlessNigeria

Blood of Jesus Pls we don't want it , plssssssssss It should be returned....we are in our homes and don’t need the face mask 😷 China China..... This is supposed to be a government for the ppl, the ppl are saying don't bring it, and u still want to. Its like the ppl and the govt are in war and they just really want the people ending up dead. Even other countries are rejecting it.

Are u guys serious right now? Masks from China? The origin of Corona virus? We are all dead then While other countries are barring masks from China, we all going for it What a big shame! How can a government trust products coming from a couple try where an epidemic started from? What is wrong with going to patronize the made in aba masks at this time? A government that preaches home grown products yet patronizing foreign products. Hypocrite

A Country as rich as Nigeria cannot produce a mere face mask? Pathetic!! We no want their mask o. Channels make una tell the man oo. Or else the real coronavirus go enter Nigeria. Whats the fate of the ones JackMa sent a couple of weeks ago? dumping ground abi. so after other better countries rejected those things from china, you are finally accepting them. no worry the results will start rolling in shortly

Everything nah from China.. You render Nigeria Products useless. What a shame! Go and share it with all you families ....foolish You and your family should be wearing them, Nigerians don't need it Shame... How many have u on ground already before jubilating for face mask that is to arrive... Now I see how prepared we are for this pandemic... eitherWayWeWillBeSaved

N China is throwing out black from there homes to the streets Why are we like this, what on earth does it take to make mask that we can no produce locally, who did this to us for goodness sake. Just selfish wicked people everywhere. masksforgains A ridicule, an unacceptable portray of Nigeria health workers by the minister DrEOEhanire we have enough qualified medical lab scientists in field of molecular testing, we are already winning the war HouseNGR Chinese should face their home.

Do we really need it ? What really is Nigeria problem. People who create the killer virus is the same person we are running to for solutions. whatashame With due respect give the Aba or Rivers that money you guys want to lavish in China to support them in producing the mask for the country or also exporting to them if possible

This is worse government we have ever had. Yahoo government. Dear God why? There shall be no peace for the wicked, they will fall into the pit they've dug. Amen Are we cursed in dz country You got to be kidding me right now....... Honestly.... It's time for your resignation Sir.... Just step aside kawai..... E Don do us.... 🙄🙄

When our ABA market still dey open The mask should be thoroughly viewed with microscope to avoid the pandemic of covid19 ....I rest my case 🏃‍♀️ AnthoniaOrji We say no to that , honorable minister,. Are u deaf to people's agitation? Is it not the same mask they're producing in Aba. You prefer infected mask from China?

Craze dey worry una, what about the ones being produced at Aba, Are they not aware that Abia, Cross River and others are producing mask already? Tomorrow someone will start saying that Nigerian youths are lazy. They want to bring doctors from China do what? I thought someone said we have enough of doctors. Shameless politicians.

What's all this? Can't we produce for ourselves? The money wer dem dey share never reach me, abi na mask go come reach me? No be to share food finish so come give me toothpick be that, make e'do una for there o, I dey my house I no want mask. Can’t we produce mask 😷 in our country, must we get from China 🇨🇳 again

But we can manufacture masks locally now.. COVID19 What for? Can't we do a mass production in Aba? Nigeria why is it that you don't like your own locally made products. I don't really understand all this shit. God please forgive us in this country and save us from consistent bad decisions made by our rulers , Amen .

hmm! hope it reaches my door step! Na una go use am,we won't die with u all. ...arriving with your Chinese doctors I believe? Why do we have to import masks when activate the local economy by producing them locally? Better make sure they are not contaminated items Pls, FG should expect mask arrival from Cross-River State rather than China.

