Ministers Donate 50 Percent Of March Salary To Help Stop COVID-19 – Lai Muhammed

Ministers Donate 50 Percent Of March Salary To Help Stop COVID-19 – Lai Muhammed

3/28/2020 11:48:00 AM

Ministers Donate 50 Percent Of March Salary To Help Stop COVID-19 – Lai Muhammed

Ministers Donate 50 Percent Of March Salary To Help Stop COVID-19 – Lai Muhammed

 Nigeria’s 43 cabinet ministers have donated 50 percent of their March salaries towards the federal government’s efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic, the Information Minister, Lai Mohammed, said on Saturday.According to Mohammed, the donation was coordinated by the Minister of State for Transportation, Senator Gbemisola Saraki.

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In a statement issued by Mohammed’s office on Saturday in Abuja. Saraki was quoted as saying it (the donation) was a gesture of solidarity and support for the federal government’s efforts to tackle the disease.”This global virus outbreak will require nations, continents and

smaller communities to pull together to contribute their resources andsupport one another. This will facilitate an early resolution of theproblem,” Saraki was quoted as saying.The Ministers also commended President Muhammadu Buhari for hisleadership role in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria.

Nigeria now has 81 confirmed cases of the coronavirus after 11 new cases were confirmed by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) late Friday.Italy on Friday recorded the most daily deaths of any country since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and Spain had its deadliest day, as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson became the first major world leader to test positive.

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I don’t think that’s true They actually deserve only 10% of that salary anyways Where are all this money Ha! This is unfair. Must it be salary? What about the donations realised Current to savings geng. 😂 Lai Mohammed would have spewed less lies if he started wearing this earlier! Covid 19 has close ur lie lie mouth

Lie Donating 50% of March salary to help stop the so called covid19, that wont stop his arrest as political theives. All his billion dollars in America Bank will disgrace him when the time gets ripe. God saves Nigerians orphans. fkeyamo Please help the poor hunger kills iamhungry Chop ur money we no want

Is it his salary or peoples money,he is stupid he should have used his money. So workers should stay without salary. Audio Donation😆😆😆 I donate for 4 NoseMask too Stop dis useless game in Nigeria... How much is d 50% When they can't share ordinary hand sanitizer or face mask. Story for the gods Lai Mohammed actually means '50% of the money they all looted'. Shameless, evil government.

How much is their salary and who did they donate it to? Nigerians want to know Where is the receipt! Y not all, am not impressed at all The amount donated was not stated. Why? Because no body knows their salary and they still don't want us to know. Which amounts to how much? let's work on digits pls Can't you just stop lying for once, most definitely it is in your system... lyingmohammed

I hope they can People wey never fit pay MINIMUM WAGE ...... Mtscheeeew..... Abeg let me come n be going He is going to be the next victim How is it getting to the poor? abduldboss1 Good for them but it wouldn't have been a bad idea to donate that to the hungry masses before the coming of covid-19 The ministers salary no reach 1m each

Good one, but what are the executive doing to alivate the suffering of the people Just 50% of a Month salary... The world is watching... You should be ashamed NCDC TOLLFREE LINES IN FCT ABUJA ARE NOT RESPONDING WHY ? how do we fight COVID19 if they ignore poeple Where are all these donations going to. Hope they are not audio money

But seriously for the FG and SGs not think Nigerians whose daily lives and income have been disrupted by the COVID-19 realities sums up govts' indifference to their citizens. Put the billions donated to good use, support low-income household and those whose livelihood is affected Where is all this money going, we are just hearing it over and over,please share this money

At a point, I came to a conclusion that the government think Nigerians are dumb. That's how it came out that a snake swallowed 36m ... Now uncle lie is at it again .....yenyenyen ministers donate 50% of March salary....who una help? Bunch of jokers! Who in that cabinet lives on their salary? No one asked you to donate your salaries. Just do your job and don’t steal our money that’s all we ve asked.

Mr Lie Mohammed ? No way! Buhari lying machine 🙌 🙌 🙌 Lie This is called card flipping, when they give you N100 they come up with another way and take N1,500 from you unknowingly to you. You can't donate 100% Abi Hope this won't be another lie for Nigerians Am I seeing what I’m seeing 🧐 Atleast they are better than those heartless people directly representing us

Ermmmmm Mr. LAI Are you for real? 50% of one month Salary not even a year Salary, how selfish! Oh so your March salary is even certain and most Civil servants are being owed since December. How in touch with reality you are.May God forgive you. Keep taking us for granted What is the government doing with all these money? Ministers donate 50% of their salaries? Is that a way you guys want to embezzle ALL these donations?

Audio money oooooh 50% of their basic salaries or together with their allowances too? We refused to be fooled. Useless salary... 50% less than $500. Donate your allowances. Etenbom what's wrong with the remaining 50ŕ,cant u give it out 50% of what ? ? ? BASIC salary or ALLOWANCES or BENEFITS or SHARED LOOKS or KICK BACKS . .Too much pettyfogging please

Journalists are causing commotion in this country, you know this man will lie so why are you continue to asking him questions? It's difficult for him to be realistic for once ehh! So we should clap for them So lai no wan dai Audio donation you mean? Hmm. Nice one. They try. We must commend this. I was just wondering if the victim was not them or people in high authority, will they yet do this? I hope this is not just a facade or a show? Well, we will watch and see. MBuhari jidesanwoolu

Why they can't donate just 10% of their loot🙄🙄 Even with your mask still de lie? This is just the kind of news I need to crack me up 😒 Ogun kee you dia How much is even in his bank account !! Or even the whole amount in his account ? Only thing you need to do is Use all donations for “code 1,9” or “covik one 9” clinic centers in all four geo political zones and equipment simple.

They should be ashamed of themselves. Salary of how much? When they make all the money from bonuses. Who are they decieving? Abegiiii Arr all this cash been used for what is meant for or it's another means for you guys for carry a lot of money into your account and let this masses surfer Whole salary or just basic salary minus enhancement? 🤔

Thanks for being thoughtful,at least... Is that suppose to be a news, how much is the half of their salary, xompare to what they been collecting, propaganda, liars, heartless leaders, BuhariResign BuhariResign How much are we talking about ? Rubbish. What impact wil half of their salaries do 2all Nigerians! D shud channel all their allocations per ministry inorder 2save lives. Bcu, devpmnt is 4d living & nt d dead. Nigerians need intervention now by the government more than eva n order 2 tackle Covid 19 pandemic.

Audio donation. Audio money alert Where is this money going to Cos I would love to not believe that the wages of workers under your constituency will just be cut short due to the problems you claimed supporting that is not even their cause. The kind of heart you have Sir to do what you're intending to fear me. Pls change

So Sir, are you saying that the Majority vote that puts you on that seat lifes doesn't mean a thing or to be cared for. This is not FAIR Pls tell us the total of the money they donated not in percent 😅I cry for this APC and there propaganda’s Aah I'm really short of words but can't just keep silence. Out of all the things that has been happening on the virus cases and fund rendering to support the Healthcare frontline, for me this is the worst your Excellency Minister Lai. I mean ! I'm shock

I bet the remaining 50% is my yearly pay... Ion knw who dier 50% epp ooooo... Baba has rebooted Just 50%?. His gesture in itself is a VIRUS to our current mood. Money wey no reach 1b nah it howmany of una dey donate... Make we hear word Abeg, Thanks all the samwr Lai Mohammed and lies ahan... Dem use am do u?

Oga stop this your liars. We're not fools All this donations are political donations 🤪 Sakamaje How much is 50% of their salary? Nigerians would love to know the figures. How much are we talking about here I think it's still Nigerian money ,what's d big deal In it. Demn. Where are people like Tinubu that will be opening wide mouth every day

Africa magic Yoruba This man should stop lying please This man is given birth to just to do one thing To LIE Japan gave Nigeria $18.5 million I'm not amused at all. Their supposed good gestures are occasioned by fear, fear of their safety and that of their family! Never for the masses. NASS members and States HA members should also donate theirs

Joke, Jokers😂😂😂😂 They will recover it, from other side attractions. Fools that what you can do for your people? Pleykeep you salary ooo 50 what 😂😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🤔this is serious. Even the whole March salary is pointless not to talk of 50% Who accounts for all these monies No Government official need to be any salary in the next 3 months

Are you doing birthday party? What’s 50%. They should donate structures and build new ones asap. The money will be looted Awon Weyrey Yeah it will buy some masks.. pump money into the health sector and let us hear word pls Zaa cap and eye glass have been Lying down! I never see March salary o una ministers Salary ba? bcs dont hurt Nigerians more

Audio donation.. Lies everywhere.. 😂 😂 More like lies This is not enough Sir, the cost of exotic cars for the Reps should be return and spend wisely to save the nation. When there is “Lockdown in the nation” the cars are useless. Thank you, No necessary. Let him go home with his salary. Unfortunately most guys here have no social responsibility. They will only use this pandemic to exploit Nigerians rather than help, but very easy for them to condem any effort by gov and philanthropy's

Basted Oga u can't give all na WA oh, what abt the money in ur various account is March salary that is coming in u re sharing from, thank you oh, This one will likely be a lie based on the source... They should do more than that. They are only Robbing Peter To Pay Paul. Another campaign strategy. ... We know your type.... Well thank you

who are they donating these monies to? It should be + allowances. That's where the meat is. Cheap propaganda. Please can you let us know how much is your salary? Because Non politicians are donating billions can you do same? We are not interested. That's another lie it's not up to 50 percent 😏😏. 😂.. I love my country well.. Just a movie industry on its own. Can you imagine.. 50% of what?