It is very obvious that Nigeria as a nation do not see warnings as anything to be cautious of. So many nations are rejecting offers of any sort from China, we are here proudly giving out information of expectations from same China. Who do us this thing? I have complete molecular evidence to disprove Evolution Theory and a patented formula (NG/P/2016/450) reasonably certain to instantly stop further COVID-19 deaths. +234-9025849830

I Don tire for this country matter And by doing dis.. D numbers will keep increasing.. And dere various account also wil keep increasing... Who hv bewitched thee o Nigeria 😓.. China again.. Lord pls deliver ur country frm al dis FG... Fools Gang Nigerians should not allow anything from China during this period please

WHAT!!!!? WE ARE NOT CRAZY Stop putting our life in danger.. China is evil What happened to our local content?😷 Please they all should be tested and well observed. SafetyFirst FG and Nigeria,abeg una placenta tie with China? Why FG too like chin chin on on So we can't make mask in Nigeria? The boys in the east are already making mask but no you guys prefer China mask.... Jokers

They wanna infect us and later use us as their lab rats to test their vaccine. Why? Na awoof dey purge person You are importing made in China, whereas the same products, even, of higher quality, is being produced in Aba. Just to make some change. Haba Minister! Are you okay sir From where ? Make claim of spending d billion donated plus including d Chinese doctor that they want to bring in, Nigerian it's clear that if this current leaders remains in authority we can never develop

I hope the masks will be tested before use.They may be laced with viruses. Don't ever trust countries that are world power!The West is disappointed that the casualty is low in Africa. Besides, they want to test the covid19 vaccine here first. Must we always depend aid & donation? Infected masks A million mask is a drop in the ocean for our population. Who gets and who doesn't?

We don't want it can't we make ours here in our country after all we've got tailor's around wasteofmoney Mr man, can't we use our home made mask, why China? Now that everyone is scared from using anything from As long as we we av White worshippers in government Nigeria can never grow,the governor of Abia state said on national TV that they are mass producing both face masks n hand sanitizer already sanitize the white apology were bent on bringing from China because it's d only way they

Don't accept or buy any mask. 😱😱😱. U pipo no de learn at all at all. Is infected..we don't need it Please let experts test the masks. As for me anything from China is substandard. Who we offend for dis country? How come our leaders don’t have our good at heart. We have capable hands that can produce mask here in Nigeria while importing.

We can't manufacture masts; Test kits; Ventilators; And we keep receiving pledges in billions and still want to borrow billions and still open basket funds to receive billions. That's a rat race Nothing will ever make Ginmgerian government to patheonise ABBA people because they are igbo people ,let's say is Dangote now,Federal government will empower hom,let the igbo pethronise ABBA and forget Federal government

We dont want anything from China,yiu people are planning to kill us more Our Nigeria and China ahba.... Cant we produce this Mask here in Nigeria and make them in Abundance... All na China.... This Nigeria self I wish this government will buy sense. Why must they mortgage our lives to China? Everything china

Nigeria has been through a lot already, some unwise leaders should not now add salt to our injuries. Share the face masks to your families, grandmother, grandfather, children, wives and concubines... Forget about your friends for now. Thank you FG Is that the reason that the 18 Medical Technicians from China are coming to Nigeria!!!!!! I don’t want the country to look so cheap in the face of this covid-19. I heard the country is going to lunch the first produced ventilator today, PTF try to advice Mr President accordingly

Whatever happens to aba mask. Over 3million produced. My country still sick We have Innoson and the likes ready to make ventilators... PATRONIZE THEM! We have people who can sew the face mask here in Nigeria...USE THEM! Begin to look inward and use indigenous products and manufacturers. enoughisenough do not kill Nigerians with imported diseases! Ahn!

They preach patriotism to us but they are the most unpatriotic people in the country... I'm fed up with. How can a country who's leaders doesn't believe it her youths can move forward. Please let them keep the face masks for their children oooo. We can't endanger our lives again This people should stop this!! Stop it Mr. Health Minister! Stop it Mr. SFG! Stop it Mr. President! Do not put Nigerians in harms way. The world is already projecting high cases in Nigeria. Do we have to allow the claims come true? Enough already!!!

Everything China 🤔 If Nigeria leaders can learn a lesson from this situation and truly empower we the youths, it will be wise... Shameful of them delighted to tell us on TV that ordinary face masks will arrive from China. Pls test those mask ooo Your importation policy has no checks and balances, does not depicts when and when-not, not this period. Ordinary masks

Why can't Nigerian government believe in its citizen? Can't these masks be produced here? It sure could be produced. But everything must be imported right. Governments should look inward and checkmate it's developmental policies, surely something is not right here🙄 Heard his sister imports them This man deaf ni?