Hi should be there pay for the next 6 months... How much is 50% of March Salary Heavenly thunder fire 🔥 them all nonsense You remain lie great -great grandpa . . Stop lieing now bro Na lie okkh. 😂😂 People should stop donating cash, get testing kits and other equipments for us because those idiots will steal the money donated

Rubbish Rubbish Manipulators at it again Give us some money to stay at home. As long as it's coming from Lai Muhammad den I don't believe it.... channels u guys are becoming bad oh! U guys were never like this. Nobody knows this guy’s lies from the truth. Nothing is special in this. Everybody is now donating salary because the big heads are infected. Why have they not donated their salary to alleviate the suffering those families sacked by Fulani herdsmen in Benue state, why did they not donate their salary to support thousands of out of school children?

The public need to known the amount they donate not percentage I think people would much prefer they did their freaking jobs. but they can not give to the poor we don't want ur money let coro kill take on you guys just like the way hungry dey do us What a nice gesture! Good ministers You might start losing credibility if you keep publishing falsehoods like this. Stop lying to the public. Stop taking the side of the oppressors against the oppressed. People have lost livelihoods and you are talking of 50% of what doesn't even exist 🤡😡. From Lai of all humans!

Any politicians or leader that recycle one Naria to his pocket from this donation shall not servive from Corona because we don't have trust in our politicians corrupt people. Donation is good also what is best for Nigerians will be FGN making sure that the Health Facilities are in good shape, the health workers are properly taken care of etc.

How do we know how much it is, when we dont know his salary Another empty who? U politicians should stop dis donation pls🙄🙄..d money is there b4 now..💯😏😏Nigerian are suffering 🤙🤙 Proof please! Mehn, I used to turn to you guys for accountability, but for some weeks now, its been mostly thrash.

We hear say u talk am ooo Na allowance be the koko Coming from Lie Muhammed? I believe the news is a Lai So minister's salary is up to date? So it's just the rest of us that still has pending 2019😂😂😂😂 I dey clap for you now.... Abi pay cut no concern una tooo Mumu government 😟 Where is the account they are donating it to?

How much is this salary, a minister earn nothing more less than 500k per month, in another word,he is donating 250k money So Una Don Even Share Salary and Most Workers Never Receive Salary......God Dey Imagine if we can just use this money to build brand new disease control centre with world class equipment and research centre for all disease. But like any other fund raised in Nigeria it will disappear soon

They should clarify to us please, it is their basic salary or gross salary? I don’t trust any of them as they just want to be seen to have donated money since others are doing same. How?people are dying And you're telling stories Well done,God is watching you. Did they donate or we are still charging them?

Hmmmmmmmm Why You No Give The Whole Salary, Just One Month ooooo, You Still Close Hand.... Greedy mother fuckers!!! Are you Laiing to us? Lie more Ahmed! 😂 See statement ohh,into which account n what has it been used for? Please am donating 2billion dollars Thanks but can he please add his allowances? His salary is not as juicy as his allowances

The one that has been paid or not Who these people deceiving? Shameless people call leaders, in fact, it’s only a country like Nigeria people like you rule, and in your primitive stage of corruption and failure in a 21st century of digitalization and awareness... Quanto quê é de valor?. Quanto quê ele ganha mensalmente?. Diga para a gente.

Audio Donated to which account? Overseen by who? fkeyamo how much is half please? How much is their salary? Let us know how much they are donating Excellent example. The little I have is being shared with the less privileged starting with my family. Him don lie again 😹 This does not make anything better.

He’s lying again My initial reaction was its fake news but judging by the source may I applaud all our Ministers Well done. Whoever gives shall receive Your kudipot would be replenished. Joke on them😶 Lol. Thief that is doing contribution is only in hurry those ones that have been contributed by the people will be packed by him

Audio Once it's from Lai, it's a Lie Which ministers ? hmm; Where did you send the donations too? Hope effc is monitoring how it's spent? So they have this initiatives....before now, why haven't they taken this steps too for education, health, transport infrastructure, and portable water for all the citizenry before now

Donate to who in particular? Good one You again WhereIsBuhari BuhariResign Resignbuhari who will verify this, in a govt filled with lies and propaganda. They try We dont really need this,,,we need the green and red chambers to pass Corona relief beliefs 👱🏾‍♂️..stayhome It will be better if they had donated 50% of the whole month take home pay. We all know the salary is nothing compared to the other allowances.

Loool the way Peter Okoye donated 50m to Tacha 😂🤣🤣🤣 fkeyamo Hmmm As long as say na Lai talk am,na Lie Lie Muhammed has come again o, I hope those battling this covid-19 get 25% of the money not to talk of 50%. Audio donations Noooo please carry your coronavirus money fulltime mumu you think Nigerians are don't know what is happening

ta make una forget this Tory. If na lie momo talk am then na big LIE Where I the one that has been worked for first Thats the problem with lack of leadership accountability and transparency. These donations need to be optimally managed. Who is in charge? Only March? Impressive Please how much is that so we can thank them independently?

Does it include their benefits/allowance Not just their “salary” Great!!! Lai Lai lie laye !!!!! Baba.. Na lie Stop lying for once Audio money 😂😂 Money wey we no go see Y the sudden humanitarian service? Covid 19 has humbled them all... Where are donating to and who are they donating to abeg 😂 if u need my account number abeg yan me e no hard

fkeyamo Na wa ooo 😀😀😀 ....and how much is the salary? Audio donations😂😂😂 Waiting for nassnigeria who that young adult denote ehm money to way we no dy see Buy the essential equipments to fight this virus.. we don't need cash donations.. that we will end in somebody's personal pocket Honestly this can never be truth once it's from lie Muhammad

How much is their 50%? my guy cover mouth still dey lie, 😄😄😄😄🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lai and Lie 5 years in power, not a single world class hospital in Nigeria by your NigeriaGov. APCNigeria & MBuhari 2015 manifesto is HateSpeech and a scam. CoronaLockdown WhereIsBuhari Thunder kill them all Noooooo. Chop alone and die alone

simpsonfag1 Yimu Distribute 50% of your allowance not stupid salary Why can't these greedy fools donate 100%. Corrupt people and corrupt country. Good parrots. Where is our lawmakers? Upper house members and the lower house members. They know how to fights for their personal interest not for the people that elected them into power.

50 percent of there stolen Assets you mean 🙄🙄🙄. Abeg remove that mask 😷🙄 Why didn't you guys bring out all this money since. The masses have been suffering and people has been dying since in the hospitals because of poor leadership, take your money back. We need good hospitals and good policies That Lai too dey lie abeg, mek we hear word.

fkeyamo You can’t stop lie Abi? Donate the ones you guys stole..ole What is their 100% monthly salary? Audio money Channel be like say u Dey work for COVIKK cult government we still Dey monitor u Wash Hope is not audio amount Only🤔🤔🤔🤔 What about the Executive, Legislators and the Justiciary? Una dey Una no go pay salary?

😝😝😝 How much is Ministers salary... this will make us to knw the month each will do How much is the 50% Hope this is not another big lie from the Liar himself Truth is that he needs to change the part of his name 'Lai', mate then I may start to try to believe him The Problem Is Believing A LIAR I hope is not audio donations on.

including those of their allowances ? We dont want their donations it's so overdue. We want the hospitals working at optimal capacity, not loans and political packages. WhereIsBuhari if he cant be found then BuhariResign. The lies are so belittling Audio! proof. Why not the exact figures each ministers donate why 50 percent how true is this ? Which agency is in charge of the money donated ?

Lairs.....allowances support Lies will be the end of this man, old man with zero integrity They can still do better now Ala gbachie gi nti!! What you should do is commit the $500M NTA loan to improve Healthcare. So make we dey happy abi Why una no go donate all una salary upon the money wey una done thief useless set of people

Where is all this money going? Why not allowances I don't understand, why are we applauding this, they're donating 50% of their salary. A quick mathematics, let's say a member received 35.6% of the total amount payable to him as salary, it's the 50% of that 35.6% of his take home that's being donated. Hmmmm

🤨 So apart from your salaries you can't afford to give from your pockets. Hypocritical Is too late! We have facilities (hospitals, roads etec) begging for repairs all these while, but unfortunately, they were not attended to. It is late to cry over cut off head. All this donations, the government should ensure the citizen parttake in it, especially at this compulsory stay at home period