Shame on you. You fail to read the news on what China is up to.. You deaf dumb and blind at the same time? Why must the mask come from China? Nigeria una no dey fear oooo Hope they will be tested first before distribution Please kindly use it with your family alone Mask arriving from China, What about the factory in Nigeria that was shown on our tv producing the face mask. This is the time will show that Nigeria can do it.

No no no no we don’t want Free thing will kill you people soon Mr Minister Sir, when will the toilet papers also arrive? I think we need about one billion! Or did you forget to import that from your Chinese friends? I don't know why our government are playing dump china are not meant to be trusted coming or sending medical equipments to Nigeria is just a way to bring coronavirus to our great nation

Doesn't make sense I thought this administration said we should be using nigeria made products. Foolish set of people And sell to Nigerians, abi ? I have seen videos where these masks are being made in Nigeria, do we really need to go all the way to China? If our mega factories are given this task, I believe they will deliver weeks before those from China get here. Please let us begin to use our 'church mind' COVID19

una no dey use eye see free thngs Contaminated masks Masks from China? You should be ashamed of yourself... We are supposed to be independent country,but when ever little thing happen our leaders will be searching for donors,why can't we begin to look inwards? Nigeria is apparently under China colony. We can't say no to them

Wow , should I be happy that a million mask is coming, biq Nooooo… When it arrive, it will be sold for 400 hundred naira or more, stay safe stay safe yet the means to stay safe are very expensive...😔😔😔😔 We don't want oooooo After begging them and agreeing to import their medical experts into Nigeria to complicate things in Nigerian. SMH

Please test them before you hand them to the public o! Can't trust the Chinese We don't need mask from China Mr Health minister. We can produce our mask hand made Nigeria mask sir. What can u ever do without China sir? Nigerians should wake up. A minister is Expecting a common mask from China what a pity.

Maybe there is something they stand to gain that they are not letting us know. Who do us 👎👎🏾👎👎 I wonder the kind of people we have as leaders in this Country. Utilize the resources you have, you won't listen. When the masks arrives, make sure You and your en5ite generation wears it. Sometimes I wonder wetin this our leaders dey use their data do, abi all this complains about China they don't see it too.. Wtf

Is it so difficult to reject the devil's offer..? Aba can produce that Oga minister ,dey do una with this China things? Please can't Nigerian produce anything not even mask that you guys would have to import again nawa ooo🤦‍♂🤦‍♂ Pls we don't need those infected mask Nigerias can produce it locally here

And we are 200 million, it’s like noting arrived atall What for? Can't we make our own mask? Shameless people. Where were you when China was developing? You are always begging and receiving from other countries. When will Nigeria start producing tooth pick? Is somebody tried to produce it he’ll say it’s assembling he’s doing.

Test the masks Did our forefathers handed us over to China before leaving that Buhari eventually discovered from Villa archive Why China, why can't we make our own here.... This country ehn!!! You ppl are wicked,we don't need anything from China. Why can't we produce it here, let us encourage our ppl to do it pls.

It's look like Fmohnigeria is existed ok this. It's scary ...are the reuse masks? What kind of govt us this that doesn't want promote the product of his people. Why trying to infect the innocent people with the virus Scary, A million masks if infected it would do damage o They should use all in Aso rock,won ti fi shepe fun awo FG

Comon masks that our tailors are sewing it here china shud keep their own we dont wan it Means more than a millions dirty masks or even an infected masks cmin frm china we no wan Share it to the government officials family and friends when it arrives...I don't use made in China. I love made in Nigeria And more than a million people to be infected. I don't really know the agreement you signed with China when they borrowed you money. God pass una

Please leave the Chinese masks. Start manufacturing masks here in Nigeria. Is it a conspiracy agenda, why import from China ? Nonsense! Useless set of government Your family alone will wear the Mask.... God know that I will not wear anything... I will rather go sew my own with Ankara We don't want them..lets go for Nigeria made MinistryofHealth