Una still dey believe lie Muhammad. I pity una How much is it🤷 Who still dey believe this liar? Lai can lie Baba is trying to stay safe Legends🤘 LaiMohammed2 Thanks but please add your allowances because your salary is an infinitesimal portion of your allowances Corpers should follow their lead... The basic monthly salary of a Nigerian minister is ₦168,866.66. Fifty percent of it is ₦84,433.33. Those ridiculing others for donating ‘peanut’ to COVID-19 relief should calculate how much 43 ministers donated.BashirAhmaad

Abacha change no remain liemuhammed My advice share this money to all verified BVN accounts, people are starving to death due to this restrictions. This should be better be lai lai if not the kind thunder wey go fire themmmmmmmm Whose account is the money going into Any money that wants to be donated for this epidemic should never go through the government, they'll only send it back to their treasury waiting for this 2020 Corolla to be out dated then buy the next model with the money.

Lying Mohammed By Lai Muhammed ? I doubt this it. Still going back to thier pockets , we’re not foolish mehn Tho is a good move. I wish it was half of their allowances. Bunkum!! God punish thieves What's the amount dont give us percentage calculate it let's know the total amount. Before it turns to audio money donations

Lie minister again Pls forget it I can't even believe anything this man says again Nice Why am I always finding it difficult to believe anything from Hon. Minister Lai Muhammed? Around of applauds for them iam_wray I know this a lie... or they’ll somehow siphon funds and replace this & take even more later.

They tried they gave back to the society but that pay cut would still be shared among them 🤣🤣🤣 Audio donations MBuhari, Where are you people donating it to? All of you will then turn back and pack it. It should be use and distribute to the poor masses. Food is very essential this time. Audio donation from the number 1 Nigerian liar himself

Audio Rubbish! What significance has a drop of water in an ocean? IOC's have donated $30m. They should donate 3 months salary 50% is how much? We want figures in naira. Also all these monies donated how are they been used. How will it positively affect the masses? Channels and lie lie Mohammad no difference. Audio donate...

New meme.. Twitter do your thing I hope this money will be use wisely.we need good hospitals on nigeria You don't know nothing yet What are our honourables donating? From Lai Muhammad? Its a sure lie 😎 Wait ooo. Are they pledging or they have collected March salaries already? Meanwhile they have not paid NPower beneficiaries, corp members and other government parastatals. And keep on advocating total lockdown Coronavirus

Audio donation. We never see anyone I don’t think that’s true They should also donate 100% of their various allowances. They should give the money to Nigerians who have bvn , even if it's 3000 naira each . Show us payslips o. You're not well ooo Alhaji Lair.. fkeyamo Lai Lai I am a Nigerian. If I am asked which country I hate so much? I will say Nigeria because she is the most useless and hopeless country in the planet earth. Since I was born nothing good has ever come out from that contraption called Nigeria. Stand with imamofpeace

Donate to who please? Mad people with their audio donations Saka manje.... Just 50% ,why collect salary at this period at all Despite the fact that his mouth is covered, he's still fkeyamo Clowns No, don't donate salaries, donate your allowances The salary is nothing. They should donate 50% of their allowances.

I hope Nigerian looters and Termites who have always diverted public funds won't have access to this? All those money are MBuhari Pension plan after 2023 abi? Any thing from Lai Mohammed is Lies LaiLai Wash! dirosky That is not enough!!!! A 60% slash of all Govt appointees/officials is the way to go. Winter (Recession) is coming.

Who is collecting all these money 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You don't deserve any applaud on this, you all are cruel. All you are doing is will only be accorded to the safety you people are looking for. The wicked will not go unpunished Social Distance advocacy about the spread of Covid-19. Why Banks are still working/operating? Are Bankers not human beings? Bankers are more expose & vulnerable!! Please regulate Banking activities now.

Senseless looters Lai is lying This is not an achievement or success, only if you guys can donate 40% of your loot... Lai is a lier Lies!!!!! Jokers 50% only of salary what about allowances? This is a joke Una dey whine us. Keep naming figures Another lie, lied by Lai. I pray for total restitution for our government.

eku ife oh Where's the money oga Bah This information is from Wikipedia,So from the mathematics basic salary per month is 168,866.66 and 50% is 168,866.66/2 is 84,433.33naira. The real money the ministers gain is from allowances,So I wonder if he is donating 50% of basic salary alone or is it including allowances.

Onlyyyy? Mschewww. Nonsense handwriting Cash to help fight Covid-19 can also be looted. Give out equipment. Can we know what the 50% amounts What about the money used in buying the lates Camry for senators, why didn’t they return the cars and the money be used in covid-19 instead the salaries of poor Nigerians who work their ass off everyday is been used..God punish you all

Is Lai still capable of telling any truth? Stop spreading this rubbish pls!!! How much is the salary that he donated from? If person collect 400k and donate 200k u come here dey tell us this nonsense? WhereIsPresidentBuhari whereisabbakyari Pls becareful this guy can lie ehn. fkeyamo Sir tell us, is it true that Mr President and his chief of staff Abba left the country for treatment in UK? We Nigerian want to Abba health status and the whereabout of the President thanks.

Next level fkeyamo They are all thieves, they steal times 20 of their salaries monthly... WhereIsBuhari ? These guys are very mad 😡😡😡 Na lie, na Lai lol Audio donations😏 With these massive donations from individuals, companies and nations, I hope these funds will be spent on the purposed intent of the donors

When would all the billions donated be converted to medical supplies? Let this not be a case of activity-without-productivity! With whose permission, pls with whose permission Why do I think it's a lie. Is it because Lai is on this fkeyamo Propaganda This idiots sabi lie 🤥 where the money na Audio ooooooo

You are not ashamed donating 50% of just one month salary. Imamofpeace come and see our Messiahs coming to the rescue... Because this fears no man abi? Because this time around they are also at high risk naa abi? Lol. BuhariResign The question is, where are they donating the money to and why are the masses not even seeing it?

Nigerians must be sure that this lying machine not telling another lie as usual. Mr. Liar Mohammed, that's an AUDIO DONATION!!😣😢 50 percentage of basic salary Well at all at all na him bad.. Of which, they sjoukdbe transparent with this fkeyamo Let them donate 100% of the salary bet you they won't go hungry.

They donated to who. Or they donated back to themselves As long as lai said is a.... What is the percentage of their salaries to there bonuses I'm seriously angry bkc my little boy didn't allow me to sleep till day break bkc of heat, I've spent so much money in buying fuel for Gen. GOV. Do something very urgent.

What I don't understand is that 'March salary' that is there.. It is like these people don't know what the economy is saying right now & the state it will be in after this ends.. So from April they are going back to the normal 'salary & looting system' they are using.. Issorite🤐 At your age you are still lying LaiMuhammed😡😡😡, who did they donate it to? Rubbish!!!! BuhariTormentor BuhariResign

fkeyamo 20% of March allowance is better than 50% of March salary Where's the proof? Review total take home pay now. Localize all the essential tins that can be produced here that they use. They are acting like saints by donating part of their salary wen they still bleed our commonwealth with ur allowance.

We don't need cash We need Good hospitals and equipments!!! 👍 This man will always remain stupid Naso them wan take a million share among themselves Of which church abeg Let them do something about the hardship in town they should do something about this hunger & light . Very insincere leaders. Shame! shame!! shame!!!

Not significant to my monthly take home. All these audio donations. Simply buy ventilators, who's account is the money going to by the way. See my account oooo 0167951846 g t bank please I need money oooo Fuck them all.... What has happened to the donation of the Chinese billionaire? Femi Otedola's billion naira donation nko? What of the donation from UBA's CEO Alakija's donation nko? Where is Abacha's loot?

50℅ of March only... Mtweeeeeee. N150B is still missing in his ministry... We will not forget. SusanHenshaw50 No single truth from a person called Lai..... Never Anything from Lai Muhammad is a Lie😒😒 The money we were given sf we never see am not to talk of salary. fkeyamo Waiting money money here and there here is my account number 0077405365 access, hungry everywhere help me put my own pls

fkeyamo You’re mad 😡 lier liers dis only on media not real yahoo yahoo scammers criminals in terrorist organization bokoharam fulanis Don't donate anything. Cut cost of governance Na lie.... AudioDonation fkeyamo Donate to who I can't trust this man abeg after all the lies Audio donation Audio donations, rub Peter pay Paul

How can you take information from lie Mohammed seriously? Liar than the liest 50% of their allowances would have been reasonable How much is the 50%. 84k*43? =? Y’all should keep your salaries. Just forward your shares in the inflated contracts,kick backs and other chuachua avenues that bring in the billions.