Mr. Health or so. Hope you are joking? Because I don't think you are on your right mind. China again? Must it be China? Nigeria is just an embarrassment, why cant they ask the igbos to produce it and why contaminated one from china Stop supporting Chinese dreams... pls promot our Aba resources since u claim not to import any resources out side before... making mask is very simple every tailor can do tweet please

A million pieces or a million packs? I don't understand these People of Nigeria any more oooo. Be specific when saying things now a day's ooo. I thought some States in Nigeria are already producing face mask, why importing from China again? 'set to arrive' when? Are the mask for use after the pandemic?

What is wrong with these people na Other countries rejected the mask, but Nigerian government why? You? Fair GOD please. Remember one day one time you will meet GOD and HE will punish you for not protecting the poor. WHY Government want us to be infected. WE SAY NO. GOD PASS THEM. DEVIL'S😟 Real friend,thanks for ur freely and friendly support.God bless both of us .

Dont be so foolish !! Screen the masks and other things before they’re used.. My guess is it possible you could have a million infected with covid as a result of carelessness of this minister of health. Why China? Hope they will share this in the north as well... like they shared 20k. make una use am I hope you guys have patronised those made in Aba and Akwa Ibom ...

Of places na China we r importing mask abi? The one being produced in cross river state nko. Nigeria, we will never grow. That's a nice job. Our health workers must be protected. Some people will be using China made Android but kicked against Health workers getting PPE from China I have a bad feeling about this, I sure can produce my own face mask. and am sure we as a country can produce too.....

So It's true we can't produce anything... Must everything come from China ? Oh my God! Plez keep the Nation safe and healthy When aba people are busy doing this 👇. I actually have Chinese mask too . Because of rumors , we won’t save our lives . Good move FG We don’t need thier masks!!! Nigerian govt r u nt alive to knw what is trending about China? No matter what ur views are China is for nw nt an option

So much trust in China .....just ensure those masks are properly tested to ensure they are fit for use Aba can produce mask impower youths idiots Are these people not listening to news? Let's leave China for now. These people are not helping is at all. The relief funds shld be distributed to locals to manufacture these masks for us

Import from china for what? No sense or what is really happening in this country N95 and other masks specs can be produced here, must we import and from China of all So no company in Nigeria can produce mask? Must we import everything from China There’s no need of getting mask from China, we have people that can produce masks, this current government aren’t shameful at all..

China and our leaders 😭😭😭 Uncle we can produce mask here in Nigeria leave China alone please 🙄🙄🙄. Dalu rinne Lol🤣🤣,Nigeria is never a serious nation if FG can announce the arrival of masks from China. But we can produce masks locally Oga we no need anything mask from China abeg. If you must then pls Get them tested first before distribution. SaveNigeria

The same fake mask that have been reported to be contaminated, where is your sense? We don't need any mask from China.we can produce it here in Aba and you treat it! We reject them in Jesus name 🙄🙄 AnthoniaOrji This China sef Can't we produce our mask here locally? Corrupt bastards get relieve items for your citizens not masks , the next thing they will worth the masks in billions of Naira

I will never stop saying it... Nigeria's politicians and public office holders are conscienceless, satanic and barbaric in nature. Their evil plan will not work out. When make produce it here.. and why China for God’s sake... Una need sense up there ooo So common face masks we had to import too, why can we sew some Ankara masks to further promote our cultures, at least we know we still import the Ankara but its better than using some masks that would later cost millions of dollars, remember the prices have risen.

Why must these face masks be imported from China? Are you saying as big as our Nation is we don't have a company that can be awarded the contract. Can't we produce mask for ourselves? All the money you people are syphoning in the name of covid19. God will judge you all. Masks from China for what Why for God sake, go to ABA atleast for once and protect Nigerians and empowering our homemade

We don't want God forbid, only you people will wear it. You can't infect us with Corona through mask Why are buying something we can make at home. Misplace priority, look inward and produce this locally. Most of this medical supplies made by china has been recall. Spain, czech republic Greece and Germany among others are recalling the supplies by this chinco pple

What about the earlier donated masks? China again 🙄 Well not surprised..wike say minister of health read accounting 😂😂 Shameless and clueless baboons Shame on you You should be ashamed of yourself sir for this, why not commission garment making organizations to make us masks locally? Akpa Straight to the Villa.

wen Germany is recalling all d mask supplied by Chinese in the country and set to return them What do u think will happened? Are you crazy? We have people from aba and rest of Nigeria than can make face mask. Common. We are wasting money when we can support local Economy!! Even local mask will do nah!!

And we've factories in Aba, Abia State Nigeria that produces nosemask And he's even smiling while saying it, instead of shameful ordering for it OfficialAPCNg led administration are not normal at all, the same China the world is complaining about. Hian Pls ordinary piece of cloth health specialist says will protect us from covid. Pls we have enough pieces of cloth. Kindly ask China to keep their masks

Oga Healthminister, haven't you heard Cross rivers state is mass producing face mask? Can't you be patriotic for once, when need arise? Must every dick-and-harry be foreign/China? Goodness ! It's like there's something between our minister and this China. NMA said no, PTF threw deaf ears. Now this? Govt is overrated fr!

Kindly note that our present population is above 200 millions. how do you intend to distribute a million face mask across the population. Is mask the vaccine to the virus? I beg why china again... You people wan kill us with coronavirus... These people are fools.. Our leaders have lost it. Their brain cells are dead. . . Nitwit, is just a perfect word to describe this dude.

Please my people don't ever use the masks, because they might have been contaminated and infected with coronavirus from China. Please! How loud are we going to scream it. We don't need help from China!! Why is the NigeriaGov so proud begging.. Do we have the capacity to check the infection status of the masks?

The problem we have is this old men called leaders. Why importing Masks for God sake? Can’t we pride live mask here? You mean used masks and discarded masks that washed and repackaged from China... Don't add to Nigerians problem Mr man. shameless.. you still need to be given nose mask for free Who is importing it other than the federal government. Devilish wicked set of blood suckers. They will not see our blood to drink, they will end up getting drunk by their own blood.

We don't need it China is their god What's Nigeria's affinity to China? I hope only their mothers, fathers and entire family get to wear these masks! Are you kidding me? From China? Right now when all are running from China? Bad joke gone worse! I see that this government are evil,what they know how to do is to kill the innocent citizen,many country have rejected china kit and mask ,but the agent of darkness are planning to bring the Killers here , almighty God will punish them ,

Only those in aso rock should use it including the health minister, since they can't listen and leave things from China alone. Foolish old men Make una no bring virus come here o Ordinary mask again... I though Peter Obi was the Chinese man then not knowing that this administration has sold their birth right to China. 21st century Slave trade

We advise goverment but they go ahead do their wishes Innoson pledged 2 produce ventilators he was not given the go ahead order, yet Aba obliged 2 produce as many face masks as Nigeria want but non of these 2 firms were encouraged 2 swing into production of local materials. Is high time FG forgot about tribalism and face the reality

These Jokers in power are hell bent on sacrificing the lives of Nigerians. Their calculation is that the masks will hasten the number of death quota they have promised.Abi iru ijo wo lafe jo si gbedu yi. Well so that they can make money i tire Now that you people are entangling with China despite causing this virus. Please, remember that should anything happened you're on your own OYO. Because no country will rescue you from China. China is dangerous.

Can we make it clear.They belong to health workers and the already infected not healthy gov officials!!!! You can emagine the idiot minister na igbo man oo...instead make we use am as Job opportunity here We have enough industries that can produce these in Aba, it's obvious the government is not learning a lesson out of the ongoing situation

China yus day create space to plant For a country of 200 million? In fact, we really need God to help us. These people don't know what they're supposed to do. How will they start to distribute it? By hospital budget? What's Aso clinic MONTHLY budget vs for example, OAUTHC ANNUAL budget? So our leaders can not support Aba guys to produce this mask abi? This guys can produce at least 5000 a day,gush! Must we import everything. SMH ImproveNigeria supportnigerian facemask facemaskmadeinNigeria

From Chinese doctors to Chinese face mask. Who knows what's next from China. Please, my state (Cross River) produces mask too. Hmmm! Make una no turn Nigeria to Italy or Spain ooo🙆🏻? Wetin concern fish with rain coat🤷🏼? Instead make wey dey manager handkerchiefs ooo. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Are we saying we can’t make face masks in Nigeria?.