You are now coming back to senses Audio fkeyamo Lai Mohammed hmmm, its a pity. I pray your kind survive this 😏 How much is that? Can we see the alert? fkeyamo audio donation fkeyamo Why won't they donate complete month of their salary... Moreover Covik 1and9 is after them. May God see us through fkeyamo If it is coming from lai mohamed's mouth... forget am na lie

Anything Lai says Issa lie Maybe na d lie wey dis man dey lie make God dey punish us o. Lying minister Owo abu🙄🙄 Is a lie, there's50% reduction in salaries of political appointees by d govt. Awwwn.... I am moved by such novel kind gesture of sweet nonsense. You think we don't know your allowances are magnanimous compared to a meager salary. You think you're doing me___

fkeyamo We want to know the figure. We deserve to That comes to how much? Scammer Lai Mohammed, believe him at your own peril 50% of the money dey stole!!! Lai lai don lie again abi? 🤣 its a it not liar mohammed Believe Lai and be positive It seems lie Mohammed doesn't know how to wear the mask too

Now they are willing to donate! God pass Una. Everyone is afraid to die. Lianus How do you expect workers to stay at home as part of measures to curb spread of Corona virus without payment of salaries? What do you expect from me, to jump up for you or what? You devil in human form, 50%of match salary you are not ashamed of yourself

We don’t need their salaries, politicians should stop stealing money and let the country move forward. 🎶 💰 Till when will you stop all this lie to Nigerians What account is the money going into? How much has being donated at the moment by well meaning Nigerians? I can never believe this man! Never! All bunch of liars

Audio Donation The salary is nothing when compared to office packages and lootings. Donate ur loots not salary 🤣🤣😂 Scam Mtcheeeew which person account the money dey go Best joke for the day!!!😂😂😂 I have always loved channels until I saw that they are part of th4 problem we currently have in Nigeria.........

What exactly is 50% off their salaries Na so lol Convert it all to $$s, it cannot buy one Ventilator Audio I was happy to see this but when I saw Lie Mohammed I just hissed! guys if he is the one that said it abeg na big Lie ...gerarahere joor 😏 Only March salaries. Pls WhereIsBuhari Audio donations😌 BuhariResign

Lie Mohammed the lair lair 🤣🤣😂😂 Is it Audio? This guy na mad lair!!! No atom truth in him. Laiz!!!! Donate whose salary? Why don't you guys donate your loots. Our politicians are so bad. Not caring for the people they represent. Have you guys also bothered about how people would survive in these lockdown times? May God help us, and come to our rescue.

This man has lost all credulity to tell the truth. Mr lie lie Muhammad don come again. Give us info on MBuhari and tell him to address Nigeria citizens. Mr Lai the liar. Weldon sir This is also a lie Until I feel the impact of the money if not, they can tell the marines Audio money Just about 400k multiply by 43 that gives me 17.2M

This man has started again God why now Audio money Donate to who? Or they donate it back into their bags? Theifs I can't believe you people are still asking, 'Where's the money?'. Can anything called truth come out from a Lie? stayathome stayindoors staysafe Boda Lai can stop lying 😂 Im tired of hearing all this audio money!!! Annoying stuff 😤🤬😤

Do they even spend there salaries? Audio money🙄 How much is a minister earning in Nigeria, for it to be worthy of something to be donated? 50%... really? You people are mad, audio money There should be an emergency budget for this... And the senators need to slash your salaries Don't think u have d ability to say d truth sir.

Lai muhammed again😂🤣 Lai is this a lie? to which acct? How much? 😏 and who's acct is it going into? How much pls let urs know (audio percentage money) Channels and APC are gradually turning to Besties. I'm loving this. The most useless media in the world Since we know who is saying it.. No further comments

Where is Abba Kyari? You guys need to stop reporting selected messages. I thought you guys were the best TV station. 50% of their own salary abi How much are they collecting as salary while not there allowance When are we going to receive our money. FG don't want thunder 2 strike dem, make dey release d money

Donate 100% and go for a pay cut like the Kenyans did. Oiun. Lai Mohammed? Next joke pls🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ I still await a minister who will stand up the way ShehuSani did then in the last senate to tell us our ministers exact pay package Pay cut is more better than just 50% of one month salary Must the money be donated from march salary, is that not people salary would they being paid.

Ironla 😂 They have seen the return in ten folds before putting down half of their salary..... Lols Nigeria You want us to believe something coming from Lai 'LIE' Muhammed ? Hope everything is alright with y'all? What about the allowances? There's no big deal in what the Ministers had done. March and April salary of many workers MAY/HAVE been sacrificed for the pandemic. May God heal Nigeria and the whole World.

To whom was it donated The basic salary of the Senate president is ₦750,000 You donate half of your salary when most Nigerians have donated all their earnings throughout this period to Coronavirus. They should keep the salaries and donate their allowances instead. Even the devil shouts 'Jesus' when Mr lie Muhammad speaks..