I dont know why... Nigeria is a failed state. It's really truly done The comments under this tweet ehn! 😂 😂 😂. 'Fear Fear everywhere'. I don't understand why we still patronize China in this fight against COVID-19. There is substantial evidence that most of the consumables and equipment they shipped to Europe were either faulty or sub-standard. We should encourage Aba to produce more mask and other PPEs

Biko wetin we see with NDE CHINA!!!!!! What protective measures would you NCDCgov nassnigeria put ensuring the face mask😷 is safe for users👥🇳🇬 ConsidertheCommonMan Aba can produce this things. Why China when we can do it here? Why not empower them and make provisions materials needed to make it here in Aba

Is this man Okey Can't we make do with the mask made in Nigeria? Share to your children sir Now u are bringing the main corona virus to Nigeria 🇳🇬 We don't need them Upon arrival just distribute them among yourselves in ASO rock. COVIDIOT leaders Every country is regecting face mask from China ... Nigerian government is happy to collect... God , why this leaders Imamofpeace segalink APOSTLESULEMAN People are screaming hunger hunger ... Na u want to add China masks to the problem

We don't need their masks. Even Mask Nigeria is still importing it's a pity! We don't need it They should only share it among the politicians There's must be something from doing this evil to the people of Nigeria. maskfromchina Giants of Africa. Allow able Nigerian to useful for ourselves. New Business Mask 😷 Deal

This our govt ehhn....I don't know y anything from china excites them.... Now the die is cast Why importing from after this news of contaminated mask from there. Why not order from this Aba companies that I saw producing lots of them Share to those people in aso rock we don't need it here and they're excited awaiting nose cover from China nonsense! things our Tailors can produce in Nigeria! they're just restlessly looking out for every opportunity to steal even why they reject INNOSSON to produce ventilators for our use!

The Chinese communists have done a swell job ending the world as we know it, and by accident no less, Nigerian Govt! If you like don't test them and say they are ok you will be the once to use it... Give it to the public and the virus will still find its way back to you... Una no dey hear word abi God punish you and China😏😏

Every thing for Nigeria na opportunity to wack public funds for our leaders. This people are looking for a way to eat this money contributed 😩 You guys should kindly share it amongst the political class and their family members .I prefer Aba made maskAbia state So daft not to think of producing these things.

Mask from China what a shame Enough of this China China thing. Let's solve our Problems Whit what we have. We have the capacity. Then don sell Nigerian give China ooooo 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃 It is said to be part of Chinese social responsibility to Nigeria , we are not buying it I hope its checked properly, as the one ordered by the Netherlands were sub standard and sent back to the sender.

NO O!!!🙄🙄 we no want. NGRPresident NGRSenate Why are you doing this to your land You want to spoiled the effort of our heroes past. I can't blame you all because some of you are just sitting down there without knowing the full meaning of the country National Anthem. Na ur families go wear am. Foul How are we sure those are not used masks?

Is it by force to take something from China Pls someone should explain dis China orgy by d Fed govt We don die finished Importer Is it that this government does not read or give themselves to international news? It is very pathetic. Who will use the mask? BuyAbaMask-rejectChinaMask Watch the numbers increase

Donated by Jack Ma of Alibaba. We have a better quality cotton made mask 😷 in Aba compared to the Chinese inferior products. More like someone stole your property and is also helping you look for it. I hope they (masks) will under go quarantine just like the Chinese Doctors... The same face mask that's Killing in Italy.. Who swear for our mother land?

How they plan to infect us further... Masks don't prevent virus...virus are microscopic... Must you depend on china in everything? We can produce this masks here in Nigeria. Tomorrow you people will start singing buy naija grow naira ndi ara Face mask for what? ....This government is not serious An outbreak of COVID-19 in Guangzhou province China and they blamed it entirely on d Nigerian immigrants &now forcing them out of communities&even out of d hotels dey initially quarantined them in. Kindly assist as our people r stranded in China

Simple advice. Nigerians don't use imported mask. Why do we eat Nigerian rice yet we can't use made in Nigeria Masks Who did we offend ?God if it’s our sin that is much please have mercy on us.deliver us from these incompetent leaders .why can’t we encourage our local made.China again !!!we don enter one chance 🚌🙆‍♂️

Nigeria will never be independent with this kind government Corona virus will catch n kill y'all 🙄😂😂 Lol! Keep your mask, we just wanna live our normal life, the one we've been living until mid February This is another avenue for loothing. Aba dey produce ooo.... Leave China alone. As in we can't produce nose mask or what Have you invested in our igbo brothers ....?

Shameless people una for add helmet ⛑ to it na, no be only mask!! The families that lost their dear ones believe the government is mocking them. This is not the time for Chinese doctors and masks. Soon people will reject and despise any thing China. Source your items locally. Every nation is taking stock.

The same government that us to be productive still want to collect mask from China after all the caution. Egugu be careful o.... Why China same type of Max us rejected and sent back to them is it our governments are that dumb or someone is just finished We don't need mask from China.......Se E wa OK sir

Anything from China now is demonic oh The more you look the less you see Govt. Paddy paddy Govt. Corruptions and killings is not a crime. The plan is working 🙏 Hopefully they are not infected I don't like this man at all at all. The man no dey hear word. I hope the FG will be vigilant enough to test these mask for the covid19

Face Mask 😷 from China 🇨🇳. For who and what what purpose? Eehhh Mr Big Head Olodo Minister🙄🙄🙄 I guess the ones made in Aba Nigeria is nose mask If you are not been careful,you ll regret your action by allowing this people in our country ...the situation of the country can still be handle by our doctors here in Nigeria,they are not out of there own problem and yet you want them to come and rescue you..

I strongly advise we reject the offer. Can't we make it in our own country ? Rather than waiting for China to send it for us, damn this country am getting fade of it with no hope of ever being productive. WHAT WILL BE MADE IN NIGERIA!!!!! Please let every nigerian to get their mask before the arrival of COVID 19 MASKS arrive here, please, just try to listen to me on this one MosesMi19 ShehuSani onyiforlife

It seems China will make more money than many other countries as a result of COVID-19. All countries of the world should be encouraged to develop their economies. The trade imbalance between China and many countries is too much. Has China bewitched everyone? Mask 😷 are been produced here in Nigeria, why are they still importing....this our government now dey try.. all this masks wey dem they produced for Abia where dose one go go na..

Na una go still use am These govt people just want to import this coronavirus from China to Nigeria by fire by force. Ordinary mask again. Didn't they hear the ones exported to other countries by China were recalled by govt of those countries because they didn't meet specs? Na wa o 😔 Oga we don't need it, does mask prevent virus

Same China to supply Mask? Abeg make una finish am for Abuja dey manage ourselves already for Lagos, no come pure sand for our garri... I hope those masks get tested before they are given out !!!!! testthemasks This must be a Joke!!! You people should use the mask... Sir pls what is special in china masks when abia state can produce mask,must we depend all our life's on foreign things,and now you are still planning to bring Chinese doctors to Nigeria again just b/c of this so called covid 19,but what will our own experts doctors Wii be doing

Why is this government so stubborn? Must everything come from China, ordinary face mask again. What Muri, a fashion designer on my street can make for us in mass as cheap price. Make we wake-up I beg Shame that it couldn't be produced in Nigeria. It's only toothpick that Nigeria can boast about. Be sure they are not contaminated with covid-19 virus.

It's time for egungun festival mad people They should endeavor to test it multiple times, before allowing it in. China China China, what the fu***k is wrong with FG. Is it only China. Na wa o You and your family should use them.. What kind of govt is this, we are now producing mask hear in the east so why bringing it from China, if north can't produce why not ask the east to supply.