Audio His name says it all 'Lie' Hmm boda Lai 😏 Where is the minister of health that said we're ready. The irony they ended it with ' lai Mohamed ' This makes me remember KWAM1 song 'Lai to nparo Lai la..'💿📀 Even when you mouth is covered, you still manage to complete that pass.... See their life build hospital they did not Buy hospital needs they did not They all prefer abroad treatment See now they can travel for treatment again Yourba_proverb Ohun tí o ba se sile lo má de ba StayAtHomeAndStaySafe COVID19 StaySafeNigeria

Audio money, I am very sure....Officer lai What is the total amount? Must u tell us?. politics every time... Credibility who will believe Lai Mohammed now😕 Omo see energy 😅😅 They should've asked someone else to inform us, we don't trust lie lie Mohammed Show proof Prove this to us by telling us your salary and the percentage

Who received it and how much was it per minister and which account was it paid into? These are new antics to compromise the tracking of funds so far donated by the genuine donors. If amount donated is not known accountability will be impossible. Keep 50% of your salaries and donate 50% of your monthly allowances.

Kikikikiki who are they paying the money to ? Lia again meanwhile WhereIsBuhari . This one US is asking to evacuate their citizens are we safe yo I don't believe it, they should send proof Make i hear sumtin joor Clowns! Wtf? Who are they donating it to Clueless mofos..why not just pay the poor workers Senator and rep far

See I hope this corona virus end all the ministers and president we need to start this country afresh 😂😂😂😂😂 The lucid question is - where is the money This is super story.... 😂 kai God These Scammers have started again 50percent of how much Audio donation... Audio donation! Always lying 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Bro Lai..... Please we don't care just show you the ventilators and ICU's.

That's kind of him. Where all the money dey naw,who dey in charge of the money Am fade u with u guys lai...every day promise and fell .these apc government suppose to get infected with these covid-19 What about the Senetors ? Lie lie Muhammed..... Minister for lie and covering up. Lie Lie Mohammed will you shutup

O jebi So? Show us evidence....if someone else say this I will swallow it but not you Mr Lie Muhammed....liar in chief. Where? All these donations from people, who is even in charge of it? Yes, It is not my money but I hope they didn't donate it for waste or for someone to loot? In who's acct? We can to know more aboutAkureExplosion show that you're really what you claim to be

Idiot leaders As if the account they are making the donations to is monitored by the public. Rubbish....... Audio donation Any message from this man is just audio thank you all Audio donation! We don't want cash we want equipments!!! If I hear!!! Iie. You come again with you lie Na audio

CBN, Dangote plan N120bn COVID-19 fund, Elumelu, Rabiu donate N6bnGod bless them 🙏 We are only hearing about donating money, I’m sensing all na audio money We just dey hear donate donate where the money dey make una give people na

COVID-19: NNPC, other oil firms donate N11bn - The Nation NigeriaThe Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), international oil companies (IOCs) as well as independent oil companies in the upstream and downstream sectors have donated N11billion to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) This is awesome I pray that all this money will be put to work You have wasted that money 😂💯 Where’s all these monies going to and who’s accounting and monitoring the expenses NCDCgov can we just get an update of what the money is used for. Building isolating centers, materials and testing kits should be paramount EiENigeria BudgITng

COVID-19: We Are Tracing 4,370 People Of Interest – Lai MohammedCOVID-19: We Are Tracing 4,370 People Of Interest – Lai Mohammed Esu a ran yin lowo sir. After allowing your families to return with excess virus before closing our ports abi God get pateince ooo... some people need slap when talking Butterfly don enter bush.

Obasanjo Donates Former Residence For COVID-19 Isolation CentreObasanjo Donates Former Residence For COVID-19 Isolation Centre That's good obj Nice one sir Baba gbori woke

Coronavirus: Nigerians not cooperating over measures to stop COVID-19 spread - Lai Mohammed'Some Nigerians defied orders to stay away from large gatherings while some religious leaders willfully flouted the directives to ensure social distancing. Very true most people are not taking it serious Well, it is in the Fg's power to make them cooperate. is your boss cooperating?

Uzodinma orders salary payment ahead of markets closure“Also, the salaries of all staff of tertiary institutions in the state have been released to the relevant institutions for immediate payment.” Uzodinma Salary Nigeria Proper planning is key, well done I must confirm this information. Well done though. Just to please them , lie and give the people food and you will be good, we don’t know what we want and that’s why we manage anything that comes our way