Who go buy am? Even if they give for free who want die Don't bring anything from china Our God will disappoint their anticipation in Jesus name. Amen🙏 Na only for ear we dey hear oo...🚶🚶 As if Aba boys cannot produce it. Jokers!!! 😁😁 So, the guys in Aba cant produce it, yet we want to promote locally made products. These leaders are playing kalo kalo with us in this country.

We are not patriotic! We can easily produce face mask in our country. Let the politicians be the ones to wear them They are producing mask in Aba. Support to mass produce. Greed will make them slaves of xi china when time comes Let this silly man keep his dirty mouth shut.... is he not thesame man that once said 'NIGERIA don't have plan to shut down foreigners from entering coz they can contain covid-19?' Does he really know how people are suffering now from the so-called stay at home n locked down? 😏

Helping hands sir/ma Adekoya Michael AyoJesu 2068282802 UBA Why China? China? When people are returning China masks upandan A million mask from china for over 200 million mumu Now I know Nigeria as a country is senseless From the same china that gave us the virus. This our government, unah d reason fro anus or you guys think we are jokes?

Make you you share it to the people in the North whom you people have the 100 billion as the poorest Nigerians. We don't need it here. You lockdown Lagos State and when it comes to sharing money you people shared it to the north and forgot the people you lock We can’t produce fave mask here?, I thought Cross Rivers state has started mass production

INSATIABLE - is our leaders taste for imported products. One would have thought that the leaders would look inwards and use this opportunity to encourage our local and competent industries. We really don’t need it Why can't we patronise our local firms? let Nigeria government contact hartng Deaf leaders

This Health Minister and China? Hmmm... This government will never learn We no want, why must it be frm China, what is difficult about producing a face mask in Nigeria for heaven sake... It will be much better if we produce face mask. We have all the raw materials and able youths ready to work. CoronaVirusInNigeria COVID19Nigeria

China says it has sold nearly four billion masks abroadIf a major problem escalated out of control due to a fault of mine, I'd be more charitable to make things right. Business is booming. Sold ooh... Issokay

China says it has sold nearly four billion masks abroad in 1 month – Daily TrustChina has sold nearly four billion masks to foreign countries since March, officials said Sunday, as they tried to stem widespread fears over the quality of medical exports. Despite Chinese cases dwindling, Beijing has encouraged factories to increase production of medical supplies as the pandemic kills over 60,000 globally and parts of the world face … Sold? Hmmmm OMG!!! This great nation do sees opportunity in every circumstances! COVID19pandemic That's the game plan..

COVID-19: We Will Release Policy On Face Masks This Week – NCDC DGCOVID-19: We Will Release Policy On Face Masks This Week – NCDC DG They want to make it mandatory for all Nigerians going out to use it..shame on u. our useless leaders you can't provide face mask for your citizens Disobey and die COVID19 Well done...

General Wearing Of Mask Okay Where Handwashing, Distancing Difficult – WHOGeneral Wearing Of Mask Okay Where Handwashing, Distancing Difficult – WHO Please help a brother I'm dieing of hunger. Nothing is too small please Simeon isaac 0070357317 Diamond Bank deepizel I have got 50,000 to share for 10 people 5k each... Note: Make sure you are following me and make sure you drop a screenshot of your account balance you must have 500 below. This is for the needy only.

COVID-19: Chinese doctors must under go medical checks - Gbajabiamila - Daily Post NigeriaThe Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, on Monday, directed the Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire, to ensure that the Chinese Exactly, better than Isolation , cos they might be hiding a lot shit that isolation alone might not disclosed/ revealed femigbaja Good thinking , Good idea 🔥 What do we actually need Chinese doctors for? Guys we must be careful, I'm afraid that we'll soon be slaves to China. Our doctors are doing well already, they're not given necessary equipment, if not for unnecessary expenses and avenue for looting. I tire for this country. Don't bring them in at all sir. Or u don't listen.? Sorry to say sir.

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